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So B&N, though it does have a friendly employee with a ponytail who recognized my hoodie for being Junpei's, still lacks, you know, books. And until I can get to Schuler's to read the next book of the Bloody Jack series, I must read other things. There is finally a sequel to I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You, and yes, I am perfectly aware that it's just about the worst title for a book I have ever seen in my entire life, and the cover features a girl in a british schoolgirl's uniform, yes, it's in the teen section and yes, I know, I know, I know. It's... good. Really. I know. No one was more shocked than I, let me tell you that. Anyways, sequal, Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy, which is only a better title because the first one is worse. But it was still enjoyable. Quick reads, the both of them, and the protagonist is capable, likeable and, despite obsessing a little over her boys, never actually needs one to be happy, and recognizes this.

I kind of wish that Jacky of the Bloody Jack books would stop being in love with Jaimy; he's a dork and an idiot, and she's a lot more fun when she is resolved to live single, which actually means that she runs around with every pretty boy she comes across, and she runs across many many pretty boys. So far my favorite has been Joseph Jared. Aware of his own charms though he may be, his charms are indeed abundant, and he seems to be the one whose respect for her is the most genuine. And he's the prettiest. No, I don't want them to swear deep abiding love, I just want Jacky to forget Jaimy, and just run around having more adventures, and if more pretty boys show up, it's not like she doesn't mess around a bit anyway, Jaimy or no Jaimy. *shrugs* (Could see her actually ending up happily with Mairaed, maybe, but that's neither here nor there.)
She's in the British Navy during the early 1800s. It's a fun thing. Because hey, that's pretty much my favorite...
(Although as much as I like Jacky Faber, and I like her, I really do, I would so gladly murder her for her violin, which she DOES NOT deserve. I heartily approve of her learning the violin, I do, but seriously- NOT DESERVING OF A STRAD. They'll find her with a knife slipped between her ribs some night, the Lady Lenore having disappeared with the Lady Leora.)

Anyway, but the fourth book is only at Schuler's, so last time I read CMH&HTS, which I didn't like quite as much as ITYILYBTIHTKY but was still nice, and this time I found Piratica. I've been wanting to read Piratica for a number of years now, and before I left for Israel I finally got around to reading Pirates!, but not Piratica, until now. Anyway, it was pretty and lovely and wonderful. Pirate Queens! Actors! Muck, the cleanest dog in England! Duels! Random escaping/migrating geese! Pretty pretty blond boys! Leopards! Gay pirate couples! Coffee!

It happied me. It was different, and it was certainly not what I expected it to be, at all; sort of a history AU, and written with this really interesting surreal style, and while some points were very predictable and some points were a little too convenient, it was highly unique and creative and I liked it very much.

Anyway I am being yelled at to go file, but I'm just still proud of myself for my GINORMOUS MOUNTAIN of charges that I ran, so there.

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"She looks like she's wearing one of those flimsy, gauzy, hippy-ish blouses that is typically worn with either jeans, or one of those long, wrinkly bohemian skirts. In solid colors sometimes, though usually in paisely or some other mind-bending array of patterns.

Elite Owl's eBay link looks like a pretty faithful representation. I couldn't give a name to what I am describing if my life depended on it.

My ex had one in tan that was so see-through you could... that her... it was a great top.

I'll be in my bunk."

Shoujo manga and Firefly... who ever thought those two would mix?

Also, I was looking at manga at Schuler's the other day and was very bitter at a Shinsengumi shoujo manga thinger. I mean, I don't claim to know anything about Japanese history at all, but this sort of historical fan-wank is just downright disrespectful. These people were soldiers, and considered (according to the few sources I've read) to be among the greatest group of swordsmen Japan had ever seen. Yes, they were human, but they weren't clowns. If I were the ghost of a Shinsengumi member I would haunt the manga-ka. Haunt haunt haunt.

Mmm, I'd like to be a snake. I think that would be nice.

There was a snake in my dream though. It bit me and my mother and six other people and I had to call 911 and talk on speakerphone because I couldn't control my arms anymore. It was really scary. Also I got a puppy. (in my dream.) And I was a son of the Stark house and we lived in a house made of Duplo blocks stacked up really high to make a really precarious bridge above this huge chasm. And then I was that girl from Oklahoma and Curly or whatever his name is was bidding against Jed (can't forget his name, ever, because it was given to him to rhyme with "dead") for my picnic basket, and then I was Hermione at the Yule Ball with Viktor Krum, and I was trying to avoid Jesse Shields. Mr. Fountain said hello and asked the name of my puppy, and I walked in circles around my garage until I rememberd "Jared." And then the Skeksies from the Dark Crystal walked in and yowled at me but I yowled back.

A much more entertaining dream than I've been having lately. I thoroughly enjoyed it, except for the poisonous wooden snake in the MSU agricultural center.



Nov. 27th, 2005 11:22 pm
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Two updates in one day? DNFTD! It's like Leora never went to college!

I have a tendency not to update here, because in order to update my livejournal from college I have to open the drawer and take out the keyboard, signifying an intent to take some time out of my day to write in my lj when I should be doing homework. It's not really a very interesting phenomenon.

In any case, I wanted to write about my evening. My day was uneventful; I worked on my project. All day long I sat at the computer staring blankly at a blank screen, or a screen covered in scientific gibberish, and read nothing of what was in front of me and wrote even less. (Yes indeed, I have mastered the art of negative writing. I'm just that cool.) But my evening was worth recounting.

I got back to the dorms around five o'clock, expecting to go to the meeting with my chem group. I was nervous; I had gotten nothing done, didn't have much faith in my ability to BS, and felt guilty that I wasn't doing my share of the work. But it turned out that, for who knows what reason, nobody was there. Meeting postponed or cancelled or whatever, and nobody had bothered to tell me. I went up to my dorm room, put my laundry back on my shelf, and meandered around. I wanted to go see Pride and Prejudice, but it wasn't playing at AMC, and the buses don't run to NCG on Sundays, and there are no buses to Celebrations. So I looked at what was playing at AMC, and decided that I'd like to see Harry Potter. It was playing at seven thirty. I got out my bus schedule and realized that the last bus on Sundays arrived at the mall at seven. So I'd get there in plenty of time, but at ten o'clock I'd be stranded at the mall with no way back. I called everyone I could think of to see if I could go with someone and they could drive, but nobody could. Jackie was busy, Laura was busy, the Peters were busy, and all my other friends had left. Turns out it was good I didn't go, though, because then Melissa knocked and said that the meeting was rescheduled for seven.

Seven o'clock found me down in the study lounge, wearing my lovely new gloves and having fun with my group. Nice girls. We actually got some stuff done, then divided up the remaining work and ajourned. Before we left, we noticed that one of the boys that had been studying near us (we'd joked with him a bit, said that he could be in our commercial or perhaps be the person who got water poured on them when we announced the weather) had left behind his black backpack. I went over and picked it up. There was a name tag tied to the top.

"Mazurek, Scott Arthur"


"Oh, I think he's on my floor," said one of my group. "I've seen him around a lot." So I followed her to the fourth floor, and she went to the east-east wing and I went to the west-east wing, which I assumed was the boys' hallway. It was, and I went along, reading the names on the doors until I saw "Dustin" on one and then "Scott" on the next. The door was covered in Star Wars posters, or comic strips about Star Wars. I knocked.


He was short, barely taller than me, and stocky. His hair was dark and he had a small goatee. All in all, rather cute, if I may say. I held up the backpack.

"Ah, sh---" he said. He actually cut off his curse. "Thanks, thanks a lot."
"No problem." I stepped back. "You know, I was supposed to room with you, I don't know if you remember. I'm Leora."
"Oh. Well, pleased to meet you."
"You too."
"See you around."

So, I think things would have turned out okay. Nice guy. Nice looking, too. Friendly, even to strange girls making too much noise in the study lounge and blasting classical music. Likes Star Wars. Mild geek boy. Polite- wouldn't swear in front of a guest.

Not that I'm complaining about the way things turned out, not at all. But nice to know, anyway, for no logical reason that I can come up with.

Anyway, I was absolutely starving and dinner was closed, so I dropped my books off at my room and put on my quilted blue winter coat and went outside. On my way out the door I passed Dustin James, who would have been my suitemate. I said hello, mentioned that I'd just met Scott, and stood out in the rain while I waited for the bus, feeling stupid that I hadn't taken an umbrella or worn a hoodie.

Speaking of hoodies, I'm getting worried that I may have left my NINJ4 hoodie somewhere. That would really really suck; you all know how much I love that hoodie.

I took the bus to the Union and walked to Noodles and Company. I wasn't sure what time it was- I think they were supposed to close at nine on Sundays and it seemed to be nine-fifteen, but the door was open and there were people eating inside. I bought tomato marinara and ate it a little too quickly to enjoy it fully because I was worried about being kicked out, but it was still really good. I burned my tongue a little, though.

After I was done, I left. I always feel guilty about leaving my dishes on the table, both there and at Schuler's. More so here than at Schuler's, because I've more or less gotten used to it in Schuler's.

I was thinking of Schuler's as I walked down the sidewalk in the rain. I wanted more than anything to call up a friend and go to Schuler's and split a peanut butter bar, or maybe one of those new chocolate friazos (how good? Soo good!) and maybe use my full hot chocolate punch card. Hot chocolate sounded really good too. So I walked down to Barnes and Noble to see if I could get hot chocolate- they make sucky hot chocolate but I could add enough honey that it wouldn't matter- and a pastry, if I was lucky. But Barnes and Noble was closed. I wasn't too bitter, since their hot chocolate is not good and they don't really have good pastries. I walked back to the bus stop, a little dejectedly, then at the last minute I doubled back and went into Cosi, a restaurant I'd never been to before. I'm not sure why I decided to go then, but they said "breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert" on a sign above the door, so maybe there'd be some nice brownies or something. There didn't seem to be, and they were starting to close up already, so I got some hot chocolate to go. I ate the whipped cream with a spoon as I crossed the road, then sat at the bus stop in front of the Union and drank the hot chocolate. It was excellent. Much better than Barnes and Noble would have been. I quickly drank the last of it as the bus pulled up, again burning my tongue slightly, but I didn't mind much. Drinking good hot chocolate on a chilly, rainy autumn night is something every girl should do at least once in her life.

I called Paul on the bus ride back, simply because I wanted to hear his voice, and he answered and talked for a little bit about nothing in particular. Then I went back to my dorm room and reread some of those editorials that Laura posted a while back, the ones by an exchange teacher in Japan. I laughed.

It was a good evening. I still have to work though. Mrrrrr.

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*waves* Helloooo everyone! It has been FOREVER AND A WEDNESDAY since I have updated, so here I am saying hello and listening to one of the most awesome CDs on the planet. Itzchak Perlman's greatest hits. These two passeges have been bothering me for months now, and I finally listened to the CD and placed them. And this is just *wonderful* music, seriously, no tomorrow stuff. I think I may have just woken up my roommmate Jackie. Oops.

Anyway, new Megatokyo today; it was alright. Junko's proportions are terribly off in the first panel, but on the other hand, I'm really starting to like this girl. She doesn't back down. The first time Largo brushed her off, she was hurt, but she followed- out of concern for him. The second time, she yells back at him, and again, tries to help him- if pity didn't work, a challenge might. It helps that I like her hair.

So yes, I've been having a terrible time keeping up with schoolwork and studying. Procrasting forever and ever and all day long. It's really starting to drive me crazy, I can tell you.

Also it gets kind of lonely around here. I couldn't ask for a better roommate, but as of so far I have no friends. (as of so far? So far. How far? Sooo far.) Well, there are several boys who flirt with me, but they don't really count. On the other hand, I've finally gotten out of my story funk and have started making up stories everywhere. Good ones. Interesting ones. They play out in lovely detail in my head. It has gotten to the point where I will literally sit for hours on end, staring entranced at scenes that only I can see, my mouth occasionally moving with the dialogue. Downside is that it is *really* easy for me to do that instead of doing homework. Terribly easy. See previous paragraph. For example, I have a lab report due tomorrow that I have not started. Cue AHHHHHHHH!

I think I'll be okay. I just need to force myself to buckle down and work tonight. If I can get in a few solid hours, I know I'll be okay. *sighs*

I really miss you all.

It's also been a long time since I've posted a dream! *rolls her eyes at the wails of anguish* Oh come on.

So it started out in the cabin with Eyal and Sara and Caitlin and Laura, and Eyal wanted to take a shower but had no towels. I was making pasta, but she made me come look for towels with her. So we looked for towels. As we looked, Eyal and I discussed how she had yet to find any good bois at U of M, and since I had so many, I should send her some. I agreed, and found some towels when I moved my sleeping bag off the couch and looked in the cupboard hidden under the sofa cushions. Eyal went to take her shower, and I went back to my pasta, but by then it was ruined, so I went to the school cafeteria to eat. It was supposed to be the high school cafeteria, but apparently our high school cafeteria is also a Home Depot. So I went in and was about to go order some food when I saw Paul sitting at one of the tables. I ran over and he hugged me. I asked him what he was doing there, and he replied that he had come home for a visit. We decided to go to get hot chocolate at the Chapbook Cafe on the other side of the cafeteria. There, Dan was balancing on one of the tables, performing magic tricks with a red knitted scarf. We had just gotten in line when suddenly a pack of DEMENTORS came in. They gave the dementor's kiss to some poor innocent bystander who was in their path. Everyone was panicking and running away. I ran down the halls and up several flights of staircases into an English teacher's room. Between her room and the room next door there was a partition. It was like this- you opened a door towards you, pushed the next door away from you, and then you were in this little corridor, where you could go to the next room by pulling the first door towards you and pushing the next door away from you. Anyway, so I did, and Mace Windu was sitting at the desk there.
"Help, Mace Windu!" I said. "Dementors are attacking the school!"
"Well, what are you worried about?" He asked. "You're Harry Potter! You can produce a corporeal Patronus, can't you?"
"Oh," I said, and went back into the corridor to try. But all my attempts produced nothing but a headache. I went into the English teacher's room and hid under her desk, because it is a well-known fact that while dementors can sense where people are by their emotions, they cannot tell how many people are there.
"You're being silly," she told me. "Just keep practicing." So I stood up and tried again, and after a few times of producing smoke, a large quadruped-type-balloony-thing appeared and inflated as it floated away down the hall. I sent a few more after it, but they got weaker each time, until I could produce nothing more than smoke again.
"What do I do now?" I asked. "The dementors will surely track me back to here." She looked at me like I was crazy.
"You're Harry Potter! What, can't you fly?"
"Without a broomstick?"
"Of course! Oh, there's no time to explain how, you'll figure it out. I have to go. Just leave by the window, because I'm going to booby-trap the door."
"But we're five floors up!" I wailed. "What if I get it wrong? I'll be killed!" She'd already left. Taking a deep breath, I stepped out onto the window-ledge. The ground looked terribly far away, and I had no idea how to fly. I stepped to the edge and put my arms out to the sides, slowly tipping forward. I breathed carefully as the air buoyed me up somehow, though I was slowly sinking. I tried to swim upward, but I soon found that I had to keep my body relatively spread out or I would sink again. I supposed the spell simply made me lighter, because the wind was buffeting me every which way, and I couldn't figure out a way to steer. I'd intended to follow a highway or something, since then at least I'd know I was going somewhere, but I quickly lost my sense of direction as I kept turning myself around and ended up over a forest. It was really hard to keep "afloat," and I couldn't stay quite high enough- as the air grew thinner higher up, it took more work to stay there- and I kept hitting tree branches. All the time. And when I wasn't inadvertently steering myself into them, the wind blew me into them. Still, flying is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. Not that I ever did. At one point I managed to get myself above the trees, and then my breath caught in my throat. All the forest spread out below me, the autumn colors just beginning to turn, with the distant mountains in shades of blues and purples, the clouds in the twilight sky... I was awestruck. I sent a Patronus back towards what I hoped was the direction of the school, because I doubted I'd find a happier memory than that. Anyway, I was getting really tired (flying is hard work) so I sank down to walk for a bit. I landed on top of a wall and found a witch-girl standing at the bottom glaring at me.
"Took you long enough," she grumbled. "Come on, I have to get to my garden."
"But I lost my wand!"
"Oh, fine. Here." She picked up an entire tree branch off the ground. I held it up. A few of the dead leaves fell off.
"It's kind of big..." She heaved a sigh that said "oh, really, some people!" and snapped a three-inch twig off another branch. I took it. The bark fell away in my hands and the rest of the wood was actively rotting away, but I took one look at the expression on her face and decided to shut up. Without another word she turned and walked away. So I followed her. We walked along a road. I kept climbing up on logs and rocks as we went, trying to practice my take-offs, because it was really hard to get the hang of going up. I could handle falling down and then trying to stay at the same level, and maybe inching my self upward by a method of "go up an inch and a foot, sink down a foot" but tipping off the rocks and logs and immidiately rising was something I had yet to master. The witchgirl was getting impatient with me, but I ignored her. Just as I was tipping forward, arms outstretched, off a rock, I noticed a car slowing down and a lady staring at me. I couldn't let her see me flying, so I just fell, twisting awkwardly in an attempt not to land flat on my face. It hurt. She drove on, and the witchgirl came back and yelled at me for fooling around. So after that I just walked behind her, bruised, until we reached a crossroads. There we caught a ride in the back of a truck, along with some boys who were attempting to flirt with her. She haughtily ignored them all, but it did nothing to discourage them. We finally got to her garden just as night was falling, and she got in by climbing over a fence.
"Why are we climbing?" I asked, tipping forward again and this time managing to land sort-of on my feet, if stumbling a little. "I thought this was your garden."
"Oh," she said, "Not really. No one's supposed to come in here. But I need some of the plant ingredients for my spells. Why are they following us?" They meant the boys. I shrugged.
"They think you're pretty?"
"Boys are stupid!" She scoffed. I shrugged again, which she didn't see, because she'd turned around again and was making her way down a broad stone staircase. Somehow managing to remain perfectly dignified, she extended a leg and stepped on the back of a yellow furry creature with a long snout, balancing elegantly. "You have to do that, or they kill you," she explained offhandedly, and let it carry her to the next stair, when she stepped off.
"Oh," I said, windmilling my arms desperately to stay on. I leapt for the safety of the next stair.
"Now you can't touch that plant there," she ordered. "It can kill you, too. And those animals there have to be scratched on the stomach before they'll let you pass. But don't confuse them with those spotted ones over there; they hate to be touched."
"And let me guess, they'll kill me."
"Of course."
"Of course," I echoed gloomily, and flew awkwardly upward, avoiding the killer plants. Behind us the boys followed, laughing rowdily and daring each other to provoke the flora and fauna, showing off. The witchgirl scoffed again at their antics, carefully tossing her long black hair so that it caught the moonbeams with a greenish shimmer. "I've had enough of this garden," I snarled bad-temperedly as a long creeper vine tried to eat me, and flew away. It would have been a better exit if my foot hadn't caught in the fence as I flew over it, bringing me to an abrupt stop in the air so that I swung forward a full ninety degrees, crashed face-first into the fence, then dislodged my foot and fell the rest of the way to land flat on my back on the ground. I lay there thinking "ow" for a while, then got up and stomped off. Eventually I stomped to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. In the hotel lobby I ran into my parents, who were booking a room. They were very glad to see me, and Aba picked me up and swung me around the way he used to do when I was little. While they talked to the hotel receptionist, I went back outside and climbed the lattice up to the top of the front gate to practice flying some more, but just when I stretched out my arms to the sides and started leaning forward, I saw Doug Collier standing on the ground, talking on his cell phone. I figured he'd get scared if he saw me deliberately fall off a building, since he didn't know I could fly, and I doubted he'd believe me without proof, so I turned around and slowly fell off the other way. I managed to pull up in time not to hit the hotel doors and started awkwardly "swimming" around again, but then Eema and Aba came out of the hotel and shouted at me to come down, so I did.

Then I woke up.

*sighs* Off to dinner. Then homework time. Joy.
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Aba and Safta got home from Israel today, bearing stories and a new Hebrew CD. Today I also drove by myself for the first time, to Nature's Scoop and back. It was fairly uneventful- some stupid people decide that crosswalks are for sissies, but whatever. Also I finally got Tamari to watch another episode of Kenshin. At this rate she'll never get to anything good. Last night we saw The Twilight Samurai though, which is awesome. Already I'm missing Paul; I think it's been at least two or three weeks since I went for a whole day without seeing him. Er, I mean, I'm not clingy and pathetic. Anyway. Latest Megatokyo is funny. Hooray hooray for Kimiko!

Mmm. I'm just feeling melancholy tonight. Lonely, bored, irritable, and I don't want to write thank-you cards or work on my class schedule for orientation on Tuesday. *sighs* I need to get off my rear and do something, I guess. Here's hoping everyone else in the house goes to sleep soon, I like it best in the quiet hours of the night.

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So I got Mr. Saros to give me a pass to go to the library during study hall- I didn’t feel like putting up with Peter and Abishek today. I heart Mr. Saros; he’s so nice. The librarian threatened to cut my head off if I made noise, though, so I’m sitting here wishing that the space bar wasn’t so rattly. I’m not really sure what I’m even doing here, but it’s quiet and there’s no “penetration” going on, so I’m pretty content. Estoy contenta. The vocab quiz this morning was nice and easy. I love Biology. It really helped with words like “liver” and “gallbladder” in Spanish. For some reason. I know it doesn’t sound logical, but whatever. Last night I dreamt that I had to play the Carmen for a master class in front of this really famous Israeli violinist, and I played really badly. I think it means that I can’t play the Carmen. I think it’s right. *sighs* I’ll get it eventually, really I will.

Yesterday Chris took me out for dinner to Jimmy John’s. It was good, though subs are not my favorite food by a long shot. So thanks to him for doing that. Last night Eema and Tamar went to see a documentary on the Israeli view of Time. They said it was really good, so I might go see that if I get done with my stuff tonight. Nothing ridiculous. Review for math, reading in bio, well, there may be more bio but I doubt there will be. Unless we’re doing a lab, she doesn’t give homework just for the sake of it. Which is definitely nice.

New Megatokyo yesterday. Kimiko is incredibly cute. All the characters seem to agree that Erika is hot, but I personally think Kimiko’s the more attractive one. She is going to have to beat the fanboys off with a stick when “Sight” comes out. I don’t mind the PiroxKimiko arc as long as Kimiko’s the one we’re focusing on here. Pirowaffling gets on my nerves. I’m at the point where I’ve really stopped caring about his little internal struggles. I should be more patient with him, he’s just a character and in “MT time” it really hasn’t been that long- it’s just that I only get three updates a week, if that, and when I’ve waited *three whole days* to see what happens next and it’s chibi-Piro staring at a cell phone, I flip out.

What time does this hour end? Eleven, right? So I’ve got half an hour. Not bad. I’ll just have to leave early to make sure I’m on time for orchestra. I forget what we’re playing today. I don’t really care to know beforehand. We’ll play what we’ll play and it makes little difference to me. At this point there aren’t any pieces I love or hate.

…unless it’s the Carmen. That would make a difference, hoo boy. Eru, I hope it’s not. I haven’t been practicing well all week. I have a lesson today too… *cries* my life is pain. Pain, I tell you, pain.

A thank-you again to Caitlin for scanning and sending me the Spanish vocab list last night. I can’t believe I completely forgot about it until almost ten o’clock the day before the quiz. Oh yeah, I’m gonna love college.

Mmm, I don’t want to go to orchestra. I just want to sit here and type whatever comes into my head alllll daaaayy loooonng. Don’t you feel privileged that you get to read it here in my illustrious livejournal? I know you do. This is going to be really valuable when I’m famous. *laughs* Man, I’m pretty hungry. I already ate my puffin bar. I hate those stupid “french toast flavored” puffin bars. Apparently they’re lots healthier than chewies. Well, they taste bad. French toast my hind leg. Eema shelach French toast. In communist Russia, French toasts you. Or toast frenches you, I suppose. If you eat toast, I guess it works. I tend not to like toast. It can be okay.

So if they don’t get six more people to sign up for Kallah Israel, it’s not going to happen. This is infuriating. Grr. You hear that growling? That is the sound of a Leora who might not get three weeks in Israel to make up for the three weeks of Christian camp last summer. Grr. Grr. Grr.

Twenty minutes.

Mleh. I don’t want to go to orchestraaaaa. *whine whine whine pout pout pout* Oh speaking of. Someone gave my parents a bottle of wine as a present. Haha. We’ll give it to the Bartleys.

I love my NINJ4 hoodie. *hugs it* I heart this big deep black hoodie. I wish I had Oren’s zaruk orange sweatshirt back, though.

I have two documents saved on the school computers- one is the beginning of a Spanish composition that I later started over, and the other is the essay I wrote on the Tokio project. Second time I’ve been reminded of her in two days. Yesterday The Courtship of Lady Tokio updated, and I read it and was impressed again. I love good fanfic, it makes me happy even if it reminds me of how terrible I am at writing.

I don’t have Tanneressays this week. I’m supposed to research the origins of some superstitions and finish Huck Finn, and maybe something else, I dunno, I wrote it down. No writing though. I wish I could write. I wish it I wish it I wish it. There are a ton of things I would love to be able to do, yet I suck at them slash don’t know how. Sigh.

Fifteen minutes. Stupid clock. I want to stay here, darn it, here. Well, maybe with some food. Food would be good too. That or I could just go home, that would also make me happy. Or some Pratchett to read, that would be nice, and maybe some old Naomi Shemer or Kaveret, and maybe I could look for some good lotr fanfic, or start coming up with soshte vocabulary. Every language needs a word for kidney. It really amuses me that the Spanish word for gallbladder basically means “bile receptacle.” Much more sensible than our name.

There is a book on the shelf a few feet from me titled A Daughter (sticker) the Samur(sticker) by Sugimoto. I feel like going over and seeing what that’s all about, but not enough to actually do it, you know? Call number 92 SUGI MOTO, in case I feel like going back and finding it sometime.

Ten minutes. Curses, curses, curses. Do’ wanna go to orchestra. No. No no no no. Wanta stay here and type nonsense forever and ever and all day long. I think I’d better go though; make sure Miss Kesler doesn’t have a reason to be ticked at me just before Parent-Teacher Conferences. Last time she told Eema that I’d been being disrespectful. Mrrgh. I had not. She just took it that way. Eh, enough kvetching. I’m gonna go now.



Feb. 18th, 2005 01:02 pm
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Largo is teh hott. There's probably something symbolic in that both he and Erika (also looking very nice) are wearing high collars. Protecting their throats or something? I dunno. I like that he walked up with the intention of giving her the opportunity to protect *herself.* Also, she is now holding his hand. Of course, it's for the purpose of threatening to break his wrist (among other things), but we shippers will take what we can get.

Eyal's party was a ton of fun. Katie, you were greatly missed. Eyal is bringing you fudge and cake and presents. As for the presents, mine were pretty much not very good- I got Eyal a book she already had, Katie the same book that Laura got her, and I forgot part of Katie's present in my room. So Katie, I'll give that to you another time.

I don't want to go to college! I would miss my friends too much. I will kidnap everyone and make them stay home with me.

Things I need to learn:
- various forms of dance, including swing, salsa, ballroom, ballet, Indian, Persian, and Israeli
- various languages, including Soshte, Spanish, Hebrew, Yiddish, and Japanese
- various styles of fighting, including fencing from different eras and parts of the world, naginata, hand-fighting, again, from different eras and areas, and archery
- sewing
- baking
- writing
- drawing
- cartooning
- violin, especially Carmen, and I only have four weeks for that

Off to the mall to do some shopping. I am seriously running out of money. I think I will inquire at Schuler's today if they have openings for a summer job.



Feb. 15th, 2005 08:25 pm
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I LOVE this quartet. Music makes me so, so wonderfully happy. If anyone ever offers me drugs in my life, I will shove a CD player in their face and tell them in no uncertain terms that absolutely no high can be better than the one I get off of beautiful music. And there are no risks to my health or brain. Just the finale of this one Brahms quartet feels like the gates of heaven all thrown open, and it's not even my favorite piece. Maybe it's ritalin, maybe it's sleep deprivation, but my heart just feels so full right now- I've no idea how it holds all this emotion. (On that topic, Paul, that card was the sweetest thing in the world. Thank you once again.) If only I had the power to make music this beautiful... I cannot do it justice. My hands cannot do what my mind and heart tells them to; it is unbelievably frustrating. Today my left arm started hurting so badly I had to stop practicing. This is driving me up the wall. But otherwise, I had a good day today; Tamari ate dinner with us and I reread the Endgames short story at the end of Volume 3. mild spoiler ) Tonight I have to do: Calculus review, study for my Spanish test on the subjunctive tomorrow, finish taking notes on chapter 34 in bio, do that stupid DNA research thing, and start writing for Tanner. *sighs* That sounds like a lot. Hopefully I won't get too tired, because I didn't sleep last night. I woke up every ten minutes or so. I wasn't really awake either; I just entered a sort of state where my thoughts make no sense, yet I get no rest. Something about fighting an ally with a mask (a bird mask? It was... white, somehow, and a broken promise) and some sort of creature (human? Canine?) called Jean Grey (named after the X-man, yes, but not her character) whose- partner (husband? Fiance? Lover? Friend?) died and the Northern Coyote tried to take her in, but she wouldn't go with him out of loyalty to whoever it was who had died, and so she went with me (would go across burning sands or northern snows), there was a road? (a car?) Something to eat, with Aba, maybe Eema too (barbecued chicken?), and hula hoops in the garage (on a chair? They're as difficult as I remember), the fight took place in a maze... a maze with rooms. The bird-face is sharp and flowing, like a white sheet maybe (walking outside in a garden? Sitting at a picnic table?), I think I was betrayed, somehow (were there dinosaurs involved or something?), my sisters were there at some point, a crow! There were big black birds, pictures of them, (one was Jean Gray and her partner? And the second one was of her and the Northern Coyote?) black birds, crows, flying high, then entering the building (a barn? A shed?), flying among the rafters, there was more than one mask (was I wearing one?), I don't remember clearly but I wish I could, because it was really interesting. Eema's yelling at me to go start my homework. I guess I'll write another time.

Today I forgot to put on my 5 yen necklace in the morning. It felt so weird without it, like I wasn't wearing a shirt or something. I keep reaching up to fiddle with it and it's not there. I'm going to go get it now, because I can't shake the feeling that I'm somehow naked without it. I need my necklace (not necessarily that one, but a necklace) and my watch and bracelet to feel fully clothed. Weird how that is.

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So I just got back from rehearsing with Mr. Ascheri. Man, I heart the Vivaldi Sonata. It's so simple, and yet fun. The piano part is really hard, so I'm lucky to have someone as good as Mr. Ascheri. The rehearsal went well, even though I was thrown off at the beginning by the addition of the piano part and he was having a hard time with some of the weirder passages. We rehearse again on Thursday, after my lesson.

So this weekend was a very good one. I met with Tanner, for once with most of what she had asked for finished- two short stories and Gertrude and Claudius read. I don't really like the book. It's a nice idea, but I just didn't really like John Updike's writing so much. It was okay. His preoccupation with sex got really annoying. Anyway, after that I wandered around Schuler's for a little bit, ate lunch, bought Megatokyo Volume Three, and then went home. I took a nap until around ten o'clock, when Tamari woke me up. I changed into a black tank top and jacket, Paul picked me up, and we went to his house for about an hour. We watched the beginning of the Shishio fight. I am once more struck by the differences in the pacing of Japanese and American storytelling- not as dramatic as in The Twilight Samurai, but still quite different. No American movie/TV series would DARE to spend the entire episode just before the big climactic fight with the main character CLIMBING STAIRS. I really liked it, but if I were watching it on TV as it was being aired and had been waiting all week with bated breath for the Shishio fight and didn't have the option of seeing the next episode until it came out, I would be going absolutely INSANE. No, I'm not going to see the next episode until at least this weekend, but I could, and that's what matters. If it were impossible, I'd be a raving lunatic. In this case, it merely heightens the anticipation and gives me a lovely warm feeling. Or maybe that's just all the fire. In any case, I enjoyed it.

Then we left for ZAPZONE! Six awesome hours of Soshte, DDR, and laser tag. There were really good people there, and I learned stuff like
- Omega is the best vest
- Jester is the worst
- Blitz fires rapidly and noisily
- Hammer fires one-handed (and also cackles evilly when you're done playing)
- Wildstar has an easy trigger
Also, there was actually some action on the first floor, which I really liked. You may not get as many points, but it's fun. Bases are a lot harder to hit when there are so many people who know what they're doing. Silent Stealth Mode is very different, but also quite fun, and Paul got me more than anybody else. It was just an awesome experience. Oh man I LOVE laser tag. Also I beat Paul at DDR this time, w00t!

On Soshte: It's now mora-timed, with stress accent, and the alphabet is complete (like Inuyasha). And verb conjugation is based on animacy. As far as the culture goes, there are seven houses who don't really like each other much. There is trade between them, but the aristocracy sort of looks the other way. Er... yes. For specifics, slash actual grammar information, you must ask Paul.

You know, I'm not sure if I'm completely happy with the script. It's not very... pretty, really. Perhaps I will make some revisions later on.

Anyway, today was a pretty good day so far. Nothing too eventful, but I drew a good doodle of Fangirl with an umbrella in bio, and pretty much finished my Fine Arts Festival program cover in Art, unless she wants me to do a "final copy." In Spanish we played with whiteboards, which is a rather mindless activity but whatever, in calc I slept (oops), in Study Hall we just sat and talked, or rather Eyal and Sara tried to do homework while I bothered them. In orchestra Miss Kesler told us that the R-K actually wasn't on the required list (Eru curse it all!) and so she gave us a new, simple piece. It's not very fun. Too slow. Too easy. I would much rather play the Glinka. w00t, Glinka! Oh, and in Bio Sara and I decided that we all need to make buttons that say NO! and not specify what we are saying no to. At lunchtime, John was hyper and Paul was tired. I sent Caitlin an awesome e-card for Valentine's Day. Ask her about it. What am I forgetting? I think that's school.

After school, I practiced, of course. It wasn't for very long, or particularly productive, but I practiced. Mostly the Vivaldi, but I tried to run through the last few pages of the Carmen. Unfortunately my fingers started aching so I just went home. After I got home... hm. I went online and read some fic, as well as some webcomics. The new Megatokyo freaked me out. A) DUDE it's Masamichi's wife! And B) AUGH what the heck why on earth did she just draw an enormous kitchen knife please don't kill me Ninja-sama...

I found a Spirited Away fanfic that looked promising, but it's only two chapters long, so darn. Spirited Away totally deserves more goodfic than it has.

I have to go do my homework now. I've got quite a bit- some new stuff in calc, read & take notes on muscles in bio, study for a test on the subjunctive in Spanish, and if I have extra time I can start writing for Tanner. Here are this weeks prompts:

1. Take an invention the world could do without and write a satire showing the exaggerated importance of that invention.

2. Read and copy a horoscope for today, not necessarily yours. Then write about a person who’s experiencing that horoscope. (It might be interesting to include that it is Valentine’s Day, but that’s not a requirement.) Approach this seriously, humorously, poignantly, any way that strikes you.

3. Write about your pet peeve as though it is really a pet. How will you train it? What are its needs? What behaviors does it have that need to be encouraged, discouraged? What does it feed on? Have fun with this!

I don't like them as much as I did last week's. Those were fun. The horoscope one is okay, I suppose, but the others sound boring. I'll probably do the Pet Peeve thinger. Number one is just asking to be stupid. Also I dislike being told "have fun with this!" O.o

So I'm a National Merit Finalist. I guess they must've liked my essay-that-wasn't-an-essay-and-was-totally-too-long or something. Now I just have to write a letter to U of M, telling them about this.

I also got a letter from MSU saying "Look, we put cool stamps on our envelope! You can keep your envelope and start a collection!" No, I'm serious. That was the entire point of sending me a letter. WHAT A HORRIBLE WASTE OF PAPER. I am sorry. Stop sending me mail! My decision is already made! If U of M lets me in, I go there, if not, I go to MSU, either way, it's out of your hands, so leave me alone already!! *pants* I'm okay.

Heh, I just got Caitlin's letter. You're very welcome Caitlin!

Mm, Yehoram Gaon singing Rosa. I like this song.

Homework time... blech.

You know, I've been doodling a lot lately. I'll take some pictures and share them with you all, because you are all so interested. I wish I had a scanner though; taking pictures of paper with a digital camera is just wrong.

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Spanish is sucky. Let's see how much vocab I know for memory so far.

agradecer - to thank
el apoyo - the support (Have I mentioned I hate articles?)
apreciar - to appreciate
el birrete - cap
brindar - to make a toast
el brindes - the toast
la ceremonia de graduacio'n - the graduation ceremony (the o' is an o with an accent mark over it)
el desfile - the parade, the procession
el diploma - I'll let you take a guess.
el discurso - the speech

That's it for now. Pretty pathetic. I've got about forty-five minutes to learn the rest, then I get to move on to calc, then I get to answer questions about our awesome E coli. E coli smells kinda funny but not as bad as she was making it sound.

Today in class we're going to be doing DNA fingerprinting. That means we are running gels and other stuff that I've heard my sisters talk about doing for real.

WITH AGAROSE! Agarose agarose agarose hooray.

In other news, my hands remain extremely dry and it's seriously getting on my nerves.

But today's Megatokyo was absolutely hilarious. <3 Dom. <3 Mister Muffin. Was that Ed? Or Largo? Or a ninja? Or just some random muffin man? I don't know... do you know the muffin man?

I get the feeling that is going to be the most overused joke on the forums between today and Friday.

I love that the pedestrians barely blink. I love Erika's complete and total deadpan-ness. I love the sight of Erika in street clothes. Cosplay outfits are cool, but somehow I like this outfit better. I liked the dress she wore earlier today, too- as Pratchett points out, it is a Good Thing to have a woman who looks very good in a severely plain dress. On the other hand, the junction between her ponytail and her head *still* bothers me- the hair should come together more under her hairtie. If her hair were thick enough to do that, then the ponytail wouldn't stand up as much. That's just a nitpick though. I love Dom's glasses. I love that he says "Ow." With a period. I love the muffin logo.

Muffins make me think of those muffin cartoons that the Making Fiends person originally made. And if you mouse over, it goes "MUFFINS?" in a vaguely Charlotte-like voice. And then there are muffin cartoons, which are not as good as Making Fiends but that's okay. Then there's Big Bunny, which I don't understand, but Making Fiends is so awesome.

As is Megatokyo.

But Spanish is not.

Eyal is.

Calc quizzes aren't.

E. coli is, but questions aren't.

Tamari is. She's done with her essays HOORAY for Tamari.

Half an hour. I have to go. I don't want to.

One of these days I will figure out if there is some sort of system for Hebrew nicknames. There is sort of a system for who can call you by them. Usually you must be family, or occasionally a very close friend, and even then you usually have to be the same age or older. Tamar and Mical are Tamari and Micali. I can call them that too, but older relatives can add the leh suffix, Tamarileh. I don't think I've heard "Micalileh." I'm Leorka or Leorkaleh. Rachel is Rachke or Rachkeleh. Oded is Odedy. I think I *may* have heard Odedileh at some point. Alex is Alush. Itzchak is Itzik. Moishe is Moisheleh. Ruth is Ruthie. Talya is Tali. I think I may have heard Yaeli for Yael. We're all younger than Safta, so I've never heard someone make a nickname out of Miriam or Rosita. Random pet names for children include Mama, Mamaleh, Chamudi, Chamudileh, Efroach, and Motik, off the top of my head.

Fifteen minutes. Kuso.


*sighs heavily*

I hate school. I hate Wednesdays. Why isn't it Friday?

Oh, that reminds me. We want to have a party on Saturday, at Eyal's house.

Blast... I have to go.


Oh Largo.

Jan. 19th, 2005 12:49 pm
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That guy is teh 1337. *shakes her head*

So, anyone in my classes, please tell me what I'm missing. My throat is incredibly sore and I dreamt that I had anti-tuberculosis. Like anti-derivatives. I'm really not sure what integrals have to do with hacking up phlegm, but I guess it's just too much math and Kenshin for me. I dreamt that I had to play in a concert and I couldn't because I was sick, and I wanted to go home but Mrs. Smith and Miss Kesler were yelling at me. Tamar and Mical finally drove me home, and the doctors were saying things like "well, we've had a lot of really encouraging research in this field lately," and I was like "yeah, that's really reassuring, right there." Then I had an arranged marriage to some guy that I *really* didn't like. Like I seriously could not stand to be in the same room for more than five minutes with him. But I didn't have a say in the matter. So I wore really ugly dresses and made my hair all ratty and acted really stupid around him until he called the engagement off. Then I was supposed to go on a ski trip with my friends, but we had no kleenex, so I had to find a bunch of pencils that would turn into kleenex and hide them in someone's violin case. Then I ended up stuck on a bus with a bunch of idiots, and I lectured them on land snails until they got bored and left me alone. Then we went to a horseback riding place, but she said I had to take a quiz first. So she showed me a dying tree and asked what was wrong with it. "It's burnt," I told her, because it was all charred and stuff. But it turned out that no, it was infested with parasites. Then she took me to see islands and volcanoes and then I think I died. Slash woke up.

I had kneidlach soup. It was good.

Oh, and here. I got bored with indefinite integrals.

Well, it's not very good, but I had fun.

The text got cut off. It actually says "evil magical fan of death".

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So I could show you the sketches I'm doing to prepare for the manga. Dear Eru, that wolf is IMPOSSIBLE. Kenshin is simple. Kenshin is easy. The hardest part about Kenshin is the sheer amount of hair. But Saito? What is it about his FACE? Lines! Lines everywhere! Crazy shading! Strange proportions! Those horrible horrible slanty-squinty eyes! The even worse eyebrows! Argh! If you get frustrated with Kenshin, you can block out most of his face with bangs. Saito has four strands of hair over his face. And don't even get me STARTED on the screwed-up proportions in his body. Argh. It's sort of zen. I have to un-learn everything that has been DRILLED into my head as soon as I picked up a pencil. Proportions are IMPORTANT, consarn it! On the other hand, this wolf is really starting to grow on me. Drawing him so many times gives one an appreciation of his facial features. He certainly has interesting eyebrow ridges. He's not drawn to look "cute," but he still manages to be handsome. Evil, yes, but handsomely evil.

I haven't started practicing Tokio yet. In a different way, she's going to be just as difficult to draw consistantly as Saito. I'm still dithering over her style- Fred's anime style, or Watsuki's anime style? Watsuki makes the most sense, obviously, but Fred Gallagher is the easiest, the one I've drawn her in, and the one I know best. Saito I can do Watsuki-style because I have a reference. My default setting for drawing anime is Megatokyo.

I was looking for Saito pictures online when I came across a Weiss Kreuz gallery and spent a while reminiscing. This is why I never thought of Kenshin as being very dark- my introduction to anime was WK. I am still an Aya fangirl. Heh- guess there's something about red hair, purple eyes, and a katana. But Flowers has a trenchcoat, which raises him a bit above Mr. Magenta Gi.

Watched the Saito-fight again. Kenshin has his hair down, his eyes are yellow, and he bounces off walls. Remind me again why Kaoru is upset?

Question, Laura: the subtitles translate "jou-chan" as "missie." How does that work? How respectful is it, anyway?

Also saw Shura again. I like her a lot. I also want her headpiece. For some reason she reminds me a little of Dominobi- something in her stance, I guess.

You know what else I saw? Naomi Shemer. There was one REALLY CREEPY number in which three REALLY CREEPY people went around the world. The one playing right now is the one where the army people wave around spoons. I like this song. I have no idea what it's about- something about knives- but there's one point where a guy in a mustache runs across, yelling "IT'S NOOOT YOOOOOOUUUUURS!" This comes right before the song about people in masks running around a room full of boxes. No, it doesn't make any sense in the context of the song. There's another song about a coat that knows how to fly. They call it "me'il she chaval al ha'z'man," which means "a coat that is just a waste of time."

So, I'm off to sketch some more. Until then, enjoy this picture of Sagara Sanosuke.

[Nevermind. The link died.]

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Why have the fanfiction writers not pounced on this like starving lions?

In other news, I'm actually starting to get into the holiday spirit despite school's best efforts to suppress it. I have a Spanish paper to write, calc homework, a bio lab, a packet of bio questions to answer, and a cartooning project, yet behold, I am happy!

I talked to Laura this morning. I got home today and ate noodles, and read Megatokyo, and it made me happy. LargoxErika ohman. And now I'm listening to Naomi Shemer, which is awesome- Yom Yom Chag- and on top of that, RotK is coming out soon. Now my sword just needs to arrive...

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It strikes me once again that words can be quite beautiful things, when utilized adeptly. Robert Frazer of the MT forums, a new author I've never heard of before, old favorite authors, both published and online... so nice. Words that twist and turn and roll and smirk. Phrases of falconry, clothing of the eighteenth century, simple songs.

My sister's coming home tonight. Yay.

"For the Lord protects his barbers, and he makes the stubble grow." -Man of La Mancha, "Barber's Song"

I like that phrase. It's a nice way of looking at the world. Why does fur grow on men's faces? Why, because the Lord is looking out for the barbers of the world.


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Er, it's from a song that I learned in some riding lesson or other. Janine would always play country music. Not my fault. And when I say "boys" I mean "girl," and when I say "girl" I mean me. But whatever.

I'M HOME!!!!!

I'm very happy about this fact. So happy that I baked a loaf of bread. But I fell asleep just as I was about to put it in the oven, and so Eema baked it for me when she woke up, and the crust is a bit overdone. Also, it didn't rise as much as it should have. But it's still good! Then this morning afternoon I went to Schulers and read part of Beast by Donna Jo Napoli, as well as the first book of Love Hina. A lot of people have compared Megatokyo to it, and so since I like Megatokyo, I thought I'd check out Love Hina as well. I'm not seeing similarity. I'm seeing contrived plot. Seriously. More plot devices and D.E.M.s than you can shake a stick at. But whatever, it's (shoujo?) manga, that's expected. Oh, and I also read the first book of CLAMP. Kinda random, plot's a bit slow, but it'll probably pick up later on. I saw the most beautiful copy of LotR in the Barnes and Noble on the way home! *squeal* Too bad it was kinda seventy-five dollars. He makes the company jump when he plays reville; he's the boogie-woogie bugle boy of company B...

Someone let me know when/where frisbee is. I just bought a new Nathan frisbee and am eager to play. I was doing pretty well at Credo. They called me D-girl (short for Defense-girl), but two nights ago they said I was "beastly," "malicious, and "ferocious." Also, maybe a week before that, "this girl's got sport!" I am most proud of this, especially of being called "beastly" twice in one game.

w00t. Ph33r teh sp0rt.

Anyways, call me, 'cause I'm home. Hooray.

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Then I need to go practice the stupid Handel. Grr. The buttons on my jacket sleeves are making annoying little clicking noises against the table as I type. I get the feeling sometimes that people here are trying to convert me. There are blue flowers outside the window though; they're pretty. And Megatokyo made me laugh today. There was Rent-a-Zilla. He always makes me laugh.

I miss home. I wonder if I can leave early? I want to go home... I don't want only two weeks before school... when am I going to write my fic exchange? Someone help me get ideas for that please.

Mrgh. I have to go.

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"Forget Occam's razor, this is Occam's double bladed Klingon battle Axe."
-Flybank, commenting on speculations as to how exactly a weapon as sophistocated as the Killtrunk missed.

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Person 1: ...blah blah blah, the greatest thing since sliced beer!
Person 2: Sliced... beer...?
Person 1: You know you want it.

(long discussion on how exactly you could get the physics of beer sliceable. Suggestions range from freezing it to adding powdered agar.)

Person 3: Sure, anyone can slice beer, but what's hard is making the cut so it doesn't let the fizz out.

People are so sophisticated when they're up late.

Person 4: Ah sliced beer. Nothing goes better with a can of pizza.

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That's a line from some song or other, but I can't place it. Anyway, I love summer so very much. So much time to spend with my friends and my boyfriend, reading or writing or drawing or just sitting around and putzing, but thinking mostly. And practicing, Carmen Fantasy and guitar. Listening to pretty music right now, a terribly funny song but it's such a lovely melody. A new shinyshiny cell phone, DC, Cedar Point, and now home. *happy sigh* Schuler's today. Met Ayano there, consequently got no reading done because we spent the whole time talking. Man, I've missed Ayano. I haven't gotten the chance to talk to her in forever, and she is so darn cool. I'm glad she's sticking around a bit longer.

Anyway, so I bought The Poisonwood Bible for AP English and volumes 1 and 2 of Megatokyo, which made me very happy. YAY MEGATOKYO. As Ayano commented, Fred "Piro" Gallagher is "such a fanboy," but whatever, that's just what his character is like, and it doesn't matter really because he is balanced by the wonderful insanity that is Largo. I printed off a picture of Pirogoeth or Piroko, one of my favorite characters, and I'm going to color it. Purty. I realized earlier that the relationship between the two main characters in a story I came up with in DC bears some resemblance to the one between Piroko and Largo. Actually, now that I think about it, they're not really all that similar. Meh, whatever.

Anyway, in DC, I was planning out the story as we were walking along the really long reflecting pool from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. (I was wearing my red shirt with the collar; Eema seemed to think this was important to the story somehow.) And, very randomly, some guy walking in the opposite direction just holds up a camera (disposable, so I know he wasn't some photographer taking street pictures for a class or something, and besides, if he had been, he'd know that he needed to ask my permission, if not give me money. I know, my sister's taken photography classes, and she always asks people's permission to take street pictures, and then pays them. She took a really lovely picture of these two homeless guys once. Er, tangent much?) and takes a picture of me. Says nothing. Just- *click,* walks on. Was a little bit unnerving.

He was cancelled out, though, by the Frisbee Guy that we met on the Metro. Some guy walked onto the train spinning a Nathan frisbee on the tip of his finger. I said "frisbee!" out of instinct. So what does he do? He throws it at me. We spend the rest of the train ride (and the wait at the station when changing trains) throwing the frisbee back and forth and talking. He was from Pennsylvania, and trying to get into Georgetown Law School (where Jocelyn is). He has a friend who goes to U of M, though.

What else interesting happened? Jason made an astute observation. "Mrs. Sherrill, it has not ceased raining all day." Thank you, we didn't notice. I was a bit annoyed that he kinda GOT US LOST IN DC, but he offered to carry me if I collapsed, so, er, I'm still bitter. I was appointed a Rat Overlord by Mark, since Greg and I invented Rat Music (Squeek chitter squeek mah homie!). We ate twice at a noodle store that I will someday kidnap. Good noodles there, really good noodles. The Museum of Natural History rocked as usual. I love that place. We also saw the space section of the Air and Space Museum, which really doesn't interest me at all, but Mark liked it, and anyway, we didn't spend too much time there. Saw all the monuments twice (and ended up with incredibly sore feet). We went to Union Station at one point, and I got to go to the Au Bon Pain there and remenisce to myself. Also checked out the bookstore across from it, and discovered that Gregory MacGuire has come out with a new book, based off of A Christmas Carol. That was nice. At one point we met up with the Sherrill's old neighbors and Mrs. Sherrill's good friend. Anyway, we were driving past the Japanese-American Memorial and she asked who knew about it. I, of course, could tell her the whole story, and she remarked how nice it was to find a young person who knows her history. I just looked over at the monument and thought "thank you, Blue Iris." Also, we all rode the carousel on the Mall twice. I *heart* that carousel so much. Mrs. Sherrill rode the Suehorse-Seahorse. I have a picture of that, but it came out all blurry. I also have a picture of the Washington Monument, Shuyu asleep on the Metro, the Ghetto Bear, and Ghetto Bear + Sara. At the hotel in Pennsylvania I went swimming. Paul was being a poopyhead (to steal Eyal's word) and wouldn't come along. Actually pretty much everyone was, the only people I managed to convince were Mark and Jason. In other news, Jason cannot swim.

Really though, I spent the majority of my time getting from point A to point B, by car, on foot, or riding the Metro.

I love the Metro so much, have I mentioned? Well, aside from getting abandoned on it last time, of course (so scary!). It's just cool and... yeah. Except for Jason just randomly telling his life's story to random strangers on it. Yeah. That was a fun night, in a way- we were all drunk on comradeship and sleep-deprivation and disorientation from wandering around the huge city with no idea of how to get home. We were just saying the craziest, often stupidest stuff, and laughing hysterically at everything. Doo- doo- doooo!*

*Er, not really drunk, you understand, just crazy enough that we seemed that way. Come on, it's US. We are... yeah. Not the type to get within six feet of alcohol, ever.

Yeah, there were lots of quotes, but they're all written down in Mrs. Sherrill's mapbook... I'll ask her if I can borrow it to transcribe them.

Then Paul took me to Cedar Point. That was lots of fun, and he rode the carousel three times. I rode it lots more, of course. Mark bought an alien hat with poseable antennae, so at one point I stole it and fixed them so that they spelled out "YO". Of course, once he put it on, I realized that it only said "YO" when viewed from the back; from the front it said "OY". Er, oops. I felt like Karen, with her K in the mirror. Dragster was down for repairs, but we went on pretty much everything else, including the Demon Drop. I discovered that that thing gets no less terrifying as you get older. Yaaah. Fun, though. There were these two guys who ended up standing behind us in line twice, which was kinda weird, but whatever. Paul and I discussed ideas for Beowulf Macbeth most of the day. We came up with some really nice stuff, too. Unfortunately, filming the next day kinda didn't happen.

The next day, I ended up biking all over creation, or at least Okemos. By which I mean, nobody was home to take me to my guitar lesson, so I biked to Melody's house, strapped her guitar to my back, and she biked with me to Mark's house in Tacoma Hills. My lesson went pretty well; I learned four chords, four chord progressions, and a scale. It might not seem like a lot, but please keep in mind that I'd never so much as touched a guitar before, so we had to start out with "this is a pick. This is a fret." I'm getting pretty good at it now, I think. I hope. Er. Right. Anyway. Then I biked home at breakneck speed, trying desperately to keep ahead of the rain, because I HAD A BORROWED GUITAR STILL STRAPPED TO MY BACK. I made it, in the end; there were a few drops as I pulled into my driveway, but the actual rain held off until I was inside, just like I'd been yelling at it to do the whole ride. My neighbors looked at me kinda funny. It was really exhausting though.

So basically, what with walking all over DC and Cedar Point and all that biking, my legs are really strong now. Of course, what with not doing anything at all today and yesterday and the day before, that's all negated, but whatever.

Well, I did have a lesson on Thursday. It went... er, I'm not going to say "well," because I'd only had two days to practice. But it wasn't too terrible. Er, actually, I'm going to die. CARMEN FANTASY. YAAAAAAAAA. So much fun, but so much impossibility... argh... *dies*

Then yesterday, Caitlin and I went to see Around the World in 80 Days. I'm not so sure how it got good reviews. It was entertaining, in a way, but left no impression on me. If you actually try to *think* about it, you just end up going "gee, that was incredibly stupid." So you just have to suspend disbelief REALLY WELL. But I liked that Phileas Fogg was a coward, and that even when he was being brave, he was still completely incompetent, and anything he did that was "heroic" was pretty much just accidental or sheer luck. It's nice to have protagonists like that every so often. Also... JOHN CLEESE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, in conclusion, here is an animation that someone has as their avatar on the Megatokyo forums that I thought was just incredibly cute, because I'm an idiot like that and just go "moving thingy!" and am hypnotized for the next five minutes or so.
Little Green-Haired Dancing Thinger

I guess this is a bad essay, because it didn't come full circle or anything. Whatever.



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