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Pulling all-nighters, for me, is easier than not. The problem is pulling all-dayers. I spent the first half of symphony desperately trying to stay awake, and failing, which is panicky because I will startle awake in the middle of Marsalis' crazy original jazz composition that doesn't really take a violin's capabilities into account and realize that I nearly dropped my violin. !.

Read the webcomic Girl Genius, and do heartily recommend it to anyone. The beginning is a little hard to get past, but indeed worth it, and I genuinely like pretty much every single character, even the ones I was sure I wouldn't. I also laughed hysterically, a lot. It is a world run by mad scientists, or "sparks," and full of robots- "clanks." Also! Also! JAGERKIN, or Jagermonsters, or just Jager, and they are LOVE. They have hats, and Eastern European accents.

And started watching Dr. Who. Per Eyal's advice, I began with the 9th Doctor, and am enjoying it- and liking him- more than I expected to. I had only ever met the Doctor through Jack's reactions to him, which means I saw all the desperate loyalty, pining love, and bitter abandonment without ever seeing what had been done to deserve that level of devotion.

The next episode will have Jack in it, yey, but up 'til now it's all been Doctor/Rose. And I've heard a lot- a *lot*- of discussion and strong opinions as to what, exactly, the relationship between those two is. (Also a lot of very different opinions of Rose, that often seem to depend on how much they like Martha.) The two of them, it seems to me, practically fall in love at first sight, and it doesn't take very long for an extremely strong bond to be forged between the pair of them. They do seem to compliment each other quite nicely, I must say, and people argue and argue over whether it's platonic or not. Me personally, I sometimes find that sort of thing rather hard to compass, because I don't really *do* platonic/not platonic with people. If I love someone then I love them completely, and some level of attraction is going to be mixed up in that too. It might not be an important aspect of the relationship at all, but it's going to be there. So it's a little hard for me to imagine any sort of friendship where the parties involved have absolutely *no* attraction to each other, because for me, affection may not follow attraction but some attraction, at least, will always follow affection. that I've creeped you all out... I like the Doctor. I like how he cheers up at trouble, I like Rose, and I *hearted* the Dalek. I like Mickey, too, because he isn't macho and he's clingy and he pines away for Rose when she is gone, and also, he is just cute. I was terribly worried about him when he got eated by the rubbish bin. The show knows how to push the creepy buttons- the opening scene with the store mannekins? AWESOME. So perfect. Department store mannekins are creepy creepy things and they were utilized well. The zombies, too, in the Dickens episode were great looking. Zombies need to find the right balance of looking human and *other* to be scary, because if they're too lurchy and shambly and decomposing then they just look funny, and you have to give them enough weirdness to not just be humans gone braindead/brainhungry. Also, wtf, GWEN. And Simon Carrow, or whatever his name is (ETA: Simon Callow), I am convinced I must know him from something other than a very minor role in Shakespeare in Love which is the only movie I recognized in his profile on imdb because he looked so, so familiar, and I've only seen Shakespeare in Love once and was not too terribly impressed by anyone but Judi Dench, Geoffrey Rush and tiny!Ben Afflek. Because Shakespeare totally plagiarized all of R&J, so there. But TOSH, TOSH IS THERE, HOORAY TOSH, TOSH IS TOSH, PRITTY TOSH IS PRITTY. Tosh is post-morteming an alienified pig. Gwen- or, I should say, Eve Myles, did not annoy me in the slightest as Gwyneth. So it's not the actress I have issues with, apparently, but the character. (& her idiocy. but I digress.) I've heard a theory, and it seems to be accepted to a fairly wide degree, that Jack seems to want to make Gwen be for him what Rose was to the Doctor, was sort of looking for- Jack's taken a lot of hits, and he's lost so much of himself, and he's somehow settled upon the idea that someone like Rose will just come along and fix him, and then when Gwen comes along and wants to fix EVERYONE EVER, Jack just goes "hooray, you finally showed up!" and proceeds to try and shove her into that role, which makes much more sense than that he is interested in her romantically (though she probably wants him). Since I kept hearing Rose compared to Gwen, I was rather disinclined to like Rose too, so I suppose that either Dr Who is simply good enough to make me overcome my prejudices, or I'm better at keeping an open mind than I give myself credit for. When I have watched a bit farther I will be able to tell which it is. I believe I would be happy with the idea of Rose/Doctor being in love romantically. There are some friendships, such as McKay and Sheppard, Holmes and Watson, Neelix and Kes, Frodo and Sam, or Sirius and Remus(don't kill me), that I just really don't like to see shipped, there are some, like Janeway and Tuvok, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Karrde and Mara, Laurence and Roland, Crowley and Aziraphale, or Eliot and Olivia, that I can enjoy the shipping but will also equally enjoy their friendship and/or working relationship, and others- House/Wilson, Sano/Megumi, Bashir/O'Brian, Wolverine/Rogue, Doumeki/Watanuki, Kirk/Spock, Odo/Lwaxana, Parrish/Lorne, Jack/Ianto come to mind- that are IN LOVE, that BELONG TOGETHER, UNDENIABLY, WITH CAPS LOCK, AND I WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOU IF YOU SAY OTHERWISE, LA LA LA LA. Right now Rose and the Doctor are falling into the second category, which may change as I go on.

It is late, and I am hungry. l8rz, must work, go home, make food.

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thanku fo be my frind.

Fandom meme!

There are thirteen questions behind the cut. You have to pick ten characters from any fandom before looking at the questions and then answer them.

Um, I didn't actually mean to pick all men. Just happened that way. Guess I'm feeling particularly gay tonight, or something.

1 Mal Reynolds
2 Temeraire
3 Bill Weasley
4 Doumeki Shizuka
5 Scott Summers
6 Will Turner
7 Harry Kim
8 Lee Adama
9 Gilad Pellaeon
10 Geoffrey Tennant

Don't click until you've written down your characters. )

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Scott can officially no longer give Logan any beef for his stint in musical theater.


Hairspray was good. Quite fun.

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...I think I may have a slight umbrella fetish. O.o

I'm also becoming a shameless slasher, oh it's true, but Doumeki/Watanuki is actually canon so it's okay, or so I keep telling myself. If you like xxxholic than follow this link because CELL PHONES. It made me laugh. A lot.

I also read The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey. I must admit, I was somewhat disappointed. She's supposed to be such a good author, so I guess this is just one of her worse books. I also don't think her editor was paying very close attention, as there were several instances of weird redundancy and repetition.

Also the boys must NEVER find out (shhh!) how much Star Trek I have been watching. I feel as though I am failing in my Prime Directive, and then I die and go "I shouldn't even know what the heck a Prime Directive IS" but then I go, "man, what a pathetic prime directive." I feel as though I am getting some of my own back, however, by treating the entire canon with immense irreverence, and I really must post my updated DS9 loveweb because it is such a thing of beauty.

Garak has such a sweet if seldom seen smile, for all that I enjoy his innocent face. I didn't want to like Garak because I was looking for BOB slash and all I could find was Bashir/Garak. I still say Bashir/O'Brian is my otp, but Julian wants Garak so bad hahahaha. I choose to believe that Odo eventually married Luxana and is Deanna Troi's dead father, because the scene where Luxana falls asleep in Odo's lap and he transformes his lap into a pillow and his hand on her shoulder into a blanket is unbearably cute. (BTW- Chris, I see you reaching for the reply button. I see you. Yes, I do, nevermind how. STOP IT. You too Paul, though I think you know better than Chris does that you should never disillusion the Leora. I mean it, Chris, don't tell me. Just don't. I will keep my fantasies.) Also I don't think he should love Major Kira. I don't see why anyone loves Major Kira, let alone EVERYONE, but for some reason they all do. Also she is HAVING O'BRIAN AND KEIKO'S BABY WTF.

Luxana: Odo, don't end up pregnant and on the run.
Odo: Um, I'll try.

Garak: So, you have a thing for bajorans, right?
Odo: No, not really, I- AUGH! *barely manages to catch the blond bajoran shibi that Garak abruptly throws at him*
Blond Bajoran Shibi: Hey, baby, hey, baby, you so fine, baby!
Odo: oro!
Blond Bajoran Shibi: Come up and see me sometime, sugar. *shimmies out*
Garak: Dude! Why'd you let her get away?
Odo: And you wonder why I hate you so.
Garak: *innocent face*

I feel so terrible about my need to write Bashir/O'Brian fic. I should have more sense than that. But, DUDE.

Quark is supposed to be funny but he's just annoying. I liked the scene where Garak "killed" him. That was lovely. So nice to see Garak in killing action, and so nice to see Quark killed. I mean... uh. I just like Garak, more than I should, because... "I was a gardener."

I have been writing O'Brian-in-make-believe-prison-with-Ijar-with-overtones-of-Bashir/O'Brian-slash almost involuntarily in my head, because poor O'Brian! And augh!

Why do I talk about Star Trek? I didn't want to. I suppose it's because I have no one with whom I can talk about it in person. I can squee over the beautiful love that is Doumeki/Watanuki with Jessica- Doumeki breaks my heart, by the way- not as much as Pellaeon, of course, but still he does. Watanuki, tell him you love him back already.

Saw all of Yami no Matsue. DEMON VIOLIN, that is all I have to say. Well no it's not, but I tried. Oriya/Muraki forever, and I like Muraki more than I should, and I'd like to blame that on Jessica. Certainly she influenced it, but in my secret heart I know I love teh Evil. That and the good characters are too angsty for me. It's like, don't struggle with your demonic nature. Enjoy it. Look at Muraki. He knows he's evil, and yet he enjoys life. Eh. YnM did not catch my interest so much. I just like that there was DEVIL VIOLIN THAT WOULD SUCK OUT YOUR SOUL but first it would make you play really, really well.

Been sekritly reading a trashy sci-fi novel called In Fury Born, which pretty much tells you all I never wanted you to know about my reading material.

Got sidetracked in the library today by X-Men: Golgotha, but that's totally NOT MY FAULT. If Milligan is going to draw a cover with Logan and Rogue kissing passionately on it, then I am going to get distracted and there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it. If I ever see that book in a bookstore I'm buying it, then I'm posting comic scans on because. Yeah. Rogan. *buries face in her hands* It's Sess/Rin and Aoshi/Misao and Logan/Rogue and I'm a terrible person.

Speaking of the illustrious Sesshoumaru, so far Doumeki has made at least two Sess-faces. 'S great.

I like how Doumeki instantly became so much sexier as soon as Jessica and I realized that he was left-handed. Left-handed men are so hot!

Of course, the moment that *I* fell in love with him was when he turned to Watanuki and said simply in his deep, deadpan voice, "Ahou." Rrowr.

There is a cellist in my orchestra who always puts me in mind of a Shakespearean fairy. She is what Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream describes. Before orchestra one day she was lying on the sofa in the music building, on her back, feet together, hands folded serenely below her breast, peasant skirt flowing over the side of the cushion, lacy blouse looking all ethereal, hair flowing like the skirt, lips painted bright red, you get the gorram picture. She looked exactly like a dead girl from a fairy tale, and literally the entire string section was sitting around trying to decide which one. I voted for the Lady of Shalott.

Our first chair cellist, however, is a shvitzer. He is full of himself and I do not like him. Grr. Shibi.

I want to carve pumpkins this weekend, but nobody wants to carve them with me. Maybe Tamari will. I also want to see the fall play at OHS, and I have a feeling I'll end up going alone. Oh well. So it goes.


Oct. 5th, 2006 01:24 am
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Mmmm, Patrick Stewart. Really, I promise to stop confusing you with Indiana Jones' father. Because:
- Jean-Luc Picard
- Professor X
- KING RICHARD. (good to be da king. Better to be Maid Marian and get thoroughly kissed by both Patrick Stewart and Cary Elwes, aka WESTLEY!)

Seriously, any scene in which Robin sweeps his hat off = A Good Scene. I don't know why I find that so incredibly sexy, but the thing with the hat and the sweeping it off and yeah.

But really the movie is all about the saying goodbye in Chinese. That is forever my favorite moment in all of Movieland, EVER.

...I think it's a bad thing that I automatically fall for any character who rolls his r's, and the more he rolls his r's the more I love him. Which is why I'm all like "Oh the Sherriff of Rottingham's not so bad" and "but King Richard is BETTER!" and also why his name will forever be Karrde and never Card.

"I can speak with an English accent."

I'm not going to quote it, actually, because there are far, far too many good things to say, because basically I love that movie from start to finish and I wish nobody was home so I could laugh out loud. I got all the references this time around, too. I cannot believe how much went right over my head the first time I saw that movie. Some was obscure, sure, like Vincent Price's Seder, because I'd never heard of Vincent Price until fairly recently (though he seems pretty cool), but um yes, the shadow-puppet scene? Over my head, completely. Whoosh. Eyal? Your corruption is complete. I got the shadow puppet scene. I also found the domino knights much funnier than I think I should, because it's so stupid, and yet it's brilliant.

Must go to sleep now.
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Probably some clever pun like "Gambit's gambit" or somesuch. (ETA: It's called "Cry Wolf") By Vaughan, or V-something else. When it's in quotes, it's a direct quote, or as near as I can remember. Marvel owns X-Men. Without further ado, Why I Love Comic Books. )



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