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Snowflakes are falling thick and fast. The train rumbled by a half-hour ago, I made delicious hot chocolate for me and Paul, performed a spontaneous Snow Dance that borrowed heavily from the Eleventh Doctor and made Paul laugh and Worf look at me like I was out of my mind, and even if I never did ship McShep in the actual show (honestly it seemed like it was easier to find good Parrish/Lorne than it was to find McLenka, not that Parrish/Lorne is not fantastic, don't get me wrong, it's just. still), in AUs it's basically original fiction anyway and rageprufrock is just that good a writer. I'm tired and achy and hopefully not actually coming down with anything, but screw it, the snowfall was pretty much the last thing I needed for this apartment to cement itself as a home and an anchorpoint, the Shakespeare books don't need a bookend anymore because they take up an entire long shelf with no room to spare, and I think we may in fact now have copies of every single play, which is seriously super cool. I'm wearing the necklace Melody gave me for solo-ensemble one year and the dishes are all done and the bread is rising and we are all stocked up on groceries and life is amazing.

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Have downloaded the full version of Banned From Argo off of iTunes, and probably my best purchase ever, because YES.

Have given it some thought, after watching this video, and I think it could be adapted to fit a lot of sci-fi, actually. SGA, anyone? Hm. I couldn't find an actual good TOS video made to that song. I think I need to learn to make mvs just to rectify this problem. and then I will go ahead and make a TW video about Jack to "My Shiny Teeth And Me," and a Janto one to "Ain't no other man," and a Boomer video to "Always a Woman." And also a general BSG video to "We're Not Gonna Take It," because that needs to be an action video.

Goin to symphony, and then it's home for Rosh Hashana.


Fic meme!

Sep. 19th, 2008 08:59 am
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Remember the one I did a while back, with one sentence/phrase from each WIP? Here are some more recent ones. Gen unless a pairing is mentioned.

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Five diplomatic missions that Sheppard’s team inadvertently screws up, and one that they don’t
Summary: Sheppard's team inadvertently screws up some diplomatic missions.

“Should we be doing that too?” Sheppard mused.

“I can’t do that,” McKay snapped. “I’d sprain something.”

“I don’t think I could pull it off either,” Ford murmured doubtfully. “Teyla could.”

“It does not seem to be expected,” Teyla answered. “They do not look at us as though we are doing something wrong, nor are they greeting each other in this fashion. It must be a ritual for welcoming strangers.”

Fandom: The Music Man
Working Title: The Rivals of My Watch
Summary: Marcellus' backstory and history with Greg Prof. Hill.

He’d just read Hamlet, all the way through, and he’d stumbled over some words but he’d read it and he’d tried to pronounce words like they were special, the way Greg did, and strode up and down and moped up and down and wept up and down and raged up and down and gone insane up and down and duelled up and down and died dramatically, eight times.

Fandom: xxxholic
Working Title: Sweden
Summary: Watanuki is a cook! Doumeki is the pirate that kidnaps him off the ship! They FIGHT CRIME! work for Yuuko, the Pirate Queen. They fall in love. Or else Watanuki's suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Take your pick.

He was still missing the palace, two days later, when Satoko was still too sick to come out of their room despite the ginger tea he prepared for her, and he was frantically trying to do everything himself. If she had been there she would have scolded him for it, but if she had been there he wouldn’t have been trying to do everything by himself and really by this point she was just being stubborn, he thought uncharitably. She wouldn’t have been seasick if they’d stayed on land like man was meant to do. There was a knock at the door.

“I am terribly terribly busy!” screamed Watanuki without turning around. “So unless you are Satoko and you are feeling better, go away!”

“I am sorry to disturb you,” said Person-Who-Was-Not-A-Recovered-Satoko, opening the door. “Can I help?”

“Can you slice daikon into identical, minuscule pieces?”


Fandom: Hamlet
Title: Fortinbras' sons
Summary: Horatio studies political theory. Shakespearean Drabble, 140 words.

Kings should not be raised princes, Horatio thinks sometimes, though he cannot think of a good alternative. He devotes time to it, in quiet corners of the university library, comparing philosophers’ ideas of what makes a man what he is and what makes a child the man he will grow to be.

Fandom: Hamlet
Working Title: in arms
Summary: Fortinbras/Ophelia. Yes, Ophelia. Yes, after she goes insane. Yes, I know I'm going to hell.

He could feel her heart beating like a trapped bird’s against his chest. She could have broken away without effort, but instead stood perfectly immobile, as though it were she who was trying not to frighten him.

“I am called young Fortinbras,” he whispered.

“I am called far ruder things,” she answered in a clear voice. Fortinbras stepped back slightly, and the girl tilted her face up to his inquisitively.

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Working Title: Insolence
Summary: Norrington as a young midshipman is taken under the wing of a topman named Joseph Pitts, who teaches him useful things, like cursing.

He didn’t speak to the lieutenant, didn’t even stand in the man’s line of sight, just waited a few yards away and radiated idleness. It was something Joseph was very good at, and something the lieutenant was especially good at detecting.

Fandom: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Title: Because Hamlet has his pirates, and Viola has her Captain, and Sebastian has his Antonio, Ferdinand and his party have Prospero, and they’re on a ship with audible if not onstage sailors, so who’s to say our boys can’t have Convenient Rescuers of their own?
Summary: R&G nearly starve to death in a lifeboat. But they're rescued. Multi-chaptered!

He went to tell the prisoners, himself. The first mate disapproved of the unnecessary risk, he knew, but he walked into their cell to talk to them face-to-face, which he felt a man deserved.

“I do not know your crime,” he said. “It does not make a difference. I will arrange for the chaplain to visit you, so that you may make confession, and then you will be put off in a lifeboat. Your chances of survival are infinitesimal, but it will be enough of a chance to hopefully satisfy the consciences of my men.” They made no reply, simply sat there together and looked at him. He wondered if the ropes had injured their voices. “I realize that it is of no comfort to you, but know that my conscience, at least, will never feel itself clear of this deed. That I kill out of necessity does not ease my mind, as I am certain it cannot ease yours.” He cleared his throat. “I would know your names, at least, and if there is any small request that lies within my power to fulfil...” The prisoners exchanged glances. One of them closed his eyes, as if exhausted, and leaned against the other, who unhesitatingly wrapped his arm around his companion’s shoulders. He looked up at the captain for a moment, his expression bitter and bewildered; then lowered his gaze to the crown of the head resting on him, and then he, too, closed his eyes. The captain left.

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Working Title: Eve
Summary: AU in which Jack finds ickle!Will after he gets off the island, and raises him. Meanwhile in Port Royal, Elizabeth, not having prettypretty blacksmith's apprentices to distract her, spends some more time around the fort and takes a more active role in the defense of Jamaica. Norribeth.

Oh, being on the Dauntless still felt like she was walking on solider ground than ever existed on land, was like walking on stone, if stone could sail, if stone could be beautiful, but standing on Interceptor was like standing on wind, wind that could laugh.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Working Title: Shipfull is totally a word
Summary: Viktor/Hermione, did you really expect anything else? Anyway, their courtship.

“I really am fine,” she said again. “It’s not going to reassure poor Stefan if you act like I’m made of glass.”

“‘Poor Stefan,’ says Herm-own-ninny,” Viktor muttered. “Oh, yes, poor Stefan, all he did is Stun a fifteen-year-old vitch and then run around like a chicken vith no head.” But he gave her a small smile, and backed off slightly as she followed the girl into the hallway.

Fandom: Romeo and Juliet
Working Title: Prince of Tennis
Summary: Tybalt hears that Paris is after Juliet. Tybalt hunts him down and gives him Nice Warning. Haha, dramatic irony.

“Foul creature,” you mutter as your hand comes away from your cheek smeared with blood.

“You shouldn’t stare at her, Tybalt. Cats don’t like to be looked in the eye.” Juliet’s cuddling the monster, which gives you an unmistakable smirk, all smug malevolence. Juliet is handing you her handkerchief. Oh, if Mercutio could see his Prince of Cats now, you think ruefully, and press it to your cheek. “I wanted to ask... do you know the Count Paris?” You don’t think it’s quite fair to have this conversation right now, while your face is still bleeding, but Juliet’s waiting for an answer.

Fandom: The Road to El Dorado
Working Title: Migulio
Summary: Want to guess the pairing? Tulio/Miguel, and their history in Spain. Miguel's a rich man's bastard, Tulio's Jewish, and the Inquisition happens. Also thievery.

The other boy hadn’t stopped talking. “...anyways I didn’t care; it hurt and I cried anyway, I don’t know why you’re not but you’re probably braver than me, I’m not very brave but I will be when I grow up, I’m going to go on adventures and ride a big white horse and discover new lands and it’s going to be great. You can come along if you want, I can ask Tia Manuela to pack me an extra sandwich.” In the face of this, Tulio sat silent, and eventually brought up his own hand to cover the one the boy was holding over his bruised eye.

“It’s a bit better now,” he said. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” The handkerchief was removed, slowly. “It still looks all swollen and stuff.”

“And yet, still prettier than your sister,” he answered automatically. The golden-haired boy threw back his head and laughed ringingly. Tulio hadn’t thought he’d been that funny.

“I don’t have a sister,” said his rescuer finally. “I’m an only child.” He sat back on his heels and held out a hand. “I’m Miguel.”

Fandom: Temeraire
Working Title: Transport
Summary: Emily Roland. Just sort of wandering around being an aviator, and having a complicated gender identity.

Martin tells ghost stories, sometimes, after dinner. All the young boys sneak out to listen– it’s not forbidden in the least, but tradition demands that they sneak– and some of the dragons sneak up close behind them. The rule is that they musn’t speak without prompting, or Martin will end the story right then and there and until the next night they won’t know what happens. Sometimes, Emily thinks, she sees the other men there too, not just the young boys, but the ensigns and the riflemen and the ground crews, trying to look like they’ve something important to do in the vicinity, and sometimes even a captain hidden under the wing of his enthralled dragon.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Working Title: Influence
Summary: The Triwizard Tournament, and how biased it can be.

The First Task was dragons, and that had Karkaroff written all over it, didn’t it; facing dragons had been part of the standard Durmstrang curriculum for centuries, and everyone knew that Hogwarts had discontinued that segment of the practical exam ever since Headmistress Fitzgerald’s time, and Beauxbatons had never included it, as France held no native dragon species.

Fandom: Hamlet, Hawkelet movie version
Working Title: This one doesn't have a working title yet. It's just a bunch of fragmented ideas right now.
Summary: Hawkelet didn't include the English Ambassadors, so I decided to assume that Horatio, upon hearing Hamlet explain about switching the letters word document, ran to Claudius and had him fax England to Not Kill R&G, plzkthx. R&G have their heads about to be chopped off when someone runs in and says "let them go, orders from above," and they're cut loose. Believing that Claudius and the Denmark Corporation wants them dead, they go on the run across Europe. In the meantime, Horatio and his girlfriend Kate Marcellus (not my fault! Hawkelet's fault!) deal with new management.

"Pretty Kate!"
...Rosencrantz' fierce grin
"So it seems," says Kate with a twisty smile, returning their hugs.  She's always liked these two.
"Fortinbras runs the place pretty well," Horatio tells them a little later, once they are inside.  "Just.  If you two ever decide to come back.  You'd be welcome."
"Nice to know we have that option," Rosencrantz answers with a cordial nod, but his voice
(has gone) goes momentarily nasty and Guildenstern's eyes (suddenly seem shuttered from behind) are suddenly shuttered over.  [held a nasty undertone for a moment, and Guildenstern's eyes abruptly shuttered over.]  They will not come back.  Horatio realizes that he is somewhat relieved, though a little wistful for his own sake. for all that he will miss their company.  It would have been nice to see a few more familiar (friendly) faces in Denmark. 
That's probably for the best
He can't help but wonder what it's like for them

Yeah, that's enough for now.
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Pulling all-nighters, for me, is easier than not. The problem is pulling all-dayers. I spent the first half of symphony desperately trying to stay awake, and failing, which is panicky because I will startle awake in the middle of Marsalis' crazy original jazz composition that doesn't really take a violin's capabilities into account and realize that I nearly dropped my violin. !.

Read the webcomic Girl Genius, and do heartily recommend it to anyone. The beginning is a little hard to get past, but indeed worth it, and I genuinely like pretty much every single character, even the ones I was sure I wouldn't. I also laughed hysterically, a lot. It is a world run by mad scientists, or "sparks," and full of robots- "clanks." Also! Also! JAGERKIN, or Jagermonsters, or just Jager, and they are LOVE. They have hats, and Eastern European accents.

And started watching Dr. Who. Per Eyal's advice, I began with the 9th Doctor, and am enjoying it- and liking him- more than I expected to. I had only ever met the Doctor through Jack's reactions to him, which means I saw all the desperate loyalty, pining love, and bitter abandonment without ever seeing what had been done to deserve that level of devotion.

The next episode will have Jack in it, yey, but up 'til now it's all been Doctor/Rose. And I've heard a lot- a *lot*- of discussion and strong opinions as to what, exactly, the relationship between those two is. (Also a lot of very different opinions of Rose, that often seem to depend on how much they like Martha.) The two of them, it seems to me, practically fall in love at first sight, and it doesn't take very long for an extremely strong bond to be forged between the pair of them. They do seem to compliment each other quite nicely, I must say, and people argue and argue over whether it's platonic or not. Me personally, I sometimes find that sort of thing rather hard to compass, because I don't really *do* platonic/not platonic with people. If I love someone then I love them completely, and some level of attraction is going to be mixed up in that too. It might not be an important aspect of the relationship at all, but it's going to be there. So it's a little hard for me to imagine any sort of friendship where the parties involved have absolutely *no* attraction to each other, because for me, affection may not follow attraction but some attraction, at least, will always follow affection. that I've creeped you all out... I like the Doctor. I like how he cheers up at trouble, I like Rose, and I *hearted* the Dalek. I like Mickey, too, because he isn't macho and he's clingy and he pines away for Rose when she is gone, and also, he is just cute. I was terribly worried about him when he got eated by the rubbish bin. The show knows how to push the creepy buttons- the opening scene with the store mannekins? AWESOME. So perfect. Department store mannekins are creepy creepy things and they were utilized well. The zombies, too, in the Dickens episode were great looking. Zombies need to find the right balance of looking human and *other* to be scary, because if they're too lurchy and shambly and decomposing then they just look funny, and you have to give them enough weirdness to not just be humans gone braindead/brainhungry. Also, wtf, GWEN. And Simon Carrow, or whatever his name is (ETA: Simon Callow), I am convinced I must know him from something other than a very minor role in Shakespeare in Love which is the only movie I recognized in his profile on imdb because he looked so, so familiar, and I've only seen Shakespeare in Love once and was not too terribly impressed by anyone but Judi Dench, Geoffrey Rush and tiny!Ben Afflek. Because Shakespeare totally plagiarized all of R&J, so there. But TOSH, TOSH IS THERE, HOORAY TOSH, TOSH IS TOSH, PRITTY TOSH IS PRITTY. Tosh is post-morteming an alienified pig. Gwen- or, I should say, Eve Myles, did not annoy me in the slightest as Gwyneth. So it's not the actress I have issues with, apparently, but the character. (& her idiocy. but I digress.) I've heard a theory, and it seems to be accepted to a fairly wide degree, that Jack seems to want to make Gwen be for him what Rose was to the Doctor, was sort of looking for- Jack's taken a lot of hits, and he's lost so much of himself, and he's somehow settled upon the idea that someone like Rose will just come along and fix him, and then when Gwen comes along and wants to fix EVERYONE EVER, Jack just goes "hooray, you finally showed up!" and proceeds to try and shove her into that role, which makes much more sense than that he is interested in her romantically (though she probably wants him). Since I kept hearing Rose compared to Gwen, I was rather disinclined to like Rose too, so I suppose that either Dr Who is simply good enough to make me overcome my prejudices, or I'm better at keeping an open mind than I give myself credit for. When I have watched a bit farther I will be able to tell which it is. I believe I would be happy with the idea of Rose/Doctor being in love romantically. There are some friendships, such as McKay and Sheppard, Holmes and Watson, Neelix and Kes, Frodo and Sam, or Sirius and Remus(don't kill me), that I just really don't like to see shipped, there are some, like Janeway and Tuvok, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Karrde and Mara, Laurence and Roland, Crowley and Aziraphale, or Eliot and Olivia, that I can enjoy the shipping but will also equally enjoy their friendship and/or working relationship, and others- House/Wilson, Sano/Megumi, Bashir/O'Brian, Wolverine/Rogue, Doumeki/Watanuki, Kirk/Spock, Odo/Lwaxana, Parrish/Lorne, Jack/Ianto come to mind- that are IN LOVE, that BELONG TOGETHER, UNDENIABLY, WITH CAPS LOCK, AND I WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOU IF YOU SAY OTHERWISE, LA LA LA LA. Right now Rose and the Doctor are falling into the second category, which may change as I go on.

It is late, and I am hungry. l8rz, must work, go home, make food.


For Pavel

May. 12th, 2008 08:44 pm
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&anyone else who may favor the Imperials, because Piett! &Vader! Being all pre-battle-rice-y, in their own little way.

Because it should be recc'd again: FordxMarineBiologist4eva. Because sardinas, and a tiger cub that is a shark on the inside.

And this is one damn powerful piece about literature, and its power, and Hugh going back to the Borg, except that it is BSG prequel fic, about a Six. Not Baltar's Six, a random Six that we probably never meet in canon, which is too bad, because this Six!

And also, I'd never even heard of Torchwood, except that there is apparently a tea boy named Ianto who may or may not have something going on with some sort of cowboy named Jack. But you don't need to know anything at all about Torchwood, or TURCHWAD, as I will now forever think of it whenever it is mentioned because this fic is win. It also may or may not be the authoress with a dearth of brilliant Discworld!fic; I'm not remembering right now but it doesn't matter because FOR GRATE LOLZ:

And then there is this. This is by Soujin, whom you may have heard of because she has a well-deserved fanclub, and I definitely thought that I was the only one in the entire Shakespearean fandom who had ever conceived of Fortinbras/Horatio. (Mostly because they're the only ones alive at the end.) For anyone who has ever had to work through a fever, and struggle to keep your mind and body functioning when you really should be in bed, this is so exactly what it is like, only worse and painful but full of strange and terrible beauty, also FORTINBRAS IS A SEXY THING.

And I said to her, "I can has sequel?" And because she's just the most awesome thing ever, yes, there is sequel. And again it hurts like the very devil but it's just so pretty, and look! I totally thought I was the only one in the entire Shakespearean fandom who liked Osric, and thought that he deserved better treatment at the hands of his sovereign. And Fortinbras continues to be a sexy thing zOMG.

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Am not better. Have fallen in love with the Voyager crew, with the slight exceptions of Paris and Bellana, who are still pretty boring. Tom Paris is your standard prettyboy/flyboy and the only time I like him much is when the doctor pokes fun at him, because DOCTORLOVE. I was also sad that Kes pulled a traveler/Wesley Crusher, though I have to say, I predicted exactly how she would leave, and when, too, because Seven showed up and was blond, and you can only ever have one blond woman on the ship.

Mysteriously, I seem to have warmed to Tuvok. I guess I started to like him in the episode where Kes was going all alternate-plane-of-reality. When he was teaching her to meditate and play with fire he was still just as boring as ever, but then I started liking him when he tried to mind-meld with her. It was the first time I'd seen him do something that was difficult, something that broke his facial expression, something to help his crewmate instead of just following orders. Going back for J and C didn't affect my view of him because it was too much discussed. That moment, and when he told the American soldiers "Welcome to Saint-Claire." hah.

I thought that the dinosaurs were adorable, and totally want one for a pet; too bad their episode was so horribly unsubtle. "Heresy against doctrine" indeed. I enjoyed when the other lizards made everyone think the holodeck was real and made them part of the French Resistance in WWII. That was also kind of trippy, because lizard-aliens in Nazi uniforms carrying rifles around a spaceship? is a strange thing indeed. But the costumes were awesome, particularly the ones on Tuvok (yay white tux), Janeway (yay white tux with coattails), Seven (shiny hairpieces), and Chakotay (Ha ha! American soldier!). On Paris the uniform just seemed natural. He's just kind of an interchangeable character.

I was screaming at them throughout the first half of Year of Hell, "Remember Kes? Kes who told you important things like, oh, AVOID THESE GUYS AT ALL COSTS?!?!?" And then I was a little sad at the end, because you can't just make that year Not Have Happened. I mean, yes, I'm glad that they're all okay and Janeway isn't as hardend and everything and they didn't have to go through ALL THAT, but still, it was... important. Significant. And it felt wrong to cancel out everything that they'd gone through, all the bravery they'd shown. Even if it's better that they didn't have to go through it.

'S like Mal, I guess. Yeah I would have been happy for him if he'd never had to see Serenity Valley, but everything that it made him was. Important. Undeniable. I wouldn't wish it on him, but. meh.

I surprised myself by not hating Janeway/Chakotay. It's well done. Heck, I surprised myself by not hating Chakotay. Who knows? Harry has a crush on Seven but it's not overdone, at least not yet, Paris and Belanna I couldn't care less, but I'm glad I don't actively hate them.

The Doctor reminds me of Rodney McKay without the paranoia and snark. Like a really pleasant Rodney McKay. It's just the smug expression he gets, or the way he enjoys reminding everyone of what a genius he is, and the way sometimes he just completely fails to comprehend things.

I like Seven. I like when Paris was trying to convince her to play Captain Proton (or whatever) on the holodeck, and she is supposed to distract this robot and
SEVEN: I am Borg! *pwn*

I just kind of like that about her. That and her insistance that stuff is irrelevant.

(I do miss Data.)

Tessie's been putting up with me marvellously all day, which is nice of her. I'm irritable because I'm hungry but I don't feel like I could keep anything down. It's frustrating. I'm also achy and dizzy and nauseated and just lousy. bleh.

I've put Oklahoma! on hold at the library, though whether it will come depends. I may have too much stuff out overdue. *looks innocent*

I haven't got much to report, and I don't feel like reporting much anyway. So

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1. Everytime you get tea, no matter the flavor, you say out loud, "Computer. Tea. Earl Grey. Hot." oops.
2. You become addicted to Earl Grey tea. guilty.
3. You watch 5 hours or more of Star Trek every day... um. Shut up.
4. You decided that Spike TV is tolerable, because it plays 5 hours of Star Trek. it's true.
5. Suddenly, your sketch book and notebooks are filled with doodles of your favorite characters, or your own personal Vulcan character. Mmmmaybe.
6. You start rping as your favorite star trek character. ha! No!
7. You start a star trek rpg group. I don't! Hahaha!
8. Decidedly, rping isn't enough so you create an lj journal for your character that you attempt to update on a daily basis. I DON'T DO THAT I'M STILL COOL.
9. You think paying $50 for a TNG season is a good deal. oh wait no I'm not.
10. Hell. You'll settle for $70 as a good deal. This maybe no. But maybe yes, so darn.
11. You start buying dolls of your favorite charaters off E-bay. I'm not quite that bad yet.
12. You get a strong, strong desire to start calling your cats "Spot." But... Spot!
13. You believe Tasha and Data could have made an adorable couple. Well, I was a little bitter on his behalf when she was all "this never happened" because come on, he deserves more of an explanation than that, but really I think he's too good for her.
14. You believe that Odo and Kira are the cutest couple in Star Trek history. LUXANA/ODO FOREVER, Kira sucks. But I don't think I can keep that as a check for my coolness, because it just means I suck more.
15. You know the song, "Life forms" and sing it. Catchy tune, that. Yeah but I learned it from John. Except that's kind of worse.
16. You check the mail religiously, everyday, for your Star Trek e-bay items. No! No I don't!
17. You buy a pin that looks like the communication badge, and place it on your favorite hoodie or the proper location on the left side. I kind of wish. Then I hit myself in the head and die.
18. actually pretend its useable, and tap it in public, and talk out loud to your "Captain." I would, and then I would be so ashamed.
19. When your best friend buys one, you both take part in this. And one of you is labeled "Captain." and the other "Number One." I would never delegate a friend of mine to the role of Riker. Riker's dumb.
20. You recieve e-cards signed by "The Captain." I recieved an e-mail once from "John Hennessey, Esq.", which is pretty much the same thing.
21. you collect star trek icons for lj and other community sites. ...yes.
22. your pictures file is full of random images of your favorite characters. But they're so pretty!
23. Your little brother(or sister) is influenced into being a Trekkie. N/A, and I haven't converted anyone else.
24. You tell your mom you are cultured...because you watch Star Trek and learn about various Alien cultures. no.
25. watching the science channel becomes another hobby. I don't get the scifi channel, but I'd like to, because SG1 and SGA and I should probably see BSG at some point. But that has nothing to do with Star Trek.
26. A new interest/fascination in outer space occurs. Nah. Really I don't care much for astronomy.
27. You don't watch TNG only because of the characters, but because of the philosophical and pyschological themes that arise. Maybe a little. But I argue with them a lot.
28. You take out your elf ears, put them on, and tell your family you're a Vulcan. They were Vulcan ears and I pretended they were elf ears. So there!
29. You get a strong desire to design Futuristic clothing. It'd be better looking than their uniforms, that's for darn sure!
30. You begin to find older, balding men kind of attractive, but ONLY if they resemble Picard. Because he's sexy. Well, he is.
31. You tell your friends which crew member reminds you of them. I'm not that bad.
32. Jokes about physics are suddenly hilarious. This shouldn't count. They've always been hilarious.
33. You refuse to answer the phone while watching Star Trek...because it would be an interruption. Mmmyes.
34. OR. You do answer the phone, you scold the other person for interrupting your favorite tv show. Only if it's someone I know well enough to be rude to.
35. You wonder if contact with aliens is possible, and gaze up at the sky sending out mental notes asking, "Is anyone out there?" KRONK: Repeat after me- there are no such thing as space people.
36. You believe Data brings a whole new sexiness to gambling. OH SHIBI HE TOTALLY DOES. I mean *cough*. No! I can't even! Data gambling is the best thing ever, ever, ever! I fell off the sofa alternately cheering and cracking up.

Alright, so I've gone over to the Dark Side.

but i mean. come on. Look at this man. LOOK AT THIS MAN. CHECK OUT ALL HIS EVIL SEXINESS.

Gul Dukat is hott.

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vybafnout = to jump out and say boo

Whaaa. That is my new favorite word EVER.

On a more negative note, my poor beloved laptop seems to have been infected by proximity to my old computer, which has sneezed on my laptop out of jealousy and given it some viruses. I am sorry old computer! I still love you! And my laptop, I love you too, and as soon as Paul comes home I will screw up my courage and ask him to help. First I will purchase a flash drive and save all my pretty pictures and documents and music, and then try to hide anything remotely questionable before letting anyone else touch the keyboard, such as my collection of Viktor icons, or the folder of Good Omens slash fanart, and the two Wolfstar pieces that were just too well done not to save, and the video of me dancing to Od Lo Ahavti Dai. The bad thing of finally having a computer all to myself for the first time in my life is that now I have to make sure it never falls into other hands, for fear of what they will think of me. I'd look like a total fangirl.



Which of course I am not.


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This is pretty:

"...who still remained the stuff of nightmares among those who kept old secrets..."

And this made me laugh despite my efforts:

"My cousin recently obtained a parrot. A very red parrot. What did she name her parrot, you ask? What, you didn’t ask? Well fine, you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

The parrot’s name is Swordheart of the Red Village. I kid you not. My baka itoko named her very crimson parrot Swordheart of the Red Village. And so far the Rurounified birdie has mastered saying "Oro," and now Filly is working on teaching him to say "Ryu-tsui-sen." I suppose I have no one to blame for this other than myself, since it was I who led my siblinglike relative into my RuroKen addiction, but I’m not exactly looking forward to explaining it to any visitors when Swordheart is shrieking, "This unworthy one wants a cracker!" from his perch.

That I am yet sane is a credit to my mental fortitude."

This particular authoress, Krysalis, has quite the penchant for torturing her characters. My first encounter with the author was through her story Mindsifter, which tortures Kenshin absolutely mercilessly. It's shown up on several different favorites list of authors I like, though so far, not on mine. Kenshin gets kidnapped, trapped in the Labyrinth of Minotaur fame, and mindfucked repeatedly by some cursed descendants of Icarus and Daedalus. It's actually not an AU. It's an interesting read, and I rather like the idea of a berserker Kaoru, but it's not one of the most impressive fics out there.

I came across a short AU story called Ubiquitous on someone's list that wasn't bad (there was some relatively mild Kenshin-torture), and checked out the author page and was like "Oh, it's you." Read a Sano-Returns WIP called Two Hawks Flying, which is mostly Sano-torture but includes some rather nasty Yahiko-torture as well near the end. The latest chapter is a friendly little cliffhanger where Yahiko gets caught in a freaking BEAR TRAP. Also Sano had been engaged to a girl in China, which I was a little bitter about but I will get over, because she's dead, just like I was able to forgive Sayo because I knew from the very beginning that she was DOOOMED. Poor Sayo. Shouldn't have tried to take the rooster away from the fox, man.

If you're looking for Kenshin-torture, Nekotsuki has some fun with our poor rurouni in Tanabata Jasmine, where, if I recall, he is repeatedly drugged. And shot. And probably stabbed. However, he beats up a lot of people using Kaoru's tofu bucket, so it's okay. She also nearly drowns and freezes him in Snowblind, but I will forgive her anything for writing a multi-chapter battle between Kenshin, Saito, and the elements. Saito is respectably portrayed as a warrior, and as the awesome wolf we know and love, and the notorious difficulty in engagingly depicting action sequences is skillfully managed.

Now that I have reached my quota of adverbs for the day, I will announce that the ultimate champion of Kenshin-torure is, hands down, xZig-zagx of Amber-Eyed Angel. I must say that I didn't really like that story, although a lot of people did, and she has the fanart to prove it. The torture is just a little too brutal, the backgrounds a little too angsty, the kid's name is Neko, for crying out loud, and she made Saito evil, the last being a slight that I will not forgive. It's just... kind of overkill, really. Points must be given, though, for knowing that not all injuries can be recovered from, and actually having the guts to permanently cripple her OFC. (I see the looks on your faces at the mention of an OFC. You can relax. She's only five years old.) Points subtracted for giving the girl another angst. "She'll never run again!" *angst angst* Yes, I know, but I'm not just being mean- I was sick of Neko angst by that point, even if she had good reason. I should probably read the sequel at some point, since it wasn't finished the last time I did.

It should be mentioned that I may have been slightly biased from the beginning when I clicked on a story talking about an amber-eyed hero to find that it was not actually about Saito. Then to have Saito evil, well, it would have had to be very good to redeem itself in my eyes.

Kenshin mental-torture is fair game 4eva, of course, do not get me wrong. But the physical torture of Kenshin, yeah, you can definitely go overboard, so, my dear fangirls, be careful.



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