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Bread and water seems to be a recurring theme in Israeli music. As a positive thing, mostly-- "If I have a canteen/pitcher of water, and tasty bread, how could anything possibly be missing from my life?" "I always knew that you were as bread and I was as water, blah blah we belong together" etc.

Drove ten hours in the past twenty-four, preparing to spend the next twelve or so in the car, but at least I'll be the passenger and can just kick my feet up, so to speak.

This morning as I was preparing to go to Michigan, I went to check Schuler's website to make sure the Okemos store had Temeraire in stock, and the first thing that came up on the homepage was an announcement for a steampunky costume tea party at the Eastwood Plaza one. It was at one o'clock, so I snuck back into the room and grabbed my steampunky gear and totally made it on time. It turned out to actually be a book launch party for the sequel to a book I'd never heard of, but the authoress seemed cool and I enjoyed the live band's performance and the book sounded... interestingly macabre, so I bought a copy of the first one (on sale for $9, trade paperback) and got it signed. I think I babbled some incomprehensible nonsense at the authoress, but she was gracious and friendly anyway. To tell the truth my expectations for it are not the highest; it's a YA fantasy thing about a girl named Eden in love with a fallen angel named Az, which... well... yeah does not encourage me to have high expectations? But what the heck, for all that it's hard to find good ones, I actually really do like stories in which Some Sort of Evil Monster Falls in Love with a Human Chick and They Have to Try and Make it Work ("Him Having to Defend Her from Other Monsters" trope optional). I mean, the genre had a bad enough rap before Twilight came in and utterly decimated any of the (admittedly dubious) respect it might have gotten, but. You know. Whatever.

I dunno. I read an Aoshi/Misao story recently that has a lot of tropes that are usually my guilty-pleasure romance tropes, but I spent the entire thing being squicked and yelling at the characters that the manner in which they were behaving was not okay and no means no and give Misao back her fricking agency, dammit and stop making her feel bad for wanting some damn CHOICE in regards to her OWN LIFE and step OFF, Aoshi, GOD WHY IS EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS FIC ACTING LIKE THIS IS OKAY?

In conclusion I have no idea why sometimes skeevy things appeal to me and sometimes repulse me utterly.

I mean, I am going to read that book and then report back on how I found it.

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Well, not, y'know, starvingdead, but. Hungry.

Opera performances begin tomorrow night, after which I will never have to see Jimenez in a black t-shirt again. It's like seeing... I dunno, your commanding officer out of uniform, or something. Apparently wearing black t-shirts to opera dress rehearsals is A Thing He Does, but. Argh. Jimenez wears solid-colored button-down dress shirts, long-sleeved in winter and occasionally short-sleeved if it is warm enough, and dark slacks, and dress shoes, and a leather belt that matches his shoes, and a watch with a dark face, and a wedding ring with a free-spinning gold band in a silver setting. For concerts, he wears tuxes with bowties and small, subtle cufflinks. The dress shirts are always of a very lovely color, and always tucked in. This is what he wears, without fail, and when he walks into opera rehearsal and takes off the dress shirt and conducts in the black t-shirt that he wears underneath it, it does terrible things to my sense of normality, my security in the knowledge that one day will follow the next. It's terribly disturbing.

Another mildly disturbing thing is that today in rehearsal I was trying to get myself to remember to ask him after rehearsal about a possible misprint in measure 156 in Night on Bald Mountain, and so that I would not forget, working on the principle that a lesson learned in pain is not forgotten, I carved 156 into my skin just below the base of my thumb on my left hand with my fingernails. I did remember to ask him, and I was right, too (go me!), but I guess I must have carved a little too deep, because 1-5-6 is still visibly spelled out in red on my hand and it's creeping me out a little.

I am looking for the quote from some party or other, from me, about Shishio, that went something like "AND HIS CELLS CAN'T PERFORM MITOSIS AND HIS DNA CAN'T REPLICATE AND yes?" but I do not remember it word-for-word and wanted to look it up and couldn't find it. So a.) if someone could find that for me, I'd be much obliged to ye, and b.) if we haven't already, we should find a way to gather all of our quotes in one place. Quotes, egg chats, etc. It would be useful. Somehow.

My parents are back from Mexico. I have bought groceries. Disc one of Season 3 of TOS has a scratch on it that interferes with playback of the epsisodes The Paradise Syndrome and The Enterprise Incident, which is severely unfortunate, because they are two episodes that I like a lot. Yes, I know that The Paradise Syndrome is racist as heck, but Miramahnee breaks my heart in a way that no TOS Dame of the Hour has before or since. I shipped her and Kirok hard. It was the first episode of TOS that I saw in which I did not hate Kirk, way back when, and thus has a special place in my heart, and it is all due to the fact that Kirk honestly, truly loved Miramahnee and committed to her and married her and settled down with her and started a family with her and got to know her and fell more deeply in love with her over time and protected her with his life and fought against being told that he was anyone other than her husband, and even when he was restored to himself he loved her and was truly heartbroken when she and their child died, and the episode ended like that, on them together in her last moments, and on his grief, not with the typical flirty-Kirk/Spock-banter-on-the-bridge-warping-into-the-unknown that ends almost every other episode. Miramahnee was his wife. Edith Keeler didn't even come close, you guys.

Also Spock driving himself to exhaustion worrying over Kirk for three months. Awww.

Also The Enterprise Incident, because I like the Romulan Commander, and I genuinely spent the first half of the episode going WHAT WHAT WHAT because I'm bad at predicting shows, you guys, surprise twists *always* surprise me, and also this happens:
MCCOY: McCoy to bridge.
KIRK: Kirk here.
MCCOY: Get yourself down to sickbay, Jim, you're scheduled for surgery.
KIRK: What for?
MCCOY: What for? You've still got pointed ears, Jim, to get them back to normal!
KIRK: Um. I was kinda thinking maybe I could keep them-
KIRK: But I thought you'd like-
KIRK: You mean you really don't like the-
MCCOY: Ah, forget him, Jim, who would want to look like a Vulcan anyway?
KIRK: Fine. *shoots Spock a wounded look as he walks away, mournfully fingering one pointed eartip*
CHEKOV, SULU, AND UHURA: *valiantly attempt to stifle their laughter*
CHEKOV, SULU, AND UHURA: *fail to do so*

Anyway. Finishing up work, going home to get food.

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(Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see

Singing a song
Nothing but bluebirds
All day long

Never saw the sun
Shining so bright
Never saw things
Going so right

Noticing the days
Hurrying by
When you're in love
My, how they fly

Oh, blue days
All of them gone
Nothing but blue skies
From now on)

They are pretty much an exercise in frustration. Of the one that's been plagueing me for the past week or so, I have metaphorically crossed out "Meijers," because Meijers, bless them, are open 24/7. I have bought some workout clothing and also, a new saucepan. (saucepan! I love my new saucepan! I keep going over just to stare at it, all "look, look, that saucepan, it is mine!" because I'm kind of the weirdest dork you'd ever hope to meet. Saucepan! I cannot wait to use it on something! Perhaps I shall make sauce! Or hot chocolate!) And, of course, groceries. I must now avoid spending money for a while. No more pizza deliveries/coffee. I will justify the expense of a ticket to Avatar if I can manage to find the time to go again, or possibly Sherlock Holmes, because from the trailer it didn't look like it would be to my taste but I've been hearing some good things.

Orchestra was kind of long because I was drop-dead exhausted, the kind where I try to focus on the music and the page shivers before my eyes and I spend all my will trying not to drop off. It's not a fun feeling. Neither is sticking one's face in the drinking fountain in an attempt to make it go away. It's all... "great, now I can't keep my eyes open AND ALSO I HAVE BRAINFREEZE."

Mmmm, reading K/S and it is my favourite kind of guilty-pleasure romance, because I adore those stories about the churning hopelessness of love long unrequited, the endless silent utterly helpless wanting, the aching useless knowledge that everything you are and all the world beside would still be entirely unworthy and nothing will ever change that, where even if contrary to all sense of reason you are one day granted their love in return, it will still be a long lightheaded deliriousness of fearful uncertainly, of too long spent convincing yourself not to hope to override it all at once, the persistance of but surely this cannot be allowed. One of the hardest lessons to learn in this world, I always think, is that loving something doesn't make it yours; in more specifically human terms, that you can love someone enough to be willing to die in agony if it will guarantee them a pleasant day, and still they will owe you nothing. And I love- love, love, love- stories about that kind of relationship, with the caveat that IT HAS TO END HAPPILY, OKAY. There can be pain and pining and angst piling up forever and I do love it but only if they end up together and happy. There needs to be comfort to balance the hurt, otherwise I just sit there bitching out the authoress for hours and am forever bitter and traumatized. I'm looking at you, damn modern!AU Kenshin/Kaoru fic where they get caught trying to escape to their new lives and she has to steal his memories to save his life, and also you, Viktory fic I read my freshman year in college, AUGH that was such a bad idea to read when I was already so very deeply lonely. But then I find a fic like Time Enough where there's that scene where Jack is pleading with Ianto not to distance himself and Ianto's just like "dude, why do you think I gave you that key in the first place, HINT: IT IS NOT BECAUSE I DO NOT LOVE YOU" and I have read it like a billion times now, and In Human Hands is still a WIP and I can forsee no possible ending that ends well and I'm terrified but I'm still hoping, and this K/S fic is a WIP too so-

here's hoping.

Also I have groceries now! I love groceries! I just made spaghetti with my new spaghetti and my new DELICIOUS SPAGHETTI SAUCE that has DELICIOUS GLUTEN, because I couldn't justify buying actual tasty spaghetti sauce until the jar I had inherited from Tamar had run out, so FINALLY. I have new delicious spaghetti sauce and it has mushrooms (mushrooms!) and it's delicious, also, parmesahn cheese and spaghetti cooked to delicious and I LOVE FOOD.

Also milk and honey! And orange juice, and tortillas and cheese and new salsa because they still have not restocked lime salsa, so we will see how this green stuff works out.

Aaaaaand another sleep-deprived day. Gorramit.

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I think I have mentioned before that Edmund is a Magnificent Bastard and I adore him. But I just watched James Earl Jones's King Lear again and I would like to reiterate: that man is unapologetically evil, knows he's evil, takes full responsibility credit for his evil, is smart and clever enough to pull evil schemes off, is loved, is happy to be loved, fights to stay alive but when he's killed for being evil, accepts it as a hazard of being evil, and dies doing good, just kind of for kicks, because evil won't profit him at that point. I firmly believe that he and his two women are all happily creating havoc in Hell. With Shishio.

(and, of course, Rene Auberjoinois's Edgar is very pretty. You know, when he's, like, sane and clean and wearing clothes and stuff.)

There was a crazy evangelist a block away from work tonight as I left. Basic crazy evangelist fare- you're all going to hell, God judges you, God hates Catholics. It rather restored my faith in humanity to see so many people arguing with him.

You know, for the record, I don't think David saying he loved Jonathan more than woman meant that they were necessarily gay lovers. I always thought, well, yeah. David would never have seen a woman as an equal. Of course a relationship with an equal- with another man, a prince, a soldier- is going to be a deeper, more fulfilling one than any relationship with someone you see as being fundamentally inferior.

Of course, there's nothing saying they weren't. They were really quite remarkably close, dude.

The problem with me debating with evangelical Christians is that I am not very well-versed in Judaism. If you want to actually have a serious discussion about the Jewish people not accepting Jesus as the messiah, talk to a rabbi. Talk to someone in the yeshiva. Talk to someone who has actually studied the Tanakh. All I've got to bring to bear are a bunch of stories of King David, a few of Solomon, and some folk tales about poor, pious Jews living under various oppressive regimes. And Chelmites. Which are very entertaining, actually, so if you want to hear some just let me know, but they don't have a whole lot to do with Jesus.

Two-and-a-half-hour dress rehearsal at ten a.m. tomorrow morning. ******* ************* ********.

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Hey Paul- Sano's dour friend's name is Katsu. I looked it up.

Just got done with work, thought I'd drop y'all a line before I go home and get distracted by food/sleep/cat/paul.

Blue Lake was exceedingly hot, but good, and if I didn't flail with joy the whole time like I usually do, I at least fluttered contentedly, so that was good. Cherese was there, she of awesome who doesn't talk down to someone half her age, and Starbuck and Kasey were there too, and Kasey's friend Emma. Kasey says her name is Amelia, but of course I know better, even if I keep it to myself. (WE ARE AN AU OF BSG, GUYS. I KNOW.) I think Starbuck rather suspected me of being a Cylon. It is okay. One cannot be too careful, I guess.

Attended Mr. Dewey's fiddle class for like the first time ever. I told him it was because I had never known where to find the Jazz Bowl, but the truth of the matter is that when I was there as I camper I spent every other hour in one violin class or another, and the rest of the time was MINE and there was SO MUCH ELSE TO DO, like go to the art barn (I miss the art barn liek whoa you guys) and the pool (not so much the pool, that pool is frigid even by my standards) and loiter in the camp store (they don't carry cool stuff anymore, sad face) and climb all over the fallen tree (fallen tree of awesome!) and play with my friends (hurrah!) and just generally run around wild through the woods. If I had to practice, well FINE, but don't expect me to go fiddle on top of all that. And then, of course, there was the fact that we would stop at the library before we left and I would check out approx. 50 books and read them all over the course of the week. And then one year I brought along my art supplies and I drew Klandagi, and Ebony Tigress, and a white wolf whose name I have forgotten. But mostly I just read. Historical fiction and books set in the deep woods of Canada with bears and fantasy and yeah. And practiced if I felt that someone had challenged me. And wrote stories about cyclops and god's eyes.

But yes, his fiddle class was fun, and I made friends, including some budding entomologists.

Only one more episode to go of TNG:S2, which is HOLY COW AWESOME, and I have no idea how Paul & I survived that season at all. Oh wait yes I do, her name is Pulaski. I will miss her dearly. (I still ship her with Worf. I just think they would be good together. THEY SHARE TEA, YOU GUYS, AND HE RECITES KLINGON LOVE POETRY TO HER.)

I am terribly hungry. Was looking forward to seeing Eyal tonight. I think I need to look into using Ritalin at work, or something, because this is srsly out of hand.

Darlene (the new Romulus night driver) invariably comments that I am "burning the midnight oil" when she sees me here. I am starting to dislike that phrase.

Man I'm hungry.

Going home to cook some pasta. Variety? What's that?

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Pulling all-nighters, for me, is easier than not. The problem is pulling all-dayers. I spent the first half of symphony desperately trying to stay awake, and failing, which is panicky because I will startle awake in the middle of Marsalis' crazy original jazz composition that doesn't really take a violin's capabilities into account and realize that I nearly dropped my violin. !.

Read the webcomic Girl Genius, and do heartily recommend it to anyone. The beginning is a little hard to get past, but indeed worth it, and I genuinely like pretty much every single character, even the ones I was sure I wouldn't. I also laughed hysterically, a lot. It is a world run by mad scientists, or "sparks," and full of robots- "clanks." Also! Also! JAGERKIN, or Jagermonsters, or just Jager, and they are LOVE. They have hats, and Eastern European accents.

And started watching Dr. Who. Per Eyal's advice, I began with the 9th Doctor, and am enjoying it- and liking him- more than I expected to. I had only ever met the Doctor through Jack's reactions to him, which means I saw all the desperate loyalty, pining love, and bitter abandonment without ever seeing what had been done to deserve that level of devotion.

The next episode will have Jack in it, yey, but up 'til now it's all been Doctor/Rose. And I've heard a lot- a *lot*- of discussion and strong opinions as to what, exactly, the relationship between those two is. (Also a lot of very different opinions of Rose, that often seem to depend on how much they like Martha.) The two of them, it seems to me, practically fall in love at first sight, and it doesn't take very long for an extremely strong bond to be forged between the pair of them. They do seem to compliment each other quite nicely, I must say, and people argue and argue over whether it's platonic or not. Me personally, I sometimes find that sort of thing rather hard to compass, because I don't really *do* platonic/not platonic with people. If I love someone then I love them completely, and some level of attraction is going to be mixed up in that too. It might not be an important aspect of the relationship at all, but it's going to be there. So it's a little hard for me to imagine any sort of friendship where the parties involved have absolutely *no* attraction to each other, because for me, affection may not follow attraction but some attraction, at least, will always follow affection. that I've creeped you all out... I like the Doctor. I like how he cheers up at trouble, I like Rose, and I *hearted* the Dalek. I like Mickey, too, because he isn't macho and he's clingy and he pines away for Rose when she is gone, and also, he is just cute. I was terribly worried about him when he got eated by the rubbish bin. The show knows how to push the creepy buttons- the opening scene with the store mannekins? AWESOME. So perfect. Department store mannekins are creepy creepy things and they were utilized well. The zombies, too, in the Dickens episode were great looking. Zombies need to find the right balance of looking human and *other* to be scary, because if they're too lurchy and shambly and decomposing then they just look funny, and you have to give them enough weirdness to not just be humans gone braindead/brainhungry. Also, wtf, GWEN. And Simon Carrow, or whatever his name is (ETA: Simon Callow), I am convinced I must know him from something other than a very minor role in Shakespeare in Love which is the only movie I recognized in his profile on imdb because he looked so, so familiar, and I've only seen Shakespeare in Love once and was not too terribly impressed by anyone but Judi Dench, Geoffrey Rush and tiny!Ben Afflek. Because Shakespeare totally plagiarized all of R&J, so there. But TOSH, TOSH IS THERE, HOORAY TOSH, TOSH IS TOSH, PRITTY TOSH IS PRITTY. Tosh is post-morteming an alienified pig. Gwen- or, I should say, Eve Myles, did not annoy me in the slightest as Gwyneth. So it's not the actress I have issues with, apparently, but the character. (& her idiocy. but I digress.) I've heard a theory, and it seems to be accepted to a fairly wide degree, that Jack seems to want to make Gwen be for him what Rose was to the Doctor, was sort of looking for- Jack's taken a lot of hits, and he's lost so much of himself, and he's somehow settled upon the idea that someone like Rose will just come along and fix him, and then when Gwen comes along and wants to fix EVERYONE EVER, Jack just goes "hooray, you finally showed up!" and proceeds to try and shove her into that role, which makes much more sense than that he is interested in her romantically (though she probably wants him). Since I kept hearing Rose compared to Gwen, I was rather disinclined to like Rose too, so I suppose that either Dr Who is simply good enough to make me overcome my prejudices, or I'm better at keeping an open mind than I give myself credit for. When I have watched a bit farther I will be able to tell which it is. I believe I would be happy with the idea of Rose/Doctor being in love romantically. There are some friendships, such as McKay and Sheppard, Holmes and Watson, Neelix and Kes, Frodo and Sam, or Sirius and Remus(don't kill me), that I just really don't like to see shipped, there are some, like Janeway and Tuvok, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Karrde and Mara, Laurence and Roland, Crowley and Aziraphale, or Eliot and Olivia, that I can enjoy the shipping but will also equally enjoy their friendship and/or working relationship, and others- House/Wilson, Sano/Megumi, Bashir/O'Brian, Wolverine/Rogue, Doumeki/Watanuki, Kirk/Spock, Odo/Lwaxana, Parrish/Lorne, Jack/Ianto come to mind- that are IN LOVE, that BELONG TOGETHER, UNDENIABLY, WITH CAPS LOCK, AND I WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOU IF YOU SAY OTHERWISE, LA LA LA LA. Right now Rose and the Doctor are falling into the second category, which may change as I go on.

It is late, and I am hungry. l8rz, must work, go home, make food.

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Skipped orchestra to-day, which was extremely painful. I AM REALLY SORRY PROFESSOR DOCTOR MAESTRO JIMENEZ-SAMA.

Goal: attend Japanese tomorrow, for the first time in two weeks, and ace the lesson 6 quiz.
Problem: do not even know lesson 5.

So I just spent the past four straight hours slightly high on stimulants, studying lesson 5 vocabulary.

Have learned: nouns and i-adjectives (somewhere between thirty and forty words).
To do still: um, everything in the known universe.











I think I should share some of my mnemonics with you. You may find them amusing. But mostly it will just help me to remember.

samui - cold Cold like a harbor seal. Samui kind of sounds like sanguine, and there's some similar word for a stage covered in blood. I coldly survey the bloody stage. Also, poor samurai sleeping out in the cold.
tsumaranai - boring Tsuuu! Is the sound of someone shooting a ray gun at Mara Jade, who is nai, which means, not even there. "what a boring fight," thinks Mara. "what a lame opponent."
tanoshii - fun I am fairly sure that "tanoshii" is sung in ARASHI's "We can make it." Now there's a fun video. Age of sail jackets. And rainbows. (Oh ARASHI.) Also it kind of sounds like tam o' shanter, and those are fun to wear, and my Maid o' Glen Shea, who was probably pretty tan, since I think she was a shepherdess or something.
furui - old I had a hard time finding a good mnemonic for this one. Furui kind of sounds like "fury," which according to Darwin's Stupidhead Self-Proclaimed Successor was one of the oldest emotions. Furies are women from Greek Myths, which are old. Fuu, Rui, why are you still carrying around that old thing? Blowing (fuuuu) through a loop (the little curl in the tail of the letter ru) and EEE, (i) look! Bubbles come out! And bubble wands are among the oldest toys. Kids have been playing with those for millenia.
muzukashii - difficult A cow (moo/mu) in the zoo (zu) eating straw (kash) has a difficult life. Muzu kind of sounds like muzzy, and if your head is all muzzy like mine is right now you are going to have a very difficult (kashe) time. Muu, ze kashe!
yasashii - easy (problem), kind (person) This was the second-to-last one I learned and my brain was gone. I wrote down "yasashii... no problem. Ya, sashi. Sasha is kind, yasa_shi. Yeah, so, she. Yasashii is easy, or easygoing. Yas, a shi, a kind girl." But really all that it brings to mind is yams. And yams are soft. Which kind of mean the same thing.
omoshiroi - interesting I'm transcribing what I wrote down for this one, which kind of tells you what my brain is like during this. "oh, mosht interesting, oy. Omosh-iroi = almost ioroi, who is interesting. O, mosh he Roy... uh. O, mo! She roiled.
yasui - cheap, inexpensive Cold vegetables are cheap, and yasui is really yasai (vegetables) + samui (cold), even though samui is only for weather. Ya, sue he, because I am miserly. Yasui = asui, which means made, but we're pretending that it means homemade, which would make it cheap.
isogashii - busy (person/days) Isogashii = I so busy gashii! He so gashi busy? Isolated gashy... well you're going to be busy if there are gashes involved, even if they're isolated ones. Or insulated isogashii. Gosh, I/he so busy, gosh, he's busy...
atsui - hot This one I know from every single anime where someone burns themself. Because someone always does.
chiisai - small This one I know from a Kenshin fic in which Saito nicknamed Tokio "chiisai" because she was short. It was a terrible terrible fic. The characterization didn't make sense, and the modernization made it worse.
atarashii - new Atarashii sounds a little like ARASHI, my liking for whom is new, even though I am not fifteen. It also sounds like atama-rashi which means Rashi-head. Talmudic Scholar-Head! ...Well that's gotta be a new one.
ookii - large OOKII. Like OBTUSE. Oh... ki... Ohhh! Kiii! Magnesium! Which is pretty big. Actually it's only about 24.31 g/mol, but we can pretend.
kowai - scary This was one of my first Japanese words. Because John mean to call me scary, and he called me cute instead, and I laughed at him. We were standing by the pool table in Mike's basement at the Quiz Bowl Party. That was the day we watched Life of Brian, but John went home before that.

kitte - postage stamp Kitte = kitten. There is a scene in Socks by Judy Blume in which, to stop a family with evil small children from adopting Socks, the boy shoves him in a mailbox. The girl freaks out, and then the mailman comes, and she begs him not to take the kitten, and the postman is like "don't worry, he doesn't have a stamp."
kippu - ticket Kippu = kip. To kip, to bed down. "This field-bed is too cold for me to sleep." Buy a ticket for the subway or the ship so that you may go home to your truckle-bed.
umi - sea Picked this up from anime somewhere along the way.
saafin - surfing I'd so better not need a mnemonic for this one.
shukudai - homework Picked up from the fact that we use it in class all the time.
tabemono - food Ed in Cowboy Bebop (episode: Mushroom Samba) singing "Tabemono, tabemono, arimasu ka? Aa desu ka? Arimasu ka?"
tanjoubi - birthday Picked up from anime.
tesuto - test Is even worse than surfing.
tenki - weather Ten = heaven, ki = spirit, so this is obviously the state of the sky.
nomimono - drink Nomi from the verb "to drink," which I used on TLAPD: "Iie, sake o nomimasen. Rum o nomimasu!" And mono from tabemono. Because taberu = to eat.
hagaki - postcard Here is a postcard. On the front is a picture of Macbeth confronting the three witches. One of them is saying "kiiii!" at Macbeth, who is not really sure what to do about it. "Hagaki!" Shrieks the witch. Her sisters fall about laughing.
basu - bus Um, yes.
heya - room Picked up from Hana Yori Dango. Main Character wanders around going "which room is hers?"
boku - I Picked up from anime and from Calger, who has a website with The 100 Most Useful Phrases For Watching Anime, and spends a paragraph explaining the more common first-person pronouns.
yasumi - holiday/day off/absence Oyasumi nasai = goodnight, so it probably has to do with resting. The O is probably to make it something like "honorable goodnight."
hikouki - airplane Hiko Seijuro's ki, flying around in a private jet because he's just that cool. Also, hi KOU ki! Is a birdcall. Possibly for a messenger pigeon. because they are equivalent to airplanes. Duh.
ryokou - travel A ryo is a unit of money, right? How far will one ryo get you? (Probably not very far.) Kou is, once again, a birdcall. So if a ryo is a unit of money, let us say that 1 ryo = 1 guilder. And Rosencrantz makes birdcalls. So! We have now Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Who were sent for. That's why they're here. (Looks around doubtfully) Travelling.

Yes, I know that Guildenstern has nothing to do with guilders. It actually means 'golden star.'
(And Rosencrantz is a wreath or crown of roses.)

And now off to study again... sdfankdgnngngn;ioj Leora dies. Eheu.

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...I think I may have a slight umbrella fetish. O.o

I'm also becoming a shameless slasher, oh it's true, but Doumeki/Watanuki is actually canon so it's okay, or so I keep telling myself. If you like xxxholic than follow this link because CELL PHONES. It made me laugh. A lot.

I also read The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey. I must admit, I was somewhat disappointed. She's supposed to be such a good author, so I guess this is just one of her worse books. I also don't think her editor was paying very close attention, as there were several instances of weird redundancy and repetition.

Also the boys must NEVER find out (shhh!) how much Star Trek I have been watching. I feel as though I am failing in my Prime Directive, and then I die and go "I shouldn't even know what the heck a Prime Directive IS" but then I go, "man, what a pathetic prime directive." I feel as though I am getting some of my own back, however, by treating the entire canon with immense irreverence, and I really must post my updated DS9 loveweb because it is such a thing of beauty.

Garak has such a sweet if seldom seen smile, for all that I enjoy his innocent face. I didn't want to like Garak because I was looking for BOB slash and all I could find was Bashir/Garak. I still say Bashir/O'Brian is my otp, but Julian wants Garak so bad hahahaha. I choose to believe that Odo eventually married Luxana and is Deanna Troi's dead father, because the scene where Luxana falls asleep in Odo's lap and he transformes his lap into a pillow and his hand on her shoulder into a blanket is unbearably cute. (BTW- Chris, I see you reaching for the reply button. I see you. Yes, I do, nevermind how. STOP IT. You too Paul, though I think you know better than Chris does that you should never disillusion the Leora. I mean it, Chris, don't tell me. Just don't. I will keep my fantasies.) Also I don't think he should love Major Kira. I don't see why anyone loves Major Kira, let alone EVERYONE, but for some reason they all do. Also she is HAVING O'BRIAN AND KEIKO'S BABY WTF.

Luxana: Odo, don't end up pregnant and on the run.
Odo: Um, I'll try.

Garak: So, you have a thing for bajorans, right?
Odo: No, not really, I- AUGH! *barely manages to catch the blond bajoran shibi that Garak abruptly throws at him*
Blond Bajoran Shibi: Hey, baby, hey, baby, you so fine, baby!
Odo: oro!
Blond Bajoran Shibi: Come up and see me sometime, sugar. *shimmies out*
Garak: Dude! Why'd you let her get away?
Odo: And you wonder why I hate you so.
Garak: *innocent face*

I feel so terrible about my need to write Bashir/O'Brian fic. I should have more sense than that. But, DUDE.

Quark is supposed to be funny but he's just annoying. I liked the scene where Garak "killed" him. That was lovely. So nice to see Garak in killing action, and so nice to see Quark killed. I mean... uh. I just like Garak, more than I should, because... "I was a gardener."

I have been writing O'Brian-in-make-believe-prison-with-Ijar-with-overtones-of-Bashir/O'Brian-slash almost involuntarily in my head, because poor O'Brian! And augh!

Why do I talk about Star Trek? I didn't want to. I suppose it's because I have no one with whom I can talk about it in person. I can squee over the beautiful love that is Doumeki/Watanuki with Jessica- Doumeki breaks my heart, by the way- not as much as Pellaeon, of course, but still he does. Watanuki, tell him you love him back already.

Saw all of Yami no Matsue. DEMON VIOLIN, that is all I have to say. Well no it's not, but I tried. Oriya/Muraki forever, and I like Muraki more than I should, and I'd like to blame that on Jessica. Certainly she influenced it, but in my secret heart I know I love teh Evil. That and the good characters are too angsty for me. It's like, don't struggle with your demonic nature. Enjoy it. Look at Muraki. He knows he's evil, and yet he enjoys life. Eh. YnM did not catch my interest so much. I just like that there was DEVIL VIOLIN THAT WOULD SUCK OUT YOUR SOUL but first it would make you play really, really well.

Been sekritly reading a trashy sci-fi novel called In Fury Born, which pretty much tells you all I never wanted you to know about my reading material.

Got sidetracked in the library today by X-Men: Golgotha, but that's totally NOT MY FAULT. If Milligan is going to draw a cover with Logan and Rogue kissing passionately on it, then I am going to get distracted and there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it. If I ever see that book in a bookstore I'm buying it, then I'm posting comic scans on because. Yeah. Rogan. *buries face in her hands* It's Sess/Rin and Aoshi/Misao and Logan/Rogue and I'm a terrible person.

Speaking of the illustrious Sesshoumaru, so far Doumeki has made at least two Sess-faces. 'S great.

I like how Doumeki instantly became so much sexier as soon as Jessica and I realized that he was left-handed. Left-handed men are so hot!

Of course, the moment that *I* fell in love with him was when he turned to Watanuki and said simply in his deep, deadpan voice, "Ahou." Rrowr.

There is a cellist in my orchestra who always puts me in mind of a Shakespearean fairy. She is what Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream describes. Before orchestra one day she was lying on the sofa in the music building, on her back, feet together, hands folded serenely below her breast, peasant skirt flowing over the side of the cushion, lacy blouse looking all ethereal, hair flowing like the skirt, lips painted bright red, you get the gorram picture. She looked exactly like a dead girl from a fairy tale, and literally the entire string section was sitting around trying to decide which one. I voted for the Lady of Shalott.

Our first chair cellist, however, is a shvitzer. He is full of himself and I do not like him. Grr. Shibi.

I want to carve pumpkins this weekend, but nobody wants to carve them with me. Maybe Tamari will. I also want to see the fall play at OHS, and I have a feeling I'll end up going alone. Oh well. So it goes.
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This is pretty:

"...who still remained the stuff of nightmares among those who kept old secrets..."

And this made me laugh despite my efforts:

"My cousin recently obtained a parrot. A very red parrot. What did she name her parrot, you ask? What, you didn’t ask? Well fine, you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

The parrot’s name is Swordheart of the Red Village. I kid you not. My baka itoko named her very crimson parrot Swordheart of the Red Village. And so far the Rurounified birdie has mastered saying "Oro," and now Filly is working on teaching him to say "Ryu-tsui-sen." I suppose I have no one to blame for this other than myself, since it was I who led my siblinglike relative into my RuroKen addiction, but I’m not exactly looking forward to explaining it to any visitors when Swordheart is shrieking, "This unworthy one wants a cracker!" from his perch.

That I am yet sane is a credit to my mental fortitude."

This particular authoress, Krysalis, has quite the penchant for torturing her characters. My first encounter with the author was through her story Mindsifter, which tortures Kenshin absolutely mercilessly. It's shown up on several different favorites list of authors I like, though so far, not on mine. Kenshin gets kidnapped, trapped in the Labyrinth of Minotaur fame, and mindfucked repeatedly by some cursed descendants of Icarus and Daedalus. It's actually not an AU. It's an interesting read, and I rather like the idea of a berserker Kaoru, but it's not one of the most impressive fics out there.

I came across a short AU story called Ubiquitous on someone's list that wasn't bad (there was some relatively mild Kenshin-torture), and checked out the author page and was like "Oh, it's you." Read a Sano-Returns WIP called Two Hawks Flying, which is mostly Sano-torture but includes some rather nasty Yahiko-torture as well near the end. The latest chapter is a friendly little cliffhanger where Yahiko gets caught in a freaking BEAR TRAP. Also Sano had been engaged to a girl in China, which I was a little bitter about but I will get over, because she's dead, just like I was able to forgive Sayo because I knew from the very beginning that she was DOOOMED. Poor Sayo. Shouldn't have tried to take the rooster away from the fox, man.

If you're looking for Kenshin-torture, Nekotsuki has some fun with our poor rurouni in Tanabata Jasmine, where, if I recall, he is repeatedly drugged. And shot. And probably stabbed. However, he beats up a lot of people using Kaoru's tofu bucket, so it's okay. She also nearly drowns and freezes him in Snowblind, but I will forgive her anything for writing a multi-chapter battle between Kenshin, Saito, and the elements. Saito is respectably portrayed as a warrior, and as the awesome wolf we know and love, and the notorious difficulty in engagingly depicting action sequences is skillfully managed.

Now that I have reached my quota of adverbs for the day, I will announce that the ultimate champion of Kenshin-torure is, hands down, xZig-zagx of Amber-Eyed Angel. I must say that I didn't really like that story, although a lot of people did, and she has the fanart to prove it. The torture is just a little too brutal, the backgrounds a little too angsty, the kid's name is Neko, for crying out loud, and she made Saito evil, the last being a slight that I will not forgive. It's just... kind of overkill, really. Points must be given, though, for knowing that not all injuries can be recovered from, and actually having the guts to permanently cripple her OFC. (I see the looks on your faces at the mention of an OFC. You can relax. She's only five years old.) Points subtracted for giving the girl another angst. "She'll never run again!" *angst angst* Yes, I know, but I'm not just being mean- I was sick of Neko angst by that point, even if she had good reason. I should probably read the sequel at some point, since it wasn't finished the last time I did.

It should be mentioned that I may have been slightly biased from the beginning when I clicked on a story talking about an amber-eyed hero to find that it was not actually about Saito. Then to have Saito evil, well, it would have had to be very good to redeem itself in my eyes.

Kenshin mental-torture is fair game 4eva, of course, do not get me wrong. But the physical torture of Kenshin, yeah, you can definitely go overboard, so, my dear fangirls, be careful.


Bad mood

Feb. 11th, 2006 11:13 pm
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All right, this is going to be just one long entry of Leora complaining and kvetching and being generally whiny, and annoying.

Yeah? You're still reading? Then I'm going to let loose, my friend, and you cannot say I didn't warn you.

Seriously, turn back now. I won't think any less of you for not reading my whining whiny-ness.

I don't even feel like going into all the reasons for my mood, and yes, they are numerous, ranging from the mundane of "I am so **** frustrated with my not ever getting anything done, ever," to more not-real, such as good books in which I come to care about the characters end depressingly, to more profound "nothing gold can stay" in general state of the world.

That one story with Julia singing the chicken soup song that I read a while ago said something to the extent of, if you ever find a moment when you can look around and think "I am truly happy, right now," then you can just mark that moment as the beginning of the end.

Which is a horrible way of looking at things, admittedly, but that doesn't make it any less true.

I want to be happy. Ha ha ha, no, that's not even right. I want to- I don't even KNOW what I want right now, all I know is that I WANT, and I want so much that it is painful.

Mmm. On a tangent, I think I understand why some guys hate women. (what a weird way to put it! That's not what I meant.) What I meant was, the concept of a... minx. Yes, a minx, a fox, whatever. Like Yo-Saff-Bridge in Firefly, exactly like her. The sort of woman who is stunningly beautiful and knows the exact things to say and do to make whoever she wants fall in love with her, and inside she is laughing at him because she doesn't care one fig for him, but she knows that she means the world to him, or at least the woman he thinks she is means the world to him. And then she breaks his heart and walks away without a care to find her next unsuspecting victim, and he's just left there looking at all the pieces of his heart strewn about and is angsty and stuff.


Because they KNOW how well they can write, how beautiful their words, how poor, gullible people like me cannot help being drawn into the story and CARING so terribly much about the characters and the story and their lives, and wanting so desperately much for them to be alright, they have this wonderful talent and they could be using it for so much good and they use it ONLY FOR EVIL, first they draw me in and I fall in love with these characters and then they do horrible tortury things to them and I am so helpless or maybe they even make it look like everything's going to turn out fine, but then they have to go and kill them off or break their hearts or just be nasty and then say, "Ha ha, THE END, everyone's dead or otherwise unhappy" and then I cry. I cry bitter tears.


YES I KNOW am I absolutely certifiable, go away world. *curls up into a little ball of miserable!Leora*

(Also I promise you all I'll be better in the morning, so don't waste energy worrying over me.)

Eru, I miss you all.
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"She looks like she's wearing one of those flimsy, gauzy, hippy-ish blouses that is typically worn with either jeans, or one of those long, wrinkly bohemian skirts. In solid colors sometimes, though usually in paisely or some other mind-bending array of patterns.

Elite Owl's eBay link looks like a pretty faithful representation. I couldn't give a name to what I am describing if my life depended on it.

My ex had one in tan that was so see-through you could... that her... it was a great top.

I'll be in my bunk."

Shoujo manga and Firefly... who ever thought those two would mix?

Also, I was looking at manga at Schuler's the other day and was very bitter at a Shinsengumi shoujo manga thinger. I mean, I don't claim to know anything about Japanese history at all, but this sort of historical fan-wank is just downright disrespectful. These people were soldiers, and considered (according to the few sources I've read) to be among the greatest group of swordsmen Japan had ever seen. Yes, they were human, but they weren't clowns. If I were the ghost of a Shinsengumi member I would haunt the manga-ka. Haunt haunt haunt.

Mmm, I'd like to be a snake. I think that would be nice.

There was a snake in my dream though. It bit me and my mother and six other people and I had to call 911 and talk on speakerphone because I couldn't control my arms anymore. It was really scary. Also I got a puppy. (in my dream.) And I was a son of the Stark house and we lived in a house made of Duplo blocks stacked up really high to make a really precarious bridge above this huge chasm. And then I was that girl from Oklahoma and Curly or whatever his name is was bidding against Jed (can't forget his name, ever, because it was given to him to rhyme with "dead") for my picnic basket, and then I was Hermione at the Yule Ball with Viktor Krum, and I was trying to avoid Jesse Shields. Mr. Fountain said hello and asked the name of my puppy, and I walked in circles around my garage until I rememberd "Jared." And then the Skeksies from the Dark Crystal walked in and yowled at me but I yowled back.

A much more entertaining dream than I've been having lately. I thoroughly enjoyed it, except for the poisonous wooden snake in the MSU agricultural center.

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Of course, it's from the perspective of Spike Spiegel, but this is *exactly* why I will never watch the last few episodes of Bebop. Or Kenshin. And I never intended to watch the entire last disc of Firefly, either, but I caved on that because I remembered that the show had been cancelled so the writers had never given it a proper ending.

"But that wasn't what kept him from killing Vicious that night. He was not afraid to kill and he did not fear death. But there was one thing in this world that did scare Spike. There was one thing that shook him to his seemingly unflappable core. Spike Spiegel feared closure.

Spike was a purgatory kind of guy. He loved limbo and the lack of definition that came with it. He wasn't comfortable with committing himself fully to black or white, but he appreciated the gray, that hazy place between the rock and the hard place where his dreams weren't dead and gone but simply unrealized. It was the place where he had a future.

He just didn't know what it was.

And he loved not knowing. He thrived on not knowing. Because the second he knew for sure, than the story of his past would be over. His best friend would have turned on him, his lover would have deserted him and he himself would have abandoned the very people he cared for. If he cut his ties than the story would be finished. And he did not care for the ending.

So he clung to the What If's and the If Only's like a lifeline. He kept his past meandering about, waiting to strike whenever he got comfortable. He needed that uncertainty. He needed to keep it alive, gasping for breath on some sort of mental Euthanasia, because it was too much of himself to surrender.

Vicious, he knew, felt the same. He knew it because Vicious showed up tonight and he knew it because Spike himself was still breathing. He knew it because they were friends, and what are allies, really, then two men with a common enemy?"

Also, from the same story, during a flashback scene. I really really like this authoress, have I mentioned that? Despite the fact that she keeps putting song lyrics in her stories when they're not part of the story. If the characters can hear the song, fine, put it in, but not just for the readers. Still, at one point she had Julia sing the Chicken Soup Song, so I love her forever now.

"I think I've got some brains on my shirt," Spike suddenly noticed, obviously grossed out. "That just isn't right," he sighed as he tried to flick some sort of goo off his person without betraying his cool exterior.

"Merry Christmas," Julia suddenly blurted out, pulling a small package out of her jacket. Spike just looked at her like she had nine heads. "Sorry," she said sheepishly. "I meant to segue into that gracefully but the mention of gray matter officially killed all hope of that."

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So I was looking up my chem group on facebook and on Melissa's wall, her friends kept calling her "Missy-" a nickname for "Melissa," I guess. But that's not what I thought when I saw "missy." Oh, no. What came to my mind was "jou-chan."

And this is sparkly:

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From the same source as the soup quote:

"Kaoru woke up the next morning from a very confusing dream in which a fox with [Megumi's] face had run up and down the trunk of a tree whose roots were made of bones. Yahiko had been juggling teacups, with tea in them, and stridently insisting that he was old enough now to decide if he wanted milk or a lemon slice without any help from the cat. Sano and Katsu were playing badminton with a set of shuttlecocks that Katsu kept insisting were meant for personal defense only. Mr. Fujita, who was supposed to be refereeing the match, was reading a set of encyclopedias in an attempt to find a name for his sword, which glittered with blue sparks along the blade as it lay next to a half-eaten bowl of soba that Kaoru was sure she hadn't cooked. Crows- unless they were ravens- circled overhead, quoting poetry in harsh voices. She knew that there was something important that she was supposed to do, but when she turned around to look at her list, Kenshin, who was sitting cross-legged in a patch of bluebells the colors of his eyes, was making corrections to it with a red pen and wouldn't give it back. When Kaoru had tried to get Megumi to help her, she'd simply flicked fox-ears at her and hidden in the branches, where she'd started making a noise like an alarm clock..."



Oct. 17th, 2005 04:11 pm
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So who doesn't want to go to chemistry? Leora doesn't want to go to Chemistry! Yay!

Coty says hello, all. I'm in the process of recording some of my CDs to my new laptop. I really miss the extensive music collection I had built up on my old computer, and wish that I knew a way to transfer the ones that aren't on CDs.

reading some Kenshin fanfics; read too much of one before its stupidity chased me away. Really, tense changes were never an error you encounter much. Most people don't have too much of a problem with that, because if you write the way you talk, hopefully you don't change tense like that. I'd never really noticed how incredibly jarring it can be. I also read a Saito fic in Spanish, which made me very happy. Apparently I have not forgotten as much of that language as I have feared.

Yesterday I tried to tell Melody "don't worry" in Spanish (no te preocupes), and what came to mind was the Japanese "shinpai na," or something to that effect. I'm sure it's incorrect Japanese, but still, weird. It's "al tidaagi" in Hebrew, or "al tiidog." (femenine and masculine. Although once again, I could be wrong. And then I would be humiliated, because I'm supposed to know Hebrew.)

Chemistry was nice today. It made me nostalgic for high school.

I miss high school.

That's how you know college sucks.

Anyway, the Germans arrive today. My parents have been making lots of changes around the house, which I don't really like, but I guess I'll survive. The kitchen table and green flower dishes are to become mine when I have a house of my own, so at least I know they're not gone forever.

In just a little more than an hour, I will see Eyal and Katie again! Hooray, hooray!

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This is hysterical.

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Inuyasha Shishio is complete. Complete with BLOOPER REEL YES. ODE funniest thing since... since... Monty Python? I don't know.

I wish Eema would go to sleep already.

Frisbee today was pretty good, though I did badly. I enjoyed playing catch with John afterwards, though again I did badly. Also ran into a thorn bush and got my legs all scratched up. But I caught the frisbee.

I'm off to bake cookies.



Jul. 6th, 2005 11:23 pm
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So today was a pretty good day. I watched Shishio in the morning, read and practiced in the afternoon, and went to frisbee at six o'clock. It was a good game again today. I didn't do anything spectacular, but I played a lot. I caught one after Julian had knocked it aside. I was proud of that. There were Indian boys playing cricket. We didn't run into them though. They stole Russell and Jimsky. Grr.

After frisbee I was really thirsty, so I went to Paul's house and got a drink of water. Talked to his mother for a while. Then I saw Eyal and her family, and we played catch and looked at pretty shiny earrings and went out for dinner at Panera's and read over the Theseus Play. We also discussed what it would be like to have a civilization of headlice living on your head. In short, it would be interesting.

A good day.

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Aba and Safta got home from Israel today, bearing stories and a new Hebrew CD. Today I also drove by myself for the first time, to Nature's Scoop and back. It was fairly uneventful- some stupid people decide that crosswalks are for sissies, but whatever. Also I finally got Tamari to watch another episode of Kenshin. At this rate she'll never get to anything good. Last night we saw The Twilight Samurai though, which is awesome. Already I'm missing Paul; I think it's been at least two or three weeks since I went for a whole day without seeing him. Er, I mean, I'm not clingy and pathetic. Anyway. Latest Megatokyo is funny. Hooray hooray for Kimiko!

Mmm. I'm just feeling melancholy tonight. Lonely, bored, irritable, and I don't want to write thank-you cards or work on my class schedule for orientation on Tuesday. *sighs* I need to get off my rear and do something, I guess. Here's hoping everyone else in the house goes to sleep soon, I like it best in the quiet hours of the night.



Jun. 25th, 2005 09:37 am
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The Lord's Prayer... in 1337.

0uRz pH4TH3r, WHo 0wnZ hE4v3N, j00 r0CK! m4y 4LL 0uR b@s3 B3 B3l0ng t0 Y0u! m@Y J00 0WN 34r+h ju$t l1k3 j00 0WN h34V3n. 9ive u5 +hi5 d4y 0UR w@r3z, mp3z, 4nd pr0N 4ND cu+ |_|s 50m3 sL4Ck wh3n w3 4CT l1K3 N00b l@M3Rz, JU5+ 4s w3 +eACh n00BZ wH3N TH3Y aC+ l@M3 oN U5. pL34$E dOn't g1Ve u5 r00t 4cc3ss 0n 50m3 p00R d00d'z b0x wH3n we'r3 t00 p1$$3d 0ff t0 tH1nK 4B0u+ WH4T'$ ri9HT @Nd wr0ng, 4nd 1f J00 c0uLD k33p tH3 FB1 0ff 0uR B4CK5, w3'D 4ppr3c14+3 1t. f03 J00 0wnz r00+ 0n 4ll 0ur b0x35 43v3R @nd 3V3r, 4m3n.


In other news... GOOSENGUMI!



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