Sep. 21st, 2016 12:24 pm
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1.) Yes Anakin's fall to the dark side was in large part motivated from a desperation to save Padme no matter the cost, but you really can't discount that he had a very real bond of loyalty and trust towards Palpatine that couldn't just be immediately destroyed even by the revelation that Palpatine was a Sith Lord

2.) (I mean really, there are a hundred reasons behind his fall— and 99% of them are Palpatine's doing— like the way he'd been laying the groundwork for over a decade for Anakin to mistrust Jedi teachings, one of which happens to be that the Dark is never a real solution)

3.) but yeah. Anakin genuinely considered Palpatine his friend. was genuinely loyal to him. genuinely believed Palpatine was a wise leader who knew what was best. couldn't entirely separate out "but he's always been kind to me" from his motivations even when it became apparent that Palpatine must've been manipulating all of them all along

4.) (Anakin Skywalker does not make decisions on principle, he makes them on faith)

5.) He's loyal to his mom, to Palpatine, to Padme, to Ahsoka, to Rex and his men, to Obi-Wan. If he's loyal to causes it's because they're their causes

6.) he has always genuinely believed in benevolent dictatorships

7.) he doesn't want to be in charge of one, he just thinks everyone should trust Padme and Palpatine to make the right decisions and if someone doesn't trust them to, then that person is against them (and how dare they)

8.) seriously I get that it just sounds like I'm sorting him into the "evil" house but I'm still saying I think we should be sorting him into Slytherin more often than I see people doing
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