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Sep. 19th, 2008 08:59 am
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Remember the one I did a while back, with one sentence/phrase from each WIP? Here are some more recent ones. Gen unless a pairing is mentioned.

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Five diplomatic missions that Sheppard’s team inadvertently screws up, and one that they don’t
Summary: Sheppard's team inadvertently screws up some diplomatic missions.

“Should we be doing that too?” Sheppard mused.

“I can’t do that,” McKay snapped. “I’d sprain something.”

“I don’t think I could pull it off either,” Ford murmured doubtfully. “Teyla could.”

“It does not seem to be expected,” Teyla answered. “They do not look at us as though we are doing something wrong, nor are they greeting each other in this fashion. It must be a ritual for welcoming strangers.”

Fandom: The Music Man
Working Title: The Rivals of My Watch
Summary: Marcellus' backstory and history with Greg Prof. Hill.

He’d just read Hamlet, all the way through, and he’d stumbled over some words but he’d read it and he’d tried to pronounce words like they were special, the way Greg did, and strode up and down and moped up and down and wept up and down and raged up and down and gone insane up and down and duelled up and down and died dramatically, eight times.

Fandom: xxxholic
Working Title: Sweden
Summary: Watanuki is a cook! Doumeki is the pirate that kidnaps him off the ship! They FIGHT CRIME! work for Yuuko, the Pirate Queen. They fall in love. Or else Watanuki's suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Take your pick.

He was still missing the palace, two days later, when Satoko was still too sick to come out of their room despite the ginger tea he prepared for her, and he was frantically trying to do everything himself. If she had been there she would have scolded him for it, but if she had been there he wouldn’t have been trying to do everything by himself and really by this point she was just being stubborn, he thought uncharitably. She wouldn’t have been seasick if they’d stayed on land like man was meant to do. There was a knock at the door.

“I am terribly terribly busy!” screamed Watanuki without turning around. “So unless you are Satoko and you are feeling better, go away!”

“I am sorry to disturb you,” said Person-Who-Was-Not-A-Recovered-Satoko, opening the door. “Can I help?”

“Can you slice daikon into identical, minuscule pieces?”


Fandom: Hamlet
Title: Fortinbras' sons
Summary: Horatio studies political theory. Shakespearean Drabble, 140 words.

Kings should not be raised princes, Horatio thinks sometimes, though he cannot think of a good alternative. He devotes time to it, in quiet corners of the university library, comparing philosophers’ ideas of what makes a man what he is and what makes a child the man he will grow to be.

Fandom: Hamlet
Working Title: in arms
Summary: Fortinbras/Ophelia. Yes, Ophelia. Yes, after she goes insane. Yes, I know I'm going to hell.

He could feel her heart beating like a trapped bird’s against his chest. She could have broken away without effort, but instead stood perfectly immobile, as though it were she who was trying not to frighten him.

“I am called young Fortinbras,” he whispered.

“I am called far ruder things,” she answered in a clear voice. Fortinbras stepped back slightly, and the girl tilted her face up to his inquisitively.

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Working Title: Insolence
Summary: Norrington as a young midshipman is taken under the wing of a topman named Joseph Pitts, who teaches him useful things, like cursing.

He didn’t speak to the lieutenant, didn’t even stand in the man’s line of sight, just waited a few yards away and radiated idleness. It was something Joseph was very good at, and something the lieutenant was especially good at detecting.

Fandom: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Title: Because Hamlet has his pirates, and Viola has her Captain, and Sebastian has his Antonio, Ferdinand and his party have Prospero, and they’re on a ship with audible if not onstage sailors, so who’s to say our boys can’t have Convenient Rescuers of their own?
Summary: R&G nearly starve to death in a lifeboat. But they're rescued. Multi-chaptered!

He went to tell the prisoners, himself. The first mate disapproved of the unnecessary risk, he knew, but he walked into their cell to talk to them face-to-face, which he felt a man deserved.

“I do not know your crime,” he said. “It does not make a difference. I will arrange for the chaplain to visit you, so that you may make confession, and then you will be put off in a lifeboat. Your chances of survival are infinitesimal, but it will be enough of a chance to hopefully satisfy the consciences of my men.” They made no reply, simply sat there together and looked at him. He wondered if the ropes had injured their voices. “I realize that it is of no comfort to you, but know that my conscience, at least, will never feel itself clear of this deed. That I kill out of necessity does not ease my mind, as I am certain it cannot ease yours.” He cleared his throat. “I would know your names, at least, and if there is any small request that lies within my power to fulfil...” The prisoners exchanged glances. One of them closed his eyes, as if exhausted, and leaned against the other, who unhesitatingly wrapped his arm around his companion’s shoulders. He looked up at the captain for a moment, his expression bitter and bewildered; then lowered his gaze to the crown of the head resting on him, and then he, too, closed his eyes. The captain left.

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Working Title: Eve
Summary: AU in which Jack finds ickle!Will after he gets off the island, and raises him. Meanwhile in Port Royal, Elizabeth, not having prettypretty blacksmith's apprentices to distract her, spends some more time around the fort and takes a more active role in the defense of Jamaica. Norribeth.

Oh, being on the Dauntless still felt like she was walking on solider ground than ever existed on land, was like walking on stone, if stone could sail, if stone could be beautiful, but standing on Interceptor was like standing on wind, wind that could laugh.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Working Title: Shipfull is totally a word
Summary: Viktor/Hermione, did you really expect anything else? Anyway, their courtship.

“I really am fine,” she said again. “It’s not going to reassure poor Stefan if you act like I’m made of glass.”

“‘Poor Stefan,’ says Herm-own-ninny,” Viktor muttered. “Oh, yes, poor Stefan, all he did is Stun a fifteen-year-old vitch and then run around like a chicken vith no head.” But he gave her a small smile, and backed off slightly as she followed the girl into the hallway.

Fandom: Romeo and Juliet
Working Title: Prince of Tennis
Summary: Tybalt hears that Paris is after Juliet. Tybalt hunts him down and gives him Nice Warning. Haha, dramatic irony.

“Foul creature,” you mutter as your hand comes away from your cheek smeared with blood.

“You shouldn’t stare at her, Tybalt. Cats don’t like to be looked in the eye.” Juliet’s cuddling the monster, which gives you an unmistakable smirk, all smug malevolence. Juliet is handing you her handkerchief. Oh, if Mercutio could see his Prince of Cats now, you think ruefully, and press it to your cheek. “I wanted to ask... do you know the Count Paris?” You don’t think it’s quite fair to have this conversation right now, while your face is still bleeding, but Juliet’s waiting for an answer.

Fandom: The Road to El Dorado
Working Title: Migulio
Summary: Want to guess the pairing? Tulio/Miguel, and their history in Spain. Miguel's a rich man's bastard, Tulio's Jewish, and the Inquisition happens. Also thievery.

The other boy hadn’t stopped talking. “...anyways I didn’t care; it hurt and I cried anyway, I don’t know why you’re not but you’re probably braver than me, I’m not very brave but I will be when I grow up, I’m going to go on adventures and ride a big white horse and discover new lands and it’s going to be great. You can come along if you want, I can ask Tia Manuela to pack me an extra sandwich.” In the face of this, Tulio sat silent, and eventually brought up his own hand to cover the one the boy was holding over his bruised eye.

“It’s a bit better now,” he said. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” The handkerchief was removed, slowly. “It still looks all swollen and stuff.”

“And yet, still prettier than your sister,” he answered automatically. The golden-haired boy threw back his head and laughed ringingly. Tulio hadn’t thought he’d been that funny.

“I don’t have a sister,” said his rescuer finally. “I’m an only child.” He sat back on his heels and held out a hand. “I’m Miguel.”

Fandom: Temeraire
Working Title: Transport
Summary: Emily Roland. Just sort of wandering around being an aviator, and having a complicated gender identity.

Martin tells ghost stories, sometimes, after dinner. All the young boys sneak out to listen– it’s not forbidden in the least, but tradition demands that they sneak– and some of the dragons sneak up close behind them. The rule is that they musn’t speak without prompting, or Martin will end the story right then and there and until the next night they won’t know what happens. Sometimes, Emily thinks, she sees the other men there too, not just the young boys, but the ensigns and the riflemen and the ground crews, trying to look like they’ve something important to do in the vicinity, and sometimes even a captain hidden under the wing of his enthralled dragon.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Working Title: Influence
Summary: The Triwizard Tournament, and how biased it can be.

The First Task was dragons, and that had Karkaroff written all over it, didn’t it; facing dragons had been part of the standard Durmstrang curriculum for centuries, and everyone knew that Hogwarts had discontinued that segment of the practical exam ever since Headmistress Fitzgerald’s time, and Beauxbatons had never included it, as France held no native dragon species.

Fandom: Hamlet, Hawkelet movie version
Working Title: This one doesn't have a working title yet. It's just a bunch of fragmented ideas right now.
Summary: Hawkelet didn't include the English Ambassadors, so I decided to assume that Horatio, upon hearing Hamlet explain about switching the letters word document, ran to Claudius and had him fax England to Not Kill R&G, plzkthx. R&G have their heads about to be chopped off when someone runs in and says "let them go, orders from above," and they're cut loose. Believing that Claudius and the Denmark Corporation wants them dead, they go on the run across Europe. In the meantime, Horatio and his girlfriend Kate Marcellus (not my fault! Hawkelet's fault!) deal with new management.

"Pretty Kate!"
...Rosencrantz' fierce grin
"So it seems," says Kate with a twisty smile, returning their hugs.  She's always liked these two.
"Fortinbras runs the place pretty well," Horatio tells them a little later, once they are inside.  "Just.  If you two ever decide to come back.  You'd be welcome."
"Nice to know we have that option," Rosencrantz answers with a cordial nod, but his voice
(has gone) goes momentarily nasty and Guildenstern's eyes (suddenly seem shuttered from behind) are suddenly shuttered over.  [held a nasty undertone for a moment, and Guildenstern's eyes abruptly shuttered over.]  They will not come back.  Horatio realizes that he is somewhat relieved, though a little wistful for his own sake. for all that he will miss their company.  It would have been nice to see a few more familiar (friendly) faces in Denmark. 
That's probably for the best
He can't help but wonder what it's like for them

Yeah, that's enough for now.
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thanku fo be my frind.

Fandom meme!

There are thirteen questions behind the cut. You have to pick ten characters from any fandom before looking at the questions and then answer them.

Um, I didn't actually mean to pick all men. Just happened that way. Guess I'm feeling particularly gay tonight, or something.

1 Mal Reynolds
2 Temeraire
3 Bill Weasley
4 Doumeki Shizuka
5 Scott Summers
6 Will Turner
7 Harry Kim
8 Lee Adama
9 Gilad Pellaeon
10 Geoffrey Tennant

Don't click until you've written down your characters. )

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Try this fic:

It's Good Omens. It packs a punch. But it's very good. It's called Living Arrangements, and the description goes "Everyone is more or less human, even when they aren't."

today my orchestra took a field trip, buses and all, to grand rapids. We played a concert for donors, or something, and it ate my entire day on top of being sick, but because I'm sick it's gone fairly hazy now because I spent every free minute catnapping on whatever flat surface I could find. A wind player had to wake me up when the bus got back to East Lansing.

I was proud of myself for being able to remember a multi-note chord that I'd heard in a song and reproduce it.

I am trying to write Emily Roland!fic, and realizing that I don't remember the details of the Temeraire series as well as I should. Guess what that means? I get to reread them all!

I've also started reading Henry V. God for Harry! England and Saint George! And I can't shake the feeling that Shakespeare was a little bit high when he wrote this one, because srsly it does not make an awful lot of sense. True I haven't gotten very far but I mean- come on-

I dunno, I guess an American can never truly understand the beautiful endlessly conquery love that is France/England. (Because I don't get it at all. Someone, somewhere, wiped a probably pretty important spot in the French/English consciousness clean and wrote in- I don't even know, some sort of utter, utter insanity where the other is concerned. "YOU NEED TO CONQUER THEM," it says, perhaps. "AND IT'S PERSONAL.")

Cunegonde from Candide is a wonderful person. "If I'm not pure, at least my JEWELS are!" (Rock on.)

On Friday I gave blood. Felt very faint afterwards, which has never happened before.

Tamar has left for an Ulpan in the desert.

I need to stop reading fic about Norrington, because they are always always always so full of terrible terrible heartbreak. Brits are the silliest people in the world, srsly again.

(My wardrobe is expensive as the devil- ha ha!)

June Anderson has hair rather like mine. Also another girl on the bus thought that my hair came from African American ancestry.

And the other night I dreamt that I was dating Tuvok, which was AWESOME.

I'm going to bed. Night all. (felicitations to all present at the closing of day.)

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Casablan probably looks just plain insane to most people, but then, it's old, plus it's foriegn. So it has excuses. Episode II? No. No excuse for that abomination. Oh, and Casablan is not Casablanca, a really old, cheesy romance set in Africa. No, it's an Israeli musical set in a poor neighborhood of Jaffa and starring Yehoram Gaon the singer. The dancing is laughable by a modern standard- it was made in the sixties or seventies, about the same time and style as Grease- but if you can set aside your sense of the ridiculous dances it's actually pretty cool. I love the music. Yehoram Gaon is a great singer, and most of the songs are just plain fun. It is also subtitled, which makes me so glad I can understand Hebrew, because they screw up every other line. A big part of this is that they try to make the songs rhyme in English, too, which is futile, but then when they don't seem to know what's going on with the spoken dialogue it's just doof. Even when they're halfway right, the charm and witticism of the lines is almost always lost completely. Sometimes I think that they're just trying to make it more appropriate, because "the policeman is at Esther's house and now he has an illigitimate son" is translated as "the law is slow and we don't know why." But then they translate "Jew from Eastern Europe" to "White-assed Frenchman." So there goes that theory. *sighs* And Yanush so creeps me out. Yes I know he's supposed to, but... argh! Why is only one character seeing through him? Creepy! Creepy creepy creepy!!! *runs in circles*
Some nice quotes off the top of my head:
"I'm shaking in my boots, Mr. Goulash." --Casablan
"We ought to break your heads!" *repeat after every single line for the rest of the scene* --Guy whose name I really ought to remember

Mietek: Are we a democracy or aren't we?
Mariuma: Of course we're a democracy! *turns to Moshiko and says softly* What's a democracy?
Moshiko: In a democracy, everybody does whatever he wants.
Mariuma: It's good, this democracy idea!
Mietek: *laughing* In a democracy, you vote. Okay, everybody who wants to move to the other project, raise your hand. *everybody raises their hands* I count 48.
"White-assed Frenchman": 48 for me.
Mietek: Okay, now everybody who wants to stay here and make renovations, raise your hand. *everybody raises their hands except for Yanush, Arieh, and the other goon, who really doesn't need a name*
Guy Who Wanted To Break Everybody's Head: You, put your hands up or I break them! *they do*
Mietek: 48.
"White-assed Frenchman": 48 for me too.
Mietek: Forty-eight say go, forty-eight say stay! What now?
Mariuma: That's a democracy!
*everybody sings about democracy. The lyrics are mainly "demo, demo, democratia." Mariuma shimmies. Ancient Yemenite guy goes crazy, dances like a madman, and falls over. Random girls do ballet and then all make Guy Who Wants To Break People's Heads shut up, because he's now singing about knives. Moshiko kisses Madame Butterfly on the cheek and Mariuma drags him away to dance with her. "White-assed Frenchman" sings about the perils of having a wife with more political savvy than you. Random little kids run around, then everyone runs around for the last "demo, demo, democratia" until a giant invisible bell goes GONG and Yanush wanders off to stalk Rachel some more.*

There are four different accents being spoken in my kitchen right now. I sat and listened, quite fascinated, to stories of the past, until I was banished from the kitchen to write about P&P. So I'm just listening to Kaveret and petting Tessie and trying to come up with a good idea.

P&P's a lot like a Silm in that the reader's imagination is what's really needed to like that book. You have to fill in all the gaps yourself- *Tessie leaps down* Oh, phooey. My pants are now gray. Good thing my shirt was already gray. It's my Paul!shirt, meaning it's plain-looking and solid-colored except for a stripe across the front.

I reprinted the pages of my M-S monologue that Ms. Huntley wrote on, so now I have a nice copy of it again. I will write the rest soon. But first I need to get cracking on the fic exchange. My options are:
a.) Aragorn's Adventures as a Ranger
b.) The Adventures of the El-Twins just before FotR
c.) Something Sam/Rosie, set at anytime
d.) Something Eowyn/Faramir, set at anytime

No easy options there. I'd have a really hard time doing justice to any of the characters there. Unless I do something humor. Oh wait. I'm not funny. *snaps fingers*

Any nice muse out there feel like giving me a hand here? Thalia? Melpomene? Calliope?
...what others are there? Oo! I would definitely appreciate it if Eiji would pay a visit. Mrrrrrowr. I mean, yes. *cough* Inspiration.

Er... should probably be asking for inspiration on this essay first, yes? Yes. *burns nice offering*

*Is too busy staring at pretty burny fire to ask for help*

...Darn. There goes that bright idea.

"..yesh shir she ani katavti la kelev sheli, poka..." *everybody cheers madly*

My parents and Paul and Liora tell interesting stories. Like... immoral French females on their kibbutz, or the Captain standing in front of them in the phone booth reporting to a superior officer that the Yom Kippur War had started, or the way Paul would walk around with his crazy hair and a bandanna and an apron (an apron?) or the way Paul and Liora met when they were assigned to milk cows together on the kibbutz, and they kept insisting that yeah, they worked together, but at the time they weren't a couple or anything, and Eema and Aba would just say things like "and the two of you would eat together every day..." and they would protest, and I just snicker inwardly and think of Caitlin going " mother 2.0" and just thinking how weird the coincidences were. And then I forgot my own name. *doof*

See, Micali called, and asked what was new, and I'm like "well, Mical and Paul are here." and she's like "the name is the same as yours! And you forget it! Hahaha!" And I was like "...yyyeah."

I'm trying to figure out where this wristy-dance came from, because I doubt I would have made it up, but I can't think of anywhere it might have.

I'm remembering dance at Interlochen, and the way you could open the door and look out to the lake, or if you were in the Penthouse, the squirrels like black ribbons unfurling in the breeze. Jeremy's CD is sitting in front of me to remind me of his music. Man. Nasta music rules. The CD is nowhere near as wonderful as just hearing him improvise and yell and stuff. Heyyyy, heya weya hey...

John's aunt. ODE. ODE, ODE, ODE. What is wrong with my brain? It's terrible, really it is.

Lodlo da, lodlo da, kela lodlo da, kela lodlo da, ela lodlo da...

Mara Jade is such a pretty name. *adds another scrunchie to her hair*

I'm cold. *mrrs*

Eema promised me the POTC DVD if I finished before twelve-thirty, though, which is cool. Unfortunately, that's in an hour and a half, and I have no idea what to write about.

I wish Tamari were here. She could help me come up with something, I know.

Argh. I'm getting a headache now. *takes all the scrunchies and clips out of her hair and lets it down* Alright hair, eat all you want now. *Strokes it carefully* Man. I need to wash it. Really I do. K'mo kash!

My lower back is in *pain* from moving the stupid heavy table. Why do we have a table so heavy? When I grow up, my furniture is going to be light.

I think I'm going to build myself a Snyder Tower in Alaska. That would be nice. I will leave one level empty, for dancing, and then I will never have this problem.

John told me that he dances when nobody can see him. Nice to know. So do I. But you all knew that, and probably nobody's ever surprised when they learn that of me, because it's something I would do. I occasionally dance when people are watching, but not the same way I do when nobody is. I try to look semi-not-stupid when people are there. If not? Heh, move the furniture and hide under the table, cat, Leora's on the dance floor and she's cartwheeling, imitating Dance Cuba, Eyal, America, Chelsea, Tevye, Caitlin, Happendance, and every other cool dance she's ever seen, whirling and twirling and throwing her arms in the air, skirts swishing, kicking and falling and rolling and fencing with imaginary opponents, ki'ing until the house shakes, singing at the top of her lungs in every octave and language she can manage. Sometimes I just run in frantic circles until I fall over. 'S good exercise.

Hey, Yo Ya!
Ani sho'el!
Hey, Yo Ya!
Atem onim!
Hey, Yo Ya!
Ha'im ze fair!
Hey, Yo Ya!
Atem lo yodim!

I love Kaveret. Their music is simply such, such fun. Yay.

I got another letter from Oren! He says happy Pesach, and also attached a picture of himself with a crocodile. I'll post it in a little bit. He's the one with the floppy hat, holding the sign, smiling at the camera- not the one petting the crocodile.

Oolai tasim li ksat sucar betoch hateh is starting now. Heh. I'm sure you all remember that song.

Apparently, "redundant" in England means "obsolete," not "repetitive." Interesting to know. Liora suggested that I take Paul in to BritLit for show-and-tell. Paul suggested that the word "BritLit" sounded like some sort of disease. *snerksnerksnerk*

And now Marchaimshlutzky (Marshlutzky for short) and his friend from Kaveret are making up nonsense and being generally crazy. It's fun.

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You are Stormchaser

You are the

Some Stormchasers: Tasuki (Fushigi Yugi), Lina
Inverse (Slayers), Excel (Excel Saga), Kyo
(Fruits Basket), Ginta (Marmalade Boy),
Momoshiro (Prince of Tennis)

Which Immortal are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

The guy for "last chance" is that same random anime guy that was on that quiz... the one I didn't know who he was, and I asked Eyal if she knew but she didn't either. Argh. It's him.

...Achal basar lavan! Ata zocher? 'Ni lo zocher!

Micali's home. That happies me a lot. But she's taking a nap right now, and will probably sleep most of the day. She drove all day yesterday and got in really late.

OMG those chem videos! Terribly boring/amusing. That guy. Argh. English. They are teh carzy.

Ohhhh, ani lo zocheeeeer!!

A haiku:
The Vending Machine
It is out of food
I curse the wire coils
That all stand empty.

A rather more stupid/awkward haiku:
Periodicity Video
Says the kooky English guy
He is a chemist.

Rak mesaper kide lo leshamem...

I don't want to journal P&P. Brits were all insane. I was reading a PotC fanfic yesterday, and wrote her a review pointing out that her character should *not* have been addressed as "Miss Norrington," because she was not the elder daughter- she should have been addressed as "Miss Anna Norrington." I told Ms. Huntley about that, and she collapsed, wailing, (much in the style of Caitlin) "Oh, the useless things we learn in Brit Lit!" Hehehee.

Apparently British winters are like today. Maybe that's why they're so crazy; it's because they're snow-deprived. COUGH LIKE ADA COUGH COUGH.

I need to go get started on homework now. I doubt I will, but I should at least make an honest effort.

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Lessee. Since I last updated, I have bought three things: a beading needle, a spool of beading thread, no beads, and a black arrow with green and white fletching. It's a cool arrow, but if I shoot it now I'll never find it again.

Aba bought a new TV. I'm really not sure I like it at all. It also seems to be trying to eat me. Am keeping bow and arrow handy. Aba can keep his slingshot; this is more my style. Although I could do with a broadsword/cutlass/etc.

Just saw PotC on it, and the extras. Yeah for blooper reels! Just lots of funny stuff. And some deleted scenes. For the record: COMMODORE NORRINGTON'S NAME IS JAMES. He also wins. He brings air freshener. He is a bit of an ice cream. I like him. Bwahaa. And Orlando describes Will as wearing a corset, which is a funny mental image.

Quote of the day:

Me: I'm not sure I like this TV one bit.
Oren: Add salt.

Also, Pirates is so much funnier with your Israeli cousin sitting next to you making fun of Brits the whole time.

Dude, I just love that movie.

And Mike has the FBI warning on his computer!

So that I do not forget: Tamari owes me a duel to the death.

And now a survey, because they are contagious. )

Surveys seem to all be depressingly similar. I should come up with a truly creative one.

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Just to let you all know that I'm still alive. Really, I have no time to be here. Math sucks- a lot- and I have a history test tomorrow that I really need to study for. I don't think I'm doing that minilab in chem; I didn't understand a thing. Mrrg.

I'm tired, and I have a slight headache, and my face hurts, especially my eyes. I don't want to learn about the cursed Progressive Era.

*complains some more*

I re-read Romeo and Juliet today for the first time since we studied it in ninth grade. I'd forgotten exactly how much fun that play is. Mercutio wins. He's a really nasty pervert, but redeems himself by being so incredibly witty and having fun speeches and never taking anything seriously, even his own death. And Benvolio, who isn't all that funny or anything but is still a nice guy, and Tybalt with all his GRAAA-KILL-MONTAGUE-ness. The very butcher of a silk button! You rat-catcher, will you walk? The prattling nurse, the old Capulets arguing over how long it's been since they last danced, my fondness for Paris, the lovers' eloquence, whether or not they make much sense... yeah. *hearts that play* Yes, the characters are stupid. Yes, they're not really in love. But I don't really care... I don't like the play for its plausibility. Just... yeah. Hie to high fortune and all that stuff. He shift a trencher, he scrape a trencher. And then there are all the memories of "YOU! Are the likes of BOB DOLE..." "oooooooooo..." and "arghgramnarg" and stuff. And Soojin messing up Friar Lawrence's lines so that they have... completely different meanings. And yay for footnotes where you can tell that the editor was really embarassed- "Mercutio is being obscene again" or "This line can be taken to mean three things: that Romeo without Rosaline is nothing, that without his first syllable 'ro' he is only 'meo,' a sigh, or that he is an emasculated fish." Obscene or not, that is the best insult ever. And in Lit Comp 9, I was supposed to die in the sword fight but kept winning. Yeah. I bite my thumb at you. Like the Lost Boys at the Pirates.

In other news... the quartet recital last night went well. We were last on the program. We won the award for Best Outfit. It was fun. Whee.

Who's posting the quotes from Caitlin's party? Those need to be put up.

My sixteeth birthday's tomorrow, but I can't work up much excitement. I suppose I can put a list of gift ideas, since of course you all want to give me things.

Terry Pratchett's The Wee Free Men or Monstrous Regiment
CD of Josh Groban
Any Coldplay CD besides "A Rush of Blood to the Head"
Gift certificates to Schuler's or Meridian Mall in general are always fine if you can't think of anything
DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean
Anything else, really, maybe something shiny? Homemade stuff is cool too.

You guys know me well enough, I'm sure. What's on this list is only a couple of suggestions. I'll put up what I got later, so that people don't get the same things.

So far I got a sweatshirt from my cousins (the American ones, not the one staying with us) that says "My best friend has four paws and a big heart." It's fuzzy and warm, and definitely an improvement over last year, which was a black T-shirt.

I need to go study now. *grumbles profusely*


PotC quiz!

Aug. 4th, 2003 04:37 pm
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Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?



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