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Eru Illuvatar above, it's me. I mean, not literally me, but basically this was me at five years old. We have videos. This is exactly what I was like. THIS. This is what I was like.

Except at the end, when he draws his sword, instead of re-sheathing it I would have charged the camera with a mighty war-cry.

I tended to do that.

The videos we have also document this.


Oh wait.

I am still like this.

My sister and I were both home for a visit recently, and there is this thing where she doesn't like how I talk too loud when I get excited and I don't like how she tells me to quiet down when I'm excited, so to compromise she sat in the opposite corner of the room and told me I was free to raise my voice.

At which point I immediately took the opportunity to roar ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH, DEAR FRIENDS, ONCE MORE! OR CLOSE THE WALL UP WITH OUR ENGLISH DEAD! and she was like DUDE I CANNOT BACK AWAY ANY FURTHER but I delivered the entire speech anyway because yeah.

I have little sympathy, since it is entirely my sisters' fault for teaching me to declaim Shakespeare at the age of five.

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So I just sent an e-mail to the photographer of the picture I want to use for the cover of the Stars and Scones Bakery and Coffee Shop, asking for permission to use it. I really wish I had any idea how one is supposed to... introduce that sort of thing, I guess. "Hi, you don't know me from Adam, but I think your photograph is totes awesome and I want to use it as the cover for a Dresden Files fanfiction that I am printing out and binding like a book!" seems a little... I dunno, out of nowhere? I mean, fannishness is a thing I am so immersed in all the time that it's a little difficult to know how to make it sound not-strange to anyone else, and I've only got my word to give her that I'm not some sort of unscrupulous con-artist or something. But I really hope she says yes, because man, her photograph is perfect and I showed a mock-up of what the cover would look like to Lucia Zephyr and she loved it, so now if the photographer says no I will... I dunno. Have to start from scratch. Maybe try and get a photograph of my own? If only my sisters and I didn't live on opposite sides of the country, because Tamar actually knows things about photography, which I sure as heck don't, and I-- I don't even know; I'm pretty sure I couldn't convince the local Bakehouse to let me bring in my cat and try and photograph her through the window. Not that she'd sit still for it.

Blaaaargh I'm just really nervous; I hope I didn't offend them.



Feb. 27th, 2012 02:50 am
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Eru, I should just not be allowed to talk when I'm on Vyvanse. Like, and this goes a million times for when something bad happens.

The hard part is that Vyvanse makes me want to talk, need to talk, and Vyvanse and bad things make me desperately need to talk, over nine thousand.

And then I regret it later.

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So last week the Germans were here, and my parents sat down with them to watch an old family video of my sister Mical's high school German project that she did with her friend Marie Aguchi, who had a younger sister (Marilyn) a few years younger than me. The assignment was to make a commercial, and they decided to do one for a remote-controlled younger sister-- who cooks, does your homework, vaccuums the carpet, plays a musical instrument, and-- in my case-- declaims Shakespearean soliloquies at the touch of a button. The final scene is the demonstration of a pause button, which was demonstrated by having me suddenly chase Marilyn onscreen while yelling wildly and waving a club (the video revealed it to actually be one of Aba's squash racquets) and then, when Mical pressed the appropriate button on the remote control, having us freeze in place (it took Marilyn a few extra seconds to stop giggling, though).

(I recited To Be or Not To Be, as well as Friends, Romans, Countrymen. I was dramatic. I was a gigantic ham. It is glorious. I'm like a tiny Kenneth Branagh without any of the, you know, actual skill.)

But the Germans sat and watched and said "Oh haha, how funny! They are selling their little sisters."

At which point my mother suddenly remembered that oh, yeah, it wasn't a commercial for a remote-controlled little sister, or even for a remote control that would work on your little sister, it was an ad to try and get rid of these sisters that they had on hand. She had forgotten.

NO ONE TOLD ME THAT. I don't think I would have participated with quite such enthusiasm if I had known.

(Ach, who am I kidding? A chance to ham it up for the camera? With Shakespeare? I AM SO THERE.)

Also on the tape is their production of As You Like It, where I do a fantastically dramatic job as Adam (no seriously, fantastically melodramatic). I still remembered those lines that I learned for that role, even though I hadn't gone near As You Like It until a few years ago. This production is the reason why I could never see Oliver as evil and completely expected the brothers to reconcile. Because they were my sisters. But the best part is this: someone off-camera introduces the scene-- "Here we are in Orlando's orchard." And then you hear my piercing voice go "HUH? IT'S OLIVER'S ORCHARD!"

Tiny!Leora took Shakespeare seriously, you guys.

Also ponies. I introduce all of our My Little Ponies and model horses. On the one hand, I am totally impressed with the way I actually speak quite knowledgeably about actual horse facts. On the other hand, dear god I called the model horse of Sham-- the Godolphin Arabian as portrayed in Marguerite Henry's King of the Wind-- Shantih. After a mare in a really terrible book that I read too young to understand anyway.

Anyway. I need to go to sleep.



Mar. 28th, 2011 01:51 pm
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So I was just rude to my grandmother, but honestly I have now been awake for about twenty-one hours and have been playing a live-action game of that riddle with the fox, the goose, and the grain pretty much since I woke up, and I do not want to be lectured about my eating/sleeping habits anymore okay. It was actually really nice to talk to Tamar, however briefly, and know that she understood. Because Safta is kind of like one of those experiences that you can never really understand unless you've been through it. She's not like this around strangers. People who only visit occasionally tend to go away thinking "what a sweet, if slightly eccentric, old woman." But once she gets to know people a bit better...

Paul is going to have his hands full in a few decades reassuring me that I am not turning into her. Unless I actually am, in which case he is going to have his hands full planning his escape, the poor dear.

When I said I would stay here for this week I was expecting to feel all guilty about being paid for, essentially, having a giant house with comfortable bedding all to myself with no responsibilities for a whole week, because I was informed that the purpose of my stay was simply to be here in case something went massively wrong, at which point my function would be to contact my doctor cousin/emergency services, depending on the nature of the medical emergency.

And it's not that I don't think this is still entirely worth it, because hello money for a job for which I did not need to apply or interview for or wake up and be at an office on time for, and also, she's family, but um. Yeah, I think the notion that I need to feel bad for being given something for nothing has gone out the window at this point.

Ohman the next time I go to the gym I am going to die. But I bought a cookbook, and this one has recipes with meat in it. Hurrah!

...but don't you dare tell my grandmother that, seriously, for the love of all that is holy. Just don't.

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Kol ze yavo machar im lo hayom
Ze nachon: ma od ba tso'orayim?
Kol ze yavo machar im lo hayom
Ve im lo machar, az misparayim...


Feb. 23rd, 2010 02:19 am
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So I continue to adore stories about hopeless wanting eventually fulfilled, and also, Tchaikovsky. Symphony is beautiful and I love it beyond measure, and cannot regret more strongly the missed opportunity of every time I sleep through it. Gregorian told Eema in his e-mail that he knew I loved orchestra, which- I don't think I knew how deeply that fear had run until he said that, the fear that he could somehow not know, and would believe that my absence was somehow wilful on my part, that he hadn't been able to tell that I wanted to be there with every fibre of my being-

Doctor LaDuca, you have a lot to answer for.

But Symphony is fun! And Gregorian was in a good mood today, and I played well, personally, and also I was on time, even though I had Eema convinced that I was totally awake and dressed and everything when I was still wholly asleep, and dreaming that I was TOS!Uhura and forging diplomatic relations with lemurs and yeah. I... actually don't remember anything before being on Burcham and drinking tea. There was stuff in between there, I am sure, because I was wearing clothes and contacts and all.

Have ordered pizza, and eaten three-quarters of it, which is a little unusual, but then again, I haven't had a good meal in a while. Not since Saturday night, at least.

Every time the light on the plane wing flashed it looked like a field of stars, or at least like someone's imagination of a field of stars, or of a nebula full of them, because there were far too many to be realistic. I'm still not sure what caused it; possibly the snowflakes suspended within the clouds, but anyway, it was gorgeous and surreal. Hurrah for red-eye flights, which suit me perfectly. I did manage to eat some leftover noodles (though they weren't exactly tasty, over four days later) before I went to bed, which meant that I was able to fully enjoy orchestra without dying of hunger the whole time.

We did not see much of Colorado, but I caught up on some much-needed sleep, and finally met Maya, who is OMG adorable and also, a cat, by which I mean pretty much the polar opposite of Worf in every way imaginable. Took Mical to see Avatar, which she liked, or at least found worth seeing (Mical has this thing where she actually has standards for the things she watches). On Friday night I got to fly by myself, which I rather enjoy, and when I got in to Denver Eema and Aba took me out to T.G.I.Friday's and I ate delicious delicious food, which was two chicken breasts and a bowl of angel hair and deep-fried green beans and peanut butter pie for dessert, and it was pretty much what I had been craving for, like, days, and I was hungry and it was perfect and YAY FOOD, ILU.

(I have eaten three-quarters of a pizza! And it was not too much, I feel pleasantly satisfied and comfortably full. Pizza-delivery person brought me pizza and it smelled delicious and I was all OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM.)

I have my Hamlet back. (HAMLET!) And also I have re-watched The Movie With Whales In, and re-read The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, yay. They are not similar, at all, and I kind of want to go re-read Coraline and write out the rat poetry back-to-back, because who apparently decided that whenever rats chant songs, they must be epically awesome? OMG if PTerry and Neil Gaiman were not such good friends, I think I would have to go on some sort of epic quest to get them to be, because. Yes.

As to Movie With Whales In... ahahahahahahaha. I think I need to write more about that later, because I have many things to say (good things, heaven help me) and I will be long and rambly, and also I think I ought to throw in some K/S recs, and you all can be boggled at the level of sheer shmoopy melodrama that I will happily allow in my fiction. Ahaha, I am pathetic. But you all love me anyway. Even if I will never get people to think I am cool.

Also saw Journey to Babel, for the first time, and of course I fully understand the objections I have heard about it, but I cheerfully ignore them all, because OMG SAREK AND AMANDA ARE SO IN LOVE IT'S RIDICULOUS. And then Spock and Sarek were talking! At the end!

I kind of want to string together clips of the moments that I refer to in my head as "I hate you so much right now," such as when Kirk and Spock and McCoy are all standing around and Spock's like "well, we could try time travel" and McCoy gets this look and waits patiently for Kirk to shoot that down right this minute for the insanity that it is and Kirk's just like "Oh yeah, that could work" and McCoy gets this LOOK and Spock's like "I will begin my computations" and McCoy's look gets about a billion times worse and Kirk's like "You do that!" and McCoy looks like his head is about to *explode* and I'm just sitting there laughing my own head off and going omg McCoy hates you guys SO MUCH right now! Or nearer the end when Spock is all *dire!Vulcan* "I will have to make a guess" and Kirk's just like "RIGHT ON!" and ohhh if looks could kill Kirk would be dead, D-E-D dead skewered and dead on the floor, right there, poor Spock.

Also, also ahahahahahahaha San Francisco, you guys. San Fran-freakin'-cisco. Where Sulu was born! Aww Sulu, flirting with the pilot and then stealing his plane and okay seriously I could still have recited entire long gobbets of that movie, my memory being what it is, but I- aw man, seriously, I'm in love and I'm not sure how that happened, really, at all, it is a little weird, you guys.

Dear Seventh-Grade Leora: I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I think I've betrayed everything you ever stood for. You were all I WILL NEVER WATCH STAR TREK OR THE PRINCESS BRIDE OR MONTY PYTHON ALSO I WILL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AND NEVER BE ATTRACTED TO ANYONE AND yeeeeaaahhhhh. At least I still laugh like you do?

When I have digested some more I will go run. You know. Theoretically. Hopefully.

Journey to Babel has Andorians (and a fake Andorian) and I'm sitting there watching Thelev make everyone run in circles going yeah, he's evil as anything, but isn't he hot? and I'm sorry this is getting out of hand. I used to be relatively indifferent to the lighter shades of blue. Apparently not anymore. Good grief.

At least I don't have the slightest hint of a thing for green? I mean, does that redeem me somewhat, that I can look at Gaila and the other Orion girls and go "well they're nice I guess and they're showing a lot of skin and stuff and I really like Gaila's character and attitude but it's not like they're blue or anything" and nevermind I guess I'm just demented.

I suppose I should work? I don't really want to.


Okay. Time to slack off until I feel like running. Then I will go home.


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I didn't watch the Macbeth one, and I tried watching the Cyrano one, but Colm Feore saying Cyrano with a French accent is just too much for me. The first and only one I watched, then, was the Julius Caesar, which had Antony and Hamlet Brutus sitting and talking with some stranger. and OMG Antony is a surfer, and he and his wife are having a baby, and Hamlet just got engaged, and also also also Hamlet keeps slipping into Elizabethan English and accidentally quoting lines. I am so glad to learn that that happens to someone other than me. (OMG, Hamlet and Antony are both awesome and I'm in love.)

I actually thought Antony- for all that I always and will forever love Antony- was the weakest part of the production the first time I saw it, but then I saw it again and was like NEVERMIND, ANTONY IS MADE OF WIN AND COVERED IN AWESOMESAUCE. Which of course he is. Also, Antony. Antony may be one of my favourite characters in all of Shakespeare.

And they kept calling him Mackers, and I thought they were just being weird until the stranger explained that it was because they were habitually superstitious. OH ACTORS. ILU. And then when Hamlet explained that Mackers was simply a nickname for Macbeth (and oh, Hamlet, he pronounces Macbeth the way he pronounces Brutus- two distinct syllables, enunciated for the cheap seats awwwww) and Antony was all, "don't tell Colm we're saying it like this, 'cause he's in the building somewhere" and they call each other by their first names! That is so weird. I mean, yes, actors are people too but still.

Stranger: So I think you might call this a very masculine play-
Antony: That's why they cast us.
Hamlet: Yes.
Antony: We wrestle.
Hamlet: And then we have beer and wings.
Stranger: Haha. But I've heard some women say, you know, what's in it for me?
Antony: All the men!
Hamlet: Yeah, I think you, you've got some pretty revealing costumes there...
Antony: That's for the next webcast.

They did then mention that yeah, seriously, the questions that the characters wrestle with are questions that plague humanity and not specifically men, like whether it's okay to commit evil to prevent evil, or if it's even possible.

I am disappointed that they did not talk about the slash. Whenever you look for Shakespeare slash fics, honestly, Julius Caesar is dominating the list.

Tamar and I watched Trevor Nunn's 12th Night yesterday. When Horatio Antonio comes in and takes off his "disguise" (a hat and glasses? Seriously, man? Seriously?) and says "I could not stay away!" she just looked at me and goes "you're right, he is in love with him." And I am like "Of course he is!" Because I read this play back before I even had slash goggles, and I still couldn't explain his behavior any way but that Antonio is madly in love with Sebastian. Poor dear.

Tamar and I went to Younker's today, to get her boots for her interview, and I came home with a lovely pair of knee-high boots with 3.5" heels and they are awesome and shiny and were on sale, yay me.

And I'm going to bed now. Lila tov everybody.

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Ah, Shakespeare, you do know that no matter what other fandoms I may run off with, you're the one I always come back to, right? I hope you do. You should know that.

My sisters and their friends taped a production of As You Like It when they were in high school. I played Adam and Touchstone. Audrey was originally going to be played by Sneakers, but was understudied and then replaced by an adorable Jack Russell Terrier puppy. Tamar was Orlando and Mical was Oliver, which meant that I never had a hard time liking Oliver no matter how evil he seemed. I was watching a version today and when the evil Duke was throwing Oliver down stairs and I was all worried about him because HEY THAT'S MY SISTER LEAVE HIM ALONE.

Also I kept thinking that Orlando and Ganymede!Rosalind were going to kiss after, like, every line.

I like that play. It's got lovely characters and I was laughing all throughout.

And now I think I should go write Torchwood AU fanfic based on it. Because that is where my brain is stuck. It's seriously like a broken record in here guys, it just goes "ianto ianto ianto, jack jack tosh" over and over and over again forever, except when it's going "ianto ianto ianto, jack jack rose."

Well, yes. Shakespeare is lovely and I think I need to go and watch some more, except later, because now I need to go to sleep if I'm going to wake up in time to get to the Wharton for rehearsal.

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You know there is something wrong when Romeo has more chemistry with Balthasar than he does with Juliet.

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She bought Howl's Moving Castle on DVD from Japan as a present for me for Hanukkah. (It took a while to arrive.) It took a bit of experimenting with the all-Japanese menu to figure out how to put English subtitles (we found French and Chinese), but then we all (me and Mical and Eema and Tessie) watched it.

It was really great- I will have to see it ten more times before I know what in Eru's name is going ON, but it was *beautiful* and I loved it. I also picked out some Japanese words I knew, and was proud of myself for that.

"What a pretty fire!"


Sep. 8th, 2004 06:09 pm
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"This is so cool. I love this. This is like... Plant On Steroids."
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It strikes me once again that words can be quite beautiful things, when utilized adeptly. Robert Frazer of the MT forums, a new author I've never heard of before, old favorite authors, both published and online... so nice. Words that twist and turn and roll and smirk. Phrases of falconry, clothing of the eighteenth century, simple songs.

My sister's coming home tonight. Yay.

"For the Lord protects his barbers, and he makes the stubble grow." -Man of La Mancha, "Barber's Song"

I like that phrase. It's a nice way of looking at the world. Why does fur grow on men's faces? Why, because the Lord is looking out for the barbers of the world.


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TEH R3D 5\/\/34T0R!!!!111


Clover Cluster Ring


I mean, H4( K54\/\/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look, I have a pipe! I'm going to cut it with a hacksaw!

You smush things with... A HAMMER!

WIIIIIIIIITH- a herring!

Get the hammer.

We'll put them in the garage!
We'll put them at the top of the pine tree!
Ooo, now we're getting a bit sketchy...
We'll put them in storage!
We'll put them... WITH THE OLD MAN!
The old man with the blue stripes!
Is this some sort of gangster terminology that I don't know because I don't see the movies?


What level of Calculus?

My gosh! You just say all this nonsense then you sit there laughing at yourself!

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'S kind of ironic, really. My sisters would walk around with books on their heads when they were little and say "look, Eema, no scoliosis!" ...and, yeah. I've been walking around with books on my head ever since I can remember, but until middle school or so, people either just didn't notice as much or I didn't do it in front of them. Whatever. Anyway, someone knocked it off before Spanish, but I think it was probably an accident, so I just ignored it. I kept a sharp eye out for Ian *all day,* but he just came out of nowhere the minute my back was turned. Just for a SECOND, I was distracted because I was saying hi to Mark and trying to see what time it was and debating whether or not to go home and then there's Ian standing by the door, holding my Zumdahl and looking smug. Man.

Then I go outside and this kid I've never seen before comes out of nowhere with a WHOOSH and snatches the book. I'm still looking around in confusion, and he's just capering and cavorting about like a crazed mountain goat on drugs, waving my chem book in the air, and yelling something unintelligible. So I go over and say "I beg your pardon?" and he goes "I got your book! You have to give me three wishes!" So I grin and go "Okay, what do you want?" He thinks about it for a minute before replying excitedly, "Chocolate ice cream!" "Sorry, I don't have any." He shoves the book back into my hands. "What kind of leprechaun are you?" And then he runs away.

That exchange just made my day. Random Acts of Insanity. Hit-And-Run Weirdness. Hooray. I am now a leprechaun, and the kind that finished off the chocolate ice cream last night.

I saw the new preview for Shrek II. I want that kitty. Awwww. And his boots. Also, Donkey as Stallion (baby!) is still so essentially Donkey in his expressions and everything. And Sleeping Beauty! *whomp*

I just saw The Triplets of Belleville. Those filmmakers are my HEROES. ODE THERE ARE NO WORDS. JUST... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

*The* weirdest movie I have ever seen. Hands down.

It was good, if completely lacking in any semblance of sense. At all. You just... gotta flow with it, and eventually you come to love the world and the characters and the ODE 50 WAYS TO KILL MAFIA MEN!, baby carriages. Or hills. Whapwhapwhap! Squeak. Bonk, doof, Mouf-Mouf! "I'm not mad!"

"...Is that Mr. Mistoffelees?" "Well, you got the 'M' part right."
"So you can see up close, far away, and in the middle?"
Me trying to drink out of the soup-plate...
Oren as a rocker in his sandals...
"Grape Juice" that NONE of us could read...
"And then they flail their arms around because they can't get the words out..."
"They're ice-creams!"
"Anamaria could get him to untie his little ponytail."
"Hanging out at the PPC"
"I don't care if they look weird, I mean, as long as they work." "You've been complaining about the little circles on the soles all week."
"So, his mother wants his clothes back." "NO!"
"...R, rushes, S, snakes..."
In the middle of chemistry class, Mike drags over the trash can, picks up Jillian, and stuffs her in it...
"What's your pony like?" "I have a pony?" "You just said you hadn't ridden your pony in almost a week." "I haven't WRITTEN MIKE WAHONEY in almost a week!"
"He wanted to have Fred Astaire have this long battle with his shoes and then eventually win. I think he missed the spirit of this."
"Never been dancing, doop de doo."
"What is that?" "It's dynamite." "That can't be dynamite-" *BOOOM*
"WOOF WOOF WOOF awoooooooooo WOOF"
"...And his wee little BOOTS!"

...This has been a weird day.

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Casablan probably looks just plain insane to most people, but then, it's old, plus it's foriegn. So it has excuses. Episode II? No. No excuse for that abomination. Oh, and Casablan is not Casablanca, a really old, cheesy romance set in Africa. No, it's an Israeli musical set in a poor neighborhood of Jaffa and starring Yehoram Gaon the singer. The dancing is laughable by a modern standard- it was made in the sixties or seventies, about the same time and style as Grease- but if you can set aside your sense of the ridiculous dances it's actually pretty cool. I love the music. Yehoram Gaon is a great singer, and most of the songs are just plain fun. It is also subtitled, which makes me so glad I can understand Hebrew, because they screw up every other line. A big part of this is that they try to make the songs rhyme in English, too, which is futile, but then when they don't seem to know what's going on with the spoken dialogue it's just doof. Even when they're halfway right, the charm and witticism of the lines is almost always lost completely. Sometimes I think that they're just trying to make it more appropriate, because "the policeman is at Esther's house and now he has an illigitimate son" is translated as "the law is slow and we don't know why." But then they translate "Jew from Eastern Europe" to "White-assed Frenchman." So there goes that theory. *sighs* And Yanush so creeps me out. Yes I know he's supposed to, but... argh! Why is only one character seeing through him? Creepy! Creepy creepy creepy!!! *runs in circles*
Some nice quotes off the top of my head:
"I'm shaking in my boots, Mr. Goulash." --Casablan
"We ought to break your heads!" *repeat after every single line for the rest of the scene* --Guy whose name I really ought to remember

Mietek: Are we a democracy or aren't we?
Mariuma: Of course we're a democracy! *turns to Moshiko and says softly* What's a democracy?
Moshiko: In a democracy, everybody does whatever he wants.
Mariuma: It's good, this democracy idea!
Mietek: *laughing* In a democracy, you vote. Okay, everybody who wants to move to the other project, raise your hand. *everybody raises their hands* I count 48.
"White-assed Frenchman": 48 for me.
Mietek: Okay, now everybody who wants to stay here and make renovations, raise your hand. *everybody raises their hands except for Yanush, Arieh, and the other goon, who really doesn't need a name*
Guy Who Wanted To Break Everybody's Head: You, put your hands up or I break them! *they do*
Mietek: 48.
"White-assed Frenchman": 48 for me too.
Mietek: Forty-eight say go, forty-eight say stay! What now?
Mariuma: That's a democracy!
*everybody sings about democracy. The lyrics are mainly "demo, demo, democratia." Mariuma shimmies. Ancient Yemenite guy goes crazy, dances like a madman, and falls over. Random girls do ballet and then all make Guy Who Wants To Break People's Heads shut up, because he's now singing about knives. Moshiko kisses Madame Butterfly on the cheek and Mariuma drags him away to dance with her. "White-assed Frenchman" sings about the perils of having a wife with more political savvy than you. Random little kids run around, then everyone runs around for the last "demo, demo, democratia" until a giant invisible bell goes GONG and Yanush wanders off to stalk Rachel some more.*

There are four different accents being spoken in my kitchen right now. I sat and listened, quite fascinated, to stories of the past, until I was banished from the kitchen to write about P&P. So I'm just listening to Kaveret and petting Tessie and trying to come up with a good idea.

P&P's a lot like a Silm in that the reader's imagination is what's really needed to like that book. You have to fill in all the gaps yourself- *Tessie leaps down* Oh, phooey. My pants are now gray. Good thing my shirt was already gray. It's my Paul!shirt, meaning it's plain-looking and solid-colored except for a stripe across the front.

I reprinted the pages of my M-S monologue that Ms. Huntley wrote on, so now I have a nice copy of it again. I will write the rest soon. But first I need to get cracking on the fic exchange. My options are:
a.) Aragorn's Adventures as a Ranger
b.) The Adventures of the El-Twins just before FotR
c.) Something Sam/Rosie, set at anytime
d.) Something Eowyn/Faramir, set at anytime

No easy options there. I'd have a really hard time doing justice to any of the characters there. Unless I do something humor. Oh wait. I'm not funny. *snaps fingers*

Any nice muse out there feel like giving me a hand here? Thalia? Melpomene? Calliope?
...what others are there? Oo! I would definitely appreciate it if Eiji would pay a visit. Mrrrrrowr. I mean, yes. *cough* Inspiration.

Er... should probably be asking for inspiration on this essay first, yes? Yes. *burns nice offering*

*Is too busy staring at pretty burny fire to ask for help*

...Darn. There goes that bright idea.

"..yesh shir she ani katavti la kelev sheli, poka..." *everybody cheers madly*

My parents and Paul and Liora tell interesting stories. Like... immoral French females on their kibbutz, or the Captain standing in front of them in the phone booth reporting to a superior officer that the Yom Kippur War had started, or the way Paul would walk around with his crazy hair and a bandanna and an apron (an apron?) or the way Paul and Liora met when they were assigned to milk cows together on the kibbutz, and they kept insisting that yeah, they worked together, but at the time they weren't a couple or anything, and Eema and Aba would just say things like "and the two of you would eat together every day..." and they would protest, and I just snicker inwardly and think of Caitlin going " mother 2.0" and just thinking how weird the coincidences were. And then I forgot my own name. *doof*

See, Micali called, and asked what was new, and I'm like "well, Mical and Paul are here." and she's like "the name is the same as yours! And you forget it! Hahaha!" And I was like "...yyyeah."

I'm trying to figure out where this wristy-dance came from, because I doubt I would have made it up, but I can't think of anywhere it might have.

I'm remembering dance at Interlochen, and the way you could open the door and look out to the lake, or if you were in the Penthouse, the squirrels like black ribbons unfurling in the breeze. Jeremy's CD is sitting in front of me to remind me of his music. Man. Nasta music rules. The CD is nowhere near as wonderful as just hearing him improvise and yell and stuff. Heyyyy, heya weya hey...

John's aunt. ODE. ODE, ODE, ODE. What is wrong with my brain? It's terrible, really it is.

Lodlo da, lodlo da, kela lodlo da, kela lodlo da, ela lodlo da...

Mara Jade is such a pretty name. *adds another scrunchie to her hair*

I'm cold. *mrrs*

Eema promised me the POTC DVD if I finished before twelve-thirty, though, which is cool. Unfortunately, that's in an hour and a half, and I have no idea what to write about.

I wish Tamari were here. She could help me come up with something, I know.

Argh. I'm getting a headache now. *takes all the scrunchies and clips out of her hair and lets it down* Alright hair, eat all you want now. *Strokes it carefully* Man. I need to wash it. Really I do. K'mo kash!

My lower back is in *pain* from moving the stupid heavy table. Why do we have a table so heavy? When I grow up, my furniture is going to be light.

I think I'm going to build myself a Snyder Tower in Alaska. That would be nice. I will leave one level empty, for dancing, and then I will never have this problem.

John told me that he dances when nobody can see him. Nice to know. So do I. But you all knew that, and probably nobody's ever surprised when they learn that of me, because it's something I would do. I occasionally dance when people are watching, but not the same way I do when nobody is. I try to look semi-not-stupid when people are there. If not? Heh, move the furniture and hide under the table, cat, Leora's on the dance floor and she's cartwheeling, imitating Dance Cuba, Eyal, America, Chelsea, Tevye, Caitlin, Happendance, and every other cool dance she's ever seen, whirling and twirling and throwing her arms in the air, skirts swishing, kicking and falling and rolling and fencing with imaginary opponents, ki'ing until the house shakes, singing at the top of her lungs in every octave and language she can manage. Sometimes I just run in frantic circles until I fall over. 'S good exercise.

Hey, Yo Ya!
Ani sho'el!
Hey, Yo Ya!
Atem onim!
Hey, Yo Ya!
Ha'im ze fair!
Hey, Yo Ya!
Atem lo yodim!

I love Kaveret. Their music is simply such, such fun. Yay.

I got another letter from Oren! He says happy Pesach, and also attached a picture of himself with a crocodile. I'll post it in a little bit. He's the one with the floppy hat, holding the sign, smiling at the camera- not the one petting the crocodile.

Oolai tasim li ksat sucar betoch hateh is starting now. Heh. I'm sure you all remember that song.

Apparently, "redundant" in England means "obsolete," not "repetitive." Interesting to know. Liora suggested that I take Paul in to BritLit for show-and-tell. Paul suggested that the word "BritLit" sounded like some sort of disease. *snerksnerksnerk*

And now Marchaimshlutzky (Marshlutzky for short) and his friend from Kaveret are making up nonsense and being generally crazy. It's fun.



Dec. 24th, 2003 04:01 am
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Just saw it with Oren and Tamar. Eema and Micali watched part, but got tired quickly (being sick and all) and went to sleep. I've been ordered to do the same now that it's over.

Just... that movie rules this earth. I love Lord of the Rings. So much.

Plus I now have 30 assorted beading needles and a spool of beading thread. All I need are the beads!

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Lessee. Since I last updated, I have bought three things: a beading needle, a spool of beading thread, no beads, and a black arrow with green and white fletching. It's a cool arrow, but if I shoot it now I'll never find it again.

Aba bought a new TV. I'm really not sure I like it at all. It also seems to be trying to eat me. Am keeping bow and arrow handy. Aba can keep his slingshot; this is more my style. Although I could do with a broadsword/cutlass/etc.

Just saw PotC on it, and the extras. Yeah for blooper reels! Just lots of funny stuff. And some deleted scenes. For the record: COMMODORE NORRINGTON'S NAME IS JAMES. He also wins. He brings air freshener. He is a bit of an ice cream. I like him. Bwahaa. And Orlando describes Will as wearing a corset, which is a funny mental image.

Quote of the day:

Me: I'm not sure I like this TV one bit.
Oren: Add salt.

Also, Pirates is so much funnier with your Israeli cousin sitting next to you making fun of Brits the whole time.

Dude, I just love that movie.

And Mike has the FBI warning on his computer!

So that I do not forget: Tamari owes me a duel to the death.

And now a survey, because they are contagious. )

Surveys seem to all be depressingly similar. I should come up with a truly creative one.

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It's almost pathetic how much that very fact can happy me. But it DOES. And they're HOME. It's AWESOME.


So, I stayed up most of last night at a wild Matza Ball Soup Party with Eema and Oren. At nine o'clock sharp, we left for the church. (We were supposed to be there by nine. Oops. Oh well, nobody else was on time either.) Somehow, I managed to sniffle and sight-read my merry way through two services, amusing myself by thinking of the Life Of Brian, Paul and Mike correcting Latin just before the Romans did, certain characters' speech impediments and certain characters' names. AND THE CHOIR SANG THAT HORRID SONG THAT EVEN MR. DEWALD DIDN'T LIKE! And he likes some of the worst songs out there! Hates that song! Bye, bye, loo lee, loo lay, precious, we hates it FOREVER! I had to listen to it twice! I'd thought I was rid of it forever! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! paid. Got paid. Breathe, you got paid...

Yes. I got paid. Very generously. Was then reminded that, now that I had money, I could use it to pay for Europe. *Doonk.*

After the gig, I went knickknack shopping with Eema. That was fun, even though my pants were in no condition to stay up. Stupid pants. Bought one present, not sure if the recipient will like it though. Tried to buy pretty thing, was too expensive. Tried to buy really hilarious thing, but was also too expensive. Tried to buy cheap pretty thing, Eema wouldn't let me. She kept asserting that the intended recipient did not deserve a Christmas present from me. Am wondering just how much she knows, and just how much of what she knows is from her famous Eema/female intuition. But there were lots of really SHINY things that were incredibly expensive, which annoyed me. I mean COME ON. They're THIS and THIS and THIS and THAT. Wait, the THAT wasn't shiny. Oh well. Moving on. Then I got home.

Me: Micali! *hugs her*
Mical: Yay! How are you?
Me: Sick.
Mical: IIICH! *jumps backwards* Why did you hug me?

Yeah, feel the love. Feel it. Eat it. Bwaha.

Tamar rummaged through her suitcase while she was in the bathroom, and we laughed at a pair of REALLY BIG CLUNKY BOOTS. And discovered at least three sweaters belonging to Tamari. Hee.

Explanations to Oren of "perky..."
"ABBA" smiles...
"Sleigh Bells"
"Most wonderful time of the year"
"Carol of the Bells" techno? Deja vu.

*sniff, sniff*

My brain's been long since fried. Like a darned banana.

I'm going to go see Mamma Mia! tonight, hopefully that'll be good.

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Josh Groban CD, from Paul
RotK CD, from Eyal
Seed pearl necklace, from Eema
Sixteenth porcelain doll, from Eema
Tickets to Macbeth at Stratford, from Eema and Aba
Gift certificate to Schulers, from Eema and Aba
Check for $25, from Barbara and Gerry
Pretty fuzzy sweatshirt, from Barbara and Gerry
Monstrous Regiment, from Eema
Phone calls from Tamar and Mical
Phone call from the Bartleys
Lovely card from Melody
And many happy birthday wishes.

Thanks everybody!

Now I'm off for ice cream! Bye, all.



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