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trying to read three different pages of text in three different fonts, persons, and tenses is really disorienting.
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#I am eternally sad that a lot of my favorite characters would never ever in a million years be friends if they met

#like: Loki will never be friends with anybody

#Vimes will never be friends with kings

#Marcone will not be friends with anybody not loyal to either him or Chicago

#(or willing to help him help realize his plans for Chicago)

#(with a very clear well-laid-out bargain of exactly what they will want in return)

#(and that being something he is willing to pay)

#Thorin will not be friends with anyone not a dwarf of Erebor

#unless they prove beyond doubt that they have decided to throw in their lot with the dwarves of Erebor and share their danger

#and also not go against his decisions when he decides things in his capacity as King

#Temeraire might be friends with a great many people but Lawrence won't if they're against England in the war

#and Temeraire won't for Lawrence's sake

#Roy Mustang is perfectly willing to be friendly but he is also very done with fighting for someone else's goals

#and a lot of the others won't be friends with him if he won't fight for their goals

#Scar will not be friends with anyone but other Ishbalans and May Chang

#because he fights for his people

#and if you're not fighting for his people you may occasionally work together to achieve a mutual goal but that's it

#(May Chang wasn't on purpose but oh well they're friends now)

#Zuko is bad at people

#but he'd be willing to be friends!

#unless he's working on achieving a goal

#then sorry but hunting the avatar takes priority

#King Henry had friends once

#I think we all know what happened there

#Rumplestiltskin don't make me laugh

#Pellaeon is too busy running an Empire to have friends who aren't ~trusted subordinates~ first and foremost

#yeah Boromir is not going to be your friend if you're not actively helping Gondor

#(unless you are a hobbit and therefore fall into the category of 'noncombatant; to be protected')

#Javert has no friends Javert is the Law

#The Law doesn't have friends

#Garak will be your friend on his own terms

#they are not very reasonable terms though and if Julian is willing to meet them that's nice but no one else here is going to because gosh look at this enormous list of people with massive trust issues oh dear

#let's not even get into people like Edmund and Richard III and the Macbeths and Aaron and Tybalt and Claudius


#*everyone else on this list takes ten steps backwards and turns very pale*
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So I just sent an e-mail to the photographer of the picture I want to use for the cover of the Stars and Scones Bakery and Coffee Shop, asking for permission to use it. I really wish I had any idea how one is supposed to... introduce that sort of thing, I guess. "Hi, you don't know me from Adam, but I think your photograph is totes awesome and I want to use it as the cover for a Dresden Files fanfiction that I am printing out and binding like a book!" seems a little... I dunno, out of nowhere? I mean, fannishness is a thing I am so immersed in all the time that it's a little difficult to know how to make it sound not-strange to anyone else, and I've only got my word to give her that I'm not some sort of unscrupulous con-artist or something. But I really hope she says yes, because man, her photograph is perfect and I showed a mock-up of what the cover would look like to Lucia Zephyr and she loved it, so now if the photographer says no I will... I dunno. Have to start from scratch. Maybe try and get a photograph of my own? If only my sisters and I didn't live on opposite sides of the country, because Tamar actually knows things about photography, which I sure as heck don't, and I-- I don't even know; I'm pretty sure I couldn't convince the local Bakehouse to let me bring in my cat and try and photograph her through the window. Not that she'd sit still for it.

Blaaaargh I'm just really nervous; I hope I didn't offend them.

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Right, so, now I'm fifteen pages in and my two protagonists decide to ruin everything, thanks guys, because I finally, finally thought I had found a couple of avenues that this story could go down, and so right when I was getting close to maybe picking one of them you guys go NOPE NOPE NOW THEY WON'T WORK WE ARE GOING PLACES YOU NEVER EVEN THOUGHT OF AS POSSIBILITIES HA HA HA.

What. What, what. What am I going to do now? Now I have, like, negative amount of idea where this story is going, what. *throws hands in air*

Seriously, people talk about outlining stories and I just look on wistfully and wonder if they have some kind of superpower.

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Ten Eleven pages in and I still have no idea where this story is going, Eru help me.

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If you're using "mother of Christ!" as an interjection, and it's not at the beginning of a sentence, do you capitalize the M?



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