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Nov. 1st, 2011 07:34 pm
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Am mostly recovered, though a cough and some sinus pressure lingers. Back in Indiana.

Halloween was fun; I dressed as a pirate and decorated my porch and front room. Not many trick-or-treaters came by, but there were a few kids and I heard one of the parents encouragingly telling one of the very small ones "I think that was a Pirate Lady!" which made me smile.

Also, I installed a window-seat for Worf. She seems to like it, though she growls menacingly whenever someone walks by. She was remarkably quiet for the drive down, at least until the last forty minutes or so, which I count as a success.

Have changed the bedclothes over to their winter incarnations. Last night was cold, yo. Though today was back to t-shirt weather.

Anyway, I need to go take in the decorations and, if I can find the motivation, restock on groceries.



Sep. 21st, 2009 06:50 pm
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So yesterday I was working with Candy, and she must have had a very surreal experience, because it was surreal enough to me, and I knew what was going on. The Chabadnik rabbi came in, said hello, asked me to say the blessing and the shehecheyanu, and then blew the shofar for what seemed like an inordately long time. And then wished us a happy new year and left.

I mean, black-hatted man wanders in, your coworker speaks some gibberish, he honks a ram's horn at you for, like, five minutes, says "Happy New Year" and wanders out? yeah. I'd be hella confused.

It was kind of really nice of him, though. A mitzvah and all.

On Yom Kippur I may have to work at 6 AM if I want to go to synagogue in the evening. Which will suck, and I will die, but not as much as I will die in my concert on Thursday ARGH. I mean, Saturday too, but I sit in the back on Saturday. As long as I don't do stupid things I will be all right. I kind of hate, though, the schedule of the dress rehearsals, because it means that I am never in top form in the Symphony concerts, because there's just no way I sleep well the night before. Either I have to wake up at nine in the morning, and be semi-dead all day, or I have to stay up all night and be dead dead dead during dress rehearsal and nap all afternoon then be semi-dead for the evening concert. There's just no good way to wrangle it.

Scene: Symphony Orchestra, 4:00 PM on Friday afternoon, two-minute break while winds change
Leora: 'Scuse me. (rises from seat, makes her way to the front of the section and addresses the section leader) Hey. Can I borrow your earrings?
Section Leader (whose name Leora doesn't even know): Earrings?
Leora: Yeah.
SL: My earrings?
L: Yeah. Tomorrow's Talk Like a Pirate Day and I don't have any hoop earrings.
SL: What?
L: Talk Like a Pirate Day. It's tomorrow.
SL: ...
L: Talk Like a Pirate Day?
SL: Pirate?
L: Pirate.
SL: ...Pirate.
L: Yeah, pirate. You know. Arrrrr.
SL: ...What?
L: Can I borrow your earrings?
SL: My earrings?
L: Yeah. (starts taking off her earrings)
SL: Now?
L: Yeah. I'll bring them back to you on Monday.
SL: Um, okay. (removes earrings, trades them for Leora's)
L: Thanks so much, I owe you one. I promise I'll bring them back on Monday. (puts on the earrings, goes back to her seat)
SL (leaning over to speak to Second Chair First Violinist, whose name Leora also doesn't know): *speaks foreign language*
SCFV: *asks a question*
SL: *answers, sounding entirely mystified*
(SCFV turns around to look at Leora, who is now wearing giant silver hoop earrings. Leora smiles and waves.)
Vikram: What the hell?
Leora: I'll have you know I've never even spoken to her before.
Vikram: And you just stole her earrings.
Leora: Borrowed! Borrowed. With every intention of bringing them back.

I'll also have you know that she looked much better in my pearl-and-lace earrings than she did in the hoops. Really, I was doing her a favor.

I did give them back today, though. I still don't think she has any idea what the heck it was all about.

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You know, whatever I may say to save face, I've never actually objected to country music.

...I think someone needs to take away my classical violinist license now.

But Janine would always play it in my horseback riding lessons, and Jackie my roommate would play it a lot too, and there are just good songs that are expressive or catchy or poignant or fun. I don't mean the ones that go "my dog is daid and my woman left me and my truck, she done broke down", but...

It may have started with reboot!Bones, but Eliot and Christian Kane are kind of making me develop a weakness for drawls, which until now was the pretty much the only accent that I had no weakness for. Man, come on, the last thing I need is another accent!weakness.

Ahahaha, TLAPD was rockin' awesome. I related the tale of my adventures to Paul, upon which he exclaimed in horror "so you just wandered around East Lansing, dressed like a pirate, accosting people in the street and talking like a pirate at them?" And, well, yes. Of course. What do you mean it's not awesome? Look, I'm a PIRATE. Pirates accost. We front, we board, we woo. WE ASSAIL.

We have nasty blisters on our feet from walking like Johnny Depp for three hours in heeled boots. And a sore throat and a hoarse voice from talking in a growling scream all day long. Also sunburn like whoa from going out in the daylight without a black umbrella. On the other hand, black raccoon eyeshadow (it was actually an eyebrow pencil, sue me) is unexpectedly effective at reducing glare. Look, I'm pale as someone of my unrelentingly pink complexion can be, I have my eye on a black lace parasol and matching fan anyway, I just need some proper eye makeup and I can totally go goth and look like an established branch of crazy, not just weird random crazy with the pale and the pocketwatch and the fedora and the black B&N book-quote umbrella that someone left in the office.

Mmmm I need sleep. There is no way I'm waking up in two hours to drive an hour to Holly.

Trying to explain pirates to my parents went about as well as trying to explain ninjas to my grandmother. Dude, they're cool, just take my word for it.

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So B&N, though it does have a friendly employee with a ponytail who recognized my hoodie for being Junpei's, still lacks, you know, books. And until I can get to Schuler's to read the next book of the Bloody Jack series, I must read other things. There is finally a sequel to I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You, and yes, I am perfectly aware that it's just about the worst title for a book I have ever seen in my entire life, and the cover features a girl in a british schoolgirl's uniform, yes, it's in the teen section and yes, I know, I know, I know. It's... good. Really. I know. No one was more shocked than I, let me tell you that. Anyways, sequal, Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy, which is only a better title because the first one is worse. But it was still enjoyable. Quick reads, the both of them, and the protagonist is capable, likeable and, despite obsessing a little over her boys, never actually needs one to be happy, and recognizes this.

I kind of wish that Jacky of the Bloody Jack books would stop being in love with Jaimy; he's a dork and an idiot, and she's a lot more fun when she is resolved to live single, which actually means that she runs around with every pretty boy she comes across, and she runs across many many pretty boys. So far my favorite has been Joseph Jared. Aware of his own charms though he may be, his charms are indeed abundant, and he seems to be the one whose respect for her is the most genuine. And he's the prettiest. No, I don't want them to swear deep abiding love, I just want Jacky to forget Jaimy, and just run around having more adventures, and if more pretty boys show up, it's not like she doesn't mess around a bit anyway, Jaimy or no Jaimy. *shrugs* (Could see her actually ending up happily with Mairaed, maybe, but that's neither here nor there.)
She's in the British Navy during the early 1800s. It's a fun thing. Because hey, that's pretty much my favorite...
(Although as much as I like Jacky Faber, and I like her, I really do, I would so gladly murder her for her violin, which she DOES NOT deserve. I heartily approve of her learning the violin, I do, but seriously- NOT DESERVING OF A STRAD. They'll find her with a knife slipped between her ribs some night, the Lady Lenore having disappeared with the Lady Leora.)

Anyway, but the fourth book is only at Schuler's, so last time I read CMH&HTS, which I didn't like quite as much as ITYILYBTIHTKY but was still nice, and this time I found Piratica. I've been wanting to read Piratica for a number of years now, and before I left for Israel I finally got around to reading Pirates!, but not Piratica, until now. Anyway, it was pretty and lovely and wonderful. Pirate Queens! Actors! Muck, the cleanest dog in England! Duels! Random escaping/migrating geese! Pretty pretty blond boys! Leopards! Gay pirate couples! Coffee!

It happied me. It was different, and it was certainly not what I expected it to be, at all; sort of a history AU, and written with this really interesting surreal style, and while some points were very predictable and some points were a little too convenient, it was highly unique and creative and I liked it very much.

Anyway I am being yelled at to go file, but I'm just still proud of myself for my GINORMOUS MOUNTAIN of charges that I ran, so there.

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So today I attended Landon's wedding. Was at Aryn's four weeks ago, exactly, which meant that I had my period at both, ugh. They were extremely different, because Aryn is more... earthy & hippyish and stuff, and married someone similar, and Landon is slightly less so, also marrying a Catholic. But I danced and had a good time at both. I danced with some guy in a blue shirt, too, that was cool. Have now tasted champagne. It is kind of gross. And carbonated. (Champagne experiment: Failed.)


Well, what I'm actually going to do is find her and make her write. AT SWORDPOINT, IF NECESSARY, DAMMIT.*

I tried to explain the Temeraire books to my mother, which is at best a doomed enterprise. My mother does not understand the appeal of dragons. My mother does not understand the appeal of British Naval Officers of the Napoleonic Era.

Things Leora has a major a bit of a thing for, in no particular order: )

eh. Sleep now. Talk about weddings and dragons and Worf in the morning.
* )
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Oh man Caitlin is awesome. So I was reading in Schuler's and looked out the skylight and thought "I need to be outside." So I called Caitlin and asked her to go to Kinawa woods with me, and she called me back when she finished her homework, then off we went.

Woot. I found sticks and we flung snow into the river and learned that it can be rather spongelike, and we made footprints and met some dogs and ownzored the river. (stream.) With boots. Then we stopped at Beaner's for cacao and came home for dinner and Numa Numa, and planned a bit of our Formal Pirate Dinner, and just fun stuff. But it was just great because I really haven't spent much time with Caitlin lately, so this was nice.

So when they tried to light stages with foot candles it didn't work too well because they would blow out whenever someone walked by, and didn't give a very bright light anyway. So they lit slabs of lime on fire, and that burned much brighter and didn't go out as easily. Thus, the origin of the phrase "in the limelight." But these limelights would hurt the actors' eyes. They found it was soothing to be in a room with walls painted dark green. So every good stage had a "green room" where the actors could go and rest their eyes between scenes. Thus the origin of the name "green room." Two phrases for the price of one. Good deal.

Phrases half off this week?

I bought a nice summer outfit today at Charlotte Russe. It has an olive green skirt in layers, kind of- each lower circle has more cloth in it. It goes with a white shirt of the same light material. The shirt has slit short sleeves and a square neck, and wooden beads are sewn all over it in interesting patterns. It has strings to tie on the back, but Eema doesn't like them so she's going to cut them off.

I think I'm going to start posting some of the better pieces that I write for Tanner, just so you all in AP Death can be jealous of the fun prompts I get. So, without further ado:

Prompt: Write a poem including the following lines, in any order:
“I tie the ribbon in a foolish way”
“the delicious fragility of this travesty”
“where we still laugh and wish”

Response: )

Prompt: Read and copy a horoscope for today, not necessarily yours. Then write about a person who’s experiencing that horoscope. (It might be interesting to include that it is Valentine’s Day, but that’s not a requirement.) Approach this seriously, humorously, poignantly, any way that strikes you.

Response: )

Prompt: Select a book from a random shelf in your home library. Copy down the last sentence, and use this line to begin a short story.

Response: )

Prompt: Write a story in second person—meaning you may use only the pronoun you.

Response: )

Also, anyone who has read Waiting for Godot, check this link out:

Yep. Have a good evening everyone, I'll see you all tomorrow. Laura, could you perhaps post directions to the ice skating rink? If you don't read this in time, I'm sure I can just mapquest it, but whatever.

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So Eema and I went shopping today. We started out in Galyans, where I had My Annoyance Of The Day: Life is Good is sexist. The Ultimate Frisbee shirts only come in men's shirts. The women's are all of gardening or volleyball. I am bitter. Basically we wandered around and discovered that ODE JEANS ARE NOT MADE TO FIT ANYBODY. And everything pretty is "too old for me." But I found Tycho's sweater in Galyan's. Penny Arcade's Tycho. I feel really cool and geeky now. Then I went and practiced. Mozart is nice to hear maybe once. Then it gets boring.

So I finished practicing and sat outside under the tree in the golden light and read Fellowship of the Ring. Then I managed to convince Eema to take me to Fergusen Park. Spent my time playing on the playground with little kids who all called me "Pirate" because they couldn't pronounce my name and one of them was a Leah. (Pronounced LEE-uh.) I swear it wasn't even my idea. I walk up and the greenshirt kid goes "You've got a Pirate Hat!" So of course I squint at him and go Arrrr, and the name is stuck. I spent a lot of time following a girl who insisted on being called Britney Spears around, giving her a leg up to every piece of playground equipment that was too tall for her. I don't think her mother believed I was real, because when she had to go, she ran up to her mother and held out her cupped hands, saying "Look, I caught Britney Spears! Now we have to put her in a bag and leave her there forever and ever and all day long!" (Yes, she got that phrase from me.) Her mother sort of laughed and said okay. Then the girl turned around and yelled "Bye Pirate!" and her mother rolled her eyes. I also helped these random boys climb my willow tree. (Yes it is MY willow tree, I've spent enough time in that thing over the years to claim it as my own forever.) It made me feel all responsible and big-sisterly, because one of them climbed too high and froze up, so I carried him down. Then I went swinging, and informed one of the parents that if he was trying to do a PROPER underdog, he had to bark when he went under the swing. Then they all left, and there was a guy kayaking down the river, but he had to get out and walk because the river was too shallow. So I took off my shoes and socks and rolled up my pants and waded in the water while singing Naomi Shemer. Then I went for ice cream at the Tuba Museum, which was really good. I went back to the park and was about to sit down on a bank when Eema came to get me for School Supply Shopping.

You know what's kind of weird? I can't walk through Furniture Max anymore. I was about to go into it, then looked around, realized where I was, and remembered Sameer and had to go around it. Anyway. So I got a bunch of notebooks and folders and pencils and things, and I wanted to buy a gel mousepad for Sara but Eema wouldn't let me. She did get me a new CD case though, which is cool because mine is too heavy.

Apparently Lanzetta is too busy this week to make an appointment with us, but sometime next week Eema and I can diplomatically kvetch at him and hopefully he'll let me study with Tanner. But that's later. For now I am going to go clean Tamar and Mical's room and then hopefully watch Figure 17 again. It's some random anime, and it sounds absolutely *insane* if I try to explain the plot, but actually, it's a lot less weird than it sounds.

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Paperclip earring with five beaded pins + dark baggy jeans + long shirt with puffery sleeves that close back up at the wrists (what are they called, Caitlin?) + fringed leather belt + 15" ruler tucked in belt + tall clunky boots + hair down and tied under a bright red bandanna + a mug of hot cocoa + a rather operatic drinking song (Drink, Drink, Drink from Romberg's The Student Prince) + a swagger + a mad grin + a glint in me eye = Leora's a pirate, mate, shiver your timbers, run up the Jolly Roger, and prepare to be boarded.

*puts Captain Barnacle on her shoulder*


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So I'm wearing Oren's orange zaruk sweatshirt, and a bandanna... headscarf... type thing. It's an American flag handkerchief, from when we played the Copland in Germany. Oh, and one paperclip earring. Eema walks up to me. This conversation ensues.

Eema: Oh, you're dressing like... like him!
Me: Um... who?
Eema: The one you like.
Me: Jack Sparrow?
Eema: No, the one who plays the guitar.
Me: *complete and total confusion*
*we go and watch me playing the Ziguenerweisen quite terribly*
Me: Eema, so who do I look like?
Eema: You know... oh, what's his name... Kroos.
Me: What, Mark Kroos? I look like Mark Kroos?!?
Eema: Exactly like him.
Me: O.o;;;

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I feel like I'm on some sort of vacation. I guess I am in a way; my parents gone, Micali isn't nidging me: she trusts me, and that's refreshing. I'm listening to Kaveret and I'm thinking about characters, and my left leg is asleep. There are drums in my ears, that challenge and reply, a steady conversation, and in the background, the sounds of a distant train. There is a small star-nosed mole next to me, wearing a striped vest, a pirate hat, and an eyepatch. He watches me from a purple button. I am still wearing a paperclip on my right ear. I found it on a desk in Spanish, clipped it to my earlobe on a whim, and promptly forgot it was there. Evan noticed and said it was dumb, so naturally I had to leave it on, to spite him. I was just reminded of it when I took off my headphones. Mical wants it quiet, and it's no big deal to use my walkman, really. She will, however, owe me batteries when these run out, as I think they will soon.

I read more in P&P. Darcy has been sufficiently reconciled in my sight, as has Elizabeth, to a certain extent, if only by being able to admit to herself that she had acted stupidly. Jane's eternal goodness is beginning to get on my nerves. Other characters have not really played a big role in this section. We meet some high-born lady who's all haughty and annoying, but you expect at *least* one character like her in a book like this. Eh... guess Darcy's growing on me. I think that a very large part of that is that I know his first name now, and it's Fitzwilliam. I am sorry, but with a name like that, you can't view a character as all aloof and intimidating and proper and stuff. It just adds a certain sense of the ridiculous to my perception of him. Mr. Darcy can be cold and stiff and graaah all he wants, but suddenly he's Fitzwilliam Darcy, and his whole haughty demeanor suddenly can't be taken seriously any more. Fitzwilliam! Hah! He proposed to Lizzie and got ranted at, so he wrote her a letter that basically says "um, you've got the wrong end of the stick entirely." And she reads it and goes " Oops." So Wickham's out. (Wickham! That alley-cat! Surely you're not going to go by what he says?) I mean. Doesn't know the Wishbone better than the actual book.

*stretches out her hand and listens to the k'nacks*

Sigh. I'm a bit sleepy, but not really inclined to go to bed, and I've got this journal to finish before I can, as well as study a bit for that cursed chem quiz.

I rather like this paperclip. I just saw it in the mirror, and I think it looks rather good. Screw you, Evan.

Maybe I should get my ears pierced. Maybe. If I don't, it's more likely to be out of sheer laziness than anything else. I guess I don't really care enough to. If I do, I'll forget to put earrings in, or not bother, and the holes will close up and that'll be the end of that. I should just stick to clip-on earrings for now, I guess. I used to really want those, when I was little. I'll find my box of the ones I made out of colored paperclips- some of those were really pretty. Maybe I can bead a few, if I can find some sort of stronger clip. Paperclips are fine for supporting other paperclips, but beaded earrings can get pretty heavy, and they'd probably just pull the paperclips off. The problem with that is that if I see some really pretty earrings that I want, I won't be able to wear them, most likely, because they don't really make clip-on earrings all that much. Maybe I'm sounding really shallow and girly now. But I'm not writing in this journal to try and impress anybody. I can be really shallow and girly sometimes, especially when there's no need for me to be mature. Like now. I don't have much to agonize over now, so I can think about earrings. Plus I've been reading Jane Austen, and if that's not enough to make someone think shallow and girly thoughts, I don't know what is. I wonder if it has the same effect on everybody. *tries desperately not to imagine John deliberating over earrings*

Cow. Flower field. Thank you Laura for the lovely calendar. And don't worry, I'll bring your DVDs.

*Sighs again* I feel like my insides are made of milk. Like I'm just skin, filled with milk. I usually don't feel like this without wearing certain sweatshirts. It isn't even the right season. *shrugs*

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What Makes You Sexy? by eva71
Sexy Body Part IsNothing
Special Talents AreEverything (Multi-talented)
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

In other news, we filmed the first part of Beowulf today. It's actually really good. Stop-action legos are a lot easier to do than I thought. Unfortunately, I have something like three lines total, being a female. However, I got to do all the sound effects. Score! The video's great; pretty funny, and really exellently done- such as the eating scene. Everybody has to see it.

Today was also mole day- I brought in my wonderful winning pirate mole (Captain Barnacle), and he won. Also, I have now gotten several orders for moles like him.

And I got slime!

I consider this day a success. I'm in a good mood.

I have to go now and finish up my homework.



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