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I ought to write up a proper rec for it, actually. You know. For the... imaginary people who read my livejournal who read Lokific who aren't the person who recommended this fic to me in the first place.

So. Alimom. Agent Loki: International Man of Mayhem. Okay. )


And now I have to finish reading Uncivil War so that I can start on the next bit that she just put up YEY.

(Holy hell, I'm rereading it right now and it is making me clasp my hands and make strange muffled noises so as not to wake Paul. OMGGGGGG I HEART THIS FIC.)

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I also totally cried at the end. Shut up.

Anyway, I wasn't sure if I would like Steve, because he is a darling in fic but I didn't know how much of that was fanon. Turns out, not much. Canon all the way. I adored him like mad.

But even expecting to be okay about the hero, I was wayyyy not expecting to like the actual movie, and I really did. It was fun and it was-- you know, massive suspension of disbelief, but hey. My favorite part was Steve eventually kind of getting into the acting on his War Bond-tour thing, in spite of himself; that was cute. His smile! The little wiiiiiiiings!

I was a little worried that the Red Skull had killed Elrond and skinned his face and stolen it and was wearing it like a mask. That was... a little unnerving, I'm not gonna lie. I was much easier when he turned into Shishio.

Would have liked more of the Howling Commandos. Some more dialogue from them, at least. I wanted to see them sitting around a fire while Steve is stitching up his armor with an awl. I want to know which of them were sleeping together-- I know at least two of them were, because of fic. I just don't know which and that is sad. I was also sad that we didn't make it explicit that the woman who kissed Steve is totally Howard's future wife and the mother of Tony Stark, because ahahahahaha Steve made out with Tony Stark's mom!

I have now seen all the Avengers' movies, so I can see the Avengers. On the other hand, I am totally scared to. Joss Whedon wrote and directed, you guys, I have seen people taking bets on who he's going to kill and odds favor Hawkeye and no, no, no, Hawkeye is actually my favorite, don't kill him Joss don't you dare. Don't kill anyone. And also he'll be mean to Loki, and make him evil and have him kill people, and that's terrible, don't do that either.

But mostly-- mostly I'm just like, dude, it's not going to improve on Tomorrow Belongs To Me, why should I bother? That fic is, basically, the Avengers movie for me. It just is.*

It's also the fic that got me into this fandom. [ profile] thefourthvine recced it** and I read it without knowing one single thing about the universe. And guys, it is an amazing fic, but if you're going to read one fic without knowing anything about the universe? This is pretty much the worst one you could have picked.

Anyway, I'm off to reread it now, now that I finally know everything about everybody. Haha!

Also Sam's A Partial Dictionary Of The 21st Century By Captain Steve Rogers, US Army, because it is one of my favorite Steve!fics and now I know everything about Steve! Yay.


*Yes I am still going to see the Avengers movie anyway, are you kidding, have you seen Loki? You think I will not endure far worse than I am sure it will be to have that man on my screen? To see him on the big screen? I'm also planning to see it fairly soon, when it'll still be crowded; the crowd energy on movies like this is always amazing and Paul will never get this but I love that sort of crowd energy so much, I feed off it like a vampire. Om nom nom.

**God, [ profile] thefourthvine gets me into all the worst fandoms in this exact way. Dresden Files. Hockey RPF. And now comic books, and yes that's more shameful than the hockey.
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I am looking for an FMA fic I remember reading, where some dissident group kidnaps Ed because they are under the impression that he is actually Mustang's bastard son. In the fic's verse, this is a rumor so persistent that Mustang has half come to believe it himself, even though he knows very well that it is impossible, and so would anyone else who actually bothered to do the math. I am pretty sure that it was not on, or AO3, which leaves basically livejournal, though I think it may in fact have been on some random FMA fic archive website.


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Of a calmer nature.

This is a Spirited Away fanfic. Back when I first saw Spirited Away, I spent an afternoon reading (or at least skimming) every Spirited Away fanfic on I don't remember being remotely impressed, with the sole exception of a WIP that had two short chapters.

I wish this had been there then.

It's quiet and sweet and full of things that are right and fitting, and also, cats.

So: Haku marries Chihiro, and gets a job as a library page.

And changes.

READ IT READ IT READ IT, it is good.

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It's an Avatar: The Last Airbender fic. I recently marathoned the entire series again, and wow, that show is very good. Not FMA:B good, but if I go around holding my fiction to FMA standards... well, my life would be sad and empty and bereft of positive, realistic portrayals of women.

But! A:TLA is very good, in very many ways, and I love it!

And if you have ever met me, hello, then you know to whom my heart belongs. Oh, I adore Iroh beyond measure, because the person who does not adore Iroh beyond all reason is not a true person, say I. And Toph stomped into my heart and set up camp- ah, Toph, I love her and her many flaws and her greater awesome. But that is the best part! Everyone has flaws. Everyone has their limits, and their blind spots, and their sore spots, and the times when they're just plain stupid. The times when they're just kids, or when they're too old to think innovatively, or when they have things seriously shaken loose in the brainpan. They regret, they learn, they backslide, they grow. They make bad decisions and good ones and lucky ones and ones that should have worked. OMG, show, I do love you.

And Sokka! Did not expect to adore Sokka like I do. But oh, I do. Sokka! So brilliant and funny and levelheaded and loves shopping. And yes, I do love Aang, and I do love Katara, and Appa and Momo managed to be fully realized characters where on any other show they would not be. Azula is fascinating to watch, and Mai, and Ty Lee, and Haru and his ADORKABLE MUSTACHE OF ADORKABLENESS AND ADORKABILITY, Smellerbee, and Longshot, and I really wish we'd gotten more than we did of Teo, and Master Piandao, and Lt. Jee, and the Fire Nation in general, and the Soongi horn.

But now we come to the heart of the matter.


OMG Zuko Zuko Zuko Zuko. I just- Zuko. *flail* Zuko. Zuko. omg omg ZUKO.

Look, the creators did it absolutely on purpose, and oh, they did it so. Very. Well. I cringed, watching the first couple of episodes, on his behalf, because of the way the show treated him. And I'm kind of really suspicious that they did it on purpose. Because in his introductory, character-establishing scenes, the writers humiliate him. Treat him as someone we should laugh vindictively to see knocked on his ass. And this is immediately after they have already started laying the barest hints of groundwork that Zuko is not a Card-Carrying Villian, Zuko may not yet be a sympathetic character, but even at that point he is at least a human. They never do it again. After the first few episodes, Zuko is often the butt of the show's jokes, yes, and they're *hilarious,* but they never again deal him the sort of crushing humiliation they did at first. And- if they did it on purpose, and I kind of suspect they did, then that was done masterly. Because those first few episodes? When a determined, proud, flawed, brave young man had his dignity stripped away in front of his enemies and his subordinates? Oooooooo, my protective instincts went glomp. After that, I was ready to love Zuko wholly, unconditionally, if only they'd give me a hint of his having inner depth to work with.

And then they did. Oh, Eru Illuvatar above, did they effing ever. Ha! Then they started encouraging me to love this torn confused angry scarred scared loving loyal desperate leader abandoned lonely stupid strong brave compassionate courageous dutiful clever unhappy smug proud smirky genuine sincere heir outcast teenage prince, and oh, it was awesome, because they loved him too. And they put him through the wringer, but hey, who doesn't love a woobie?

Hint, not me. I love Zuko like I would love pie if I loved pie a whole lot. I am not actually all that fond of pie, but I am very very fond of Zuko.

So then there was this fic.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this fic. This fic is everything I have ever wanted from a fic ever ever ever.

First of all, it's largely what I think of as vindication!fic. I don't know if others sort it that way, but I tend to think of it as a very specific branch of h/c. It goes like this: Character A (whom I will refer to as male) is not liked by Characters B, C, and D. It doesn't have to be dislike on their side. Maybe they don't even dislike Character A; maybe they're perfectly willing to be friends with him. The key is that they don't know him, or, if they do, they don't know what goes on in his head. And the story is about them finding out about Character A, bit by bit, and evaluating and re-evaluating their impressions and opinions of him. It's about how they see him, and about how he reveals himself to them in fragments and pieces and little things he lets slip. The fic revolves around Character A: Characters B, C, and D will interact with A, think about A, continue to think about A when he is not present, discuss A with each other, draw conclusions, test their conclusions, and see them proven or broken.

Now, I really have a thing for vindication!fic. Third-person perspectives are kind of my favorite things ever, and while this isn't the only variety of those that I love, it's definitely one. It's a very sort of self-indulgent thing- most of us don't really spend large swatches of time thinking about other people's feelings, or problems, or even about other people- we've got ourselves, and our own problems and feelings to think about. On some level, we believe (or would think it nice, anyway) that everything revolves around us. And why not? For us, it does. Vindication!fic is exactly that. Someone else looking at Character A, really looking, and thinking about them, trying to understand them, devoting time to it; it's very flattering for Character A.

Because I like to read shameless self-indulgent fics, I will get specific: I like it best when Character A doesn't know he's being studied. And is kind of messed up. And doesn't think himself abnormal. And when Characters B, C, and D are wrong about him, to start out, when they slowly come to the realizations that his decisions have been based on sound reasonings given the information he had available, and that his pain is legitimate, and that he's a good person, and that he doesn't know that his situation is not as it should be. And are outraged on his behalf.

(We've all got our kinks, don't judge.)

When it's not done well, it's really annoying. These tend to skate the line of Mary-Sues very very closely. If you can't love the character they give you, if you don't give them enough flaws, then they end up Sues. Honor Harrington gets boring with it after a while. Tiffany Aching, even. (Pterry, I'm sorry, them's the breaks. You did it perfectly, beautifully well with Vimes, or with Vetinari, but Tiffany... no.) HH has got her good points- it's fun to see *how* she'll defeat the enemy, that got me through a few books- but it had lost the tension that she might lose. Perhaps I didn't read far enough- she is, after all, supposed to mirror Nelson's injuries somehow- but I kind of got sick of seeing everyone stand around admiring her all the time. When it's not done well- and it's so hard to do well- it can backfire really really badly.

When it is done well, it's one of my favorite things ever.

See, this fic does it hella well. It gives me all of the traits of this that I love best, in spades, for a character that I love (and I wish we'd gotten to see more of that re-evaluation stage in the actual show)...

...on top of some seriously Inda-level worldbuilding.

Because the other thing I love like pie? Is different cultures being different and having misunderstandings and differences and learning about each other and trying to find a balance between respect for foreign customs and the morality they were raised to believe in. I want to see more Fire Nation dances, dammit, and Water Tribe canoes, and Earth Kingdom knives that say never give up without a fight and the sorts of games the Airbender youngsters got up to. I want to see the four peoples trying to understand one another, and failing, and trying a different approach. I want to see people out of their elements and keeping their pride while being humbled.

Oh, and if you want to give me an epic and gripping adventure story, full of OCs who capture my heart as surely as any character in professional fiction ever did and possibly more, with well-thought out character psychology and the history of countries and consistent magic...

Well, heck. Sure. Come on in.

Read Theft Absolute, by Vathara. It's okay. It's not amazing, and it fixes what she saw as an injustice in the canon that I didn't have a particularly big problem with. But you ought to read it first.

Because then it spawned Embers, a 462,977 word monstrosity of a WIP that is everything I have ever wanted in a fic, ever, in my entire life.

(which is maybe more than I wanted you to know about me, but hey, I OVERSHARE.)

I may very well print this one out and paint it a cover, that is how much I want to be able to clasp this story to my bosom. Not like that, okay, this story is just... I love it! I love it so much! I would be reading the most innocuous passages and I'd stop and flail and make choking noises and go HOLY COW I LOVE THIS FIC, I LOVE THIS FIC LIKE I AM NOT SURE I LOVE ANY FIC EVER, and that is just wrong, people, because I have read some really good fic in my time.

It's not just that it's good, though fuck is it ever. It's also everything I want. Plain and simple.

With the glaring omission of the fact that there is not yet more.

Which is okay for now. I'd be really sad if it were over so soon.



Jan. 23rd, 2010 01:05 pm
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So Elgar is made of win, as we all know. Also this new green salsa is *prim!Vulcanface* adequate. Oddly enough, it is the one salsa I have ever tasted that actually made me think Mexico. Tuna-salsa-cheese quesadillas are, as ever, delicious. Lit candles for Shabbat, because I am a good Jew, while eating my fish-on-cheese. Actually I have no idea if fish counts as meat and cannot be eaten with dairy, but I assume so. It's kind of funny, I never thought of it before, but why do we count poultry and possibly fish as things that cannot be eaten with dairy? They're not mammals, they don't nurse their young, there's no possible way the milk could have come from the mother of the meat animal.

Reading Observations, which I like, and this time I'm reading the Annotations along with it. I am glad that there is a translation of that one line Chekov has from the Rachmaninoff song.

(seven-ten and dark; have I mentioned how I love winter?)

Leonard F. Slatkin will be there on Monday, and I will die. Somehow I must practice between now and then. also, make progress on this whole "wedding" thing. Eema is still all, "you can still have the dress if you don't want a wedding" and I'm all "dude, I want a wedding, okay?" and she's all "so... e-mail the photographer and call the band and get the invitations done?" and I'm all "...lemme get back to you on that one."

Tell you the truth, I'm actually kind of terrified of getting married and moving away and finding a job in a different state and- dude, this is all adult stuff, okay? I don't do adult stuff. Gil the bus driver called me "woman" the other day and I was kind of weirded out, like, dude, "kid" here. "kid." "girl," maybe. The world is still divided into Grown-Ups and People My Age or Younger. I know I'll be okay once I get there and all, it's just... freaking me out a little.

It occurred to me (and when I say occurred, I mean I was re-reading the Book of Ruth, like you do) that Mara is a biblical name. Bitter, feminine. Naomi takes it as her name when she returns home, because her sons are dead.

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Merlin goes to Hogwarts and is a Ravenclaw and Arthur's a Gryffindor and Gwen & Lancelot are Hufflepuffs and Morgana is a Slytherin and Gaius is the school nurse and Uther is Headmaster and the Triwizard Tournament happens! And it is win.

Today in orchestra (and by today, I mean Tuesday yesterday, because I haven't really gone to sleep yet) we sight-read Dvorak 9 (NEW WORLD OF AWESOME!) and Les Preludes (DANCERS ON THE ROOF!) and it was good. Suren conducted the Dvorak and David conducted Les Preludes and it was kind of beautiful, and I was all self-conscious about showing my face in public because it is covered in scabs, and it was kind of only by supreme effort of will that I looked anybody in the eyes, because Prince David said I had to because it is my duty as Duke to build and keep relations with the other nobility of the realm, namely the Marquess and the Earl, but also the Viscount if I can manage it. (Marquess Nate winked at me; I blushed something awful. His eyes are so very blue.) David was all dressed up in black trousers and a gray dress shirt with a very pretty black-gray-silver diagonally striped tie. And he mentioned that Maestro Jimenez is awesome and he hoped to someday be as awesome and stuff. Beau joined the back of the seconds, and Evan wasn't there (surprise surprise) so it was just us four firsts, me and Mi Hye and Nyssa and Catherine. (I still don't believe her name is Catherine. I must find some name for her that fits, somehow, because it can't be Catherine.) Nyssa complained about today's rehearsal being a waste of time, and I tried to convince her by explaining that we were performing a service for the future orchestras of America, by assisting in the education of tomorrow's conductors. She just kind of rolled her eyes at me, and I was all "well, I'm having fun" because I was, I was having the time of my life. I do adore Dvorak and the Liszt is certainly not to be sneezed at, because not only have I fond rememberances of that piece, it is just fun to be sight-reading and flying into a fine panic at the arpeggios that of course I don't practice at all but I know basically what it's supposed to sound like so I can just go for it and not worry because hey, I'm a violinist, and what's more, I'm concertmaster, and that means that above all else I just go for it and look like I know what I'm doing. I may not follow anyone, except perhaps the conductor, and Eli and Nate and... uh... well, I don't know her name, but she's the Viscountess (oddly enough, it seems that the more I like someone, the less likely I am to know their name. I only learned Catherine's name a few days ago, and she is one of my favorite people there.) and I may look at each other in order to be together but technically they must follow me. I say the Viscountess, because firstly she is easier for me to see, but really it is also because the Viscount is certainly not going to look at me for cues, because he is Caleb and a.) doesn't like me and b.) doesn't believe in ensemble playing. Ah, I am unfair. He was not in an orchestra for most of his school career at all, and last year was his first year. He has gotten much better. He was my stand partner for the first cycle of last year, and the rest of my section was all "PLEASE MAKE HIM BEHAVE" at me. He has gotten better, but still dislikes me, and this is probably partially because he is good friends with Evan, who disliked me anyway but it has only gotten worse since Nyssa came to Phil because she is my friend and they (Evan and Nyssa) are bitter enemies.

Mi Hye has picked up a habit of shaking her head in the negative or making some sort of disapproving noise or tapping the offending measure in the music with her tip whenever we make mistakes. I attribute it to the fact that she is spending her days as an actual real life orchestra teacher in a school now, but either way it's distracting as anything and I have to think of a diplomatic way to ask her to stop. She is not entirely comfortable with English, which means that she often tries to communicate with me by pointing at things, which doesn't really work most of the time, because I am kind of thick when it comes to that sort of thing. I always end up confused as to whether she's telling me that she found a passage difficult, or trying to inform me that I'm doing it wrong, which leaves me rather on edge. *flail*

I need to actually write up that list that I run through my head whenever I get frustrated with people in my orchestra, that list of Things You Really Should Know Already About Orchestral Etiquette. Things like Turn Off Your Cell Phone, No Really, I Didn't Say Silent, I Said Off. Or things like I Can Still See You Texting Behind Your Violin And So Can The Conductor.


Fic rec

Nov. 8th, 2008 02:16 pm
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A tiny civilization, living in a jam jar. Ianto does his best by them. Eyal? This is the World In A Marble, but their will is free.

alternately hilarious, heartbreaking, and sweet. Each member of the team gets drunk.

I recommend reading them in order of Owen, Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Tosh. They're posted in order that they were written, but there's no chronology. Jack's is pre-season one, Owen's is between season one and two, Gwen's, Tosh's, and Ianto's could be set any time that the team is comprised of those five members.

Eyal? I promised you Ianto!MC Hammer.

silentstep: the text "Team Hilarity" on a blue background, with sparkles (Default) <---One of those stories where you want to copy your favorite quotes into your comment, then realize you'll end up copying practically the entire story. Rose gets sick. Nine and Jack take her to see House. <---Beware, here be sexings. Three chapters of House/Wilson beauty. It's perfectly in character and their banter is unbelieveably great. Probably my favorite House/Wilson story of all time, and one that I've been telling Paul to read forever. <---No sexings =( House and Wilson, young and- well, innocent-er. And still beautiful together. <---Haven't I recced this yet? I must have recced this. This may be my favorite House fic, actually. Well, it's my favorite House fic that contains no House/Wilson sexings. House hires his team, Chase is soooooooooo pretty. <---Not quite as good as the others, but still- hey! House/Wilson! And Cuddy! House's Livejournal, and House and Wilson playing games at lunch. Allegations are made. <---Only the first story is H/W but WHO THE HECK CARES? House and Wilson are going to rob a bank. Or have sex. Whichever works. (Bonus! Odysseus/Penelope! Being awesome!)

ETA <===Epic fic. Beware teh sex is pretty darn graphic, but did I mention that it's EPIC? And amazing? And angstily romantic in that twisted, semi-abusive way that the best House and Wilson stories are? Set during the Tritter trial. House and Wilson get married. No really, but it's good.

Past midnight. Happy New Year, everyone.

Oh, yes- and Bassist On Whom I Have Massive Mad Crushes lives in Hull Apartments. Happy Birthday Me!


For Pavel

May. 12th, 2008 08:44 pm
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&anyone else who may favor the Imperials, because Piett! &Vader! Being all pre-battle-rice-y, in their own little way.

Because it should be recc'd again: FordxMarineBiologist4eva. Because sardinas, and a tiger cub that is a shark on the inside.

And this is one damn powerful piece about literature, and its power, and Hugh going back to the Borg, except that it is BSG prequel fic, about a Six. Not Baltar's Six, a random Six that we probably never meet in canon, which is too bad, because this Six!

And also, I'd never even heard of Torchwood, except that there is apparently a tea boy named Ianto who may or may not have something going on with some sort of cowboy named Jack. But you don't need to know anything at all about Torchwood, or TURCHWAD, as I will now forever think of it whenever it is mentioned because this fic is win. It also may or may not be the authoress with a dearth of brilliant Discworld!fic; I'm not remembering right now but it doesn't matter because FOR GRATE LOLZ:

And then there is this. This is by Soujin, whom you may have heard of because she has a well-deserved fanclub, and I definitely thought that I was the only one in the entire Shakespearean fandom who had ever conceived of Fortinbras/Horatio. (Mostly because they're the only ones alive at the end.) For anyone who has ever had to work through a fever, and struggle to keep your mind and body functioning when you really should be in bed, this is so exactly what it is like, only worse and painful but full of strange and terrible beauty, also FORTINBRAS IS A SEXY THING.

And I said to her, "I can has sequel?" And because she's just the most awesome thing ever, yes, there is sequel. And again it hurts like the very devil but it's just so pretty, and look! I totally thought I was the only one in the entire Shakespearean fandom who liked Osric, and thought that he deserved better treatment at the hands of his sovereign. And Fortinbras continues to be a sexy thing zOMG.

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Recommended: Rozarka's fic Winterwhere.

Also sprach Zarathustra recommended: PINI DE ROMA by OTTORINO RESPHIGI


I am so very grateful to Edison's phonograph and all the wonderful advances in recording technology since.

(I think I want to see Fantasia 2000 in IMAX again, now that I am older and can appreciate it.

...lie. I appreciated it Just Fine back then, I just want to appreciate it again, and differently because I am different now.)

-pportunity ditdam/

In any case. Now that I am more dignified. (yeah right)


I don't know. Nothing's happened lately, besides being sick and concert-panicky. Oh, I know. In the airport in Connecticut I stopped at Einstein Bros. Bagels for a bagel and shmear (haha! SHMEAR!) and a cup of hot peppermint tea, and it was in a bookstore, and I wandered around looking at all the popular boring stuff and then it was like- Timothy Zahn! Why hello there! And so I bought a copy of Survivor's Quest to reread on the way home, because it's the only book of his that neither Paul nor I own.

And it was good. I caught many little things like Formbi going "Now, how would I know Car'das? I've never been out of my own system" and things like that, and it made me very happy. (I also never noticed the slashy possibilities before, either. Ehehe.) And Chak =/= Jack, either, Mr. Zahn, just like Jorj =/= George. We understand.

So I have a concert this Thursday, and I'm first chair and I have a billion solos and I am so torn between ordering you all to come see me because my parents won't, and forbidding anyone to hear a hint of it because I'm going to be terrible. (How I wish I were better.)

In three weeks I'm performing Dvorak's Romance in F Minor. Um what? Hasn't anyone realized that I don't even know it? Or that I should never attempt slow, pretty pieces because my control is nonexistant and my artistry is worse? *sighs*

I have downloaded Ginastera's Ballet Estancia, or at least the four dances that we are playing. There is one called Los Peones de Hacienda, and when Jimenez was explaining the titles to us he said that this meant something like The Ranch-Workers, or, The Cowboys, and that therefore this was a very manly movement, and should be played as such. It made me laugh.

I liked sitting next to Jonars. I really like Jonars. Or Hillary, sitting next to her was nice because she liked orchestra too, and thought it was cool that I did too. Laura at least feels like a friendly presence, even if she and I don't really have much in common either. I've never had the opportunity, to the best of my memory, of sitting with Corinna or Kelly. Sitting with Evan was so very strange. Senses of humor, again, have no overlap, and he never seems to smile, not genuinely, not really. (That's something I really like about Corinna. She is always so genuine. She seems so solid, so real. I've never met anyone that real. If she were an animal she would be a horse. Horses are extremely real as well.)

(So, here's to not getting around to finishing entries. Backdates to when it was written.)

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Fevers are suck. Also the uncomfortable beds at Yale. Also MISSING ORCHESTRA FOR THE THIRD TIME IN A ROW BECAUSE OF STUPID SUCKY FEVERS.

So I'm still feeling pretty miserable and guess what? My mother hates you too that she the one who today at seven I called Eema and reminded her all creaky-voiced that she'd promised to take me home after orchestra, and I REALLY REALLY wanted to go home because I felt lousy and had played terribly in orchestra and felt awful about it and I was sick and miserable and I wanted to go home and eat chicken soup and go to bed. And she said right, stay there, I'll be there in a few minutes.

So I waited by the door for an hour and a half, and then finally Aba calls to tell me that he forgot me and Eema will be along in a few minutes.


I am trying really hard not to be bitter, guys.

Or at least not to show it.

...concert on Saturday and then on Thursday and I'm going to go cry now.


ETA: helps everything that is ever wrong. Wait until you've seen Slings & Arrows to read it, though, but then READ IT.


Mar. 23rd, 2006 07:08 pm
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Do you know how incredibly talented a writer has to be in order to make me seriously want to ship Ron/Pansy?

SOOOO incredibly talented. Points to mistful for actually doing it.

Sometimes I toy with the idea of Ron/Luna in my head, because it's nice and neat to have someone for each of them, but most of the time I think Luna's a bit too good for him.

(Can you tell I don't think very highly of the boy?)

Luna definitely deserves a good ship, because she's AWESOME, and most people see her with Neville, but I think he's too timid for her. The Loonies and Lions appeal to me if it's well enough written, but I tend to prefer the Orange Crush.

*suddenly imagines Fred/George/Luna* Er. Yeah, I don't think I'd put her with any of the Weasleys, even though Percy would be happily ironic, but Percy needs someone very different from Luna.

So I don't know. But I think I have suddenly been converted to Ron/Pansy.

That is so wrong.

Oh Maya. Such power you wield over my poor mind.

A snippet )

Please to write a Luna/someone fic, so that my brain does not die.
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Yes, it's terribly juvenile... but hilarious.

Ladies and Gents, The Naked Quidditch Match.



Feb. 15th, 2006 01:02 am
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(unless your name starts with a P and ends with an L and has an AU in the middle, because then you are crazy and didn't read Harry Potter, but Happy Valentine's Day anyway.)

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From the same source as the soup quote:

"Kaoru woke up the next morning from a very confusing dream in which a fox with [Megumi's] face had run up and down the trunk of a tree whose roots were made of bones. Yahiko had been juggling teacups, with tea in them, and stridently insisting that he was old enough now to decide if he wanted milk or a lemon slice without any help from the cat. Sano and Katsu were playing badminton with a set of shuttlecocks that Katsu kept insisting were meant for personal defense only. Mr. Fujita, who was supposed to be refereeing the match, was reading a set of encyclopedias in an attempt to find a name for his sword, which glittered with blue sparks along the blade as it lay next to a half-eaten bowl of soba that Kaoru was sure she hadn't cooked. Crows- unless they were ravens- circled overhead, quoting poetry in harsh voices. She knew that there was something important that she was supposed to do, but when she turned around to look at her list, Kenshin, who was sitting cross-legged in a patch of bluebells the colors of his eyes, was making corrections to it with a red pen and wouldn't give it back. When Kaoru had tried to get Megumi to help her, she'd simply flicked fox-ears at her and hidden in the branches, where she'd started making a noise like an alarm clock..."

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I have the internet for five minutes, for the first time in two weeks. What do I do? Take quizzes.

You are the Scottish enchanter Tim. You are an
imposing character with great magic and an
affinity for blowing things up.

Which Monty Python's Quest For the Holy Grail character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hooray! I love Tim. He is so cool. Nasty Big Pointy Teeth, John. So there.

Your Patronus is the Peacock! The peacock is a
symbol of recognition, self-assurance and
pride. He is one of the world's most beautiful

That your Patronus is a peacock says that you are
very self-confident. You know what you are
capable of and are comfortable with that. You
tend to be more prideful than the average
person, though. Gilderoy Lockhart anyone? Keep
your pride in check and you will be an
excellent witch or wizard!

What is Your Patronus? Version 1
brought to you by Quizilla

Er... this person has never actually KNOWN a peacock, have they? No. Don't think so. But that white peacock at Potter Park! OMG so pretty! *steals* I will call him Snowy and he will be mine and he will be my Snowy. Come here Snowy!

And Ayano... do you know how much you truly win? Anyone who can cheer me up this much when facing the prospect of Finals deserves a prize. I'll think of one and give it to you next week.

Eyal: I've been working on our MST a bit. Next year you have to join orch and when we go to Europe we can finish it, hey? )

RotK... I want to go. Mrrrk.

Oo! Look what Vemi wrote in response to my challenge of "A scene of orcs socializing- do they have any feelings of companionship at all, or are they really as selfish/survivalist as they seem?"

Orcslash! )'s weird. But Vemi rocks, rocks, rocks.

I am liking this playlist.

Guess what? Oren sent me a pair of CDs! Wheee, Oren! *misses him* Seriously.

I have to go study my brains out now, then. Don't expect me online for another five days or so.



Mar. 20th, 2003 06:07 pm
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I think, that as far as Sues go... now, I've seen everything! A really annoying girl named Amy falls into M-E... and turns into an ORC. Canon goes askew, the Fellowship mostly dies, but the story continues... slowly, Amy- calling herself Grûsbálk- grows as a person, until she's really grown on the reader. But the best part? An orc romance. It's really sweet... in a twisted... awful... funny... sort of way. Yeah. Incredib;y well-written and funny. Go read it. I, Grûsbálk by Simbelmyne.



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