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Sara: There's cake at Leora's house, can I go?
Sara's Dad: Tell her thank you for the advance warning.

Leora: Well, maybe we're just Chinese.

Eyal: They both breathe air, they must be each other!

Katie: Like, if your roommate brings their significant other, what you do.
Sara: "May I join you?"

Caitlin: You see her out in public and sometimes it's not very obvious, and sometimes you're like "hmmmm..."

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"Caitlin, go ottoman." -Sara

Sep. 8th, 2004 06:09 pm
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"This is so cool. I love this. This is like... Plant On Steroids."
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TEH R3D 5\/\/34T0R!!!!111


Clover Cluster Ring


I mean, H4( K54\/\/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look, I have a pipe! I'm going to cut it with a hacksaw!

You smush things with... A HAMMER!

WIIIIIIIIITH- a herring!

Get the hammer.

We'll put them in the garage!
We'll put them at the top of the pine tree!
Ooo, now we're getting a bit sketchy...
We'll put them in storage!
We'll put them... WITH THE OLD MAN!
The old man with the blue stripes!
Is this some sort of gangster terminology that I don't know because I don't see the movies?


What level of Calculus?

My gosh! You just say all this nonsense then you sit there laughing at yourself!

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'S kind of ironic, really. My sisters would walk around with books on their heads when they were little and say "look, Eema, no scoliosis!" ...and, yeah. I've been walking around with books on my head ever since I can remember, but until middle school or so, people either just didn't notice as much or I didn't do it in front of them. Whatever. Anyway, someone knocked it off before Spanish, but I think it was probably an accident, so I just ignored it. I kept a sharp eye out for Ian *all day,* but he just came out of nowhere the minute my back was turned. Just for a SECOND, I was distracted because I was saying hi to Mark and trying to see what time it was and debating whether or not to go home and then there's Ian standing by the door, holding my Zumdahl and looking smug. Man.

Then I go outside and this kid I've never seen before comes out of nowhere with a WHOOSH and snatches the book. I'm still looking around in confusion, and he's just capering and cavorting about like a crazed mountain goat on drugs, waving my chem book in the air, and yelling something unintelligible. So I go over and say "I beg your pardon?" and he goes "I got your book! You have to give me three wishes!" So I grin and go "Okay, what do you want?" He thinks about it for a minute before replying excitedly, "Chocolate ice cream!" "Sorry, I don't have any." He shoves the book back into my hands. "What kind of leprechaun are you?" And then he runs away.

That exchange just made my day. Random Acts of Insanity. Hit-And-Run Weirdness. Hooray. I am now a leprechaun, and the kind that finished off the chocolate ice cream last night.

I saw the new preview for Shrek II. I want that kitty. Awwww. And his boots. Also, Donkey as Stallion (baby!) is still so essentially Donkey in his expressions and everything. And Sleeping Beauty! *whomp*

I just saw The Triplets of Belleville. Those filmmakers are my HEROES. ODE THERE ARE NO WORDS. JUST... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

*The* weirdest movie I have ever seen. Hands down.

It was good, if completely lacking in any semblance of sense. At all. You just... gotta flow with it, and eventually you come to love the world and the characters and the ODE 50 WAYS TO KILL MAFIA MEN!, baby carriages. Or hills. Whapwhapwhap! Squeak. Bonk, doof, Mouf-Mouf! "I'm not mad!"

"...Is that Mr. Mistoffelees?" "Well, you got the 'M' part right."
"So you can see up close, far away, and in the middle?"
Me trying to drink out of the soup-plate...
Oren as a rocker in his sandals...
"Grape Juice" that NONE of us could read...
"And then they flail their arms around because they can't get the words out..."
"They're ice-creams!"
"Anamaria could get him to untie his little ponytail."
"Hanging out at the PPC"
"I don't care if they look weird, I mean, as long as they work." "You've been complaining about the little circles on the soles all week."
"So, his mother wants his clothes back." "NO!"
"...R, rushes, S, snakes..."
In the middle of chemistry class, Mike drags over the trash can, picks up Jillian, and stuffs her in it...
"What's your pony like?" "I have a pony?" "You just said you hadn't ridden your pony in almost a week." "I haven't WRITTEN MIKE WAHONEY in almost a week!"
"He wanted to have Fred Astaire have this long battle with his shoes and then eventually win. I think he missed the spirit of this."
"Never been dancing, doop de doo."
"What is that?" "It's dynamite." "That can't be dynamite-" *BOOOM*
"WOOF WOOF WOOF awoooooooooo WOOF"
"...And his wee little BOOTS!"

...This has been a weird day.

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So... we went to the Bartleys. Cast of Characters: Me, Eema, Aba, Mical, Tamar, Oren, Lynn, Tom, Aryn, Landon, Taiwanese dude, Indian lady, Japanese lady, Israeli couple.

- Frisbee, with Aba and Landon, in the dark, with a black frisbee.
- "Potata zeh achla!" = best Hebrew sentence
- Describing our Brilliant Traditional Indian Movie
- Winning at SET
- Coooozyyyyy (a la pooossuuuums)
- FOOD! Turkey, potatoes (both sweet and mashed), pumpkin pie, rolls, etc.
- "I didn't even know I had a dishwasher."
- "What do you think this button will do?"
- Aryn has a kitten
- Checkers (I so lose at that game)
- "Can I have some?" "Back up the truck!"
- "Itadakimasu!"

It was a good evening.

Long Survey. Click if you're really, really bored. )

The rest of this quiz was added later, on Sunday, November 30. )



Sep. 20th, 2003 09:28 pm
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So I was eating poppy seed cake, and I'd eaten all the dough and was now eating poppy seeds mixed with honey from my fingers.
ABA: This is how you eat poppy seeds, in a blob, right from your hands?
ME: Eeema!
EEMA: Odedy, say nice things.
ABA: Nice things, nice things. *Picks up an empty garbage bag and puts it over Eema's head* Now where is the twisty-tie?
ME: *keels over laughing*

Dude, I love my family.

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Sesame Street quotes:
The Count: The number of the day is 13! And here to celebrate are thirteen dancing vegetables!
Zoe: And after his nap, the rock wants you to give him a bath. *Elmo runs away screaming*
Big Bird: But was it a BWAWWK bawk bawk bwawk, or a bwawwk bawk bawk BWAWK? It's important, you know.
Banjo player: Turkeys in the tree!
*little six-year-olds do gymnastics that would break Leora's neck*

So, it's my parents' anniversary today, and they both forgot. Then Eema was reminded by two e-mails that she received, one from each of her brothers. The one from Alush was very nice, congratulating them on twenty-seven years of marriage. The one from Itzchak: "WHAT? You're married? When did that happen? And by the way- who's ‘Alush?'"

It amused me.

A quote from Eema: "You see what happens when you get up early? You see things! You see statues, and not-really-statues, and people with gas, and that guy over there putting coffee on top of his car, and it's going to fall on him- oh, no, it didn't. I wish it had. Wouldn't that have been funny? Serves him right for having coffee before I've had any."


My day yesterday was quite good. I went to the Great Lakes Folk Festival, listened to fiddlers, met up with Melody and her friends, and went camping. *pause* Okay. SO first of all we wandered in and they were talking about different kinds of fiddling- Klesmer, Irish, Cape Breton, and Cajun. And it was very cool. Then Melody walked in, and I walked over to her and her friends, and said hi, and Mark Kroos asked me how my face was doing. It's still swollen and bruised, by the way. She's been at Aria music camp thing. We went to find food, but had no money, so we got water from Woody's Oasis. Then someone had money so we bought a big thing of Hummous and Pita and ate it all. Then we went to Cold Stone ice cream, and Vivek waited about twenty minutes in line while Melody and I talked and the ice cream people sang. And people rollerbladed outside, and it looked like fun. Then we went to the Celtic thing, getting lost numerous times along the way, or at least losing people. We listened to the cool fiddly music and Mark Kroos and some random guy and some other random woman and I all danced like maniacs because we are. Then we looked at art booths, and Melody bought a pretty necklace after going to the ATM machine in 7 Eleven. And I got a Mehndi treble clef on the back of my right hand, and I put sugary lemon juice on it, and it seems to have done nothing but make my hand sticky, but whatever. Then we went home and packed, went to the gas station and bought marshmallows and hot dogs and drove to Sleepy Hollow State Park. Fire was lovely, the hot dogs and potatoes and marshmallows were awesome, the frogs wouldn't shut up, my dad got eaten alive by ants, and the tent collapsed on my mother. (Aba said that that was his favorite part) And Aba burned his hand and walked into an acacia tree and... yeah. But it really was a lot of fun. And on the way home there was a box by the side of the road that looked like a dead woman, and it reminded me of "Hey, look! There's a dead woman in the car behind us!" And Eema and I tried to spot all the statues in Lansing, but we kept thinking that the statues were real people and that people were statues. And people fished off a bridge.



Apr. 13th, 2003 05:21 pm
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Paul and I kept a list of quotes. Enjoy:

Ice-cream Man: "This is your job: take sunflower seeds out of tourists' noses!"
Paul (imitating Leora): "Hahaha, box, leg, box, leg, mwaha!"
Paul: "Water is for drinking, not pouring in your ears."
Paul: "Leora hasn't even finished bleu-ing the paper yet. Plate."
Leora (three hours after lunch): "Yay, no more roastbeefinteeth!"
Eema: "Leora, I'm waiting to hear something intelligent from you."
Paul (As the drug dealer): "Hey, man. You wanna eat sugar?"
Parrot: "I'll French-kiss with you, but DON'T TOUCH ME!!!!!"
Paul: "So when Paul tries to eat their brains, it will be like 'where are the brains?' and they'll be in the feet."
Paul: "So, does that mean Rob Froh walking by with a piano is romantic?"
Landon: "Are you Leora's REAL boyfriend?"
Paul (in response): "No, I'm just a fake."
Leora: "The Ant Channel!"
Paul: "Shuyu says I imment."
Brett: "Bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny!"
Leora: "Butter knife = Cheese spoon."
Paul: "Pretent you're reading the ice cream with your mouth."
Paul: "The only non-ticklish part of your body would be your appendix."
Leora (randomly): "How about you?"
Paul (in response): "What? How am I supposed to answer that? Yes? No? Pair of shoes?"
Landon (pronoun confusion!): "He's- she's her- he's it- she- he- LEORA'S BOYFRIEND!"
Paul: "I'm hearing leprechauns. I was trying to stop being dizzy when I hear "Now, that's the way, me lad!"
Paul: "Hey, we're standing on top of a presto! Whoosh! Goodbye!"
Paul: "I duuno, I just walk up to random strangers and slap them."
Leora: "That's a common misconchappin."
Paul: "John would like a stuffed eel."
Paul: "I just clap instead of playing the cello. That's why I failed all the challenges."
Leora (completely randomly again): "I knew a rooster." *pause* "His name was Pizza." *pause* "He lived in Hawaii."
Landon (a.k.a. John's Mini-Me, or Mini-John, said out of the blue): "MINI-ME!"
Paul: "Barracudas: turkeys of the sea."
Juan: "But my mother loved me, so she didn't flatten my head. Then my girlfriend left me and I banged my head against the wall. No, not really. My girlfriend didn't leave me. Because I don't have a girlfriend. This crack on my head is from soccer."
Juan: "And I like-a tell you, the Mayans were here fierce. No, not really. The Olmecs were here fierce. The Mayans were here secon."
(And I may be wrong on the Olmecs or whatever. I don't know my Mexico, darn it.)
Leora: "John can't get to all the goats in the world. It won't work."
Paul: "Who is John Goat?"
Paul (as John): "I will git yew, Mr. Goat!"
(The best part about that last quote is that we didn't realize until two days later that John wouldn't go after a Mr. Goat, since the "Mr." denotes that the goat is male. At least, we hope he would realize that.)



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