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#I am eternally sad that a lot of my favorite characters would never ever in a million years be friends if they met

#like: Loki will never be friends with anybody

#Vimes will never be friends with kings

#Marcone will not be friends with anybody not loyal to either him or Chicago

#(or willing to help him help realize his plans for Chicago)

#(with a very clear well-laid-out bargain of exactly what they will want in return)

#(and that being something he is willing to pay)

#Thorin will not be friends with anyone not a dwarf of Erebor

#unless they prove beyond doubt that they have decided to throw in their lot with the dwarves of Erebor and share their danger

#and also not go against his decisions when he decides things in his capacity as King

#Temeraire might be friends with a great many people but Lawrence won't if they're against England in the war

#and Temeraire won't for Lawrence's sake

#Roy Mustang is perfectly willing to be friendly but he is also very done with fighting for someone else's goals

#and a lot of the others won't be friends with him if he won't fight for their goals

#Scar will not be friends with anyone but other Ishbalans and May Chang

#because he fights for his people

#and if you're not fighting for his people you may occasionally work together to achieve a mutual goal but that's it

#(May Chang wasn't on purpose but oh well they're friends now)

#Zuko is bad at people

#but he'd be willing to be friends!

#unless he's working on achieving a goal

#then sorry but hunting the avatar takes priority

#King Henry had friends once

#I think we all know what happened there

#Rumplestiltskin don't make me laugh

#Pellaeon is too busy running an Empire to have friends who aren't ~trusted subordinates~ first and foremost

#yeah Boromir is not going to be your friend if you're not actively helping Gondor

#(unless you are a hobbit and therefore fall into the category of 'noncombatant; to be protected')

#Javert has no friends Javert is the Law

#The Law doesn't have friends

#Garak will be your friend on his own terms

#they are not very reasonable terms though and if Julian is willing to meet them that's nice but no one else here is going to because gosh look at this enormous list of people with massive trust issues oh dear

#let's not even get into people like Edmund and Richard III and the Macbeths and Aaron and Tybalt and Claudius


#*everyone else on this list takes ten steps backwards and turns very pale*
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There is so much on the internet that I missed over the weekend and I want to catch up

Listen to the second half of Othello and watch Chimes at Midnight/Silent Lady Hamlet/Olivier's Henry V/etc.

And write all the thoughts I am having about reading Othello for the first time

And respond to things people are saying on Tumblr

And reply to e-mails because OMG OMG

But ohgod work is done and I am out of can

Going to sleep now before I get any sicker




Dec. 1st, 2011 06:03 am
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So last week the Germans were here, and my parents sat down with them to watch an old family video of my sister Mical's high school German project that she did with her friend Marie Aguchi, who had a younger sister (Marilyn) a few years younger than me. The assignment was to make a commercial, and they decided to do one for a remote-controlled younger sister-- who cooks, does your homework, vaccuums the carpet, plays a musical instrument, and-- in my case-- declaims Shakespearean soliloquies at the touch of a button. The final scene is the demonstration of a pause button, which was demonstrated by having me suddenly chase Marilyn onscreen while yelling wildly and waving a club (the video revealed it to actually be one of Aba's squash racquets) and then, when Mical pressed the appropriate button on the remote control, having us freeze in place (it took Marilyn a few extra seconds to stop giggling, though).

(I recited To Be or Not To Be, as well as Friends, Romans, Countrymen. I was dramatic. I was a gigantic ham. It is glorious. I'm like a tiny Kenneth Branagh without any of the, you know, actual skill.)

But the Germans sat and watched and said "Oh haha, how funny! They are selling their little sisters."

At which point my mother suddenly remembered that oh, yeah, it wasn't a commercial for a remote-controlled little sister, or even for a remote control that would work on your little sister, it was an ad to try and get rid of these sisters that they had on hand. She had forgotten.

NO ONE TOLD ME THAT. I don't think I would have participated with quite such enthusiasm if I had known.

(Ach, who am I kidding? A chance to ham it up for the camera? With Shakespeare? I AM SO THERE.)

Also on the tape is their production of As You Like It, where I do a fantastically dramatic job as Adam (no seriously, fantastically melodramatic). I still remembered those lines that I learned for that role, even though I hadn't gone near As You Like It until a few years ago. This production is the reason why I could never see Oliver as evil and completely expected the brothers to reconcile. Because they were my sisters. But the best part is this: someone off-camera introduces the scene-- "Here we are in Orlando's orchard." And then you hear my piercing voice go "HUH? IT'S OLIVER'S ORCHARD!"

Tiny!Leora took Shakespeare seriously, you guys.

Also ponies. I introduce all of our My Little Ponies and model horses. On the one hand, I am totally impressed with the way I actually speak quite knowledgeably about actual horse facts. On the other hand, dear god I called the model horse of Sham-- the Godolphin Arabian as portrayed in Marguerite Henry's King of the Wind-- Shantih. After a mare in a really terrible book that I read too young to understand anyway.

Anyway. I need to go to sleep.

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So, bear in mind that I did not realize any of this at the time.

I wrote the plot of an opera that the Fire Nation might have had. It is long and convoluted and full of really unrealistic plot contrivances, and is, in other words, entirely operatic. I'm a little in love with it. The initial inspiration was from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, but from there it just took influences from every opera I have ever seen or played or heard of. People dress in someone else's clothes and are not recognized! Strange love dodecahedrons happen that would be entirely sorted if anyone ever communicated effectively! Families conspire to arrange matches the way they want them! People are dramatic! And I had fun.

So then when I was in the shower I came up with a short fic, and when I got out of the shower I went to write it down. In which a troupe of players that Zuko had seen when he still lived in the capital came to the palace, and he asked them to put on a performance for him and the Fire Lady and the court. (Mai, by the way, considers said opera to be entirely cheesy and will only sit through it because she likes indulging Zuko once in a while.) And there is a scene in which they talk about theater, because Zuko having been a theater critic ever since he was tiny is a.) a piece of fanon I can get behind and b.) THE CUTEST THING EVER AMIRITE. (You guys, tiny!Zuko tried to get his father to write a royal decree preventing the Ember Island Players from ever putting on Love Amongst the Dragons again. This is my headcanon and I will not be shaken from it.)

So, in this scene in which Zuko talks to the tragedians of the city players that have come to the palace, they briefly mention another play, from which the grandfather/senior patriarch of the players offers to demonstrate a speech. The play is called Zulin Triumphant (or Zulin Victorious, I hadn't decided yet) and, because I hadn't come up with a plot, I just borrowed something from another fic I'd written, when I was on Vyvanse and NEEDED TO EXPLAIN THINGS A LOT. It is not a fic with any sort of point and, indeed, I have no idea where it was going. So I had them quote a few lines paraphrasing one of the characters, because Zulin- the Fire Lord about whom Zulin Triumphant was written- is female, and I needed a young male for the Player to have played in his youth, so I stole some of what would have been Prince Shula's inner monologue (and I swear, I wasn't trying for iambic pentameter, but I was already envisioning Zulin Triumphant as a Shakespeare-esque play rather than an opera, and lo, the lines came out in blank verse). And then I realized that Prince Shula's character is a young prince who is told by the ghost of his ancestor that a female ancestor of his had an affair. Neither the ghost nor the adulterous ancestress is his immediate parent, but-

Well, um. You see where that one is apparently going.


Then I realized I should perhaps think these things through more thoroughly.

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...I am not sure whether or not to be proud of the fact that my subconscious will write in flawless iambic pentameter when I'm not paying attention.

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My most dear lords

OMG okay so here is a story

I spent many years being all like "Dude, Macbeth is effing awesome. No idea what the big deal is about Hamlet and Lear, though."

And indeed! Macbeth is effing awesome, it is true.

And then Hamlet took over my brain (Eyal, I am so so sorry) and I was like zOMG Hamlet!

And then I remembered Macbeth and I was all "Hamlet and Macbeth are totally effing awesome! Seriously, who gives a hoot about this Lear chick?" (Lear is not a chick, but I cannot at the moment think of a properly dismissive term that is also masculine, which is... pretty sad)




Okay this is only sort of a lie; I did squee a great deal over Edmund (see: any entry tagged "king lear"). BUT APPARENTLY NOT ENOUGH, IS MY POINT HERE.



Feb. 23rd, 2010 02:19 am
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So I continue to adore stories about hopeless wanting eventually fulfilled, and also, Tchaikovsky. Symphony is beautiful and I love it beyond measure, and cannot regret more strongly the missed opportunity of every time I sleep through it. Gregorian told Eema in his e-mail that he knew I loved orchestra, which- I don't think I knew how deeply that fear had run until he said that, the fear that he could somehow not know, and would believe that my absence was somehow wilful on my part, that he hadn't been able to tell that I wanted to be there with every fibre of my being-

Doctor LaDuca, you have a lot to answer for.

But Symphony is fun! And Gregorian was in a good mood today, and I played well, personally, and also I was on time, even though I had Eema convinced that I was totally awake and dressed and everything when I was still wholly asleep, and dreaming that I was TOS!Uhura and forging diplomatic relations with lemurs and yeah. I... actually don't remember anything before being on Burcham and drinking tea. There was stuff in between there, I am sure, because I was wearing clothes and contacts and all.

Have ordered pizza, and eaten three-quarters of it, which is a little unusual, but then again, I haven't had a good meal in a while. Not since Saturday night, at least.

Every time the light on the plane wing flashed it looked like a field of stars, or at least like someone's imagination of a field of stars, or of a nebula full of them, because there were far too many to be realistic. I'm still not sure what caused it; possibly the snowflakes suspended within the clouds, but anyway, it was gorgeous and surreal. Hurrah for red-eye flights, which suit me perfectly. I did manage to eat some leftover noodles (though they weren't exactly tasty, over four days later) before I went to bed, which meant that I was able to fully enjoy orchestra without dying of hunger the whole time.

We did not see much of Colorado, but I caught up on some much-needed sleep, and finally met Maya, who is OMG adorable and also, a cat, by which I mean pretty much the polar opposite of Worf in every way imaginable. Took Mical to see Avatar, which she liked, or at least found worth seeing (Mical has this thing where she actually has standards for the things she watches). On Friday night I got to fly by myself, which I rather enjoy, and when I got in to Denver Eema and Aba took me out to T.G.I.Friday's and I ate delicious delicious food, which was two chicken breasts and a bowl of angel hair and deep-fried green beans and peanut butter pie for dessert, and it was pretty much what I had been craving for, like, days, and I was hungry and it was perfect and YAY FOOD, ILU.

(I have eaten three-quarters of a pizza! And it was not too much, I feel pleasantly satisfied and comfortably full. Pizza-delivery person brought me pizza and it smelled delicious and I was all OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM.)

I have my Hamlet back. (HAMLET!) And also I have re-watched The Movie With Whales In, and re-read The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, yay. They are not similar, at all, and I kind of want to go re-read Coraline and write out the rat poetry back-to-back, because who apparently decided that whenever rats chant songs, they must be epically awesome? OMG if PTerry and Neil Gaiman were not such good friends, I think I would have to go on some sort of epic quest to get them to be, because. Yes.

As to Movie With Whales In... ahahahahahahaha. I think I need to write more about that later, because I have many things to say (good things, heaven help me) and I will be long and rambly, and also I think I ought to throw in some K/S recs, and you all can be boggled at the level of sheer shmoopy melodrama that I will happily allow in my fiction. Ahaha, I am pathetic. But you all love me anyway. Even if I will never get people to think I am cool.

Also saw Journey to Babel, for the first time, and of course I fully understand the objections I have heard about it, but I cheerfully ignore them all, because OMG SAREK AND AMANDA ARE SO IN LOVE IT'S RIDICULOUS. And then Spock and Sarek were talking! At the end!

I kind of want to string together clips of the moments that I refer to in my head as "I hate you so much right now," such as when Kirk and Spock and McCoy are all standing around and Spock's like "well, we could try time travel" and McCoy gets this look and waits patiently for Kirk to shoot that down right this minute for the insanity that it is and Kirk's just like "Oh yeah, that could work" and McCoy gets this LOOK and Spock's like "I will begin my computations" and McCoy's look gets about a billion times worse and Kirk's like "You do that!" and McCoy looks like his head is about to *explode* and I'm just sitting there laughing my own head off and going omg McCoy hates you guys SO MUCH right now! Or nearer the end when Spock is all *dire!Vulcan* "I will have to make a guess" and Kirk's just like "RIGHT ON!" and ohhh if looks could kill Kirk would be dead, D-E-D dead skewered and dead on the floor, right there, poor Spock.

Also, also ahahahahahahaha San Francisco, you guys. San Fran-freakin'-cisco. Where Sulu was born! Aww Sulu, flirting with the pilot and then stealing his plane and okay seriously I could still have recited entire long gobbets of that movie, my memory being what it is, but I- aw man, seriously, I'm in love and I'm not sure how that happened, really, at all, it is a little weird, you guys.

Dear Seventh-Grade Leora: I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I think I've betrayed everything you ever stood for. You were all I WILL NEVER WATCH STAR TREK OR THE PRINCESS BRIDE OR MONTY PYTHON ALSO I WILL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AND NEVER BE ATTRACTED TO ANYONE AND yeeeeaaahhhhh. At least I still laugh like you do?

When I have digested some more I will go run. You know. Theoretically. Hopefully.

Journey to Babel has Andorians (and a fake Andorian) and I'm sitting there watching Thelev make everyone run in circles going yeah, he's evil as anything, but isn't he hot? and I'm sorry this is getting out of hand. I used to be relatively indifferent to the lighter shades of blue. Apparently not anymore. Good grief.

At least I don't have the slightest hint of a thing for green? I mean, does that redeem me somewhat, that I can look at Gaila and the other Orion girls and go "well they're nice I guess and they're showing a lot of skin and stuff and I really like Gaila's character and attitude but it's not like they're blue or anything" and nevermind I guess I'm just demented.

I suppose I should work? I don't really want to.


Okay. Time to slack off until I feel like running. Then I will go home.




Dec. 10th, 2009 07:35 am
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a.) I am twenty-two now, and also developing naso-labial fold-crease-wrinkle things, which means that people can stop mistaking me for sixteen.
2.) No, really. Anytime now.
4.) To that purpose, I have acquired Boots! They are children's size four. Shut up, they're cheaper that way.
5.) The guy at the store was like, "here are some boots... here are some more boots" and I was all *scoff* "got any that aren't pink?" and he tactfully did not point out that I had just removed a pink sweater to reveal a pink shirt. I would have said they turned pink in the wash. It would have been a lie. The sweater is kind of fuschia anyway and I only wore it because it was warm and I only wore the pink shirt underneath because it is thin and therefore good for layering and look, I look good in pink, okay, because of my Complexion.
6.) My new snow boots are black and manly, okay, even if they're in children's size four.
7.) Eema tested out her new skillet! it didn't work, so we tried to find a new one and they really don't sell electric skillets like they should. They're quite useful, or so I hear. Particularly for latkes.
8.) ...I have just eaten an entire box of crackers, oops.
9.) There is some sort of lump on my soft palate. Bothering it with my tongue is getting to be a habit, but it's not going away, even if I poke at it with a fork. I draw the line at poking at it with a knife, because that kind of thinking never leads anywhere good, but I kind of want to anyway because it bugs me.
10.) So I just saw The Merchant of Venice )
30.) OKAY. Time to start my birthday.

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So I found a slip in my mailbox yesterday that claimed I had recieved a parcel but hadn't been around to claim it, and so they had huffed back to the post office and there it lies, if it be worth stooping for. I was, needless to say, perplexed; who would be sending me packages? Then I went ACK HAMLET, HAMLET, I am so sorry my dear dear Hamlet I knew I should not have entrusted the Post Office with you, they looked shady and possibly regifratricidal to me.

So in a wild panic I posted a BRB on my door, leapt aboard Sophie, and braved the perilous waters of Abbott Road. Shut up, y'all, there was massive construction and I couldn't tell in which direction I was travelling and there were massive trucks and and and and okay one of the truck drivers was youthful and cute and he winked at me. BUT IT WAS STILL TERRIFYING.

And I parked on that dreadful incline of a one-way parking lot and stood at the counter for like twenty minutes, fretting myself into a fine frenzy while the possibly regifratricidal postal worker apparently reorganized their entire back cabinet. "Leave wringing of your hands," she said upon her return, and I thanked her, took the entirely unfamiliar package and got the hell out of dodge for fear that she bought into Olivier's bullshit.

It was an envelope, the big kind with the inside lined with bubble wrap. Well, then. Not my Hamlet. Not from Fringelore. Not from Amazon Marketplace. Not from E-bay. From a relative, perhaps? Some sort of wedding thing? Had we even told my relatives that I was getting married? Hm, should do that at some point.

Then I finally glanced at the return address.

Sam Starbuck.

WHOOO SAM STARBUCK. You should have seen my face. I very nearly did John's little skippy thing. I may have, in fact.

Driving back was even harder. I got myself entirely lost and had to meander through neighborhoods until I found myself back at Grand River but HEY GUYS




no one other than me is allowed to so much as eyeball it, let alone touch it, LET ALONE, OH, ENTIRELY LET ALONE OPEN IT AND READ IT. If anyone wants to borrow it they will have to be patient until I order a not-signed copy, or if you have access to the internet by any chance because, oh, you don't live in Jackson, you may download it free.

Guys- hey guys- did I mention it was signed? SIGNED. TO ME.

It says:

"To SilentStep, one of the 2500! scribble scribble."




P.S. I need to borrow a digital camera from someone. I swear on all I hold sacred that I will be careful with it.

Fic meme!

Sep. 19th, 2008 08:59 am
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Remember the one I did a while back, with one sentence/phrase from each WIP? Here are some more recent ones. Gen unless a pairing is mentioned.

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Five diplomatic missions that Sheppard’s team inadvertently screws up, and one that they don’t
Summary: Sheppard's team inadvertently screws up some diplomatic missions.

“Should we be doing that too?” Sheppard mused.

“I can’t do that,” McKay snapped. “I’d sprain something.”

“I don’t think I could pull it off either,” Ford murmured doubtfully. “Teyla could.”

“It does not seem to be expected,” Teyla answered. “They do not look at us as though we are doing something wrong, nor are they greeting each other in this fashion. It must be a ritual for welcoming strangers.”

Fandom: The Music Man
Working Title: The Rivals of My Watch
Summary: Marcellus' backstory and history with Greg Prof. Hill.

He’d just read Hamlet, all the way through, and he’d stumbled over some words but he’d read it and he’d tried to pronounce words like they were special, the way Greg did, and strode up and down and moped up and down and wept up and down and raged up and down and gone insane up and down and duelled up and down and died dramatically, eight times.

Fandom: xxxholic
Working Title: Sweden
Summary: Watanuki is a cook! Doumeki is the pirate that kidnaps him off the ship! They FIGHT CRIME! work for Yuuko, the Pirate Queen. They fall in love. Or else Watanuki's suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Take your pick.

He was still missing the palace, two days later, when Satoko was still too sick to come out of their room despite the ginger tea he prepared for her, and he was frantically trying to do everything himself. If she had been there she would have scolded him for it, but if she had been there he wouldn’t have been trying to do everything by himself and really by this point she was just being stubborn, he thought uncharitably. She wouldn’t have been seasick if they’d stayed on land like man was meant to do. There was a knock at the door.

“I am terribly terribly busy!” screamed Watanuki without turning around. “So unless you are Satoko and you are feeling better, go away!”

“I am sorry to disturb you,” said Person-Who-Was-Not-A-Recovered-Satoko, opening the door. “Can I help?”

“Can you slice daikon into identical, minuscule pieces?”


Fandom: Hamlet
Title: Fortinbras' sons
Summary: Horatio studies political theory. Shakespearean Drabble, 140 words.

Kings should not be raised princes, Horatio thinks sometimes, though he cannot think of a good alternative. He devotes time to it, in quiet corners of the university library, comparing philosophers’ ideas of what makes a man what he is and what makes a child the man he will grow to be.

Fandom: Hamlet
Working Title: in arms
Summary: Fortinbras/Ophelia. Yes, Ophelia. Yes, after she goes insane. Yes, I know I'm going to hell.

He could feel her heart beating like a trapped bird’s against his chest. She could have broken away without effort, but instead stood perfectly immobile, as though it were she who was trying not to frighten him.

“I am called young Fortinbras,” he whispered.

“I am called far ruder things,” she answered in a clear voice. Fortinbras stepped back slightly, and the girl tilted her face up to his inquisitively.

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Working Title: Insolence
Summary: Norrington as a young midshipman is taken under the wing of a topman named Joseph Pitts, who teaches him useful things, like cursing.

He didn’t speak to the lieutenant, didn’t even stand in the man’s line of sight, just waited a few yards away and radiated idleness. It was something Joseph was very good at, and something the lieutenant was especially good at detecting.

Fandom: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Title: Because Hamlet has his pirates, and Viola has her Captain, and Sebastian has his Antonio, Ferdinand and his party have Prospero, and they’re on a ship with audible if not onstage sailors, so who’s to say our boys can’t have Convenient Rescuers of their own?
Summary: R&G nearly starve to death in a lifeboat. But they're rescued. Multi-chaptered!

He went to tell the prisoners, himself. The first mate disapproved of the unnecessary risk, he knew, but he walked into their cell to talk to them face-to-face, which he felt a man deserved.

“I do not know your crime,” he said. “It does not make a difference. I will arrange for the chaplain to visit you, so that you may make confession, and then you will be put off in a lifeboat. Your chances of survival are infinitesimal, but it will be enough of a chance to hopefully satisfy the consciences of my men.” They made no reply, simply sat there together and looked at him. He wondered if the ropes had injured their voices. “I realize that it is of no comfort to you, but know that my conscience, at least, will never feel itself clear of this deed. That I kill out of necessity does not ease my mind, as I am certain it cannot ease yours.” He cleared his throat. “I would know your names, at least, and if there is any small request that lies within my power to fulfil...” The prisoners exchanged glances. One of them closed his eyes, as if exhausted, and leaned against the other, who unhesitatingly wrapped his arm around his companion’s shoulders. He looked up at the captain for a moment, his expression bitter and bewildered; then lowered his gaze to the crown of the head resting on him, and then he, too, closed his eyes. The captain left.

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Working Title: Eve
Summary: AU in which Jack finds ickle!Will after he gets off the island, and raises him. Meanwhile in Port Royal, Elizabeth, not having prettypretty blacksmith's apprentices to distract her, spends some more time around the fort and takes a more active role in the defense of Jamaica. Norribeth.

Oh, being on the Dauntless still felt like she was walking on solider ground than ever existed on land, was like walking on stone, if stone could sail, if stone could be beautiful, but standing on Interceptor was like standing on wind, wind that could laugh.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Working Title: Shipfull is totally a word
Summary: Viktor/Hermione, did you really expect anything else? Anyway, their courtship.

“I really am fine,” she said again. “It’s not going to reassure poor Stefan if you act like I’m made of glass.”

“‘Poor Stefan,’ says Herm-own-ninny,” Viktor muttered. “Oh, yes, poor Stefan, all he did is Stun a fifteen-year-old vitch and then run around like a chicken vith no head.” But he gave her a small smile, and backed off slightly as she followed the girl into the hallway.

Fandom: Romeo and Juliet
Working Title: Prince of Tennis
Summary: Tybalt hears that Paris is after Juliet. Tybalt hunts him down and gives him Nice Warning. Haha, dramatic irony.

“Foul creature,” you mutter as your hand comes away from your cheek smeared with blood.

“You shouldn’t stare at her, Tybalt. Cats don’t like to be looked in the eye.” Juliet’s cuddling the monster, which gives you an unmistakable smirk, all smug malevolence. Juliet is handing you her handkerchief. Oh, if Mercutio could see his Prince of Cats now, you think ruefully, and press it to your cheek. “I wanted to ask... do you know the Count Paris?” You don’t think it’s quite fair to have this conversation right now, while your face is still bleeding, but Juliet’s waiting for an answer.

Fandom: The Road to El Dorado
Working Title: Migulio
Summary: Want to guess the pairing? Tulio/Miguel, and their history in Spain. Miguel's a rich man's bastard, Tulio's Jewish, and the Inquisition happens. Also thievery.

The other boy hadn’t stopped talking. “...anyways I didn’t care; it hurt and I cried anyway, I don’t know why you’re not but you’re probably braver than me, I’m not very brave but I will be when I grow up, I’m going to go on adventures and ride a big white horse and discover new lands and it’s going to be great. You can come along if you want, I can ask Tia Manuela to pack me an extra sandwich.” In the face of this, Tulio sat silent, and eventually brought up his own hand to cover the one the boy was holding over his bruised eye.

“It’s a bit better now,” he said. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” The handkerchief was removed, slowly. “It still looks all swollen and stuff.”

“And yet, still prettier than your sister,” he answered automatically. The golden-haired boy threw back his head and laughed ringingly. Tulio hadn’t thought he’d been that funny.

“I don’t have a sister,” said his rescuer finally. “I’m an only child.” He sat back on his heels and held out a hand. “I’m Miguel.”

Fandom: Temeraire
Working Title: Transport
Summary: Emily Roland. Just sort of wandering around being an aviator, and having a complicated gender identity.

Martin tells ghost stories, sometimes, after dinner. All the young boys sneak out to listen– it’s not forbidden in the least, but tradition demands that they sneak– and some of the dragons sneak up close behind them. The rule is that they musn’t speak without prompting, or Martin will end the story right then and there and until the next night they won’t know what happens. Sometimes, Emily thinks, she sees the other men there too, not just the young boys, but the ensigns and the riflemen and the ground crews, trying to look like they’ve something important to do in the vicinity, and sometimes even a captain hidden under the wing of his enthralled dragon.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Working Title: Influence
Summary: The Triwizard Tournament, and how biased it can be.

The First Task was dragons, and that had Karkaroff written all over it, didn’t it; facing dragons had been part of the standard Durmstrang curriculum for centuries, and everyone knew that Hogwarts had discontinued that segment of the practical exam ever since Headmistress Fitzgerald’s time, and Beauxbatons had never included it, as France held no native dragon species.

Fandom: Hamlet, Hawkelet movie version
Working Title: This one doesn't have a working title yet. It's just a bunch of fragmented ideas right now.
Summary: Hawkelet didn't include the English Ambassadors, so I decided to assume that Horatio, upon hearing Hamlet explain about switching the letters word document, ran to Claudius and had him fax England to Not Kill R&G, plzkthx. R&G have their heads about to be chopped off when someone runs in and says "let them go, orders from above," and they're cut loose. Believing that Claudius and the Denmark Corporation wants them dead, they go on the run across Europe. In the meantime, Horatio and his girlfriend Kate Marcellus (not my fault! Hawkelet's fault!) deal with new management.

"Pretty Kate!"
...Rosencrantz' fierce grin
"So it seems," says Kate with a twisty smile, returning their hugs.  She's always liked these two.
"Fortinbras runs the place pretty well," Horatio tells them a little later, once they are inside.  "Just.  If you two ever decide to come back.  You'd be welcome."
"Nice to know we have that option," Rosencrantz answers with a cordial nod, but his voice
(has gone) goes momentarily nasty and Guildenstern's eyes (suddenly seem shuttered from behind) are suddenly shuttered over.  [held a nasty undertone for a moment, and Guildenstern's eyes abruptly shuttered over.]  They will not come back.  Horatio realizes that he is somewhat relieved, though a little wistful for his own sake. for all that he will miss their company.  It would have been nice to see a few more familiar (friendly) faces in Denmark. 
That's probably for the best
He can't help but wonder what it's like for them

Yeah, that's enough for now.
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So I finally got around to seeing Temple of Doom, which everybody- rightly, as it turned out- had warned me not to. I've never been a fan of his, not even in the first and third, but seriously, worst movie ever.


Anyway I ranted at Eyal about the fact that it was rated PG, and I do not think that movies involving that much blood and death and eating-of-live-animals and torture and whatnot should be seen by children under thirteen, you know, aside from the rampant racism and sexism and stupidity. Simply because it's disturbing and would have given me hideous nightmares if I had seen it as a child.

Last night, however, I dreamt that I and most of the women of my village (it was matriarchal, take that, Indiana) were fishing chunks of flesh out of our water supply and digging out the still-living organs buried inside them, in preparation for our quest to rescue our neighboring villages' inhabitants that had been kidnapped and had their still-functioning organs magically disembodied. And stuff.

(Before that, I met Charlton Heston and we sang a duet about how I only knew him as the Player King from Branagh's Hamlet, and also I was trying to sneak around the auditorium while there was a Symphony concert, and I was in some of the pieces but not all of them, and when there was a choir piece I thought I was done and so I was partway home on the Michigan Flyer before I realized that I still had one more piece to perform. And then my damn stand partner refused to sit with me during the concert, so I had to use my own music without the markings in it, and I was panicking and really really angry with her. Alyssa from Ulpan was there, and trying to comfort me, but I was still mad. And then there were Death Eaters, and Veela, and random slash but I went to get pita and hummous so I did not stick around to watch. And Gregorian was intimidating. Also I kissed some guy under a streetlamp.)

We were gathering the keys (that's what we were calling the organs) under the supervision of a couple of priestesses that we had called in to help with the magical part of the battle ahead, and they were sort of gothy-looking, with streaks of black and white in their hair. And then I dreamt that I took a shower to wash off all the blood from working with the organs, and then I woke up and took a real shower.

Off to work now.



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