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Doctor Who S6

Look, I know she's about seventy billion kinds of evil, but I cannot help but love her, and I am pretty sure that 90% of this reaction on my part stems from the fact that...

DVD cover

...that's her 23 years ago, on the left, playing Viola, in the Twelfth Night directed by Kenneth Branagh back in 1988. The one where I go "okay seriously, there is no way anyone is fooled into thinking she's a guy; she is way too effeminate" and then I saw Sebastian.

And said "um, nevermind."

But yes! Aside from Branagh being very very himself with the whole Malvolio subplot (ohgod) and the entire thing apparently being filmed with a blue filter over the camera (srsly wtf) and the Fool's songs having been written by, um, one of the Beatles? I think? it's actually not all that bad a version.

Yay Britain is so full of Shakespeareans!

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"Cool dude" is one of those phrases that was very common in my house as a child. Basically it meant you wore sunglasses. Cool dudes were cool, so they... had a low tolerance for sunlight. Because they were so cool.

Leftover turkey/stuffing/mashed potatoes/chicken soup makes for a very filling, if unusual, breakfast. I'm not entirely sure my stomach is happy with so much heavy food so soon after waking up, not to mention after just sleeping off ENORMOUS THANKSGIVING MEAL, but it's the sort of mildly unhappy that will settle down within the hour, I am pretty sure.

Have taken Vyvanse. If I get all fragile and weepy I will be seriously annoyed. In addition to being fragile and weepy, I guess.

I have to leave for work in about twenty minutes, which means I should be getting dressed in Work Clothes right now, but I dun wanna. Want to sit here and listen to Bartok and type more nonsense.

Finally got around to re-reading and catching up on In Human Hands, only to discover that it is still a WIP. Which, on the one hand, good! Because things have not yet had a chance to crash and burn in terrible terrible ways. It's one of those stories where you're just like OH MAN I SEE NO POSSIBLE WAY FOR THIS TO END WELL, but you just can't give up hoping because oh, until it does, it is beautiful. Also painful but in a good way!

(No really, either one character or the other is going to die, there is no third option. OMG IF ONLY THERE WAS, I WOULD GIVE, UM, SOMETHING VALUABLE UP IF THERE WAS.)

You know how we all kind of taught ourselves to type? I was just remembering learning to do that. Most of what I know about computers today I learned through thorough and deliberate trial and error as a small child. I would sit down and press buttons and click on everything to see what it did, and I spent a good deal of time staring at a keyboard making it say different words until I learned where the keys were. It was all actually a lot more conscious and deliberate than I usually think of it as having been. I mean, when I think of it at all I remember chatting on AIM with Paul or my friends, both RL and online, carefully using complete sentences with impeccable grammar and correcting mistakes, so that I wouldn't get accustomed to typing in chatspeak, and learning to do so very fast in order to keep up with the conversation of those who did not always hold themselves to the same standard of two-spaces-after-a-period-and-then-capitalize-the-first-letter-of-the-next-word, but that was just practice, honing and refining a skill I'd already learned. Like bringing a difficult passage up to speed with a metronome, after having learned the pitches relatively reliably. I really learned to type in elementary school, studying the patterns of common words, observing that g and h were next to each other in the alphabet and also on the keyboard, that all the keys in the word "was" were touching, trying to make every symbol on the keyboard. And then I'd hit every one of the F# keys on top, and ctrl- every single key, and track what they did. Nobody ever told me what "prnt scrn" did, or "home" or "num lock" or "insert", I tested them with scientific rigor until I had figured it out. And it might sound obvious now, but seriously, I had only just learned to read.

I guess I'm just kind of impressed with my tiny self's methodology, because honestly, I'm not certain I'd have that kind of patience today, to just sit down and test everything out until I knew what it all did, one by one. But then, I guess that's actually just the difference between children and adults and how they interact with the world. For little kids, everything's like that; everything's new and everything you do *ever* is just testing to see what'll happen. Adults prioritize more- "here is what is essential for me to know, everything else I can leave out." Little kids don't have the experience necessary yet to know what's valuable to learn and what can be glossed over.

It's still just weird, though, classifying myself as an adult.

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The Doctor shows up and offers you one trip in the TARDIS. Where and when do you request to go?

If you had asked me that an hour ago, I would have said "to the filming of the episode The Trouble With Tribbles, to help chuck tribbles at William Shatner and attempt to stifle giggles as he is not even allowed to give us dirty looks in return."

I have changed my mind. Oh, how it is changed. I want to be a fly on the wall when they first handed the actors the scripts for Spock's Brain, and their first read-through. I mean, there must have been some truly epic takes in there where nobody could keep a straight face. Honestly, I am *so impressed* with everyone involved that they managed at any point to say things like "SHE TOOK HIS BRAIN!" as if they are actually taking seriously the words coming out of their mouths. William Shatner gets three billion points for his reaction when McCoy is like "HIS BRAIN IS GONE." Because his face goes from the immediate reaction of "oh no, Spock's hurt!" to "wait. Wait, hold the phone, what the ever-loving fuck, Bones?" in about .5 seconds flat. And then right on back to "oh no, Spock's hurt!" with some truly impressive turnaround time, because let me tell you, I'd have been standing there still going "WHAT, WHAT, SERIOUSLY WHAT, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FREAKING KIDDING ME" for another hour, at the very least. Probably closer to a week, really.

Chris and John spent some unfortunate amount of time quoting this episode at me in middle school. Before I had seen Star Trek, from my osmosically gathered knowledge, I placed these lines somewhere at the end of Wrath of Khan- I figured, y'know, Khan came along and did his thing and stole the poor Vulcan's brain, and Search for Spock is about finding it and bringing it back. I then saw The Movie With Whales In, which seemed to confirm all of this- naturally, after having had one's brain removed and then restored, some things are going to get lost in the process, and that's why Kirk gets this awful, inexplicable heartbroken look on his face, like a recent widower obliviously asked about his wife, when Gillian goes "so who's this dorky fellow who follows you around and calls you Admiral?" Y'know, I figured, this whole "Sir, you have a problem with your brain being missing" thing was some pretty heavy stuff, with three movies' worth of drama wrapped up into it. But, uh, no, apparently not. I am fairly sure that Chris and John, when they quoted this episode so incessantly at me, were doing so entirely unironically. I... some part of me has died, assimilating that knowledge.

Wow. That episode. Many love it, many hate it, but *everyone* cites the reason for their reaction as "because it's horrible."

It is horrible beyond everything. It is totally my new favorite, you guys.

The screen is doing this incredibly annoying thing where it won't let me see what I'm typing, so I'm going to go now, scrounge up some food, coffee, maybe a new E string to replace the one Nyssa lent me when mine snapped at the most inconvenient time (as they do), change into fresh clothes, and then I must go to work.

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(Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see

Singing a song
Nothing but bluebirds
All day long

Never saw the sun
Shining so bright
Never saw things
Going so right

Noticing the days
Hurrying by
When you're in love
My, how they fly

Oh, blue days
All of them gone
Nothing but blue skies
From now on)

They are pretty much an exercise in frustration. Of the one that's been plagueing me for the past week or so, I have metaphorically crossed out "Meijers," because Meijers, bless them, are open 24/7. I have bought some workout clothing and also, a new saucepan. (saucepan! I love my new saucepan! I keep going over just to stare at it, all "look, look, that saucepan, it is mine!" because I'm kind of the weirdest dork you'd ever hope to meet. Saucepan! I cannot wait to use it on something! Perhaps I shall make sauce! Or hot chocolate!) And, of course, groceries. I must now avoid spending money for a while. No more pizza deliveries/coffee. I will justify the expense of a ticket to Avatar if I can manage to find the time to go again, or possibly Sherlock Holmes, because from the trailer it didn't look like it would be to my taste but I've been hearing some good things.

Orchestra was kind of long because I was drop-dead exhausted, the kind where I try to focus on the music and the page shivers before my eyes and I spend all my will trying not to drop off. It's not a fun feeling. Neither is sticking one's face in the drinking fountain in an attempt to make it go away. It's all... "great, now I can't keep my eyes open AND ALSO I HAVE BRAINFREEZE."

Mmmm, reading K/S and it is my favourite kind of guilty-pleasure romance, because I adore those stories about the churning hopelessness of love long unrequited, the endless silent utterly helpless wanting, the aching useless knowledge that everything you are and all the world beside would still be entirely unworthy and nothing will ever change that, where even if contrary to all sense of reason you are one day granted their love in return, it will still be a long lightheaded deliriousness of fearful uncertainly, of too long spent convincing yourself not to hope to override it all at once, the persistance of but surely this cannot be allowed. One of the hardest lessons to learn in this world, I always think, is that loving something doesn't make it yours; in more specifically human terms, that you can love someone enough to be willing to die in agony if it will guarantee them a pleasant day, and still they will owe you nothing. And I love- love, love, love- stories about that kind of relationship, with the caveat that IT HAS TO END HAPPILY, OKAY. There can be pain and pining and angst piling up forever and I do love it but only if they end up together and happy. There needs to be comfort to balance the hurt, otherwise I just sit there bitching out the authoress for hours and am forever bitter and traumatized. I'm looking at you, damn modern!AU Kenshin/Kaoru fic where they get caught trying to escape to their new lives and she has to steal his memories to save his life, and also you, Viktory fic I read my freshman year in college, AUGH that was such a bad idea to read when I was already so very deeply lonely. But then I find a fic like Time Enough where there's that scene where Jack is pleading with Ianto not to distance himself and Ianto's just like "dude, why do you think I gave you that key in the first place, HINT: IT IS NOT BECAUSE I DO NOT LOVE YOU" and I have read it like a billion times now, and In Human Hands is still a WIP and I can forsee no possible ending that ends well and I'm terrified but I'm still hoping, and this K/S fic is a WIP too so-

here's hoping.

Also I have groceries now! I love groceries! I just made spaghetti with my new spaghetti and my new DELICIOUS SPAGHETTI SAUCE that has DELICIOUS GLUTEN, because I couldn't justify buying actual tasty spaghetti sauce until the jar I had inherited from Tamar had run out, so FINALLY. I have new delicious spaghetti sauce and it has mushrooms (mushrooms!) and it's delicious, also, parmesahn cheese and spaghetti cooked to delicious and I LOVE FOOD.

Also milk and honey! And orange juice, and tortillas and cheese and new salsa because they still have not restocked lime salsa, so we will see how this green stuff works out.

Aaaaaand another sleep-deprived day. Gorramit.



Jun. 3rd, 2009 11:09 pm
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So, I wasn't terrified of statues after I watched Blink. I didn't sleep with the lights on that night. I didn't even watch the episode with the lights on. But here I am, reading a fic about the weeping angels, with sunlight streaming in the massive windows that comprise the entire east wall of the office, and chills are running up and down my spine, the hairs on my arms are standing on end, and I can't stop glancing over my shoulder. CREEPY STATUES ARE CREEPY. I guess you really do just need to give it to me as a book and let my imagination do the rest because AUGH, AUGH, AUGH, see if I sleep tonight.

I have to wake up tomorrow for an appointment at TWELVE FIFTEEN. Eximu le'gamre.

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So I hadn't been to Symphony rehearsals for over a week, due to... well, individual reasons, y'know. Each M/W/F I would have woken up just a little too late, or moved too slowly here or there, and then it became just too daunting a prospect to walk in late when I hadn't walked in at all the past five times, and I would resolve (again) to show up on time to the next rehearsal. One time, actually, I slunk guiltily off to the Union rather than pick my way around stands and chairs with all eyes on me, and I saw Evan! And Robbie! And their friend Linda. So we played frisbee until I thought I would faint of hunger, and I inhaled a sandwich from McAllister's without even tasting it, leavened bread or not. I maintain that it was okay, because one may break such a law to save a life, and I honestly believe I would have blacked out had I not eaten, and there was nothing kosher to hand.

(Speaking of kosher for Passover, Caitlin introduced me to tuna-salsa-cheese quesadillas. They make my life infinitely lovely.)

And then it was Friday the day before the final Symphony concert, and I showed up at the Wharton really only because I'd told my parents because I couldn't think of any plausible lies to stop them showing up to the concert on Saturday, so Aba drove me to rehearsal and said that he'd wait to see if Gregorian let me stay. I was early, even, and I crossed to the other side of backstage to find him setting up clear plastic sound-shields or something behind the wind section. I stood silently for what felt like minutes, just waiting for him to notice my presence, too terrified to make some sort of noise. I hadn't thought of anything to say; I had no excuses and no believeable lies, because I'd been attending Philharmonic regularly. Finally he turned around and saw me, at which point I concentrated on not visibly trembling.

But he was really nice- I stuttered something that made no sense about having dropped off the face of the earth for a while (really, why didn't I just go ahead and say that I'd been travelling by TARDIS? it would have sounded about as reasonable) but he just asked if I thought I would be comfortable enough with the music to play in the concert. Since I'd been expecting him to tell me that there was no way I was allowed to come within ten miles of the Wharton on Saturday, I just kind of looked bug-eyed and willed my feet not to run away just yet. "Why don't you try it today and see how it goes," he suggested kindly, and I thanked him profusely as I could manage while my feet were already running away. I'm sure I cut a rather cartoonish figure- feet blurring like wheels while my torso stretches behind to get in a last few words, before snapping forward to catch up. In any case, my feet had the right idea, because as soon as I was behind the shell I found myself damn near hyperventilating. My breath came in shuddery sobs all the way back to my case to call Aba and say that he could go, I would be allowed to stay.

The concert actually went well enough. I still really can't take The Silver Sword at all seriously (tra la trinkle, merrily winkle? what the hell?), Dona Nobis Pacem was not too terribly interesting, but I wasn't bored, and I think I faked well enough on the Wagner to pass muster. I often think learning to fake convincingly is one of the most useful things I have ever learned in seventeen years of violin.

Now the PHILHARMONIC concert- ohhhh, that was just pure joy. Carlos told us that his family had come up from Kansas just to see him conduct, and of course I would have done my best anyway but it was nice to think that his family got to see a really good performance for that. And of course Dmitri Vladimir just carried the Rococco Variations, so yay, and then there was Dvorak 8th Symphony. And New World, oh, I love you dearly, I do, and you will always hold a special place in my heart for being my first kind of official date, but DVORAK EIGHTH SYMPHONY. It's like two different Doctors. And I love the ninth symphony I do I do but EEEEEIIIIIGHT.

It went awesome, and my solo went awesome, and at the end when Jimenez took my hand and I stood up he kissed my hand. Kissed my hand, like a knight would do to a lady.

I think the word I am looking for here is SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

I mean, if I've talked to you for like five minutes ever then you know I have such MAD FANGIRL HERO-WORSHIPFUL LOVE for Maestro Jimenez, who is forever my conductor and my king, and then he kissed my hand and Eema told me later that I looked as though I would just burst from happiness, because Dvorak and it went awesome and my solo and RAPHAEL JIMENEZ KISSED MY HAND, and I very nearly did. Burst from happiness, I mean.

So... yay. Yay, and yay, and even just thinking of it now like a fortnight later I am still going SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE inside my head.

Also I hugged Carlos Botero as I was leaving the stage, which is to say that I kind of glomped him, but can you blame me, it is Carlos Botero and he is awesome and I was so totally high on Good Concert.

Mmmmm, awesome.

Anyway. So after all my concerts I went to Yale to visit Paul, who was still coughing like he was dying of some terrible wasting lung disease, and spent my last days in New Haven. We actually managed to find a pretty walk, a nice tree-lined street with colorful, architecturally interesting houses. (I say like I know jack about architecture, but they were pretty and cool-looking and some of them had turrets and roofs that looked like you could climb on them.) And then at the top of the hill there was a lovely little park with a bench and to one side was the whole of Connecticut, and to the other side was the sunset, and it was just peaceful and the weather was cool and pleasant and it was just about as nice a send-off as one could hope to get, at least someone like me who visited for long weekends every few months for the past four years. Paul showed me some of season one Chuck, and an episode of Dollhouse, and I showed him the first two episodes of Merlin, and we watched about halfway through S2 of Buffy.

My love for any character played by Anthony Stewart Head continues epic. Perhaps I should worry about all these silver foxes I seem to be collecting in my Big Book o'Fictional Crushes, but I think as long as I do not go chasing them in anything resembling Real Life, I will be okay.

I spoke to many strangers over the weekend, like the CT limo driver on the way there, who was so very nice and friendly and I liked him, and people on planes and such who wanted to know just what was so hilarious about Post Captain by Patrick C. O'Brian. Yes, it's book two of the Aubrey/Maturin series. But I love them! Stephen is oh, such a cellist and Jack is just such a violinist- and oh, it is perfectly wonderful. sigh. Also I bought these cool solar-powered blinky keychains with names on, and because they didn't have "Leora" I bought Nicholas, Sam, Jack, and Christopher. And a second one of Nicholas, just because. If I want to destroy the mystery, then I could tell you that ) But I think it's more fun to let you all believe that I selected the names entirely at random, in a fit of pique at having my name left off once again. (The truth is that I just like to say "in a fit of pique." Okay, so I just like the word "pique." There's a Q in it. Words with a Q are cool. Don't judge me.)

You know, I am well aware that it is Not Going To Happen, Like, For Srs, but I think that this

really should be the new British flag. Aw, yeah. Sorry. Random tangent is random.

( I was just taking a reservation for someone in Ypsilanti and after I finished telling him everything there was kind of this long pause, so I said "do you have any other questions?" and he said "are you single?"

...ahahahahahaha really? Uh, really? uh. Well. Sure. I can take a compliment.)

I have received packages! many many packages, of lovely presents, presents that I paid for online but who is counting because they came in the mail, to me, all nicely wrapped, which makes them presents. There is a Mind The Gap doormat for my front porch doorway, an umbrella featuring the London skyline in sort of gray, dreary colors because it's England and it is always raining there, 'cause it's an island, a pair of dangly pearl earrings, and this really, really awesome pair of steampunky earrings made of watch parts and gears. THEY'RE STEAMPUNKY, YOU GUYS. YEAH. I keep wanting to write thank-you notes to the maker of my new steampunk earrings for the lovely gift, because she wrapped them up all pretty, but then I remember that I actually bought them, with money, and it is probably Not Done to be all grateful for the opportunity to pay money for shiny things.

Wanna know what actually was a shiny present, though?

Okay okay! EEEHEEHEEHEE. So I come back straight to the office from Connecticut, and of course I've been travelling all night long and had to shell out an extra hundred bucks for a taxi and lost the thirty dollars for my CT limo because I misread the time and missed it, stupid me, but I was okay and I got to work and I was working and Eema had left me her car keys so I could get back to my flat, so when I was done working I traipsed up to the fifth floor and looked for her car and did not see it. So I pressed the Unlock button, and the lights flashed on a gorgeous, bright bright robin's-egg-blue Taurus with a note on the dash that read titchadshi.

I have named her Sophie, which is short for Blue Sophia, which is like Blue Peter only not really at all, and I admit I may have been slightly influenced by Jack Aubrey's pretty little sloop. But that is okay. Eema was insistent that she is not really my car, she is my parents' car that I am allowed to use, but that is okay too; Ophelia was Tamar's car that I was allowed to use and that did not make her any less mine for the months that I had her.

This is another thing that makes me all squeeful. A car! A pretty, pretty little ship car! All for me! *massive grin*

Let me see. Other things that are good. Well, I watched the first season (only eight episodes in a season. Honestly, Britain, you and me, we gotta talk about this) of a show called Hotel Babylon, which I have decided that I like. I tried to watch several other British comedies, but I really cannot stand having a laugh track. It's just so... insulting. I do not need to be told when you have made a joke. If it is funny, I will laugh. But Hotel Babylon is just... yeah, I like shows about high-strung, resourceful characters who are running complex operations. I like shows about what goes on backstage. Slings & Arrows, for example, or hey, how about the Muppet Show? (Though I *wish* they didn't have a laugh track.) Anyway, I like Hotel Babylon and the characters interest me, even the ones I thought I would dislike, so good. Also I ship the main pairing, which is always nice, and I like that the main character learns from his mistakes, and that even if he is slow in coming to a decision, once he decides on a course of action, he follows through. Also he has what I believe are known as "bedroom eyes," and an accent like the Ninth Doctor's, so. Yeah.

Also saw a movie called Cat Ballou, which is a western, or a parody of westerns, but that does not matter because it is great, and involved Nat King Cole and Jane Fonda. I think this may be the first time I have actually had an ot5, but it is just something about outlaw bandits, I swear, that simply cannot be limited to monogamous pairings. It is at least ot3s, or nothing. Don't ask me. I don't make the rules.

Now may I talk about Star Trek?


spoilers and squeeage to follow. )

And now I cannot wipe the grin off my face. Ahhh, it is good to be a geek.

(Ooo hey, who's looking forward to the movie with Evil!Nine?)

Anyway. Must be getting home, making food. Sleeping. All that stuff.

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So I have a shiny shiny new iPod speaker system, with radio and a clock beside, and the sound is great and it's all just very shiny. It was my present for finding the afikoman, which I did in like a minute, hahahahaha. It was folded inside the drapes, and apparently Aba had insisted that it was too hard and I would never find it and HA. Too many years of Eema's fiendish hiding places and getting really creative about Mrs. Smith's Santa have made me a canny player of small-object-in-a-room-hide-and-seek, you guys.

Oh and hey, um, #amazonfail? Because they've taken the ranking systems off books deemed "adult," by which I mean anything to do with homosexuality, such as Heather Has Two Mommies or The Well of Sadness, which means that they won't come up on bestseller lists or certain searches and stuff like that. Books with explicit heterosexual sex or, y'know, dogfighting or something are totally cool still. Happy Easter, amazon, Aba was going to buy a $100 set of speakers from you, and I was debating buying Doctor Who Season One from you too, because you're, y'know, convenient and cheap. But really, I sort of think that "non-discriminatory" trumps "convenient and cheap," so... bye.

List of books that have had their sales rank removed:

I heard about it on Sam's Cafe- the post is, and the following couple of posts have updates on the situation, and from there you can follow links for more information.

Anyway, that's it fer now. Back to your regularly scheduled fangirl squee.

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It's raining still. It was drizzling when Aba drove me back to my flat around midnight- a few hours ago there was thunder and lightning, visibly forked, but that's gone now and the rain's just pouring down like it's got nowhere to be. Worf curled against my hip, and I made and drank hot chocolate the way I make it with cinnamon and clove and read good fic, with some rarer pairings that I really do like. The Doctor Who fandom is hard to get into, sometimes, because I have rather different ideas about how things ought to go than RTD (yeah, that's news) and it seems that most fans have this weird idea in their heads that they ought to listen to him. PSHAW. Anyway, the thing is that I am not very open-minded when it comes to reading things that are not my OTPs, which is too bad, because it means there's a lot of good stuff out there that I don't get to enjoy, simply because it's Ten/Martha or whatever. (Have discovered Waldo/Carmen Sandiego fic. It is perfect.)

Anyway, Dvorak 8&9 may have been my best CD purchase of 2009. Even though it's probably the first CD I've bought this year.

I've got a lovely long rambly entry about the opera and TW S1 two entries below, and it's me-locked until I get around to finishing it. I'm just telling y'all about it now so that I will feel bad if I don't actually go back and write about the operas and how valiantly I am resisting writing Katrina/Brom fic right now. Also about my electric stove fail, which doesn't seem to be getting any better.

I really ought to go to sleep, but I'm just so happy and contented right now. Do not want to move.



Feb. 17th, 2009 04:28 pm
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Will write allll about it when I return from orchestra/work.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA apparently the BBC doesn't really bother to check that *anyone* is re-using stuff, props or costumes or MAKEUP. Because OH LOOK, I know what disease she's got. She's got ALL OF THEM. Quick, mix all your liquid medicines together and administer it topically! Immunizations are contagious! Hooray, that is totally how disease and medicine work! THE MEAT IS FREEEEEEE!

Ahahahahahaha am late more later must go now ahahahahahahaha as soon as I stop laughing.

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So Jack, after finding himself nearly the sole survivor of a horrific massacre, separated from the person he loves and with no one to turn to for help, joins Torchwood 3 in order to utilize its resources in his search for his lost love. Eventually the opportunity arises and he betrays Torchwood to chase after the Doctor.

Ianto Jones, after finding himself nearly the sole survivor of a horrific massacre, with the person he loves critically wounded and no one to turn to for help, joins Torchwood 3 in order to utilize its resources in his quest to heal his love. Eventually he is forced to side with either Torchwood or Lisa, and he declares that his loyalty is to her.

Of course Jack can't fire/retcon/execute Ianto. He's not that big a hypocrite.

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My life right now is a nice thing. I think if someone gave me a writing prompt that said "if you could change lives with anyone in the world, who would you choose?" I would write something to the effect of ARE YOU KIDDING ME, WHUT, NO. So... yeah. Contented!Leora.

I drove (all by myself! It was terrifying) to NCG and saw Twilight. Actually? I enjoyed it. The acting was good and they did a really good job of portraying high schoolers in that THEY ARE AWKWARD, ALL THE TIME, and Bella and Edward and everyone else was always standing around looking awkward and not knowing what to say and feeling kind of dumb, and I was like, hey, that is totally realistic. Up until Edward was all "YOU ARE MY LIFE NAO BELLA," but maybe it's just a vampire thing to get really creepily clingy. Another vampire thing, apparently, is the ability to button shirts instantaneously, and also mispronounce Debussy. (Place the accent where you will, it's still not de-boo-sy.) Also, I like RPattz, I really do, because he's a good actor, and in interviews he always seems like a really down-to-earth guy, and he very nearly made me like Edward Cullen, but I am never going to fangirl him solely for his looks, because really, he's not my type. On the other hand, Doctor Carlisle Cullen? zOMG. Sign me up for creepy vampire stalkings. ...between him, James Marsters as Captain John Hart, and Mark Harmon as Gibbs, I think I'm developing a thing for the older actors.

You know what else I liked? The baseball. Vampire baseball is hilarious. Actually a lot of that movie was hilarious, sometimes quite unintentionally, like the concept of sparkly vampires. And Cleolinda is right, the meadow of vampiric sparkles is shot like a sex scene. And I liked the evil!lady vampire, whatever her name was. Probably Victoria or something, Victoria is a good name for evil lady vampires. She reminded me a little of the White Queen/Snow Queen/whatever she was from Narnia, with her Slanted Fur Ruff of Evil.

Jacob was pretty and had long hair and dabbles in auto mechanics yey.

Bella telling... uh... the girl in the name tag gang who wasn't Jessica that she was a strong, independent woman also made me crack up. Because oh, Bella. Irony for the win.

I also liked their biology class. Anaphase! Metaphase! Planaria!!

Still not planning on reading the book. Xlormp is much better. Reread my paper copy of The Most Popular Book in the Whole World and was reminded how awesome it is. And GO TEAM CHRISTOPHER.

I am very sad that I can't seem to ever actually write down all the epic ideas I have for fanfic because:

-x dates Jack and Ianto didn't go out on, and one they did, or, Ianto messes with Jack's head a lot
-Out of Time!Ianto
-Six!Lisa and Baltar!Ianto
-Six!Lisa follows Jack around
-sentient coffee machine/Ianto
-five women who missed Ianto while he was on suspension (sentient coffee machine, Myfanwy, Mainframe, Hub, pizzagirl)
-After the year-that-never-was, the Doctor accidentally returns Jack to the wrong universe, and in this one, Ianto Jones died at Canary Wharf
-Five times Suzie Costello noticed Ianto Jones
-Five people the rift brought to Cardiff who made it back home anyway, and one who didn't
-teenaged!Ianto falls through the rift and meets Torchwood Teaboy!Ianto, set while Jack's away
-Yvonne Hartman and Harriet Jones have tea. I don't know where that would go, at all, I just think they're both cool and should be friends.
-Torchwood Three Medical Drama AU. Come on, tell me you haven't thought of it! Every time Martha and Jack are like "oh, we were under the same Doctor" or something.


NCIS! I have fallen all in love. Also, I barely ship anyone at all. This is so rare. I think the last time I was all about the team!love, it was with Atlantis, and even then I was pulling for McKay/Zelenka. Well. With NCIS I ship Gibbs/Fornell like burning. They are just in my personal canon. They have had sex up against Gibbs's boat. And probably also in that elevator.

Ari, I am a little sad about you, because I was kind of shipping you with Kate. Yes I know that is twisted and wrong.

And the Abby/McGee thing is totally canon. I think the most likely thing there is that they are just good friends who have casual sex (and sometimes rather kinky sex, at that, and yeah McGee can be just as kinky as Abby) and are both totally cool with that. But really I just love that show, and every character on it. I've seen the entirety of the first two seasons and Yay. Also, freckly JAG lady? She's cool too, and if she wants she can form an occasional ot3 with Gibbs and Fornell.

Best line of the first two seasons? "Don't be silly, ATF lady." Ahahahaha Abby I love you forever. Also
Tony: What does this remind you of, Kate?
Kate (looks down at Abby's striped-stocking-clad legs sticking out from under the car): The Wizard of Oz?
Abby (not missing a beat): I'LL GET YOU MY PRETTY AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO.
She doesn't even hesitate. Ahahaha Abby.

Y'know, I keep forgetting that I'm not watching Torchwood, because it has a lot of superficial resemblance to that show, so I see Kate and Tony interact and I go aw, man, they're going to sleep together and it's going to be awful, because Gwen/Owen, but then it doesn't, and I was like oh yeah, this is NCIS, they actually maintain a level of professionalism, and also do *not* try to solve every problem by having ill-advised sex.

I am, though, spoiled by British television- or maybe it's only Torchwood and Doctor Who really- and its tolerance for alternative lifestyles. Also the internet. People in the Torchwood fandom do not freak out over teh gay sex, or over kink, or what have you. And when the NCIS agents get creeped out by homosexuals or transsexuals I just kind of go ...oh. right. America. American military. Damn.

That reminds me. Hamish Macbeth! Finished season two. Have I mentioned how much I love the citizens of Lochdubh? Lachie Jr looks astonishingly good in makeup, which is why I thought of it, also yay Lachlan Sr. for not panicking. Also Esme/Rory really may be my favorite television couple, just because they are so very into each other. I love that Macbeth describes Esme as the town's "schoolteacher and local sex symbol," and Rory as "her intended, I think." And I still ship Macbeth/Isobel like mad. I think I am supposed to feel bad about Alex, but I really don't. I never liked her from the beginning. She never seemed to belong in Lochdubh, and she never seemed to want to, either, and she and Macbeth just want such very different things from life, and from the beginning it was obvious to me that even if there had been something between them in the past, it was over now and there was no point in trying to recapture it. Also TV John. TV John is amazing and brilliant. Watching TV John mess with people's heads will NEVER GET OLD.

I saw the first four episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs. The ancient black-and-white one. And while I don't dislike it, I didn't love it, either, so I don't think I'll keep watching.

What else have I been up to? well. Um. Nothing really I guess. Maybe I can take my violin home and practice tonight, or something.



Nov. 19th, 2008 11:07 am
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Finally, FINALLY caught up in Doctor Who and was able to start Season Two.

Martha! Whaaa! Oh, when she pulled out that disk and talked about South Africa I was just so filled with pride, because that was my Ianto, and my Tosh, they died to get her that information and they DID IT, then I remembered that that wasn't canon. And then I heard about Japan, and I was like, Hah, see, he had to burn an ENTIRE COUNTRY to stop Tosh. That is what it takes to stop Tosh. and then I was like, wait, not canon either. And then I was finally like, okay, Tosh and Gwen and Owen are stuck in the Himalayas but Ianto, oh, Ianto and Swanson and Andy are still in the Hub and they're rebuilding a massive... laser... plasma... cannon... thing, based on Ianto's eidetic memory of the time he saw blueprints back in Torchwood One. And they were all set up to BLOW THE VALIANT OUT OF THE SKY as soon as it came to retaliate against the rebellion that they and the British Resistance were going to instigate as bait, but Martha's attack just happened to come first, and the three of them remember afterwards because of the Rift that they were sitting on top of. And they tell Tosh, because Tosh can handle it. OH WAIT, still not king canon.

Also- DEREK JACOBI, there was no reason for you to switch bodies, dammit, Chantho, why did you have to shoot him, I would be mad at you if you weren't so hot.

Then I look at myself funny and go, dude, INSECT, and then the rest of me goes dude, BLUE SKIN, and the part that went You are attracted to a bug! pauses and goes, oh yeah, you're right, dayum.

But DEREK JACOBI you are so MADE OF ******* WIN!

And then- aaaah, John Hart, I knew, I knew I would love you, but I didn't anticipate Tosh being all bold- and the line about- ahahahaha, I knew it would be awesome. And it wasn't all good (GWEN. LOOKING AT YOU GWEN. OH YOU KNOW I AM LOOKING AT YOU) but John Hart, yeah, I approve of you, and of Ianto. As always. Also, Owen, you've been shot, sit down.

Mostly I was just confused by the lack of Nicholas. NICHOLAS. WHERE DID YOU GO.

Sleeper! As always, the main plot was terrible! But oh, ohhhhh we got so many great, great little moments with Tosh and Owen and Ianto. Tosh hacking! Hacking obscenely! Ianto phones! Owen propositions! Tosh! Ianto! Owen! IANTO! ...Gwen being useless.

TTLM. Oh, Tosh. Oh, Tosh, this falling for the really wrong people thing? And the whole... anyone you love is alien/evil/dead/all of the above? I wish it were less of a trend. Tommy isn't even that cute. (Gwen is still useless.)

If I were a better writer/knew more of history, I would write about his days waking up, and how the team changes around him. (also why he doesn't seem to question that Jack's been there the whole time, um, hello.)

still- look! Jack/Ianto! (Jack I know you idolize the Doctor like mad but srsly his whole complete inability to say "I love you" straight out is not something you really want to emulate. I swear.)

And Gwen just thinks it's all about her! *mutters British curse words*

Oh- would like to point out. Shooting someone while they've got a gun to someone else's head? Even if you're a really really good shot? Not the thing to do if you've any interest at all in keeping the hostage alive. Of course, it's quite possible that Jack just doesn't care. Oh Jack. Jack Jack Jack.

Now stop flirting with the useless stupid bird with the eyes and realize that Ianto is a KEEPER. Because if you don't then you'll lose him. (but not to Nicholas, because he'd sooner rob a bank, but he still belongs to Ianto. Torchwood too, but Ianto.)

And- after KKBB- Ianto uses wax in his hair, not styling gel, Ianto shaves with a disposable razor, Ianto has great towels.

*jumps up and down a bit more*

yeah, yeah, it's a horrible show, but hey. Eye candy.

ETA: And OH YEAH, thanks Britian, I'll have you know that we could still kick your arses at... uh... *long awkward pause* Well, look, we've elected Obama now, in a few years you're going to feel really bad about all that in The Sound of Drums.

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I just thought of this-

I was just working on the manifest and thinking idly about Torchwood and Ianto and Star Trek Voyager and then BAM it hit me-

And my fingers flew off the keyboard and eyes went all wide and I inhaled so hard I nearly snorted my nose into my cranial cavity(can that happen?)-





(also, Watanuki!)

Back to the massive mountain if filing that awaits me. darnit, I usually manage to avoid being the one to do the filing, these days.





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Anyone tapping into the CCTV in my apartment (I recently found out that the CCTV network, which I was sure was just a turchwad thing, is actually a real Great Britain thing. Which is Big Brotherish, and freaky.) would have seen something like this.

(scene: a spacious one-bedroom flat, with a girl sitting on a patterned sofa, legs stretched out on a chair and laptop across her shins. Candles burn low on a kitchen table. A large grey cat sprawls over her ankles. Sound: the drumbeats of the introduction to the Doctor Who theme song. The words "NEXT TIME" flash across the bottom of the screen, and, momentarily, a white-haired man's face. The girl presses the stop button on her laptop, removes her headphones and punches the air.)

GIRL (singing loudly and tunelessly): Derek Jacobi time! Derek Jacobi time- (she gets up and stomps around the room, flapping her arms. The cat jumps to her feet in alarm.) Derek Jacobi time, YEAH. It's... (switching on the light, a glance at her watch) two o'clock in the morning, and it's Derek Jacobi ti-iiiime. (the girl flaps briefly into another room, then returns and sits again, setting up the laptop. The cat watches warily.) Time for DEREK JACOBI, Derek Jacobi the Brilliant, Derek Jacobi the Awesome, Derek Jacobi the WIN. YEAH YEAH YEAH. (she punches the air and flaps her arms some more, then manages to press play after accidentaly ejecting the DVD briefly.)

(Across the screen flashes the title menu. She scrolls to "episode selection" and hits enter. Choices appear: Human Nature, Family of Blood, and Blink.)

GIRL: What- what- no, no, where's- what- ARGH. (collapses sideways, moans pitifully) No Derek Jacobi time. (sad face. VERY VERY SAD FACE.)

okay, so

Nov. 13th, 2008 04:59 am
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I get that RTD reuses names like it's going out of style (was it ever in style?) but this just occurred to me.

Yvonne Hartman.

Yvonne = feminine variant of John.

Hartman. Hart.

Yvonne Hartman. John Hart.


In other news, Martha! Hello! I like your hair! I really like your hips. But you can never compete with the cats in New New New (etc.) York. Novice Hame! Flanagan! Cats are really hot! ...I'm weird! But we all knew that!

Cheers for the little-old-lady lesbians, points deducted for homophobia still being within living memory in the year five billion and some. Points also deducted for the men always being in the driver's seat, and for the wives being weepy and useless and the ones who bring up "THINK OF THE CHILDREN." My jury is still out on the witches, because you have folklore on your side there. I approve of there being a Shakespeare episode, I disapprove of the idea that Hamlet was written in any way in honor of Hamnet. I was actually just telling Paul that it annoys me when people try to make inferences into Shakespeare's life from his works, like who he was in love with because of his sonnets and whatnot. One can write what they don't feel, and the purpose of art is not to provide insight into the artist. Mostly I am just madly jealous that Martha got to go see a Shakespeare play in the original and talk to the man himself and WHY didn't she just start asking him questions?!? (because it's only a TV show and they can't actually presume to provide definitive answers.) Oh and MAJOR POINT DEDUCTION for the Christ symbolism. I cannot stand Christ symbolism. I think I hate, a little bit, that I now know enough about Christianity to spot the Christ symbolism. At least when it's not subtle. And by the way, Who? Not Subtle. Martha and the Doctor in the bed, with the whole... right in front of me thing? Not Subtle. NS. Ach, this whole situation with the Doctor and Martha really just reads as a recipe for disaster, to me. Martha recognizes that the Doctor is so, so not over Rose and isn't going to be for a long, long time... and falls for him anyway, and it's just like, oh dear, Martha, I get the lure, I really really do, but you are setting yourself up for a world of heartbreak and I just hope you know what you're getting yourself into.

I didn't used to be able to spot Christ-symbolism. Not in Narnia, not in Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and I didn't even see it coming in the Jungle Doctor. My sole experience with Jesus had been something to do with bubble baths and a musical in which all I remember is that he was singing about being dead and I was going hang on, why are you dead? What killed you? You were just standing there. And why are you still singing?

I was so looking forward to seeing Queen Elizabeth be awesome! And she wasn't. And I was like, come on, that's Queen Elizabeth, she pwns everyone, and they didn't let her. and it's like come on, you spent all that time watching witches spin around in the air, let's cut some of that and spend a minute or two on the awesome that is Elizabeth I. But they didn't.

Going to sleep. Have bought milk, and onions, and biscuits, and $14 rosin. It's green. Don't ask me, that's all they had and I need rosin.

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to write my thoughts about sexism and racism in Doctor Who. Because I really love that show, but sometimes the implications make me a bit uneasy.

Dear BBC: See Firefly. See Battlestar Galactica. That is how it's done. I was about to give Who points for the Mickey/Jake, or at least the Ricky/Jake, but then I remembered that that's not actually any more explicitly canon than Geta's crush on Baltar. (Oh Geta. You and your TIGER TATTOO.)

But- Doctor Who. I love you. And then I think about you. And then I worry.

Well, also I worry about the fact that I really love the Daleks. But I think that's fairly common. It's the voice! I love listening to them talk! I laughed my head off when they were arguing with the Cybermen.

Also, during the Christmas Special? The Runaway Bride? You know that big dramatic disturbing moment? I couldn't stop laughing. I felt a bit bad about it, but still.

Eh. It wasn't really a good episode. They were trying to be epic without spending enough time on the set-up, maybe; I'm not sure exactly what was wrong, but it just missed.




Nov. 9th, 2008 03:32 am
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Oh, God.

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Random Shoes is really just Torchwood's attempt at Doctor Who's Love and Monsters. Which still wasn't amazing, but was at least better than Random Shoes, and at times reminded me very, VERY strongly of Dr. Horrible. Also, ISOBEL MET AN ENORMOUS BEAR ABSORBOLOFF. ISOBEL, ISOBEL DIDN'T CARE, because she now has a perfectly happy and fulfilling life trapped as a face in a pavement slab.

(The sad thing is she's still getting better treatment than at Macbeth's hands. Dammit, Macbeth, I deny season two. I deny it a lot. Because the man is not a fool! He would realize- ahhhh, whatever.)


Torchwood deals with the Goblin King! Srsly, just imagine Jack flirting with Jareth. Augh.

Kaywinnit Lee Frye shows up and fixes the Rift Manipulator without thinking! Also the entire Torchwood team falls for her, hard.

Ianto goes on vacation/travelling with the Doctor or something, but because Ianto is Responsible, he makes sure there is someone to take care of his job before gallivanting off. He puts in a call to a friend of the Doctor's in Japan, and hires an employee of hers, under the condition that Doumeki comes too because Yuuko-san is a 104 shipper liek whoa they just come as a matched pair. Yuuko comes along with Watanuki and Doumeki, just to check the place out, say hello and drink all that hypervodka that fell through the rift last Tuesday. Watanuki as Torchwood's teaboy! NOW IMAGINE JACK FLIRTING WITH YUUKO.

...there were more but I'm going to bed now.

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And yes, David Tennant is very much of the endearing, and Rose is as always a delight, and I still love Mickey because he's adorable and he tries so hard, and he loves Rose. And Jackie! And I really, really like Harriet Jones, and I know she only makes me think of Laura Roslyn because they're both female leaders, which is terrible, but oh, she is so ruthless and wonderful, the Doctor can leave her alone because she's right, he isn't always there, they cannot rely on him being there to save them. Sara Jane Smith broke my heart into a million tiny pieces. Reinette was pretty fluff, I had mad crushes on Novice Hame, was sad that Queen Victoria was not played by Dame Judi Dench, but enjoyed hearing all the Scottish accents (and totally didn't notice until the Queen pointed it out that the Doctor had switched back to his English accent), and the horse (rule one! When a small, bald man is- no, wait, wrong universe) may have been my very favorite part.

But mostly?

I just miss Nine.

I miss Nine. Others have pointed out that while Nine was all threatening and dour, he was... uh, I believe the phrase used was teddy bear... underneath, and Ten is the opposite- he seems all harmless and friendly and faffing around babbling nonsense, but underneath he is dangerous and ruthless. And... I know it's only the first five episodes, so I'm hoping it will change, but Nine and Rose... they were just- they met and the connection was just *there.* Ten, so far, seems, well, a bit more reluctant to reach for Rose, and the loss bothers me a little. Nine needed Rose so much. And now it seems it will take the pair of them a while to find their footing again. Still- looking forward to seeing it. (but I know how season two ends, I remember what Eyal went through, ohhhhh, not looking forward to that at all, no no no no no.)


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