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So Aba brought some new pens into the office. Alas my red pen remains the only red pen in the world and when it gives up the ghost I don't know what I'll do for a father for a husband AW MAN, ROSSSSS. But there are very fine-point black pens that write sharp as you please, and these lovely blue pens that write softly and I love them dearly already. OM NOM NOM INK.

Had one swing dancing lesson. Have another tomorrow, and then cannot have another until I have saved up some money. Sad face, I am broke like a broken thing. Aww yeah, livin' on rice. Still have plenty of rice. And eggs! Rice and eggs. And dish soap. Actually I'm running out of dish soap.

Have started practicing for thrice-cursed auditions. *tfu tfu tfu* Am making Paul help. One or both of us is sure to go mad. I'm betting it's me, because he claims to find the different orchestrations structurally interesting. Whatever, everyone just hates on the violins and gives them weird ledger lines, that is how that works.

So I asked my mother if perhaps I could have the ring that Aba gave her for their anniversary one year, the gold band with the millgrained edges, because to my recollection she's never even worn it, and it would be kind of cool to have an heirloom wedding ring. And she stared at me in utter confusion and assured me with perfect confidence that no such ring had ever existed. And just when I was starting to doubt my entire reality, Aba said that yes, I had gone with him to pick out such a ring, but then he had not actually bought it. Which is too bad, because it was quite pretty and would have nicely taken care of my something old.

Checked out the wedding planning section of the Okemos library. Only found two useful books: one about interfaith ceremonies, and one explaining wedding planning to the groom. It was entertaining and informative, as opposed to the one I checked out for the bride, which turned out to be condescending and useless. *shrugs*

Sent my beloved copy of Hamlet to Mical and Tamar to read before they see it on Saturday. US POSTAL SYSTEM, PLEASE BE TRUE.

I dunno guys, my life is pleasant but uneventful. Paul and I started watching the BBC miniseries of P&P and it was very true to the book but Paul says it lacks the charm, and I don't know how charming I found the book but it is true that I did not much feel like watching five more hours of it.

Love for Boromir Sean Bean continues epic. There's a photograph I saw somewhere of him playing Macbeth, which I would have liked to see. I DON'T KNOW IF ANY VERSION WILL EVER LIVE UP TO THIS ONE THOUGH. OMG OMG OMG COLM FEORE IN POSTCOLONIAL AFRICA, GUYS. IIIIIII KNOW.

Part of me is madly looking forward to ORCHESTRA again, and the other part of me is clinging madly to FREEEEEE TIIIIIIIIME while I have it, although to be honest most of the time I manage to find something to fill up every jot of free time I have. I am going to be so busy for the next year, it's going to be ridiculous. Not, like, y'know, Laura-busy, but busy.

Ok Paul is here bye.



Nov. 27th, 2005 11:22 pm
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Two updates in one day? DNFTD! It's like Leora never went to college!

I have a tendency not to update here, because in order to update my livejournal from college I have to open the drawer and take out the keyboard, signifying an intent to take some time out of my day to write in my lj when I should be doing homework. It's not really a very interesting phenomenon.

In any case, I wanted to write about my evening. My day was uneventful; I worked on my project. All day long I sat at the computer staring blankly at a blank screen, or a screen covered in scientific gibberish, and read nothing of what was in front of me and wrote even less. (Yes indeed, I have mastered the art of negative writing. I'm just that cool.) But my evening was worth recounting.

I got back to the dorms around five o'clock, expecting to go to the meeting with my chem group. I was nervous; I had gotten nothing done, didn't have much faith in my ability to BS, and felt guilty that I wasn't doing my share of the work. But it turned out that, for who knows what reason, nobody was there. Meeting postponed or cancelled or whatever, and nobody had bothered to tell me. I went up to my dorm room, put my laundry back on my shelf, and meandered around. I wanted to go see Pride and Prejudice, but it wasn't playing at AMC, and the buses don't run to NCG on Sundays, and there are no buses to Celebrations. So I looked at what was playing at AMC, and decided that I'd like to see Harry Potter. It was playing at seven thirty. I got out my bus schedule and realized that the last bus on Sundays arrived at the mall at seven. So I'd get there in plenty of time, but at ten o'clock I'd be stranded at the mall with no way back. I called everyone I could think of to see if I could go with someone and they could drive, but nobody could. Jackie was busy, Laura was busy, the Peters were busy, and all my other friends had left. Turns out it was good I didn't go, though, because then Melissa knocked and said that the meeting was rescheduled for seven.

Seven o'clock found me down in the study lounge, wearing my lovely new gloves and having fun with my group. Nice girls. We actually got some stuff done, then divided up the remaining work and ajourned. Before we left, we noticed that one of the boys that had been studying near us (we'd joked with him a bit, said that he could be in our commercial or perhaps be the person who got water poured on them when we announced the weather) had left behind his black backpack. I went over and picked it up. There was a name tag tied to the top.

"Mazurek, Scott Arthur"


"Oh, I think he's on my floor," said one of my group. "I've seen him around a lot." So I followed her to the fourth floor, and she went to the east-east wing and I went to the west-east wing, which I assumed was the boys' hallway. It was, and I went along, reading the names on the doors until I saw "Dustin" on one and then "Scott" on the next. The door was covered in Star Wars posters, or comic strips about Star Wars. I knocked.


He was short, barely taller than me, and stocky. His hair was dark and he had a small goatee. All in all, rather cute, if I may say. I held up the backpack.

"Ah, sh---" he said. He actually cut off his curse. "Thanks, thanks a lot."
"No problem." I stepped back. "You know, I was supposed to room with you, I don't know if you remember. I'm Leora."
"Oh. Well, pleased to meet you."
"You too."
"See you around."

So, I think things would have turned out okay. Nice guy. Nice looking, too. Friendly, even to strange girls making too much noise in the study lounge and blasting classical music. Likes Star Wars. Mild geek boy. Polite- wouldn't swear in front of a guest.

Not that I'm complaining about the way things turned out, not at all. But nice to know, anyway, for no logical reason that I can come up with.

Anyway, I was absolutely starving and dinner was closed, so I dropped my books off at my room and put on my quilted blue winter coat and went outside. On my way out the door I passed Dustin James, who would have been my suitemate. I said hello, mentioned that I'd just met Scott, and stood out in the rain while I waited for the bus, feeling stupid that I hadn't taken an umbrella or worn a hoodie.

Speaking of hoodies, I'm getting worried that I may have left my NINJ4 hoodie somewhere. That would really really suck; you all know how much I love that hoodie.

I took the bus to the Union and walked to Noodles and Company. I wasn't sure what time it was- I think they were supposed to close at nine on Sundays and it seemed to be nine-fifteen, but the door was open and there were people eating inside. I bought tomato marinara and ate it a little too quickly to enjoy it fully because I was worried about being kicked out, but it was still really good. I burned my tongue a little, though.

After I was done, I left. I always feel guilty about leaving my dishes on the table, both there and at Schuler's. More so here than at Schuler's, because I've more or less gotten used to it in Schuler's.

I was thinking of Schuler's as I walked down the sidewalk in the rain. I wanted more than anything to call up a friend and go to Schuler's and split a peanut butter bar, or maybe one of those new chocolate friazos (how good? Soo good!) and maybe use my full hot chocolate punch card. Hot chocolate sounded really good too. So I walked down to Barnes and Noble to see if I could get hot chocolate- they make sucky hot chocolate but I could add enough honey that it wouldn't matter- and a pastry, if I was lucky. But Barnes and Noble was closed. I wasn't too bitter, since their hot chocolate is not good and they don't really have good pastries. I walked back to the bus stop, a little dejectedly, then at the last minute I doubled back and went into Cosi, a restaurant I'd never been to before. I'm not sure why I decided to go then, but they said "breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert" on a sign above the door, so maybe there'd be some nice brownies or something. There didn't seem to be, and they were starting to close up already, so I got some hot chocolate to go. I ate the whipped cream with a spoon as I crossed the road, then sat at the bus stop in front of the Union and drank the hot chocolate. It was excellent. Much better than Barnes and Noble would have been. I quickly drank the last of it as the bus pulled up, again burning my tongue slightly, but I didn't mind much. Drinking good hot chocolate on a chilly, rainy autumn night is something every girl should do at least once in her life.

I called Paul on the bus ride back, simply because I wanted to hear his voice, and he answered and talked for a little bit about nothing in particular. Then I went back to my dorm room and reread some of those editorials that Laura posted a while back, the ones by an exchange teacher in Japan. I laughed.

It was a good evening. I still have to work though. Mrrrrr.

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Yeah, all the private ones I'm making? Archives for the PPC board. I'm sort of the self-appointed-not-really-official-archiver. So... Mike, it's not worth the thirty seconds it'd take you to hack into them.

I'm in a rather melancholy mood right now. I hate this stupid P&P essay. I have not a single idea. Mrrk.

*sings along with Yehoram Gaon, because he is cool*

I'm also tired, and have a bit of a headache. I just feel so blah. I didn't want to come home... I don't want to be home... mehehehehehehe *sobs*

It's not even being home that I so much object to (though I like-a tell you, I would MUCH rather have stayed in Mexico), it's the school. Why am I in it? I hate it. I hate every minute that I spend in that cursed building. *sighs heavily* It just eats up my life and my brain, and for what? So that I can get into a harder school. That's looking pretty grim right now, though.

On a slightly brighter note, I got accepted to Ithaca and Port Milford, and am on the waiting list for Interlochen. I won't make it in to the last one, but it's nice to know that I came so close to making the final cut.

To all who don't know: Frisbee every Sunday, five o'clock, at Cornell Elementary School, weather permitting. Just show up and we'll play, we don't care if you're good or bad. I talked to Mark and he'll call the "usual gang." I also gave him his birthday present (rather late). It was a sketch of him as a wolf, holding a guitar that strongly resembled a cello, because I don't know what a guitar looks like. Then I stood around and watched him eat cheetos for a while, and then I went to practice.

Mendelssohn's third movement is going to be fun, I think. My playing is terrible, though.

I'm not going to get into Mexico now. Later.

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So Alberta walks out the door, and Jeannie and Sunitha appear. I'm blinking with confusion, then see that Sunitha's carrying P&P on DVD and remember that I'd invited them. So they come in, I make popcorn, and we sit down to watch. Two and a half hours. TWO AND A HALF HOURS. THE FIRST HALF. The three of us were just lolling around on the sofas, trying desperately not to fall asleep, pausing it every few minutes to explain what was going on to Sunitha, and thanking the stars for Wishbone, who somehow makes it into less than half an hour. (I also got a kick out of the fact that Darcy also plays Jack in the movie version of The Importance of Being Earnest.) Some things were nice, like the whole Lizzie-running-around-with-Darcy's-Harlequin-Great-Dane. That happied me. Also, the presence of horses, and amusement at random hats and other assorted articles of clothing, and ODE it's John's piece!! No wonder he liked it so much. And... Darcy's first name is Fitzwilliam! hahahaha!

...Bingley was handsomer in Wishbone.

No! I mean, uh, I was paying attention to the deep social commentary! Ah!

*embarrassed cough* I was kinda surprised at the lack of handsome actors, though. One would think that with a movie like this, where the characters care so much about looks, there would be more of them.

I like Lydia and Kitty. I'm supposed to just think that they're silly and hold them in contempt, and I do think they're silly, but they're just fun. They're the only characters, it seems, who aren't so fettered by the expectations laid on them by society. Well, the whole... your-whole-point-in-life-is-to-find-a-husband thing, that's there. But I mean... they have FUN. Lydia steals some officer's sword and he has to chase after her to get it back, or she and Kitty go swinging, I mean, things like that. They care less about important things, and they act like kids, and I get so tired of all the other characters being so... well, not serious, because they have a lot of humor, but all the humor is subtle and dry and tongue-in-cheek, whereas they're just... look! He fell over! It's funny! Hahahahaha! Also, the whole scene with Collins accidentally catching Lydia in her underdress? SO much reminded me of The Tradgedie of Eyal and John. She was not indecent; think Elizabeth Swann when she gets marooned on the island. And Collins was just like... AUGH! *covers eyes* (*...and throws a potato*) It amused me. And the soldier's aren't bad. Everyone's like... *gasp* flirting with soldiers! But they were mostly pretty cool. I wish that Lydia ended up happier, in the end.

Eru. I really have been acting extremely girly this weekend. I blame the combined influence of Austen and Alberta.

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I feel like I'm on some sort of vacation. I guess I am in a way; my parents gone, Micali isn't nidging me: she trusts me, and that's refreshing. I'm listening to Kaveret and I'm thinking about characters, and my left leg is asleep. There are drums in my ears, that challenge and reply, a steady conversation, and in the background, the sounds of a distant train. There is a small star-nosed mole next to me, wearing a striped vest, a pirate hat, and an eyepatch. He watches me from a purple button. I am still wearing a paperclip on my right ear. I found it on a desk in Spanish, clipped it to my earlobe on a whim, and promptly forgot it was there. Evan noticed and said it was dumb, so naturally I had to leave it on, to spite him. I was just reminded of it when I took off my headphones. Mical wants it quiet, and it's no big deal to use my walkman, really. She will, however, owe me batteries when these run out, as I think they will soon.

I read more in P&P. Darcy has been sufficiently reconciled in my sight, as has Elizabeth, to a certain extent, if only by being able to admit to herself that she had acted stupidly. Jane's eternal goodness is beginning to get on my nerves. Other characters have not really played a big role in this section. We meet some high-born lady who's all haughty and annoying, but you expect at *least* one character like her in a book like this. Eh... guess Darcy's growing on me. I think that a very large part of that is that I know his first name now, and it's Fitzwilliam. I am sorry, but with a name like that, you can't view a character as all aloof and intimidating and proper and stuff. It just adds a certain sense of the ridiculous to my perception of him. Mr. Darcy can be cold and stiff and graaah all he wants, but suddenly he's Fitzwilliam Darcy, and his whole haughty demeanor suddenly can't be taken seriously any more. Fitzwilliam! Hah! He proposed to Lizzie and got ranted at, so he wrote her a letter that basically says "um, you've got the wrong end of the stick entirely." And she reads it and goes " Oops." So Wickham's out. (Wickham! That alley-cat! Surely you're not going to go by what he says?) I mean. Doesn't know the Wishbone better than the actual book.

*stretches out her hand and listens to the k'nacks*

Sigh. I'm a bit sleepy, but not really inclined to go to bed, and I've got this journal to finish before I can, as well as study a bit for that cursed chem quiz.

I rather like this paperclip. I just saw it in the mirror, and I think it looks rather good. Screw you, Evan.

Maybe I should get my ears pierced. Maybe. If I don't, it's more likely to be out of sheer laziness than anything else. I guess I don't really care enough to. If I do, I'll forget to put earrings in, or not bother, and the holes will close up and that'll be the end of that. I should just stick to clip-on earrings for now, I guess. I used to really want those, when I was little. I'll find my box of the ones I made out of colored paperclips- some of those were really pretty. Maybe I can bead a few, if I can find some sort of stronger clip. Paperclips are fine for supporting other paperclips, but beaded earrings can get pretty heavy, and they'd probably just pull the paperclips off. The problem with that is that if I see some really pretty earrings that I want, I won't be able to wear them, most likely, because they don't really make clip-on earrings all that much. Maybe I'm sounding really shallow and girly now. But I'm not writing in this journal to try and impress anybody. I can be really shallow and girly sometimes, especially when there's no need for me to be mature. Like now. I don't have much to agonize over now, so I can think about earrings. Plus I've been reading Jane Austen, and if that's not enough to make someone think shallow and girly thoughts, I don't know what is. I wonder if it has the same effect on everybody. *tries desperately not to imagine John deliberating over earrings*

Cow. Flower field. Thank you Laura for the lovely calendar. And don't worry, I'll bring your DVDs.

*Sighs again* I feel like my insides are made of milk. Like I'm just skin, filled with milk. I usually don't feel like this without wearing certain sweatshirts. It isn't even the right season. *shrugs*

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You are Stormchaser

You are the

Some Stormchasers: Tasuki (Fushigi Yugi), Lina
Inverse (Slayers), Excel (Excel Saga), Kyo
(Fruits Basket), Ginta (Marmalade Boy),
Momoshiro (Prince of Tennis)

Which Immortal are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

The guy for "last chance" is that same random anime guy that was on that quiz... the one I didn't know who he was, and I asked Eyal if she knew but she didn't either. Argh. It's him.

...Achal basar lavan! Ata zocher? 'Ni lo zocher!

Micali's home. That happies me a lot. But she's taking a nap right now, and will probably sleep most of the day. She drove all day yesterday and got in really late.

OMG those chem videos! Terribly boring/amusing. That guy. Argh. English. They are teh carzy.

Ohhhh, ani lo zocheeeeer!!

A haiku:
The Vending Machine
It is out of food
I curse the wire coils
That all stand empty.

A rather more stupid/awkward haiku:
Periodicity Video
Says the kooky English guy
He is a chemist.

Rak mesaper kide lo leshamem...

I don't want to journal P&P. Brits were all insane. I was reading a PotC fanfic yesterday, and wrote her a review pointing out that her character should *not* have been addressed as "Miss Norrington," because she was not the elder daughter- she should have been addressed as "Miss Anna Norrington." I told Ms. Huntley about that, and she collapsed, wailing, (much in the style of Caitlin) "Oh, the useless things we learn in Brit Lit!" Hehehee.

Apparently British winters are like today. Maybe that's why they're so crazy; it's because they're snow-deprived. COUGH LIKE ADA COUGH COUGH.

I need to go get started on homework now. I doubt I will, but I should at least make an honest effort.



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