Jul. 1st, 2015 10:27 pm
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you know, the rise of spell check— and the coming of age of the first generation who were able to have had access to it during their childhood— has, I feel like, eliminated a shitton of common spelling errors that I used to see all the time; on the other hand, it’s just replaced that with endless misused homonyms. Especially ones that seem like they’d make logical sense, if one isn’t familiar with the etymology. I practically learned to read on horse books, so "free reign" looks eye-twitchingly wrong to me, but it looks reasonable to anyone whose default assumption isn’t "all human experience is about horses." Having someone "in your sites" looks right if you’re not thinking about sighting down a rifle or whatever.

and they bug me, because I’ve got prescriptivist instincts for all that I’ve tried to retrain them. but at the same time, I like how it shows that people haven’t changed, really. We’ve got different tools, but we’re not any smarter or better at learning how to write.
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Richard II is a play about a clique of sociopathic teenagers (who honestly love and care about each other) being really upset that people won't let them be evil sociopathic dicks to everyone else.

That's it. Also there's some BS about divine right and a fuckton of the prettiest language you ever did see. Mostly from Richard, who fucking adores the sound of his own voice saying pretty words.

It's super-hard to be Henry Bolingbroke, in conclusion.

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I keep wanting to write Thor and Loki addressing people as "sirrah" and using thou

I mean, on the one hand, I can't even imagine how much awful there would be in fanfic if Asgardians actually got translation-convention'd as using Shakespearean English

So I'm grateful for that

But! Loki calling people sirrah! Who wouldn't want that?


Oh come on

May. 10th, 2012 09:31 pm
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Look, the thing is, I don't even consider myself all that good at Early Modern English. Really. I like Shakespeare, but when it comes down to it, I haven't read all that many of his plays, I haven't seen more than two-thirds of them, and I've never made a study of his language. I failed out of Malory's Morte d'Arthur pretty early. I would have failed out of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales even earlier were the entire prologue-y thing not required reading. Yes I can usually conjugate verbs to agree with thou pretty smoothly, but I'm not always that confident about it.

But I really-- sometimes I just do not understand how people don't know words like these. I mean, these are not ancient obscure words that have faded from the modern lexicon, these are just words. I learned them from reading books and fanfics. I would not think it terribly strange if someone in my peer group said them in conversation. I mean, yes, my friends tend to be pretty well-read people, but. Come on. If you are surprised that I know these words, I am going to feel like you're insulting my intelligence.

Hey mainstream media: please stop insulting my intelligence.

Man, I am so bitchy in this journal lately, I'm sorry. In other news I feel less like I am getting sick now that I slept, and ate very nearly an entire medium pizza all by myself. I'm going up to Michigan tonight or tomorrow, depending on how things go (tomorrow is more likely), and am going to be there for at least a fortnight. May or may not be going to the Ancestral Home of Ely for Memorial Day Weekend, whenever that is, for Paul's Safta's birthday. Planning to see the Avengers movie with Eyal in MI, and then I will be able to surf the internet with impunity again.

I am trying not to get my expectations up too high. Movies are sometimes tough to watch when you're unabashedly on the villain's side. This is supposed to be avoidable in superhero flicks because those don't usually go for, you know, character depth, but then Kenneth Branagh came along and well. He does go for that sort of thing, actually. (Though not as much as-- well, he and I often disagree on interpretations of character, and, uh, interpretations in general, and-- well-- oh Kenneth Branagh. I heart him so.)

I need to get my hands on a copy of his Henry V and show it to Paul; Paul will adore his performance in that. Oooo speaking of Henry V, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5lhfKUFNN8. God for Harry, England, and Saint George.

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You remember how Spanish is not a real language, and apparently neither is Quechua? Oh man neither is Yiddish. At all. It sounds like an English speaker with a Russian accent trying to speak German but substituting in occasional Hebrew words and hoping no one will notice.

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True story: while I was sweeping the kitchen, I still had my hair only up in a half-ponytail. At one point, I turned around quickly and caught a glimpse in the corner of my eye of a dark fuzzy mass darting out of sight, and freaked out because I was certain that a cat had somehow found its way inside.

Ahahaha. Then I put my hair up.

It was down because I'd been at the synagogue for Simchat Torah, and so I was dressed up. It was approx. eleven metric tonnes of fun, and there was singing and dancing and I carried a Torah for one of the circles. And then I went again the next morning, but there were only nine of us and so we could not sing and dance, which made me very sad, but it was still fun. Vayi erev vayi boker yom shlishi.

I am leaving for Michigan within a few hours, and will be back hopefully before Halloween.

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It strikes me once again that words can be quite beautiful things, when utilized adeptly. Robert Frazer of the MT forums, a new ff.net author I've never heard of before, old favorite authors, both published and online... so nice. Words that twist and turn and roll and smirk. Phrases of falconry, clothing of the eighteenth century, simple songs.

My sister's coming home tonight. Yay.

"For the Lord protects his barbers, and he makes the stubble grow." -Man of La Mancha, "Barber's Song"

I like that phrase. It's a nice way of looking at the world. Why does fur grow on men's faces? Why, because the Lord is looking out for the barbers of the world.




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