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My most dear lords

OMG okay so here is a story

I spent many years being all like "Dude, Macbeth is effing awesome. No idea what the big deal is about Hamlet and Lear, though."

And indeed! Macbeth is effing awesome, it is true.

And then Hamlet took over my brain (Eyal, I am so so sorry) and I was like zOMG Hamlet!

And then I remembered Macbeth and I was all "Hamlet and Macbeth are totally effing awesome! Seriously, who gives a hoot about this Lear chick?" (Lear is not a chick, but I cannot at the moment think of a properly dismissive term that is also masculine, which is... pretty sad)




Okay this is only sort of a lie; I did squee a great deal over Edmund (see: any entry tagged "king lear"). BUT APPARENTLY NOT ENOUGH, IS MY POINT HERE.

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Y'know, ever since the internet happened, back in, like, fifth or sixth grade, I've always hated the transient nature of anything on it. Because there was this beautiful Temeraire-esque story told from the perspective of the dragon Keska the Silver, who had just been assigned a new captain after the death of her beloved General Ashryn. The characters- Keska, Ashryn, and the new captain, whose name I've forgotten- were all so wonderfully fleshed out and had virtues and flaws and dude, for a piece of original fiction on someone's personal webpage on the internet that I found when I was, like, nine or ten, it was insanely awesome. Seriously, it was all very very Temeraire. I have my suspicions as to its author.

Anyway, it's obvs. long gone. Long gone. Wow, is it ever gone. I don't think I ever even knew the url, I always just followed a trail of links from Vivian Chang's webpage...

I wish I'd saved it. It was honestly very good.

I would save bits and pieces of discussion from the PPC boards, filk and fill-the-plothole and clever remarks and the entirety of The Great Sex Debate. I saved each and every AIM chat I ever had- there are over 200 with Paul alone (the one where he asks me out is number 14, IIRC). I save icons I like, drawings and pieces of art that I like, I missed downloading mistful's fanfic before she took it down, e-mailed her requesting it to no avail, and mourned for months before some charitable soul e-mailed it to me in response to my shameless begging in her journal. When Tanarian announced that she planned to take down her fic, I spent a panicked few hours saving all of it. I printed off S&A fanfiction, unfortunately missing out on a few of my favorites before they disappeared, and all of seperis' analyzation of ST:reboot with the accompanying discussion. I printed off The Dead Isle, before it gets edited, because I *like* it like this. I saved a poem or two from Ayano's site rainrain. I saved every scene with hints of Bart/Carry for fear that Sam didn't ship them and would later cut them out. I saved rallalon's In Human Hands. I saved Turning Point and Full Circle. I saved every production photograph of last summer's Macbeth. I saved various R&G fanfics. More recently, I save vids I like, though I was too late to catch many that I had loved dearly- the Defiant one set to King Nothing, Kirk/Spock set to Take Me or Leave Me, and the very first fanvid I ever saw and what remains one of the best I have ever seen, the Viktory set to Once Upon a December.

Man, every time I remember something having been awesome, and go to look for it again, only to find it gone- I hate that. I hate most when the *creator themselves* takes it down for whatever reason. I know I'm supposed to just respect their wishes in those situations, but I can't help but resent it. I can never be sincerly understanding when they're all like "oh, I hated that fic, I didn't want anyone reading it." Because, well- dammit, I didn't hate that fic and I would like it back plzkthx.

I ought to work as an archivist, or in a museum or something. I like to preserve things.

(where does today meet yesterday?)



Dec. 10th, 2009 07:35 am
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a.) I am twenty-two now, and also developing naso-labial fold-crease-wrinkle things, which means that people can stop mistaking me for sixteen.
2.) No, really. Anytime now.
4.) To that purpose, I have acquired Boots! They are children's size four. Shut up, they're cheaper that way.
5.) The guy at the store was like, "here are some boots... here are some more boots" and I was all *scoff* "got any that aren't pink?" and he tactfully did not point out that I had just removed a pink sweater to reveal a pink shirt. I would have said they turned pink in the wash. It would have been a lie. The sweater is kind of fuschia anyway and I only wore it because it was warm and I only wore the pink shirt underneath because it is thin and therefore good for layering and look, I look good in pink, okay, because of my Complexion.
6.) My new snow boots are black and manly, okay, even if they're in children's size four.
7.) Eema tested out her new skillet! it didn't work, so we tried to find a new one and they really don't sell electric skillets like they should. They're quite useful, or so I hear. Particularly for latkes.
8.) ...I have just eaten an entire box of crackers, oops.
9.) There is some sort of lump on my soft palate. Bothering it with my tongue is getting to be a habit, but it's not going away, even if I poke at it with a fork. I draw the line at poking at it with a knife, because that kind of thinking never leads anywhere good, but I kind of want to anyway because it bugs me.
10.) So I just saw The Merchant of Venice )
30.) OKAY. Time to start my birthday.



Feb. 14th, 2009 11:39 pm
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You know, I'm sure everybody has fantasies about running away. Just running away. I know I have. When I was younger I'd study the maps of the CATA bus systems, seeing how far they could take me, how far I could get on fifty cents. When I had a car it became a simpler fantasy. Just drive, like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, just fill up on gas and drive until it ran out. Ohio. Wisconson. Park it somewhere and find a job in a library, sleep in the trunk until I made enough to rent a flat, start over somewhere where I've got no ties.

Objectively, of course, I know full well that the best I could ever hope for would still be slightly less than what I've got here. A well-paying job with flexible hours, ensembles I enjoy, a flat, a cat. (a canal, panama.)

But if I ran away, I could just move on every time I started getting emotionally attached to people.

Because I am sick to death of disappointing people I care about.

And since I apparently can't do anything about the fact that I disappoint people, the only thing I can do is make sure that they aren't people I care about.

Think I can make Alaska?


Fic meme!

Sep. 19th, 2008 08:59 am
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Remember the one I did a while back, with one sentence/phrase from each WIP? Here are some more recent ones. Gen unless a pairing is mentioned.

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Five diplomatic missions that Sheppard’s team inadvertently screws up, and one that they don’t
Summary: Sheppard's team inadvertently screws up some diplomatic missions.

“Should we be doing that too?” Sheppard mused.

“I can’t do that,” McKay snapped. “I’d sprain something.”

“I don’t think I could pull it off either,” Ford murmured doubtfully. “Teyla could.”

“It does not seem to be expected,” Teyla answered. “They do not look at us as though we are doing something wrong, nor are they greeting each other in this fashion. It must be a ritual for welcoming strangers.”

Fandom: The Music Man
Working Title: The Rivals of My Watch
Summary: Marcellus' backstory and history with Greg Prof. Hill.

He’d just read Hamlet, all the way through, and he’d stumbled over some words but he’d read it and he’d tried to pronounce words like they were special, the way Greg did, and strode up and down and moped up and down and wept up and down and raged up and down and gone insane up and down and duelled up and down and died dramatically, eight times.

Fandom: xxxholic
Working Title: Sweden
Summary: Watanuki is a cook! Doumeki is the pirate that kidnaps him off the ship! They FIGHT CRIME! work for Yuuko, the Pirate Queen. They fall in love. Or else Watanuki's suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Take your pick.

He was still missing the palace, two days later, when Satoko was still too sick to come out of their room despite the ginger tea he prepared for her, and he was frantically trying to do everything himself. If she had been there she would have scolded him for it, but if she had been there he wouldn’t have been trying to do everything by himself and really by this point she was just being stubborn, he thought uncharitably. She wouldn’t have been seasick if they’d stayed on land like man was meant to do. There was a knock at the door.

“I am terribly terribly busy!” screamed Watanuki without turning around. “So unless you are Satoko and you are feeling better, go away!”

“I am sorry to disturb you,” said Person-Who-Was-Not-A-Recovered-Satoko, opening the door. “Can I help?”

“Can you slice daikon into identical, minuscule pieces?”


Fandom: Hamlet
Title: Fortinbras' sons
Summary: Horatio studies political theory. Shakespearean Drabble, 140 words.

Kings should not be raised princes, Horatio thinks sometimes, though he cannot think of a good alternative. He devotes time to it, in quiet corners of the university library, comparing philosophers’ ideas of what makes a man what he is and what makes a child the man he will grow to be.

Fandom: Hamlet
Working Title: in arms
Summary: Fortinbras/Ophelia. Yes, Ophelia. Yes, after she goes insane. Yes, I know I'm going to hell.

He could feel her heart beating like a trapped bird’s against his chest. She could have broken away without effort, but instead stood perfectly immobile, as though it were she who was trying not to frighten him.

“I am called young Fortinbras,” he whispered.

“I am called far ruder things,” she answered in a clear voice. Fortinbras stepped back slightly, and the girl tilted her face up to his inquisitively.

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Working Title: Insolence
Summary: Norrington as a young midshipman is taken under the wing of a topman named Joseph Pitts, who teaches him useful things, like cursing.

He didn’t speak to the lieutenant, didn’t even stand in the man’s line of sight, just waited a few yards away and radiated idleness. It was something Joseph was very good at, and something the lieutenant was especially good at detecting.

Fandom: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Title: Because Hamlet has his pirates, and Viola has her Captain, and Sebastian has his Antonio, Ferdinand and his party have Prospero, and they’re on a ship with audible if not onstage sailors, so who’s to say our boys can’t have Convenient Rescuers of their own?
Summary: R&G nearly starve to death in a lifeboat. But they're rescued. Multi-chaptered!

He went to tell the prisoners, himself. The first mate disapproved of the unnecessary risk, he knew, but he walked into their cell to talk to them face-to-face, which he felt a man deserved.

“I do not know your crime,” he said. “It does not make a difference. I will arrange for the chaplain to visit you, so that you may make confession, and then you will be put off in a lifeboat. Your chances of survival are infinitesimal, but it will be enough of a chance to hopefully satisfy the consciences of my men.” They made no reply, simply sat there together and looked at him. He wondered if the ropes had injured their voices. “I realize that it is of no comfort to you, but know that my conscience, at least, will never feel itself clear of this deed. That I kill out of necessity does not ease my mind, as I am certain it cannot ease yours.” He cleared his throat. “I would know your names, at least, and if there is any small request that lies within my power to fulfil...” The prisoners exchanged glances. One of them closed his eyes, as if exhausted, and leaned against the other, who unhesitatingly wrapped his arm around his companion’s shoulders. He looked up at the captain for a moment, his expression bitter and bewildered; then lowered his gaze to the crown of the head resting on him, and then he, too, closed his eyes. The captain left.

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Working Title: Eve
Summary: AU in which Jack finds ickle!Will after he gets off the island, and raises him. Meanwhile in Port Royal, Elizabeth, not having prettypretty blacksmith's apprentices to distract her, spends some more time around the fort and takes a more active role in the defense of Jamaica. Norribeth.

Oh, being on the Dauntless still felt like she was walking on solider ground than ever existed on land, was like walking on stone, if stone could sail, if stone could be beautiful, but standing on Interceptor was like standing on wind, wind that could laugh.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Working Title: Shipfull is totally a word
Summary: Viktor/Hermione, did you really expect anything else? Anyway, their courtship.

“I really am fine,” she said again. “It’s not going to reassure poor Stefan if you act like I’m made of glass.”

“‘Poor Stefan,’ says Herm-own-ninny,” Viktor muttered. “Oh, yes, poor Stefan, all he did is Stun a fifteen-year-old vitch and then run around like a chicken vith no head.” But he gave her a small smile, and backed off slightly as she followed the girl into the hallway.

Fandom: Romeo and Juliet
Working Title: Prince of Tennis
Summary: Tybalt hears that Paris is after Juliet. Tybalt hunts him down and gives him Nice Warning. Haha, dramatic irony.

“Foul creature,” you mutter as your hand comes away from your cheek smeared with blood.

“You shouldn’t stare at her, Tybalt. Cats don’t like to be looked in the eye.” Juliet’s cuddling the monster, which gives you an unmistakable smirk, all smug malevolence. Juliet is handing you her handkerchief. Oh, if Mercutio could see his Prince of Cats now, you think ruefully, and press it to your cheek. “I wanted to ask... do you know the Count Paris?” You don’t think it’s quite fair to have this conversation right now, while your face is still bleeding, but Juliet’s waiting for an answer.

Fandom: The Road to El Dorado
Working Title: Migulio
Summary: Want to guess the pairing? Tulio/Miguel, and their history in Spain. Miguel's a rich man's bastard, Tulio's Jewish, and the Inquisition happens. Also thievery.

The other boy hadn’t stopped talking. “...anyways I didn’t care; it hurt and I cried anyway, I don’t know why you’re not but you’re probably braver than me, I’m not very brave but I will be when I grow up, I’m going to go on adventures and ride a big white horse and discover new lands and it’s going to be great. You can come along if you want, I can ask Tia Manuela to pack me an extra sandwich.” In the face of this, Tulio sat silent, and eventually brought up his own hand to cover the one the boy was holding over his bruised eye.

“It’s a bit better now,” he said. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” The handkerchief was removed, slowly. “It still looks all swollen and stuff.”

“And yet, still prettier than your sister,” he answered automatically. The golden-haired boy threw back his head and laughed ringingly. Tulio hadn’t thought he’d been that funny.

“I don’t have a sister,” said his rescuer finally. “I’m an only child.” He sat back on his heels and held out a hand. “I’m Miguel.”

Fandom: Temeraire
Working Title: Transport
Summary: Emily Roland. Just sort of wandering around being an aviator, and having a complicated gender identity.

Martin tells ghost stories, sometimes, after dinner. All the young boys sneak out to listen– it’s not forbidden in the least, but tradition demands that they sneak– and some of the dragons sneak up close behind them. The rule is that they musn’t speak without prompting, or Martin will end the story right then and there and until the next night they won’t know what happens. Sometimes, Emily thinks, she sees the other men there too, not just the young boys, but the ensigns and the riflemen and the ground crews, trying to look like they’ve something important to do in the vicinity, and sometimes even a captain hidden under the wing of his enthralled dragon.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Working Title: Influence
Summary: The Triwizard Tournament, and how biased it can be.

The First Task was dragons, and that had Karkaroff written all over it, didn’t it; facing dragons had been part of the standard Durmstrang curriculum for centuries, and everyone knew that Hogwarts had discontinued that segment of the practical exam ever since Headmistress Fitzgerald’s time, and Beauxbatons had never included it, as France held no native dragon species.

Fandom: Hamlet, Hawkelet movie version
Working Title: This one doesn't have a working title yet. It's just a bunch of fragmented ideas right now.
Summary: Hawkelet didn't include the English Ambassadors, so I decided to assume that Horatio, upon hearing Hamlet explain about switching the letters word document, ran to Claudius and had him fax England to Not Kill R&G, plzkthx. R&G have their heads about to be chopped off when someone runs in and says "let them go, orders from above," and they're cut loose. Believing that Claudius and the Denmark Corporation wants them dead, they go on the run across Europe. In the meantime, Horatio and his girlfriend Kate Marcellus (not my fault! Hawkelet's fault!) deal with new management.

"Pretty Kate!"
...Rosencrantz' fierce grin
"So it seems," says Kate with a twisty smile, returning their hugs.  She's always liked these two.
"Fortinbras runs the place pretty well," Horatio tells them a little later, once they are inside.  "Just.  If you two ever decide to come back.  You'd be welcome."
"Nice to know we have that option," Rosencrantz answers with a cordial nod, but his voice
(has gone) goes momentarily nasty and Guildenstern's eyes (suddenly seem shuttered from behind) are suddenly shuttered over.  [held a nasty undertone for a moment, and Guildenstern's eyes abruptly shuttered over.]  They will not come back.  Horatio realizes that he is somewhat relieved, though a little wistful for his own sake. for all that he will miss their company.  It would have been nice to see a few more familiar (friendly) faces in Denmark. 
That's probably for the best
He can't help but wonder what it's like for them

Yeah, that's enough for now.
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Pulling all-nighters, for me, is easier than not. The problem is pulling all-dayers. I spent the first half of symphony desperately trying to stay awake, and failing, which is panicky because I will startle awake in the middle of Marsalis' crazy original jazz composition that doesn't really take a violin's capabilities into account and realize that I nearly dropped my violin. !.

Read the webcomic Girl Genius, and do heartily recommend it to anyone. The beginning is a little hard to get past, but indeed worth it, and I genuinely like pretty much every single character, even the ones I was sure I wouldn't. I also laughed hysterically, a lot. It is a world run by mad scientists, or "sparks," and full of robots- "clanks." Also! Also! JAGERKIN, or Jagermonsters, or just Jager, and they are LOVE. They have hats, and Eastern European accents.

And started watching Dr. Who. Per Eyal's advice, I began with the 9th Doctor, and am enjoying it- and liking him- more than I expected to. I had only ever met the Doctor through Jack's reactions to him, which means I saw all the desperate loyalty, pining love, and bitter abandonment without ever seeing what had been done to deserve that level of devotion.

The next episode will have Jack in it, yey, but up 'til now it's all been Doctor/Rose. And I've heard a lot- a *lot*- of discussion and strong opinions as to what, exactly, the relationship between those two is. (Also a lot of very different opinions of Rose, that often seem to depend on how much they like Martha.) The two of them, it seems to me, practically fall in love at first sight, and it doesn't take very long for an extremely strong bond to be forged between the pair of them. They do seem to compliment each other quite nicely, I must say, and people argue and argue over whether it's platonic or not. Me personally, I sometimes find that sort of thing rather hard to compass, because I don't really *do* platonic/not platonic with people. If I love someone then I love them completely, and some level of attraction is going to be mixed up in that too. It might not be an important aspect of the relationship at all, but it's going to be there. So it's a little hard for me to imagine any sort of friendship where the parties involved have absolutely *no* attraction to each other, because for me, affection may not follow attraction but some attraction, at least, will always follow affection. that I've creeped you all out... I like the Doctor. I like how he cheers up at trouble, I like Rose, and I *hearted* the Dalek. I like Mickey, too, because he isn't macho and he's clingy and he pines away for Rose when she is gone, and also, he is just cute. I was terribly worried about him when he got eated by the rubbish bin. The show knows how to push the creepy buttons- the opening scene with the store mannekins? AWESOME. So perfect. Department store mannekins are creepy creepy things and they were utilized well. The zombies, too, in the Dickens episode were great looking. Zombies need to find the right balance of looking human and *other* to be scary, because if they're too lurchy and shambly and decomposing then they just look funny, and you have to give them enough weirdness to not just be humans gone braindead/brainhungry. Also, wtf, GWEN. And Simon Carrow, or whatever his name is (ETA: Simon Callow), I am convinced I must know him from something other than a very minor role in Shakespeare in Love which is the only movie I recognized in his profile on imdb because he looked so, so familiar, and I've only seen Shakespeare in Love once and was not too terribly impressed by anyone but Judi Dench, Geoffrey Rush and tiny!Ben Afflek. Because Shakespeare totally plagiarized all of R&J, so there. But TOSH, TOSH IS THERE, HOORAY TOSH, TOSH IS TOSH, PRITTY TOSH IS PRITTY. Tosh is post-morteming an alienified pig. Gwen- or, I should say, Eve Myles, did not annoy me in the slightest as Gwyneth. So it's not the actress I have issues with, apparently, but the character. (& her idiocy. but I digress.) I've heard a theory, and it seems to be accepted to a fairly wide degree, that Jack seems to want to make Gwen be for him what Rose was to the Doctor, was sort of looking for- Jack's taken a lot of hits, and he's lost so much of himself, and he's somehow settled upon the idea that someone like Rose will just come along and fix him, and then when Gwen comes along and wants to fix EVERYONE EVER, Jack just goes "hooray, you finally showed up!" and proceeds to try and shove her into that role, which makes much more sense than that he is interested in her romantically (though she probably wants him). Since I kept hearing Rose compared to Gwen, I was rather disinclined to like Rose too, so I suppose that either Dr Who is simply good enough to make me overcome my prejudices, or I'm better at keeping an open mind than I give myself credit for. When I have watched a bit farther I will be able to tell which it is. I believe I would be happy with the idea of Rose/Doctor being in love romantically. There are some friendships, such as McKay and Sheppard, Holmes and Watson, Neelix and Kes, Frodo and Sam, or Sirius and Remus(don't kill me), that I just really don't like to see shipped, there are some, like Janeway and Tuvok, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Karrde and Mara, Laurence and Roland, Crowley and Aziraphale, or Eliot and Olivia, that I can enjoy the shipping but will also equally enjoy their friendship and/or working relationship, and others- House/Wilson, Sano/Megumi, Bashir/O'Brian, Wolverine/Rogue, Doumeki/Watanuki, Kirk/Spock, Odo/Lwaxana, Parrish/Lorne, Jack/Ianto come to mind- that are IN LOVE, that BELONG TOGETHER, UNDENIABLY, WITH CAPS LOCK, AND I WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOU IF YOU SAY OTHERWISE, LA LA LA LA. Right now Rose and the Doctor are falling into the second category, which may change as I go on.

It is late, and I am hungry. l8rz, must work, go home, make food.

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I challenged myself to write a complete game of Questions- from start to finish- and it was harder than I'd ever imagined. Unbetaed and mostly written when I should be asleep, so please forgive its badness. Tom Stoppard owns Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, but they're public domain to begin with, so where does that leave me?

Title: Questions Without Answers
Rating: PG (probably G, but let's err to the side of caution here)
Word Count: 1507
Summary: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern play Questions. Simple as that.
Read and review quick because if the coin comes down heads this'll be gone in the morning. )

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Who would have thought? All you have to do is replace Horatio Hornblower's penis with a six-legged telepathic cat, and he becomes awesome. I certainly never saw that coming.

Also I apparently showed a boy God's work, or miracles, or something. That was what he was exclaiming in utter disbelief to his friend, anyway. So, bow before me, all, for I am She Who Talks to Squirrels.

Leora: Philip Glass, my mother. Eema, Philip Glass.
Eema: Are you sure your record doesn't just have a crack in it somewhere?

Bob Christiansen: This is 90.5 WKAR fm East Lansing, npr and classical music...
Eema: Hey Leora, your boyfriend's on the radio.

Beau: So, this is like an out of body experience. Imagine that you're in a fog. Or at a party, only nobody can see you or hear you. Like, you're not participating, but you're there. And disembodied. And misty, and mysterious.
Wind Player: So... do you want it louder or softer...?

A fuzzy-haired violinist walks into a bar the Music Practice Building, and hears someone practicing the Shostakovich. "Ah! It is Anton!" Thinks the fuzzy violinist. "We must be playing the Shostakovich today!" Then the fuzzy violinist remembered that some people actually practice, and not just on the very day that you have to play for an audience. But that is surely nonsense, and to prove it, we played the Shostakovich today.

Anton: *plays apassionatosisisisisimo*
Anton's Bow: WHEEEEEE!
Violin Sections: *totally lost, because they're all watching the bow fly across the room*
Anton's Bow: *BOOM TRACH CLATTER, somewhere behind the firsts*
Verdehr: You're supposed to catch it, guys.

Leora: *refresh*
All Twelve Members of the R&G Fandom: ...


Clock: 11:00 PM
Eema: Let's pretend we don't hear it.
Leora: Hear what?
Eema: The phone.
Leora: What phone?
Eema: The phone that's ringing.
Leora: I don't hear anything.
Eema: The phone is ringing. But I'm pretending I don't hear it.
Leora: Hear what?
Eema: The phone.
Leora: Eema. Eema. Hear what?
Eema: Ohhh! Hahahaha!
Leora: Yes. Let's go home.

Leora: *strides awesomely out the front door in a gray, light T-shirt, long jeans, black boots, and her Israeli Army Coat*
Eema: Oh, no, Leora, you look so nice in your clothes, why are you wearing that coat?
Leora: Because the coat is AWESOME. *strides to the car*
Eema: It doesn't match. Go put on your blue sweater.
Leora: No! You're just jealous you don't have one like it!
Eema: I'd have to find someone to wear it to war before it looked like that. Honestly, are there bullet holes in it?
Leora: I don't think so. But Eli has a coat from Chicago that does.
Eema: Eli has a coat like that?
Leora: Well, the one from Chicago is different. But yes. He has one like this too.
Eema: Ahhhhh! It all makes sense now. It's because you want to be coatfriends with Eeeeliiiii.
Leora: ...if you start singing that we are in a tree I will jump out of this moving car right now.

Leora: Okay. Do you by any chance have access to the internet?
Girl: YEAH.
Leora: Well, you can make reservations online, actually.
Leora: *gives up on being able to save some time* Yes. *takes information, goes to billing* Do you need an e-mail confirmation?
Leora: *grits teeth, because that takes ten times as long* Of course. etc etc etc And your billing address?
Leora: And your e-mail?
Leora: You're all set, thank you. *hangs up* *stares in dismay at the pile of reservations to process*
Eema: Did she make you take it over the phone?
Leora: Yes.
Eema: Did she want confirmation?
Leora: Yes.
Eema: Was she a little old lady without a computer?
Leora: She's a UNC student.
Eema: Eize idiotit.
Leora: Yes.
Eema: And a mefageret.
Leora: YES.
Eema: Steal her money.
Leora: Nah, I'll just send Sara to take out her Laurel!rage on her.

I like the Women's Lounge in the Union. Paul says it's sexist and is against it on principle, and I have to admit he's probably right, but I still like it. It feels like a place where you can let your guard down, and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed but hushed and private. Girls take nooks and tables and sofas, and they read and study and work and nap. There's always a surpising number of couches occupied by napping girls, and I'm often among them. I sat on the windowmost of the horseshoe of sofas in the near corner, and across from me there was an Asian girl asleep. Her rainboots were sitting in a neat pair, and they looked like the rainboots we all had as kids, right down to the umbrellas printed on them. She had her plaid jacket draped over herself as a blanket, and she slept in her stocking feet. I drank my hot chocolate and read my book for about half an hour, and at some point I thought to myself that me sitting there thinking how adorable she looked was probably what the Women's Lounge was built to avoid. Oops.

Curious Book Shop's Shakespeare section seems to have vanished. They do have, however, a section of Nautical Fiction, which meant that I spent a long period of time standing on a stool. (I actually went there to see if they had a cheap copy of His Majesty's Dragon, but the only one they have is Empire of Ivory.) Also Roger Lancellyn Green wrote about Arthur, and for two dollars I'm likely to buy it, because I don't actually know the original Arthurian legends.

I've been trying to think of ways to introduce Mr. Midshipman Hornblower, and one of the ones I came up with went something like this: And you won't even meet Bush until the next book, which is too bad, because he's lovely, and if Hornblower weren't so damn introverted and repressed and depressed and if they weren't both such silly britons, there would simply be lots of buggery, and none of this nonsense about Maria, or Barbara for that matter.

I was also really bitter that Honor's Pavel is evil, but then she steals his former XO who is a Paul, so I suppose I'll forgive her.

The USS Defiant remains my favorite ship of all time though.

Eema's going to kill me if I don't go try on sixteen pairs of stupidpants RIGHT NOW, so rar.

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Skipped orchestra to-day, which was extremely painful. I AM REALLY SORRY PROFESSOR DOCTOR MAESTRO JIMENEZ-SAMA.

Goal: attend Japanese tomorrow, for the first time in two weeks, and ace the lesson 6 quiz.
Problem: do not even know lesson 5.

So I just spent the past four straight hours slightly high on stimulants, studying lesson 5 vocabulary.

Have learned: nouns and i-adjectives (somewhere between thirty and forty words).
To do still: um, everything in the known universe.











I think I should share some of my mnemonics with you. You may find them amusing. But mostly it will just help me to remember.

samui - cold Cold like a harbor seal. Samui kind of sounds like sanguine, and there's some similar word for a stage covered in blood. I coldly survey the bloody stage. Also, poor samurai sleeping out in the cold.
tsumaranai - boring Tsuuu! Is the sound of someone shooting a ray gun at Mara Jade, who is nai, which means, not even there. "what a boring fight," thinks Mara. "what a lame opponent."
tanoshii - fun I am fairly sure that "tanoshii" is sung in ARASHI's "We can make it." Now there's a fun video. Age of sail jackets. And rainbows. (Oh ARASHI.) Also it kind of sounds like tam o' shanter, and those are fun to wear, and my Maid o' Glen Shea, who was probably pretty tan, since I think she was a shepherdess or something.
furui - old I had a hard time finding a good mnemonic for this one. Furui kind of sounds like "fury," which according to Darwin's Stupidhead Self-Proclaimed Successor was one of the oldest emotions. Furies are women from Greek Myths, which are old. Fuu, Rui, why are you still carrying around that old thing? Blowing (fuuuu) through a loop (the little curl in the tail of the letter ru) and EEE, (i) look! Bubbles come out! And bubble wands are among the oldest toys. Kids have been playing with those for millenia.
muzukashii - difficult A cow (moo/mu) in the zoo (zu) eating straw (kash) has a difficult life. Muzu kind of sounds like muzzy, and if your head is all muzzy like mine is right now you are going to have a very difficult (kashe) time. Muu, ze kashe!
yasashii - easy (problem), kind (person) This was the second-to-last one I learned and my brain was gone. I wrote down "yasashii... no problem. Ya, sashi. Sasha is kind, yasa_shi. Yeah, so, she. Yasashii is easy, or easygoing. Yas, a shi, a kind girl." But really all that it brings to mind is yams. And yams are soft. Which kind of mean the same thing.
omoshiroi - interesting I'm transcribing what I wrote down for this one, which kind of tells you what my brain is like during this. "oh, mosht interesting, oy. Omosh-iroi = almost ioroi, who is interesting. O, mosh he Roy... uh. O, mo! She roiled.
yasui - cheap, inexpensive Cold vegetables are cheap, and yasui is really yasai (vegetables) + samui (cold), even though samui is only for weather. Ya, sue he, because I am miserly. Yasui = asui, which means made, but we're pretending that it means homemade, which would make it cheap.
isogashii - busy (person/days) Isogashii = I so busy gashii! He so gashi busy? Isolated gashy... well you're going to be busy if there are gashes involved, even if they're isolated ones. Or insulated isogashii. Gosh, I/he so busy, gosh, he's busy...
atsui - hot This one I know from every single anime where someone burns themself. Because someone always does.
chiisai - small This one I know from a Kenshin fic in which Saito nicknamed Tokio "chiisai" because she was short. It was a terrible terrible fic. The characterization didn't make sense, and the modernization made it worse.
atarashii - new Atarashii sounds a little like ARASHI, my liking for whom is new, even though I am not fifteen. It also sounds like atama-rashi which means Rashi-head. Talmudic Scholar-Head! ...Well that's gotta be a new one.
ookii - large OOKII. Like OBTUSE. Oh... ki... Ohhh! Kiii! Magnesium! Which is pretty big. Actually it's only about 24.31 g/mol, but we can pretend.
kowai - scary This was one of my first Japanese words. Because John mean to call me scary, and he called me cute instead, and I laughed at him. We were standing by the pool table in Mike's basement at the Quiz Bowl Party. That was the day we watched Life of Brian, but John went home before that.

kitte - postage stamp Kitte = kitten. There is a scene in Socks by Judy Blume in which, to stop a family with evil small children from adopting Socks, the boy shoves him in a mailbox. The girl freaks out, and then the mailman comes, and she begs him not to take the kitten, and the postman is like "don't worry, he doesn't have a stamp."
kippu - ticket Kippu = kip. To kip, to bed down. "This field-bed is too cold for me to sleep." Buy a ticket for the subway or the ship so that you may go home to your truckle-bed.
umi - sea Picked this up from anime somewhere along the way.
saafin - surfing I'd so better not need a mnemonic for this one.
shukudai - homework Picked up from the fact that we use it in class all the time.
tabemono - food Ed in Cowboy Bebop (episode: Mushroom Samba) singing "Tabemono, tabemono, arimasu ka? Aa desu ka? Arimasu ka?"
tanjoubi - birthday Picked up from anime.
tesuto - test Is even worse than surfing.
tenki - weather Ten = heaven, ki = spirit, so this is obviously the state of the sky.
nomimono - drink Nomi from the verb "to drink," which I used on TLAPD: "Iie, sake o nomimasen. Rum o nomimasu!" And mono from tabemono. Because taberu = to eat.
hagaki - postcard Here is a postcard. On the front is a picture of Macbeth confronting the three witches. One of them is saying "kiiii!" at Macbeth, who is not really sure what to do about it. "Hagaki!" Shrieks the witch. Her sisters fall about laughing.
basu - bus Um, yes.
heya - room Picked up from Hana Yori Dango. Main Character wanders around going "which room is hers?"
boku - I Picked up from anime and from Calger, who has a website with The 100 Most Useful Phrases For Watching Anime, and spends a paragraph explaining the more common first-person pronouns.
yasumi - holiday/day off/absence Oyasumi nasai = goodnight, so it probably has to do with resting. The O is probably to make it something like "honorable goodnight."
hikouki - airplane Hiko Seijuro's ki, flying around in a private jet because he's just that cool. Also, hi KOU ki! Is a birdcall. Possibly for a messenger pigeon. because they are equivalent to airplanes. Duh.
ryokou - travel A ryo is a unit of money, right? How far will one ryo get you? (Probably not very far.) Kou is, once again, a birdcall. So if a ryo is a unit of money, let us say that 1 ryo = 1 guilder. And Rosencrantz makes birdcalls. So! We have now Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Who were sent for. That's why they're here. (Looks around doubtfully) Travelling.

Yes, I know that Guildenstern has nothing to do with guilders. It actually means 'golden star.'
(And Rosencrantz is a wreath or crown of roses.)

And now off to study again... sdfankdgnngngn;ioj Leora dies. Eheu.

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Eich ani echraich
Olech kmo iver ve lo nishbar

How I don't want to go to school tomorrow.

We're sitting here in the office and deleting spam as it comes in, until I finally got fed up and figured out how to create a specialized filter. The e-mail system is new and I'm unfamiliar with it. Actually everything that I learned in the last few months in the office is utterly useless now. I hate being stood on my head like that.

Anyway I haven't done any of my homework for tomorrow and I don't want to admit it, which means I'll have to do it sneakily, which is a lot harder than it sounds. And stupider. It sounds pretty stupid anyway.

I watched some Firefly this weekend. I'd forgotten how much I liked that show, which was the point of depriving myself of it for so long, because now it's awesome all over again. Big Damn Heroes, Sir. Ain't We Just. (Glad you're back now on this ship.) There is no one on that prettypretty ship that I do not like. It's great.

And I saw a short clip of Prokofiev's R&J the Ballet on Youtube, which is Love. Seriously, I wish I could see ballets. I wish I could see them everywhere. Always. I kind of really really mourn the fact that in today's society there is so little demand for live arts entertainment- for theatre, for dance, for opera, for music too. I mean it's there, but it's rare and you have to go out of your way to look for it. It's times like this that I really resent sports.

OHS is doing A Midsummer Night's Dream this year. I'm willing to bet that's Mr. Vickers' doing. I'm also willing to bet that it's been shortened, and that it's not going to be extremely well done, being a high school production and all... still, I'll go and I bet I'll enjoy it.

I love seeing stage productions. I saw Pygmalion the other day. Did I talk about it? I liked it. I like it better than My Fair Lady, because SHE MARRIES FREDDY AND HIGGINS IS LEFT ALL ALONE. Well. Not all alone. Higgins and Pickering continue to live in sin, and Eliza and Freddy go off to run their flower shop/diction school. So it's All Good.

It was cool. The scene with the party where Eliza's mistaken for a princess was great; I could have spent hours staring at all the shiny costumes. The costuming for the whole play was really cool. Also Freddie was awfully cute, and everyone's actors (with the exception of Eliza's father, who wasn't at all) were good and basically acted either as I pictured them or better. I liked Eliza. She was extremely human.

Anyway. Eeyore the bus driver is here. Eema's pointing out the evil!spam to him.

I don't want to go to school tomorrow... I don't, I don't. I suppose I'll feel better in the morning. *sighs* Right now, that knowledge doesn't help much.

You know what I could do with? Chocolate. Eema was not-subtly hinting to me that I need to lose weight, and sure, she's right, but I'd rather have chocolate. (Eeyore just said I look very sleepy, and that there are child labor laws. Eeyore thinks he is funnier than he is sometimes. He is nice but still EEYORE.)

"Dean made me a muffin... ... ...Why is she laughing?"

In any case. Also saw the first episode of yet another Japanese tv drama about high school, and I don't think I'm going to take the time to watch the rest, but it had Ryu's actor in it, being all delightfully slashable with his archenemy-who-quickly-becomes-his-best-friend, and who defies a bunch of construction workers because he has this OCD little ritual to touch a certain willow tree every morning before he can go to school. One morning he arrives and it's gone, and he runs around going "Ah! Willow! It's gone! Where is it?" *runs to harbor* "Hey! Hey fish! Where is it? Tell me!" *sees really spooky girl standing where the willow used to be* *falls over backwards* "Ah! It's the Willow Fairy! Where is your tree?" (It's kind of cute.)

[I know the actor from Gokusen II, where his name is Ryu, and he is, again, delightfully slashable with his archenemy-who-quickly-becomes-his-best-friend. Named Hayato. They're cute. Neither is as cute as Takeda, who I was absolutely convinced (for the entire first half of the show) was going to turn out to be a girl in disguise so that she could attend the school, which was a boys' school. I'm still not convinced she won't. That person is just too damn effeminate to be male. I'm sorry. There is just no way.]

I read something somewhere about death being the final closing parenthesis on life, & dreams, waking up for real. I think it would be a bracket. Like in math. The largest pair of parentheses are square brackets. (I miss math. I miss being able to type on my TI-82 without looking at the keypad. That was probably among my better skills.)

I was watching Firefly and I had the thought that it would be really cool to have an EU like there is for Star Wars, only perhaps it would be strictly for the minor characters, and they wouldn't be allowed to touch the real plot. But a semi-canon anthology of the characters in the bar at the beginning of Shindig or Train Job, for example, or even better- Persephone's docks- would be great. And not just because the goth bartender is cool-looking.

I have nothing to say. I'm rambling because I don't feel like stopping. So it goes, and so it goes. I made my own coffee a few days ago, maybe a week or two, I don't remember. Anyway I put in all manner of things, just to see what would happen, also because the only milk we had was spoiled- vanilla extract, and cinnamon, and cloves, and honey, and whatever else I could think of. And it tasted like water until I got to the dregs, and then it tasted like poison.

(Daniel Wolf just called to cancel his reservation for 6:15 tomorrow morning. Seeing as it's 1:30 am, he was kind of surprised that someone picked up the phone. I wish I could have thought of a good response to him when he said so, but my wit is slow.)

Today I drove to work. It was panicky. I heard some good songs on WKAR, it being Folk Tradition/Sampler on Sunday. There was a nice one called Mr. Fox or something, a capella with a refrain of the wall being high with a funny interval. Creepy songs was with the Tradition, it being near Halloween, and the Sampler was "more time," but I didn't get to hear much of that. I parked on the fourth floor (these spots reserved for Michigan Flyer by permit only) and then, just because I never had before, I walked on up to the roof of the parking ramp.

I wonder why I'd never done that before- at least not in recent memory. The sun was setting and I could see for ages. It was cold and lovely.

Then I went to the office, and Eema was like " chickened out of driving and just walked here, didn't you" because I was all freezing cold.

I've nothing to say. I've nothing to say nothing to say nothing nothing nothing to say say say say say say... (do I ever? Answer is NO.)

Have been attempting to write a full game of Questions. It's hard, really hard, and is actually far less entertaining to read than I wanted it to be. Sigh, sadness. I hate the fact that I never write anything good.

I'm hungry/sleepy/bored/have too much to do tonight.


So far

Oct. 14th, 2007 12:07 pm
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Jack Aubrey is a big dork. It's okay though, because it's funny.

We bought new fetch-balls for Worf, because she apparently ATE the last two, or something.

It's terribly cold in this house. Like, constantly. Freezing cold. I sit around in my fuzzy fleeve pyjama bottoms and my fuzzyfuzzy house slippers and my long-sleeved pyjama shirt and my Interlochen hoodie over that, and I'm still cold; I need to be wearing a headband for my ears and a good pair of gloves but then my fingers wouldn't be able to type (not that they're so good at it right now, being so cold and all) and my nose would still be cold. Oh my poor nose. (I want to spell it nows. I do. There is something to that, about spelling "wife" or "house" and having never seen those letters in that order before...)

Last night I dreamt that I was the prisoner of this crazy magical guy who had wiped my memory and the memories of all of his other prisoners. We were attending dreamworld!Hogwarts, or some sort of seven-year boarding school, anyway, and I was in my seventh year even though I was still my age, which is almost-twenty (kill me now). And in my dream-past, while I was still a prisoner/minion/whatever it was I was, I had met this alien creature like every five years or something like that, and it was, like, made of glowy spaghetti in a giant tank of blue goo, like Agar only not actually at all, and sometimes the spaghetti was one giant mass and sometimes it would separate. And it could communicate telepathically, I guess, and it could evaporate you and it vaporized lots of people, anyone who came too close, but not me, because I walked in all fearless-like and swam around with it, and it would turn me into glowy spaghetti for a short time. And this is apparently why I was such a valuable minion to my captor. Anyway I figured out that my earrings could combat his memory-wiping, and I didn't get my memory back, exactly, but I could accumulate more memories, and when he had no other prisoners but me left he planned to bring in some more prisoners from my school. So he brought in two girls (he had other minions, guys mostly, who would mow the lawns and stuff) and I went to talk to them and it turned out that one of them was a good friend of mine. And I didn't want her memory wiped, and anyway I'd been planning to escape, so while they were being kept in Worf's room, he sent me to give them the memory-wiping stuff, but it would take twenty-four hours to work completely. So I did, but then I gave my friend one earring and told her to wait twenty-four hours and then put it on, and then I snuck into the laundry room and hid away some knives of his, and kept two in my pockets, one for me and one for my friend. The second prisoner was all wimpy and I knew I couldn't trust her to do anything useful in a crisis, so I didn't include her in the plan. And so anyway my friend watched a minion outside with balloons that marked time until galilei, and then she put in the earring and kept her memories, and then we fought our captor and we won, and we called the police and my friend started cutting his hair with her knife, so then I had to help her in order to keep the work even, and he was sad but I told him he still looked good with shorter hair, and it was true. It wasn't too short anyway. We'd done a good job, or something. Anyway then as we were leaving we saw the alien again and I remembered it, kind of dimly like I remembered everything, and I walked in and it turned me into glowy spaghetti and I swam around until I accidentally knocked into the powerbar with my foot, and then I had to turn back into a human, but it said I could come back and maybe eventually go into space when it went to visit its home planet. And then I walked back with my friend and the chief minion, who was actually pretty nice, and I helped him get away from the police in exchange for him helping me protect Worf and Tessie. There was more but I don't remember it all. Something about driving in the car and Hebrew names and sheep-pastures, and being under the influence of TRUTH POTION, which had been one of my captor's experiments, I think. It means you cannot speak other than the truth- not just what you believe to be the truth, but the actual truth will come out of your mouth, and nothing else. So I decided to take advantage of that and go clothes shopping, and I would try on an outfit and look in a mirror and try to say "It looks good on me," and no matter how I thought it looked, it would only come out as "it looks good on me" if it actually did. But there were no good swimsuits. I could tell that even without the truth potion. Going to meet Eyal now.

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So TODAY I went to Schuler's and asked them about Napoleon, Nelson, and the Battle of the Nile, which is one of the few nonfiction books that I am enamoured of, but they could not find its existance. Must bug librarians about this. Later on I ended up in B&N and looked for Horatio Hornblower, whom I miss, but couldn't remember the author and found myself looking at Patrick C O'Brian. And I stood and looked, and stood and looked some more, and asked a random girl with dangly earrings if she knew who wrote Horatio Hornblower but she didn't, so I picked up Master and Commander. I'm on chapter three; I'm not sure if I like it yet. Jack Aubrey so far looks like our student conductor in my head, except with B&N's Friendly Ninja Employee's hair. (kore wa dare no kasa desu ka? dare no kasa desu ka... uh...) And I cannot shake the idea, don't ask me where it came from, that Maturin has a tail. An alligator's tail. I DON'T KNOW WHY.

Good moments in the book:
He broke the ship! Jack Aubrey, you broke the ship!
He can't stop himself from conducting! So cute.
They sit down and discuss Boccherini. Who was the whitest white boy ever.
"What is Catalan?" long have you been here?
"Not Liutenant! Capitan! Capitano! HA HA HA!"
The ship's crew slashes their captain with the ship's master. And don't think it's a bad thing. And they call him Goldilocks.

Also I bought R&GrDead teh Movie, from Schuler's, and I can't wait to watch it again. Lovelovelove. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are love, and I need that on a colorbar.

When I was going to orchestra I saw two boys walking down Grand River holding hands. and when I was coming to work I saw two girls kissing in the alley between the parking structure and B&N. I generally don't see demonstrative gay couples in East Lansing, and then I saw two within a few hours of each other. I don't have a point in mentioning; it was just something that happened today.

Today in orchestra (hooray! I love orchestra!) we played all three of the double concertos.

#1, Bach- oboe & violin concerto. Violinist's name is Tigrin, which makes me think of Fiery Figrin D'an. Cannot tell where he is from. Stick-skinny; such a good violinist. I love listening to him.

Student Conductor: You must play lightly! Think Tigrin's waistline, not mine!

#2, Vivaldi- two trumpets- they're not really trumpets, they're trumpety looking things, but small and cute, with four valves instead of three. It's cool.

#3, Vivaldi - CONCERTO FOR TWO CELLOS, YAYAYAYAYAY. I love this concerto, always always have, and also the soloists are not only very good cellists but very pretty. One is Asian with glasses that keep sliding down because he wrinkles his nose when he plays, and the other is Russian (with an accent!) who actually reminds me a lot of Jake the Linguist from the Ulpan, if Jake looked a bit older, and like a cellist. They sound awesome and we got to sit and listen to the second movement even though we're tacit.

Dan plays the harpsichord on all three, which is interesting, and Alex who sits next to me was being really annoying but whatever, I love orchestra. And my conductor. YAY.

Must go practice now. Have finished the filing and there's not much else to do here, so I get to go get paid for practicing, how nice. I kind of want my job to have a name. I mean, what am I, a secretary of some form? That implies that I am doing the secretarial work to free up the other people to do the actual work, but secretarial stuff, it seems, is all we actually do. *shrugs* *shrugger* I like that better.

I find myself wanting to write modernization!Hamletfic. Also The Road To El Dorado fic. Also I miss Hebrew; does anyone know where I can find Disney movies and the like dubbed in Hebrew? Or maybe Japanese, since that's really why I should be studying. Oh! On Naomi Novik's website there was a sample of the first chapter of His Majesty's Dragon in Japanese, and now I really want to learn enough to read that book in Japanese. That, I think, is an even worse reason than wanting to be able to watch anime without subtitles. Whatever.


I'm sick

Nov. 13th, 2006 12:25 am
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Ani holaaa. Feel sorry for me.

No fever or anything, minimal sneezing/coughing, just miserable. I stayed home from school today and tomorrow I'm skipping everything but orchestra, which I cannot afford to skip.

On Friday I saw Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, and it reminded me why I love the world. Guildenstern and the Player and Alfred were all girls, which was interesting in a way; the stage was bare and the Questions game was played with swords. Also Rosencrantz's little "I just wanted you to be happy..." line made the entire female half of the audience go AWWWWWW! I always love it when that happens. I like the play; it's very different from the movie, and I like the ending better, with the "now you- END." Also I love Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. They are so cool.
"They're waiting to see what we're going to do!" was also hilarious.

I went with Physics Boy, who is my stand partner from orchestra. I like him. He is nice and likes LotR and has curly hair and his physics diagrams are to die for, also he hung a bicycle tyre from his dorm room ceiling in order to study the motion of a gyroscope and how it relates to the motion of particles. Oh geek boys; I have such a weakness for them.

Jessica (the violist) and her suite have pretty much the cast of several animes covered between them. For example, YnM: she's Muraki, Laurel is Watanuki Watari, Heidi is Oriya, the other people I know only as Tsuzuki or Boss-san or whatever.

For Inuyasha, there is a Kouga, a Ginta, and a Hakkaku, though not in her suite. There is also a Kagome I think. Jessica is Sesshoumaru, there is a boy that I know only as Jaken, and I have been assigned the role of Rin.

That's cool. I like Rin. She's pretty much the coolest girl in all of Inuyasha.

I was also introduced to these Japanese dessert-pastry things, and they're either called mochi or wrapped in mochi. It was like this green tea-flavored ice cream wrapped in a sweet dough and dusted in flour, vaguely sphere-shaped and maybe two inches in diameter.

Saw the movie Mirrormask and fell in LOVE. Because it's Neil Gaiman and Jim Henson, yes that's right, NEIL GAIMAN AND JIM HENSON MADE A MOVIE AND ARGH ARGH ARGH. Awesome. So so awesome. I need a colorbar of the muppets, or at least of Kermit, and it will say Jim Henson is Love. Because he is.

You know who else is cool? Whoopi Goldberg. She rocks. She's the awesomest actress in existance. She showed up briefly in my dream last night- I was reading too much Star Trek fic and dreamt that I was O'brien and my family (O'Brien's family, Keiko and Molly and Kirayoshi) and I were swimming in the ocean but then there were these giant killer eels and they were attacking Molly and I was trying to fight them off with Manhasset music stands but seemed to have no strength in my arms. Then I was me and I was in my house, only it was laid out a little different. I was on my sofa and I was getting ready to watch DS9 when Random Boy With a Goatee appeared in my house. I assumed he had some business being there so I didn't freak out, and he sat down next to me and we talked and he was kind of annoying and I was waiting for my family to get there so that he would leave, and he insulted Whoopi Goldberg and I got all mad at him and then she appeared and I told him to look at that hat and then try again to say that she is not the coolest ever. Then my room exploded and all my thimbles were shattered and I cried and nobody would believe me that it was a big deal, not even Eema. MY THIMBLES. It was tragic.

Today at the library I poked at all the keys of my piano and they all made noise, so that's a good sign. It didn't seem too crazy out of tune either, so yey, I may get the thing yet. Soon as Peter Liu calls me.

I saw him at the Lansing Symphony Concert the other day. I was trying to explain him to Second Blond Boy and I don't think I did a very good job, but come on, explaining Peter Liu is hard to do. It was a good concert. Tchaikovsky's violin concerto is a lovely thing, as was the violinist- such a warm tone! And Symphony Fantastique isn't bad either. There was also a minimalist thing with offstage trumpets by John Adams (who needs a more creative name) and it was okay too. Second Blond Boy asked if I was related to the soloist. He said there was a family resemblance and he looked like he could have been my father. I didn't really know what to think of that, but he said "in a good way" so alright. He was Russian anyway- his name was Ilya- so who knows, we might be related.

a mini TNG fic someone wrote. It's not brilliant, but I found it vaguely amusing. Edited for grammar and clarity. )

I'm writing this from the new office. I miss our old one, but I'm surviving.

I've lost my voice. I sound ridiculous, when I sound at all, which I often don't. It's annoying.

On Friday I had the day off work so I got to go to Suzuki Play-in and it was SO MUCH FUN, also I got to be a boy. Hahaha. No, really, I got to be first violin on the Bach double third movement, and also show off my Cadenza skillz in the Mozart Rondo that I STILL KNOW SHIBI, THAT'S RIGHT, I NEVER FORGET ANYTHING EVER. But Mrs. Gregorian made me sing the one eyed one horned flying purple people eater in front of two different classes of Central kids so that they could all laugh at my voice. it wasn't funny but I was a good sport.

Now I'm off to show Eema the awesome that is xxxHOLiC, although I'm not sure she'll understand. Hopefully she will. zOMG the ART is so PRETTY, I want Yuuko's seamstress.

I also got proposed to for my cake. That made me really happy. Caitlin is not the only one who gets boys for cookies! Hooray!



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